Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 27, 2013

Compare your Life to your Famous AstroTwin—Is there a Parallel?

©12-27-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Birthday starBack in 1969, when I was teaching my first astrology classes in the East Village of New York City, one of my students was a ballerina. She brought a chart to class for me to comment on—the chart of her ballet troupe leader, Eliot Feld.

I was astonished to discover that he was my astrotwin, since I yearned to dance as a child but am so clumsy that I can’t dance a step without tripping over myself. We were both born on July 5, 1942. I’ve gotten vicarious pleasure out of following his career over the years, as he’s become an international celebrity in his field.

This summer I was rather worried about my future, as it will unfold during a rather long segment of the transiting Pluto-Uranus square. Transiting Pluto will be opposite my Sun and squaring my Moon and Midheaven, while transiting Uranus will cross over my Moon and Midheaven while squaring my Sun .

Since he was born considerably earlier than I was that day, the Sun and Moon are also in earlier degrees. I decided to look him up on the internet to see how he’s doing physically and how his career is going.  Turns out he’s doing quite well on both counts! That was reassuring.

You’ll learn about our charts plus how to find your own famous astrotwins below.

My birth data is July 5, 1942 at 7:40 AM CWT in Onawa, Iowa, from the birth certificate. His AstroDataBank profile gives his birth information as Feld, Eliot, July 5th, 1942, Brooklyn, NY, just past Midnight, info given to one of his ballerinas by him. Although that sounds like a rounded-off time, it’s the same one I was given in 1969. Download the two charts here: Eliot Feld and Donna Cunningham Charts. (To make them larger, click on one chart, pull on the corner until it’s largbirthday-Felde enough to read. Then pull on the other chart’s corners.)

His chart makes sense for a dancer, as it has Pisces Rising and Neptune opposite the Ascendant in the 6th, the house of work. The Moon in Aries in the 1st trining Mars and Pluto in Leo in the 5th would make him a charismatic performer.

By contrast, I have Mars and Pluto conjunct the Ascendant in Leo, a signature of my lifelong focus on psychology and healing. I am also poorly coordinated and prone to sprained ankles and bad falls. My Mars and Pluto are conjunct Chiron in the first, and he has one quintile I do not have, between the Aires Moon and Gemini Mercury, a combination which should be good for coordinated movement.

Otherwise, we both have a quintile between the Sun and Neptune and one between Mars and Uranus. We are obviously making very different uses of Neptune and Uranus! We both have a stellium in Gemini. Mine is in the 11th, and his is split between the 2nd and 3rd.

Apart from the differences between our lives, there are also some striking parallels.

Eliot Feld—Ballet Company Founder and Choreographer Donna Cunningham—Astrologer and Author
At age 16, he had   his first Broadway role as a dancer in West Side Story. At 16, I began my writing career with poetry. Really bad poetry.
He was born in New York City and is a life-long resident. Moved to New York at 25 for grad school and lived there until age 50.
Internationally known choreographer, performed by companies world-wide. Internationally known speaker and author of books translated into many languages.
Listed in several Who’s Who editions. Listed in several Who’s Who editions.
Established a tuition-free dance school for kids in the NYC public schools. Social work jobs for 20 years; advice columnist for 19 years.
Choreographed his 117th ballet in 2012 to critical acclaim. Began my 17th book in 2012, released in November, 2013.
At age 71, fit and looking fabulous! Not so much.

 Date Twins—and How to Find Yours

 Would you like to know if anyone famous was born the same day, month, and year you were? One simple way is to go to Page and type in your date of birth like this: “born July 5 1942 “. You may be surprised to see who’s listed.

Update: Almost everyone who answered had a  variety of sports figures born on their date, but few Readers could relate to them.  We finally decided that there are many thousands of players of dozens of sports in any given year.  For some reason, their birth dates are out there, probably so we can check and see how much longer they’ll be playing until they’re “too old” for the team.

You could also Google your birth date. Besides some of your astrotwins, you might also find out some interesting things that happened that day.

One thing I discovered by Googling my date of birth was that July 5, 1942 was a crucial day in the life of Anne Frank, whose family went into hiding because of Nazi persecution of Jews. Her work, The Diary of Anne Frank, has been read by millions.  On July 5, 1942, Anne’s sister received a call-up paper saying she had to go to work for the Nazis. The Frank family left for their hiding place early the next day, without telling anyone. She was 15 when the family was found and sent to the camps, where she died.

