Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 21, 2008

Mars-Pluto Aspects? Use your Manifestation Mojo!

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I call Mars-Pluto aspects, especially the conjunction, the manifestation magnet. In birth charts, it is the aspect of a magician, and that’s true for transits as well.  It’s  inherently neither a positive nor a negative aspect. Some use it against themselves and others, attracting destructive outcomes by obsessing on resentments. They generally have no awareness of the consequences of dwelling in such negativity. Others who have it natally use the combination for good by consciously and conscientiously focusing on healing and transformation.

With Mars-Pluto aspects natally or by transit, the energy of manifestation is fueled by awareness and one-pointed intention. We can choose to “aim” the arrow of our thoughts toward some desirable end.  What makes intention so very important during these next several years is that Pluto is newly in the sign Capricorn, the sign of structures and strictures, of seeing reality clearly and coping with it effectively by letting go of non-essentials.

A pitfall of this combination is that Saturn-ruled Capricorn often descends into fearfulness and pessimism, especially when confronted by a harsh environment.  It’s true that Capricornians are tough and will persevere despite prolonged hardship–the goat that climbs a mountain–and those qualities will stand them in good stead now.  My mentor, Rod Chase used to call Capricorn the sign of the comeback, citing Richard Nixon and Muhammed Ali as the prime examples of that era. arrowstarsdsn-a2d

Let’s all be Come Back Kids. Let’s harness the power of  transiting Mars-Pluto apects, whenever they occur, to come back stronger than ever from any losses we are experiencing.

For the next 14 years, Pluto will be in Capricorn, and so all transiting aspects  between Mars and Pluto will carry the influence of that sign.  Capricorns are well-known to be good at planning and long-range goals. What goals can you support by aiming your intention?  Mars is the planet of action–what concrete, smart, practical actions can you take right away?  Make the goal a realizable one rather than pie in the sky. Set your sights on a measurable bit of progress (“By this summer, I’ll have a blog of my own”), not a vague one like, “I want to be more fulfilled.”

Here are some of the transiting Mars-Pluto aspects in the next several years. Since Pluto moves so slowly, all of them occur in the earliest degrees of the signs, somewhere between 0-8°:

  • Mars conjunct Pluto early-mid December, 2010
  • Mars square Pl
    uto (5° range) early-mid April, 2011

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but what I do each year is to make a list of things I want to accomplish by the end of that year–maybe five or ten mission-critical goal I realistically can finish in 12 months by honest effort.  At the end of the year, I look at that list, and have almost always completed them all.  I recommend Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s techniques from The Power of Intention.   (See more articles on manifestation vs. being stuck in the category “Metaphysics” at the side of this blog.)

v2-2014-OPIL-220x300At this key juncture in our collective lives, this potent combination can be an asset.  What will you do with it?

Note: If you have a natal Mars-Pluto aspect and want more guidance on how to use it well…and how NOT to use it, there is an entire chapter on this combination in my ebook, Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars: The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 2, available at

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