Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 22, 2008

Holiday Blues? Tools for Inner Peace

©2008 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

             Has there ever been a bluer Christmas? People have already been so worried and sad over the economy for several months, and now they’re confronted with holiday expenses. When folks can’t buy the expensive presents and lavish entertainment we’ve grown to expect, it deepens their sadness and adds to stress. Is the timing for these holidays unfortunate–or is it a gift in itself? Even the blizzards and icy roads that have kept many of us at home this past week are a gift, for they stop us from buying things we can’t afford AND give us an interval to sit quietly and contemplate our lives. We are being blanketed in the silence of a snowstorm, asked to sit in stillness.

            Over several decades, the spiritual meaning of these celebrations and of giving to others has all but been replaced by an addiction to luxury. Even before Thanksgiving, we climb onto the mindless treadmill of mall shopping and meaningless catered parties. We’ve created an illusion of affluence by adding expensive presents to our bloated credit card balances. We forget what the holidays are about, but a time like this hammers home the need to reassess our values and priorities and get back to what is real.  

            And what is real? Surely not the tinsel, the pricey cards, posh wrapping paper and the glut of Stuff no one really wants or needs.  Hopefully our relationships are real, and so is our eternal connection with All That Is. In sorting out what matters in times of turmoil, I turn to a quote from the introduction to A Course in Miracles, a summary of its content that has been profoundly calming: 

                                    Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

                                       A Course in Miracles, , p.1.

                          Foundation for Inner Peace


I’ve been a lightworker for the past 30 years, using my mind to create various colors of the kind of light that is in the aura to heal myself and others.  Each color of the spectrum triggers and releases blocked emotions and replaces them with a higher understanding of the meaning of issues that trouble us.  My old reliable tool has been golden light, which calms and fortifies us when we need strength.  Wrapping yourself up in it at night calms anxieties and helps you sleep better than that pricey sleep number mattress. 

Some months ago, however, I was given a beautiful new light to work with and find myself using it constantly.  It is called Peace Rose light, a tool for inner peace. To create it, you envision a beautiful, glowing Peace Rose all made of light.  It begins with a rosy golden center and gradually gets creamier, until the outer edges are a pink-tinged white.  Focus on the picture to learn what it is like, and then just imagine that you can imagine it for yourself, as vividly and as often as you need a lift.  Another name for this light is God’s Love For Us. Try working with it–you may find, as I do, that your soul thirsts for it.



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