Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 24, 2008

Legacy Thought Forms-Shake (off) what your Mama Gave You

©2008 by Donna Cunningham, MSW 

As mentioned in earlier posts in this series, thought forms are near-solid objects in our energy fields that we create by thoughts and beliefs that we repeat over and over until they manifest in the outer world. They are constructs in our outer energy field (called the causal body) that determine which people, situations, and events we attract or repel. These forms can be either positive or negative in nature, but crystallized negative ones accompanied by strong emotions can thwart all those affirmations, visualizations, and goal-setting rituals.  We’ve already looked at some ideas for identifying and nullifying the forms.

My work at clearing out thought forms is proceeding rapidly. If you’re along on this journey of clearing the decks for a better future, read on for the latest development. If you’re new to this series, have a look at the last few posts.   

When I initially scanned my causal body, it had more than a passing resemblance to the asteroid belt. I’ve been working for days on clearing it out, but last night encountered a sector that contained hardship-based constructs from several generations of relatives. Let’s call them legacy thought forms.  Like other legacies, you can inherit them from parents and ancestors.   

asteroidbelt-web Examples might be:  “This family is doomed to poverty.”  “We’re just not a long-lived family.”  “You’re going to become an alcoholic just like your dad and grandpa.”  “In every generation, we’ve had at least one old maid schoolteacher, and it looks like you’re it.” “Breast Cancer runs in our family.” And so on–add your own family’s self-fulfilling prophecies, especially the ones your mama warned would happen to you if you didn’t watch out

Maybe you consciously reject dire predictions like these, but they can take root in the unconscious if not actively dismantled. Scan your energy field to locate any that exist, and work on ridding yourself of them.  You might imagine a laser gun, a superhero, or an angel blasting them out of orbit and pulverizing them. 

   And, sure, you’ve  probably had positive thought forms passed on to you as well. Identifying and giving thanks for them can strengthen a positive ancestral legacy.  

I’ve no doubt I’ll be back with more on this track. If this sounds like a fruitful healing project but you missed the last several posts, have a look at  the list below and work with the ideas and tools they contained.   

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  1. I know you wrote this post some time ago, but it is perfect now, particularly with this past series of partial eclipses in Capricorn/Cancer. The lunar one in particular being conjunct to Pluto totally points at this very issue. I want to point out that although we can scan ourselves – sometimes we may need help of another who is gifted at this, since they can see things we can’t. I had done much ancestral healing already, but had missed one that was hidden or “cloaked” hehe! I love combining healing methods, so when the imprint is removed, it is good to have flower essence therapy or homeopathy at the same time. Thanks tons Donna! 🙂

    • Yes, good timing, isn’t it? Not that I planned it that way, but when you’re open to the Moon’s cycles, it just happens that way. Donna

  2. I’ve been clearing out negative thought forms and the like for years. I am very aware that I will be continuing to do it for many more years. I like to use many different methods. One is sleep hypnosis- it works better and faster than energy healing. But it takes so many days to clear a topic. I have a pretty tough chart (ex: pluto conjunct 4th house), so I have a lot of issues I have to clear and work through.

    It is amazing how much a person can change. Who I used to be and who I am now, though in parts the same, is a very different person. I also have very strong boundaries now with people that I did not have before.

    For people that need help clearing thought forms/ negative energy patterns here are my suggestions: If you want to clear negative thought forms through affirmations, look up Sandra Ann Taylor’s books. She even has a book to clear past life energy patterns.

    Cyndi Dale teaches how to remove energy patterns through energy healing. Christie Marie Sheldon has a program called love or above that teaches how to remove energy patterns in a fairly simplistic and effective way. Teri Mahaney has a program called change your mind that removes negative thought patterns and replaces them with positive patterns while you sleep.

    If you would rather have someone do the work for you Christie and Cyndi take energy clearing clients. Good luck to everyone who does this, it really does work.

    • Thanks for your story about your own thought forms, Amber, and for the recommendations. I went through a systematic thought form clearing at the time I wrote that post, and the work did clear up some important blockages, especially about my finances, which continue to be much improved. Getting your comment today made me wonder if there are some newer ones. I do think that we can create them on the fly, so to speak, so I’ll have a look.
      Donna Cunningham

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