Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 19, 2008

Uranus in the Career Houses—“You’re NOT the boss of me!”

  (c)2008 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Precocious children have been known to tell their parents, “you’re not the boss of me,” but individuals with Uranus in the career houses of the astrology chart may adopt this as a life-long motto. Some wear it on greasy tee shirts along with other rude sayings, while others deign to wear suits but carry the attitude around in their pockets, ready to whip it out at any challenge.

Brighter than most people around them, typical Uranians easily grow bored and restless, and unless new challenges constantly present themselves, they can create an uproar in the workplace for the sheer excitement of it. Many of them gain the reputation of being mavericks who are unpredictable, erratic, or difficult. Because they’re almost impelled to speak out about things that are wrong, they’re often seen as troublemakers. They question authority and object—none too tactfully—when standard operating procedures on the job are irrational, inequitable, or unjust.

Uranians can have a superiority complex—sometimes even a justified one—but those who cross the line into arrogance are likely to create friction with bosses and coworkers. They inherently feel the rules don’t apply to them, for after all they’re special. Surprisingly often, they get away with it, for they appeal to our too-frequently-suppressed Inner Outlaw, and we live vicariously through their escapades.


Uranians’ resumes tend to be full of mysterious gaps that give job interviewers the willies, and their references tend to be friends or colleagues rather than past employers. They tend to change jobs frequently and suddenly, particularly when bosses clamp down on them.  Transiting Uranus is often the impetus for their vocational shifts, for it increases the restlessness and the need to adhere to their own authority rather than rather than former supervisors. However, they’re seldom jobless for long unless they want to be, because they’re usually so bright at what they do that they dazzle potential employers into ignoring the personnel officer’s “red flags” of warning. (They’re also inventive enough to come up with plausible reasons for their spotty job history.)

Over time, they tend to change careers as well, when they no longer find their old field challenging enough or when technology evolves in interesting new directions. They get bored with what they’re doing and move on. Alternately, the trend changes and their fifteen minutes of fame are up, and they’re back on the path of exploration and experimentation that characterizes their work life.

Who are the Uranians? They’re people who have Uranus or the sign Aquarius strong in their birth charts, especially with strong aspects from Uranus to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven or 8° either side of the Ascendant, Midheaven, IC, or Descendant. These factors are stronger if Uranus aspects a number of the personal planets or is in a major configuration like a t-square or grand trine, or if there is a stellium of three or more planets in the sign Aquarius. Such combinations make them Uranian in nature, but might primarily affect their personal lives. (If you’re new to astrology and don’t understand the technical parts but identify with what has been said so far, chances are you’re UraOPIL v1-2014 smnian.)

For a direct impact on vocational potential, these placements would generally need to be in the 10th, 2nd, or 6th houses or conjunct, square, opposite, or trine the Midheaven and would also need to be prominent in some of the ways mentioned above. If the chart has only Aquarius on the Midheaven or on the cusp of the 2nd or 6th houses but none of the factors mentioned above, the individual may not fit the picture I am describing. The likelihood of a match increases with the number of these factors in the chart.

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  2. I never thought of myself as Uranian, but recently my Aquarius IC has been hit and I have gone from being very sedentary to being very physically active, almost obsessed.

    I have Uranus in the 9th conjunct the MC square the ASC and Pluto in the 10th conjunct the MC. My Venus is in he 11th. My husband is the one who has absolutely refused to work for anyone else, and I have worked all my life for large institutions as a secretary, ER clerk, or in the schools as an aide. I have Aries on the 6th, with Mars in Gemini, and a 12th house stellium..

    Now I work part time for a social service agency where I match volunteer lawyers to clients. This is my dream job. I know tons of lawyers and it doesn’t even seem like work. But it is a 12 month grant position with no guarantees.

    When I was more proletarian minded I interrupted my college education because I was on strike with the union workers, and never went back.

    My active volunteer life while “staying at home”: serving on PTA, synagogue committees, and interfaith support groups helped me get the job I now have. I have 3rd house Chiron opposite Uranus and have always supported the underdog. I was always ready to make exceptions to the rules.

    My father had many job changes (my Mars in Gemini squre Pluto) , and my mother did also. He died when I was 13 (love those Plutonian ages) and she worked as an executive at three colleges in PR all of her working life. (Her Sun conjunct Pluto in late Gemini) Her Moon was conjunct my Uranus.

    I have been an amateur astrologer for over 30 years. I love making connections between astrology, philosophy, mythology, and the headlines.

    Only recently have I been involved in larger social groups; most of my life I was more solitary and preferred solitude or a small circle. My weakness is for the outcast/rebel, the enfant terrible and the kid who everyone warns you about.

    Aquarius is on my IC and my kids and I spend hours a week at our dojang training in martial arts. We eat meals on the run, standing up or in the car. They have met many political candidates, gone to court with their father, a criminal defense lawyer and attended many rallies.

