Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 25, 2008

Emotions, Thought Forms, and the Amygdala

©2008 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Over the past year or so, I’ve been amazed at how much neuroscience has discovered about the brain, its various regions, and what each area governs.  Based on these findings, healing and wellness practitioners are developing new methods and approaches to keep the brain functioning at the highest possible level well into the senior years. The public is quickly climbing on the bandwagon–hence the popularity of Sudoku and other brain teasers.  But I digress. Sort of. 

This series of posts over the past week has been about amping up your manifestation mojo through using the power of intention and removing obstacles based on negative thought forms-those near-solid constructions in the outer layer of the energy field that powerfully influence what people, situations, conditions, and events we attract into our lives. The newest revelation from my guides is that thought forms have corresponding neural traces in the brain, especially in the area called the amygdala. Its functions are complex, but it’s connected to strong emotions and certain compulsive behaviors associated with them.

 The guidance I’m being given is that to demolish unwanted thought forms successfully, we also need to send healing to the related area of the amygdala to release emotional charges.  To have a sense where of it’s located, see the drawing below. 


There are a variety of ways of prompting the brain to release emotional charges associated with a thought form, and if you already have a healing tool that works well for you, use that. Whatever tool you choose, it’s wise to start out slowly and gingerly, because thought forms have far-reaching connections to many unsuspected areas of our lives. If you react strongly, slow the work down.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple, effective self-help method that allows quick release of negative emotions by tapping meridian points while focused on the emotion you want to clear. Popularly known as “tapping,” it was developed by Gary Craig. Read more about it and download a free manual at

 If the catharsis persists, however, consult a qualified health care practitioner right away.  For ongoing work, the field I’m most impressed with for finding and releasing old patterns like these is HBLU–Healing from the Body Up.  ( ) Another promising approach could be using NLP–Neurolinguistic Programming–to dialogue with the part of you that created the thought form so that it is willing to let go of it. For my own process, I’m using Reiki, MariEL, and lightwork in the ultraviolet range, both to locate the forms in my energy field and to stimulate the brain to release the emotional charges.

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