Along with Eliot Feld and some “notables” I’d never heard of, I found out that there was an Italian Archbishop born the same date I was. Thank God for the road not taken! I guess I know when my Jupiter is outclassed!

More Paces to Find Your AstroTwins and Read about their Lives: 

You might also enjoy these related articles on Skywriter:

Readers, do you know about your famous astrotwins–or did you find any by doing the things listed above? Or do you know about any sets of astrotwins among famous people?  Let us hear about your findings in the comment section. 

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  1. :-) I was born on July 5 too! Just not in the same year. Interestingly, I think,a number of sportspeople were born on the same day as me. I am not especially sporty and have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the gym! :)

  2. So funny, I’m a Pisces, and nearly all of the people listed are soccer players (feet!). Also a hammer thrower, and some singers and actors.

  3. Under 12/25/1968, the only two entries were for famous rugby players. They seemed like good people though, from their brief bios: no glaring sex scandals or otherwise notorious bad behavior, and one of them is now a well-respected coach. As a well-behaved Capricorn who is now happily entering a mentor stage in my life, I can identify with that. And although I have neither interest in nor aptitude for sports, I have been practicing yoga daily for a couple of decades (Aries moon, like my astrotwins).

    • Oops; scratch that Aries moon connection. Born very late on the 25th, my moon sign is in the first degree of Aries. The two rugby players were born in Fiji and New Zealand, and I mentally calculated the time differential wrong. After checking on my astrology software, they would both have Pisces moons.

    • YOGA is especially appropriate for us old creaky and stiff Capricorns..I have been doing it three times a week for the past year and am in love with it!

  4. I am the least sport interested person I now, yet almost all the famous people I share my birthday with are football players, Soccer players and even a fencing master. Must be a very different Mars … When I joined Facebook, I discovered an astro twin. She is born a few hours earlier than me and in a neighboring town, so very close. She’s not famous, but she’s a respected artist and teaches art in school. And I’m a writer, so perhaps an artistic placement on the day. I am very pleased to share my birthday, if not the year, with Mary Shelley :D

  5. July 4th 1955 here and yes, sports figures. I am anything but. Am totally into the arts of all kinds and emotional expression. Maybe it’s my mars/uranus/jupiter conj., but mine falls in the 4th house and is squared by neptune…..

    • Hi, folks! This is a lot of fun. Boy, I sure don’t think of Cancer for sports figures, but there must be some connection. ??With Cancer on the Ascendant, there is Aries on the Midheaven? Beats me. The only kind of exercise that makes any sense to me is swimming–water immersion is good for my mind, body, and spirit. But anything that makes me pant and sends the boobs to bouncing, you can totally forget about. Donna

      • Ha ha :) I’m with you. I do love swimming and have been known to do yoga, bike-riding and walking (especially at the beach) but that’s the extent of it. I have Taurus rising so I do love food and luxuriously relaxing!!! :)

  6. I actually had a roommate with her birthday one day before mine and a boyfriend who was born in the same hospital 5 days after – whenever things get rocky, I always check in with them. We all have Sun conjunct Uranus and a T square (Mars Jupiter pluto)
    Another friend told me she has a friend who had the same birthday as mine. I’m hoping to make contact with him as well.
    Maybe its misery loves company but I hope to draw some inspiration from them too.

  7. My astrological twins (for 31 August 1964) are: 2 football players, a racing car driver, a swimmer, a basketball player, a U.S. politician who advocates the death penalty, a member of a drug cartel with a reputation for ruthlessness (now deceased), and the editor of the New York Quarterly magazine. I have several roles (Gemini moon) in tertiary education. Incidentally, we’re all men. It’d be interesting to see the angles and houses in my twins’ charts.

  8. Hi Donna,
    Great Post!
    The lovely website has a page on the Extended Chart Selection page that lists ‘Your VIP Astro-Twins’ …

    ….mine are
    1) a French French chief business executive and largest shareholder of the haute couture
    2) French composer and organist.
    3) French glaciologist and climatologist. He received the Nobel prize (Peace) in 2007, as member of the International Panel on Planet Change ….