    Early in my work life I had to learn tact and how to be just a good worker bee. My snobbishness, poor boundaries and sense of entitlement were a big problem. I learned the hard way and ate lots of humble pie. Now I am considered a great team player, but also am respected for my initiative.

    I run every day with my girlfriends. Recently I ran 1oK of a marathon relay team with martial arts friends. I posted a great time, faster than I had ever run in my life. It was the perfect Uranian experience: running a segment as part of a team, and having that team support and contributing to the greater good, while doing your darndest to make it your best. I ran as fast as the men on our team. Giving up exercise time to work has been hard. Being physically and mentally agile during my work day is crucial to me.

    I am very comfortable speaking truth to power and to authority figures, in a respectful way. Now I can serve the larger good while retaining my sense of independence and individualism. A voracious reader, I am still suspicious of mass media and the ubiquitous screens in our lives, especially TV.

    Uranus has brought me great revelations, wisdom, laughs and surprises. My work has to be meaningful and of service. I don’t mind it being part time because it serves my family needs for now. I am proud that my kids are all strong, independent thinkers and that they have a sense of justice, tolerance and kindness.
    Uranus on the 10th has made me want to leave a legacy of feisty, thoughtful service.

  3. That’s so true Donna!
    This is an excellent article. I have Uranus in MC, and I know how often I feel to desire to change occupations, because I thrive in novelty, using my own potential and, above all, making my own rules.

    Oh those gaps between jobs, in fact they are filled of other interesting activities than often are radically different from the surrounding jobs.

    • Hi, segurelha, I see that you’ve been reading most of the articles here about money and career, and I’m glad they’ve given you some things to think about. Uranus aspects to the career houses are rather difficult, because you simply MUST be your own person and follow your own heart and mind. Still, it takes you on a very interesting path in life, one with many turnings, and in the end, you develop many survival skills that make it easier to keep on down that unique path. Have a great trip! Donna

  4. Uranus smack diddly on the Cancer MC here conjunct Moon in 10 sq. Asc. and Neptune gets dragged into the mix because it is sq. the Moon and loosely conjunct my Asc. Uranus sits in a Watery Grand Trine with Mars in Scorpidoodle in 1 and again trine a very bassackwards and fishy Jupiter in 5.
    To say I have lived a checkered life, especially when I was younger, is putting it mildly. I have done all manner of weird jobs and my resume has holes with specious excuses that you could drive a whole fleet of Mack trucks through. Being female, I could always fill in the gaps with temp and contract work too temporary to list, ‘caring for my aged mother’ and homemaker (yeah, sure…as if anyone would really believe that last one).
    I sincerely doubt that nude artist model, topless go-go dancer and dancer in the rock musical “Hair” are things that would spark the interests of most companies. (Uranus on the very PUBLIC MC in Cancer…gotta expose them bodacious Cancerian ta-tas! LOL!)
    I did manage a boarding house full of students, young working people and various eccentrics and misfits that got labeled “Casa Del Whackos.” Uranus/Moon in Cancer MC indeed!
    I have also had many more conventional jobs. I have trouble staying with a job unless they allow me a lot of freedom. On one job, I had a very anal hyper-critical hidebound workaholic Capricorn supervisor and I lasted less than a few months at what otherwise might have been a good job for me. I think she assigned me crap tasks way below my skill level and kept off work I would really shine in just because she knew I was her complete opposite personality wise.
    I have always felt rules were more like possible guidelines and if they make sense to me I follow them, if they don’t, I won’t.
    As I have aged, I have gotten over my urge to shock people for the hell of it, although I still have the occasional urge to do something really odd just because I feel like it. When asked to describe myself at a work meet & greet I said ” I am sometimes off the chain.”

  5. I’ve got uranus conjunct the mc in the tenth. I’ve never held down a job for more than 2 weeks. school was a disaster, was expelled but they allowed me to complete my exams (because of that uranian intelligence?)
    some of my jobs I’ve litterally just walked out of. I missed the bus to work on my 4th day once and instead of waiting for the next one just went home.
    the odd thing is that I’ve been offered every job i’ve ever been interviewed for!
    my cv is pretty threadbare with gaping holes in employment but i can remember, my friend was working somewhere I’d applied for and he was looking through the cvs. apparently mine jumped out and was the most impressive of the bunch, he didn’t realise it was mine till he’d finished it!
    my way of dealing with this is working freelance with my dad, the jobs never last more than a week. luckily i don’t crave money like some people do, so i get by with the little i earn.

    • Hi, Rob, your history is quite a speeded-up version of the pattern, but self-employment is a place many Uranus-Midheaven people get to eventually. Speaking as a semisquare (between Uranus and the Midheaven), that’s where I got to myself decades ago and love it. Donna Cunningham

  6. I have Uranus in 2nd House, Trine to MC and Saturn in 10th.. and Aquarius on the cusp on 6th. Uranus aspects Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn.. also a part of T-Square (Mars- Uranus- Venus).. and a Mystic Rectangle (Mars 8th, Saturn 10th, Sun 4th and Uranus-2nd house)

    I do feel superior to most, but only when I know that I can do better than other person (job wise). I do have a problem with incompetent Bosses, and some how I have a real talent in making them feel ”insecure” while in all truth I have no designs on taking over their jobs but still it happens more often than not.

    not two weeks, but I usually retain job for one year.. I keep on including new fields which are not totally divorced from actual formation of mine, but are related but new fields.

