Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 24, 2000

Meeting Transits Squarely–Take Charge of your Life

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Let’s look at ways of meeting the challenges of difficult transits. Create a list of best and the worst case scenarios for the aspect you’re concerned with, depending on which houses of your astrology chart is involved. Then pick one of those best case scenarios and brainstorm ways to make it happen.

Analyze exactly what actions would help you change things that aren’t working for you.  In order to do that effectively, rather than in a hit and miss fashion, the best tool is a set of  clear, achievable goals that lead you to definite actions.

Of all the aspects, squares are the most likely to spur you to action. Of all the planet/sign pairs, results-oriented Saturn and its sign, Capricorn responds most strongly to goal-setting  so the transit of Pluto through Capricorn is  an important window for identifying and working toward concrete improvements in the areas of life governed by the houses where transiting Pluto in Capricorn is located. Let’s look at resources to help you set realistic targets for this transit and to come up with steps that will help you achieve them.

I’m a great believer in  goals—it’s been a key tool for me. Each New Year for over 30 years, I’ve made a list of things I want to accomplish for the  I make sure they are realistic, concrete, and fully aligned with what I hold in my heart.

They don’t include any SHOULD-based promises to my conscience, my pals, my doctor or my guru of the moment. Back when I used to include SHOULD-based items, it was a different story and humiliating to realize how quickly I abandoned them. I decided not to jinx the list and set myself up for failure, so I stopped making promises like those.

Right after dead Christmas trees start appearing in trash bins, I stash this year’s list away somewhere and promptly forget what’s on it. Nope, no visualizations, affirmations, karma collages, dream boards, nothing like that.  Late in the year, maybe around September, I’ll run across the list and be pleasantly surprised to discover that I’ve already completed most of them.

My manifestation mojo wasn’t always this strong, but using goals and statements of intention habitually and consciously for over 30 years has surely honed it.  It can help you, too. If you have crucial goals ahead of you, read Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s life-changing best-seller, The Power of Intention for tips on how to maximize your results.

I also routinely declare lesser, short-term goals to friends who still have the patience to listen to my latest enthusiasms.  (“My goal is to continue this series until I’ve written 5-8 posts on the topic.”)

I’m careful, however,  in who I select to share them with.  I give a wide berth to pessimists, cynics, critics, and my detractors, because they can take the wind right out of my sails and cause me to give less than my all.  On the other hand, having nothing but Neptune in earth, I do include my fine cadre of good buddies with beaucoup earth in their charts,  for I value their sound advice on details of my projects.  (Lynne, Martha, and Deborah, I couldn’t do it without you!)

Declaring my intentions publicly seems to fortify my ability to complete them…or maybe it’s just the embarrassment of wimping out on my promises!  If it would help strengthen your own goals to declare them publicly, you’re invited to post them in the comment section.

 Helpful wikiHow Articles about Setting and Reaching Goals

Since goal-setting is a technique espoused by experts in many different fields, from efficiency experts to metaphysicians to salesmanship trainers, it seemed redundant for me to write about this topic. I just created a list of links to articles about how to do it. I’m a great fan of wikiHow – The How-to Manual and their varied online collection. I found some good references there, which you’ll see on the list of links below.dreamcloudsabs-a2d

(In dealing with WikiHow, always keep in mind that the authors may or may not be qualified mental health professionals, for anyone can contribute a how-to piece, and all their authors are anonymous. Take what’s helpful from the articles that follow, but don’t consider it professional advice.)

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  1. Donna, Just found your blog. Have been a fan for many years. Still have a dog-eared paperback copy of “Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World.” – One of my favorite books. Thank you for doing this. You have so-o much knowledge and wisdom to share. I use EFT and also TAT(Tapas Acupressure Technique) and Law of Attraction and have found them to be extremely helpful in navigating the cycles. I like to work the cycles from the inside out.

    Transits:My question applies to many people. Have looked and wondered, but have never found much explanation of this:

    How do you do the outer planets transiting one house, and ruling the next? How much influence is there on the house it rules compared to where it’s transiting?

    Ex. Pluto at 0 Cap. is in the middle of my Sag. 3rd house but rules my fourth (cusp 18 Cap). And is there usually a discern able internal shift when it changes sign?

    Same thing with Saturn just now into 0 Libra and halfway into my 12th house, but ruling my Asc at 15 Libra. If this is too much to answer here, can you steer me toward info on this. Thanks.

    • Hi, Joann, Rulership issues are a good question and they do play an important part in understanding all the ramifications of this–or any other transit. The house that a transiting planet rules IS important to the interpretation, because that ruler carries some of the concerns of its house along with it wherever it goes by transit.

      So if you have Capricorn on the 4th, then Saturn rules the 4th because it is the ruler of the sign Capricorn. Therefore, in your case, wherever transiting Saturn goes, it carries some 4th house concerns and players along with it (home, family, roots).

      I’ll have to go into rulerships in some depth in a later post. Thanks for suggesting it. I must remember to list the sign rulerships when I write that post.

      Thanks for making it a general question that many readers may wonder about, rather than a personal one. (As explained in an earlier post, I’m retired and can’t comment on individual charts on this blog.)

      Briefly, however, you do have a bit of confusion where rulerships are concerned, and I’ll bet there are many readers out there who don’t know much about it either. Let me clarify. You say:

      “How do you do the outer planets transiting one house, and ruling the next? How much influence is there on the house it rules compared to where it’s transiting? Ex. Pluto at 0 Cap. is in the middle of my Sag. 3rd house but rules my fourth (cusp 18 Cap).” Same thing with Saturn just now into 0 Libra and halfway into my 12th house, but ruling my Asc at 15 Libra. ”

      Pluto doesn’t rule your 4th–you have Capricorn on that house, so Saturn rules it because it’s the ruler of the sign Capricorn. If you have Libra on the Ascendant, Venus rules the 1st house. With Libra on the Ascendant (first house cusp), it’s likely that Scorpio is on the 2nd house, so Pluto would be the ruler of that one. Hope that helps. Regards, Donna

  2. Thanks for clarifying. I think I’ve got it.

    When you do write about rulerships, maybe you could use the example of the United States chart -in relationship to Saturn and Pluto – since they’re affecting us all so much now!

  3. My south node is @ 0 degree Libra……
    north node @ 0 degree Aires
    currently being hit by Saturn/Pluto…..
    Experiencing quite a toothache today…..
    What area of life would the nodes light up with this transit?
    I am a longtime fan of your
    “Flower Remedies Handbook”
    Thanks for the insight…..

    • Hi, Bebe, I guess you missed the part about my decision not to interpret individual charts on this blog, especially with a transit as major and as complex as the Pluto-Saturn one. It deserves more than a “once over lightly,” and I’m retired from doing chart consultations.

      What the purpose of the Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit is, is for people to learn how to put the pieces together themselves. For instance, you’d have to figure out what houses your nodes are in order to know what areas of life would be affected. For that, work with part #1 of the series. Donna

  4. I can’t thank you enough for the help you’re bringing me through your website. Thank you

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