    …I’d better check them out tomorrow and see the similarities! and maybe learn a bit more French Ooo lalala !!! Happy New Year:) xx

    p.s. the photo is of me getting ready for a sponsored Silence to raise funds for our local Special Needs school, don’t worry, I haven’t been kidnapped!! xx

    • Thanks for the link! Though the only person born on the same day I was in 1968 is a Danish supermodel (I won’t even presume an affinity) I was happy to see that Annie Lennox and Raymond Merriman share my birthday, and also have Virgo rising. And one of my all time heroes, Clara Barton, was a Christmas baby, too. Maybe our culture is just too sports-obsessed for some databanks to consider the vast array of VIPs in the world!

    • That’s a neat finding Mary. I love the zodiac cartoons, too. Donna

  9. well, this IS interesting.There are several people in wikipedia who share my birthday.
    Among others, I found three musicians and an artist.
    The person whose life was spelled out the most clearly for me, though was a boxer. Right about the time when my married life was the worst, HIS wife told him, it’s either me or boxing. He chose boxing and she committed suicide. Lucky for me, my husband chose recovery instead and our life got better.

    One of the musicians, clearly a much higher achiever than me, is actually a former astronaut. She went to Stanford University and became a teacher and is now a professor emeritus at Boise State. She sounds like quite the gal.

    I am an artist myself so while I didn’t find too many parallels in life lines, at least careers were interesting. (I also found a “footballer” and some politicians.)

  10. after checking everyone in my family, i would say that sports figures are over represented in wikipedia, so no one should take it personally if 20 footballers share their birthday…

    • Hmm, I suspect you may be right, Mimi. There are a bajillion of them, with all the various sports and teams, and their birth dates are usually available. Donna

  11. My only astral twin Is Ram Dass a very famous writer and speaker who is less than twenty minutes younger. He was born Richard Alpert, experimented with LSD as a professor at Harvard. went to India. changed his name and wrote Be Here Now among\other works.I just missed meeting him at the college where I was teaching as he came one day and talked non-stop for 20 hours.!
    In 1997, while at a metaphysical bookstore, I learned he had suffered a
    devastating stroke. Although my health was/is great, I had had a nearly fatal house fire
    eight month before his stroke. He is unable to speak clearly, but still writes and is cared for by devoted followers. We will have our Uranus return in 2014 and I
    hope, despite my minimal fame, we continue our earthly journey for many more years.

    • Ram Dass? No kidding? Well, now that is impressive. And just 20 minutes different in birth time? Of course, if you were several time zones apart, the actual (Greenwich England) time for computing the chart could be hours apart. And he’s still writing at 84, and you’re still studying? Altogether amazing. So, yes, your vibrant generation with Uranus in Aries will have your Uranus return next year. Donna

    • wow, Ram Das! but you didn’t tell us what YOU do!

    • WOW You definitely get the top 5 most amazing twins award…YIKES!

  12. I’ve always been fascinated by the Astro twin stuff. I am June 7 1943 and most of the people born that day seem to be actors and writers and politians and artists, all of which I figured I had the ability to be…. More on what I do in a minute because it is funny.

    But for June 7 we have a number of well known actors (not on the same day, but Clint Eastwood and I have Scorpio rising, sun in Gemini, moon in Leo and Mercury in Tarus) as well as singers Tom Jones and Prince and jazz great Miles Davis on June 7.

    As for the historical twin: Beau Brummell, June 7 1788… A famous fashionable figure in England who changed the way men dressed. He fled to France finally to escape debtors prison. Me: commercial artist, I was for 25 years a men’s fashion illustrator for advertising in department stores. Yeh… I changed the way men dressed. For the better? Not so much….Well let’s just say I helped dress more men in polyester than any other illustrator of my time! ( if you want to see some of it go to ). Oh yes….if there were still debtors prisons now I would have been in one as when technology finally destroyed my career I ended up in bankruptcy and lost my house as

  13. Astrotwins – a subject close to my heart.:) There are 8 famous people listed in Wikipedia as being born on the same day as me.

    Two are wrestlers, something I excelled at when I was a kid (Pluto in Virgo square Mars in Gemini and sextile Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter in Scorpio.