    Once, I found a boss who was good, knowledgeable and secure enough to let me do my job as I felt like- gave me responsibility COUPLED with authority, told me the end result he desired and let me chart my way of getting their without any input, I could work at home or anywhere, as long as I got the results/ reports required… and BOY! I loved it soooo much– funnily that person turned out to be AQUARIAN sun.. giggle- I almost fell in love with his mind. 🙂 .. and we almost had a ‘mind-affair’: if there is any such thing. 🙂

    I have come to realize that I should take short-term consultancy work- but albeit in my field it is not a norm- but maybe – just maybe- it can be done 🙂

  7. And years ago when I noticed Neptune in Aquarius would be conjoining my natal Mercury in Aquarius in the 9th with Uranus conjoining my midheaven and then Natal Sun in Pisces… I wondered how they would affect!

    I forgot in the endless tidal waves of liars and thieves that eventually Uranus in Pisces would trine my natal Uranus in the 2nd at 28 degrees Cancer-trining out of sign my 6th house Saturn in Sag… Now that it is the Aries to Sag trine-10th to 6th I have noticed an immediate turning around in matters that are such a mess involving several factions of others working their damndest to totally bankrupt me in every crooked, corrupted situation available.

    I have carried on regardless of how many lawyers threw my case, no matter how many in authority lied and bent over backwards to bankrupt me. I have lobbed back oblique throws and kicks from totally left field (an AQ trait-lol) and have worked my cases totally out of their normal boxes…

    Last week I finally achieved what I’ve originally requested two years ago-a Court Order that will be one golden key for me to start the bus that will bring my life back home to me. Right when Uranus went into Aries-still in my 10th but making it a fire sign trine with that Sag Saturn of mine in my 6th house. I’ve felt like I’ve been under water for years now-only coming up to catch a big enough breath to defend myself and assets before another cold water dunking.

    I’m a bit leery of what’s going to happen with Uranus in Aries going into my 11th house-conjoining with my Venus in Aries. Perhaps Saturn in Libra in opposition will round off any edges I still have that can hang me up… Uranus in Aries will enter my 11th house about the same time Neptune in Pisces will enter my 10th! Haven’t succumbed to drugging or drinking yet-lost my mind for a while but have found it again.

  8. Uranus is on my second house, conjunct Pluto in Virgo. I’m also a Virgo Sun, and my Sun is in the second house, but the orb is too wide for a conjunction. I have no planets in air signs, but Aquarius is my descendant. Does that make me Uranian in your view?

    • You’re a mix of Uranian and Plutonian AND Virgoan qualities when it comes to the 2nd–and to attitudes, practices, and assets where earning and managing money are concerned. Very complicated, but with good potential. I often use the example of Johhn Depp and Robert Downey Jr, both with Pluto, Uranus, and Mars in Virgo hanging around the 2nd house cusp. Complicated in their values, for sure, but both huge money makers. Donna

      • Johnny and Robert? I’ll call that good company. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me!

  9. Are Uranians good managers or are they too chaotic? Managers are more saturnal or sunny in my opinion.
    Maybe these uranians function better in a specialised job were they can innovate like something technological.

    I have uranus on the descendant.

    • You’re right on target, Plato. Also, Uranians like to work independently and tend to dislike dealing with authority–even their own. So, not happy as a manager, unless Saturn also aspects Uranus. Donna

  10. Thank you very much for the fast comment.

    I’ve a University degree so than you become automaticly a projectleader/ manager. I could have better studied a more practical and specialised lower technological education degree, I guess.

    But that’s the strange thing from uranus it’s good with people the globe etc, but it end’s up in a boring (virgo kind of) mechanic like job…but if its givíng you more freedom than an office-job…

    I have uranus in scorpio by the way so that’s also an indicator of doing something technologcal.


  11. Mozart btw was also pretty much an uranian personality.

    Some say that these uranians need to be self employed, but i think that is a bit wrong. These freelancers are being hired by the saturnians.

    Uranians need to respect on someway the saturnians/authorities. Because to get there brilliance work into this earthy world saturn is needed.

    What is a R&D (uranus) department worth without the big structure of a profitable company (saturn)?

  12. Okay, that’s really funny. Uranus has been pushing through my 10th house for quite some time now. Just yesterday I told our music class instructor (in jest) that he wasn’t the boss of me. Great handle for Uranus in the 10th!

  13. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a
    comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.

    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

    • Oh, my, in all these years, you are only the second person to mention that, and I honestly have no idea why it would happen. If you’re a subscriber, you might try unsubscribing and then re-subscribing to see if that stops it. I tell you what I’ll do–I’ll turn off the comments for that post. Donna


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