Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 12, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 1st International Astrology Day Blog-a-thon

The 1st International Astrology Day Blog-a-thon

Welcome the Aries Ingress — March 19-21, 2010

 International Astrology Day 2010 Blog Carnival

 The Cardinal T-Square:

Personal Challenges - Practical Solutions

A 3-Day World Wide Web Blog-a-Thon

Keys to Handling the Cardinal T-Square Challenges
 Find out how you and your loved ones may be affected!

A blog-a-Thon is an internet-based event featuring a large, permanent collection of informative articles on a given topic. Several blogs host pages with article descriptions linked to sites where articles are posted.

Coordinated by Donna Cunningham and C. J. Wright, the Aries Ingress Carnival celebrates International Astrology Day and presents a variety of useful essays on ways individuals can contend with the cardinal t-square during 2010-14.

 Friday, March 19:  “So you’ve STILL got Pluto Problems?”

Saturday, March 20: Take Care of Saturn and Saturn will Take Care of You

Sunday, March 21:  Uranus in Aries:  Claiming a Self-Reliant Future

Three host blogs showcase articles on how transiting Uranus, Saturn and Pluto will affect individuals’ lives and what they can do to integrate the useful side of each of these energies. The various authors  give readers  tools to tackle the inevitable challenges and get back on solid ground.

Coordinators: For more information or to submit articles for consideration, contact Donna Cunningham at Sky Writer;;  or C.J. Wright at Auntie Moon;  (Authors, note that the articles are to focus on personal challenges and practical solutions that accompany transits by Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto rather than global problems.)


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  1. What a great theme..LOVE IT!
    Looking forward to enjoying what you two ladies present. :)

    • I’m excited about it too, Kachina. You know I’m probably going to be after you for something–think Pluto, that’s my day. Although CJ will be coordinating Uranus. Donna

      • LOL..well I am a Pluto kind of gal so I am sure I will have more Plutonian material before long. :)

  2. Donna, what a fabulous idea which will is sure to yield much-needed aid and advice for many people in these troubling times.

    As you know, global problems are my usual focus but this Saturn gal will write a shout-out post right away with more to come! Jude

    • I’m delighted you’re in, Jude. I’m so excited about this project.

      I wonder whether you might be willing to work on some art for it–maybe an image for each of the three planets or perhaps even an online gallery of art at your site for the three planets as one of the events for the Carnival? I don’t recall seeing anything with Saturn that you’ve done, all those gorgeous rings. And Uranus is all sideways and has a faint ring of its own. Come play with us!!

      Folks, if you have not seen Jude’s images of cosmic and spiritual art, prepare to be mesmirized. Visit Secret Moon Art at the link on the blogroll. Donna

  3. Terrific idea Donna! I have been contacted by CJ and Mandi and am including a couple of articles – even entering the blog world with my own blog.

  4. this is really exciting……..passing it on!

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