    One is a football player (I was a sprinter);

    One is a former dancer and writer/director/producer of well-known films and music videos (Mars in Gemini quincunx Neptune in Scorpio, which is conjunct Mercury/Jupiter in Scorpio. Or maybe Venus/North Node/Sun conjunct in Libra and sextile Saturn, trine Uranus). I danced and at one time, wanted very much to be a dancer. Though admittedly not as technically gifted as I would’ve liked, my dancing occasionally touched and/or inspired people.

    One is an author (I journal and write a little poetry, nothing special), one is a singer-songwriter and bass player (I sing a little and used to *love* it), one is a pianist (Mars in Gemini again – I have long fingers and type fast!).

    The most famous of the bunch is Viggo Mortenson. From what I can gather, we share many of the same social/political beliefs and we both write poetry, paint and sing a little. And at one time (in my younger years), I attracted lots of attention from the opposite sex, but that’s where the similarities end. Oh, we both like horses too, though he’s an accomplished horseman whereas I just admire the majestic creatures from afar.

    I’m most known for my organizational, artistic and intuitive abilities (Moon is also square Neptune and Jupiter), as well as my advocacy – something at least one of my astrotwins is also known for. I think my Virgo rising (conjunct Pluto in the 12th) wanted to serve more than be famous. Plus, my Saturn in my 4th sits *exactly* at the midpoint of my chart’s closest square – Moon/Mercury. Tempting as it may be, it does me no good to wonder what might’ve been. Instead I imagine I’ve ended up right where I was meant to be and hope I’m using my own unique gifts in the way I was designed to use them.:)

  14. Donna…with reference to my astral twin Ram Dass….he was born at 15:40 UT
    in Boston april 6,1931 and I was born in Plymouth, Indiana at 15:20 UT april
    6, 1931. The charts are essentially the same, with his ascendant at 18 cancer and mine at 13 cancer. his midheaven at 27 pisces, mine at 22 pisces. We both have Pluto on the ascendant, Jupiter in the 12th.

    • That’s pretty amazing. Your lives must have some interesting parallels, and you clearly are both on a longtime spiritual path. Donna

  15. Haha! My closest American celebrity is Dee Dee Pfeiffer, Michelle’s younger sister who does some acting herself. Not sure about parallels, but I note her recent ex had a June 20th Bday – and I resonate a LOT with June 19th Bdays! Others are politicians and authors, and I am an author, even if only for articles right now. and her latest ex (and I note he is from Ireland, and I am busy obtaining my dual citizenship!)

    • Whoa! I just noticed her recent divorce with Kevin Ryan was just 6 days before my hubby’s passing! So some parallel is activated there!

  16. How do I find my astro-twin?

    • Try following the suggestions in the article, near the end?

  17. I studied my famours astrological twins some years ago. All had either died at an early age or had had to leave promising careers because of physical or mental break downs and then found fulfillment in careers where they could help others. Our fragility seems to be our greatest strength.

    • Wow! Mads, you seem to have handled it well, but it must have been rather daunting. Donna

      • I remember one of your texts about the Pluto/Uranus conjunction opposing Saturn, that we from 65 are born with. That the extreme suffering had made the survivers into diamonds. It touched me very much. Whatever has happened, nothing has been able to destroy my faith in love as the greatest power. But it’s been a close call now and then…

  18. Oh, this was fun. I already knew Elie Nastase was my astro-twin (7.19.1946), but now I can add Suzanne DePasse of Motown, Ian Schrager of Studio 54, authors Peter Golenbock and Stephen Coonts, the novelist. I once worked with Peter, I am a novelist, Motown lover, and love to dance. Probably I could find resonance with any four people randomly selected.

    • No, the fact that you’re a writer as well as Stephen Coonts isn’t random. But, yeah, I bet a debunker who wants to disprove astrology could make quite a research project out of this thread. Donna

      • i told my son about two of his birthday twins (Both bike racers)
        he has some crazy exact aspects in his chart, so I was not surprised that two extreme sports types share his birthday.
        He was not impressed, as he states that it is all bunk. He was being nice to me and didn’t get into it, so I can still smile about it.

      • I vote this thread into one of the top twenty most fascinating. I have not even begun to research the 10 individuals I found..I am still at the general stage…i can see this will be a wormhole I WANT to go down YEA Donna!

      • Glad you’re enjoying it, Paulette. And, yes, I’d think it would be a good thing for a beginner to work with, as you can see how the same aspect in the two charts is expressed differently. Donna

  19. One of my astrotwins is Justin Raimondo, a Libertarian writer. Like him, I’ve always been involved in politics from an outsider position, and I write about politics, although I mix it with astrology in my blog.

    From his writing, he seems to believe that self-interest is (or should be) the basis of all social interactions. When I was young, I believed that feeling good in the moment was the most important thing. Since then I’ve modified this, in order to get myself to do things like go to the dentist (!) but generally my approach is to find something I love and enjoy in everything I do.

    He is also openly gay, as I am. For him, this is a little trickier given his much more conservative politics! He supported Pat Buchanan & then a few years later, turned around and supported Ralph Nader – definitely carving out his own path!

    We both have Aries/Libra oppositions, as well as squares to Uranus in Cancer. I have 9 planets on the left side of my chart & tend to be independent to a fault, and it seems like he is too, so I’m wondering if he was born around the same time I was.

  20. Another of my astrotwins is astronaut Mark N Brown. And I’ve traveled a lot in my life – but haven’t made it to outer space (yet!)

  21. Hi, Donna,

    The only celeb I know of who shares my b-day and year is actor Sammy L. Jackson, born in Chattanooga, TN, Dec. 21, 1948. I made my entrance in Salem, MA at 2;16pm EST. I don’t know what time Sammy arrived, but comparison should be interesting. As far as I know we have absolutely nothing in common!

  22. Amy, again. Apparently Sammy L. Jackson was born in Washington, D.C. and moved to Chattanooga as a child. At least we share the same time zone!

  23. I don’t have a famous Astro-twin, but I do have one who is my cousin. I lost touch with her years ago. What is intesting (to me) is her Father died in a plane crash (sole casualty) back in the 60′s. My Father was a commercial pilot for 38 years. He met my Mom on a flight, she was a Stewardess. Not Earth shattering, but an unusual circumstance. I wish I had all their charts to analyze, but I don’t.

    Happy Julian New Year!

    • Hi, Belle, an astrotwin and also a close relative? Was that good or not so good? One of my astrotwins that I met early one was a fledgling writer like me. I met her when I got a booklet of her poetry. I so looked forward to meeting her when she came to NYC to visit mutual friends, but she made me squirm because every one of my bad traits that I was working so hard to overcome, she absolutely wallowed in! Donna

  24. Lots of sports figures for me, and I am not a sports fan, but I do have Mars in Cancer less than 2 degrees from the Midheaven.

  25. once upon a time i worked for a large business and had access to personnel files. I found 3 astrotwins. (I know, how bad is that) and one worked somewhere that i could meet him. we met, he was an interesting looking man, kind of wiry (kind of like me) and he was skilled with his hands (i;m a painter)
    when the internet first opened up to the world, I also found another astrotwin who was into astrology. we both had the stellium in the 6th house but different signs on the ascendant as i recall and she had serious health problems having had several sinus (as in head) surgeries. I am sorry i lost contact with her, she lives near me. it’s been close to 20 years and i forgot her name.
    imagine, we put our names and birthdays right out there for the whole world to see!!!!

  26. Fascinating idea! For Jan 17th 1960…A quick perusal nets the following; A Thai tv and movie actor, a hitting coach with the Oakland Athletics, A Russian businessman, a Sri Lankan academic, a Canadian Hockey executive and the daughter of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin. hm.m…
    finally…a definite of the founding members and writers for an 80s band I absolutely loved, “Berlin” John Crawford has my birthday and this was a very nice heartfelt link up. Now I am going to put their music on and go nostalgic.

  27. Oh and one more ping on the bulleye scale..Danny Blume…a grammy winning record producer. composer with an impressive musical resume.
    I was in the music industry for over 15 yrs and l always dreamed of being a producer in the studio. I think I have always had an especially keen ear for good music and emerging musical trends and am passionate to this day for the art form. I even have a gold record on my wall with my name on it…not for writing or performing but for marketing.

  28. I’ ve tried a few different internet databanks, and the results for my exact birthday are always sparse (ie, one or two) or non-existent! Out of curiosity, I asked my mom if it was a slow night in the maternity ward when I was born. “Oh, yes! I had the whole place to myself, and the nurses on duty were all hoping you’d be born before midnight, so you’d be a Christmas baby. I remember them saying ’11:54! She made it!”” So, although I don’t have many astrotwins, I have a meticulously accurate birthtime; a real boon for an astrology buff!

    • besides’s databank, which others did you find?

      • Hi, mimi. Well, I tried the wikipedia databank, and the Since my birthday is on a holiday, and thus has a novelty factor, there were a few lists I found by googling “Born on Christmas Day.” A really fun website I found was It turns out I was born on the Day of the Supernatural, which suits me nicely; a few minutes later, and I would have been born on the Day of the Indomitable One. My analytical side isn’t 100% on board with that system, but it sure was fun!

  29. Sorry, the link should be

  30. Donna,
    I didn’t find anyone nearly as interesting on my birthdate as I have in your book, Reading Your Astrological Chart. You see, Fabio and I were born 2 days apart but share very similar aspects. The moon being the major difference, of course. But we are both Scorpio rising with Pluto on the MC and Neptune in the 12th. Very similar. Except I’m not an international sex god. ;)

    • LOL! Neither is Fabio any more! I saw him interviewed on tv recently. Age is the great leveler, is it not? Donna

  31. Wonderful blog you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get advice from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Bless you!

    • No, I don’t know of any, although there are a variety of topics discussed on the forums that do exist. Does anyone else know? Donna

  32. Hello,

    I’m an Aries and when I checked the wiki database for astrotwins, I noticed there were 2 ice hockey players and 2 alpine skiers (a winter theme here?), other sportspeople and 2 actors.

    I wasn’t that good at sports at school, but I’ve always loved the movies and what goes on in Hollywood. :)

  33. Wow! Thank you! I continuously needed to write on my blog something like that. Can I implement a part of your post to my website?

    • Only if you tell your readers where it comes from. Donna Cunningham

  34. I read a newspaper to see what happened on the day I was born: an earthquake in Latin America; a major NYC heatwave; Nixon’s lawyers try to overturn a court ruling that forced him to surrender recorded conversations in the Oval Office regarding Watergate; and Saudi King Faisal warns that he will cut off his country’s oil exports to the U.S. On that same day, renown journalist Lisa Ling was born. I’m not a journalist but most of my working life involved communication and writing in the education field.

    We were born into some interesting events!

  35. The NYT Obituaries for today indicate that Suchita Sen, world famous Bengali;Hindi fillm actress is my astral twin (in addition to Ram Dass) as she was born in Bangladesh April 6, l931 and died Friday January 17 2014,
    I didn’t find a birth time, but her great fame and popularity suggest Sun conjunct Uranus on or near the midheaven.

    • Interesting that you would find her obituary. And that you have two such amazing astrotwins.

  36. Amanda Knox is my astro twin. We were born a few hours apart so I find her chart interpretations help me understand my own life. Thankfully my life has been much tamer so far but when I see her story and how she is perceived I can’t help but wonder why not me? I know that’s silly since so many others were born on July 9 BUT it is also the birthday of some really notably um, shall we say… interesting people.

    My ascendant is virgo and my IC is sag so by house alone our charts are very different. But the similar aspects like chiron conjunct vesta, opposite conjunct moon-uranus must resonante with her. I wonder what keeps her sane or where does she go for her “happy place”?

    I don’t know her nor did I follow the trial and I don’t believe I have any insight into what really happened. I just wonder about her as a person.

  37. Wonderful facts Thanks.”

  38. Apart from several sportspeople and musos I’d never heard of, Dannii Minogue (Scorpio rising) and Snoop Dogg (Taurus rising) were both born on the same day as me (Capricorn rising). I could sing and dance well, but I could never have been a performer. I know of no similarities between myself and Snoop Dogg. I had my first child relatively early and Dannii hers relatively late but we are both single parents and unlucky in love (well, she is said to be).
    Actor Kenneth Choi is another Astro twin. I am an Accountant and he majored in accounting at college.

    • What a lot of famous astrotwins! Interesting. Donna

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