Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 26, 2008

Positive Thought Forms–Can They Limit Us, too?

(c)2008 by guest blogger, Deborah Bier, PhD

 A note from Donna: I got a real Crack in the Cosmic Egg this ayem in the form of a note from Dr. Deborah Bier, my beloved friend and co-creator of Vibration Magazine — educational journal on flower essences, which  we’ve been publishing these past 10 years. I asked her to elaborate on it to share with you. 

 Donna and I have been chatting for a while about this clearing of thought forms. In fact, unbeknownst to either of us, we were each working with this process separately for a while. Thank goodness for email and blogs, or we’d still be toiling away in our own lonely garrets!

 I was inspired by her recent post to think about “positive” thought forms. And you know what conclusion I’ve come to? There ain’t no such thing! ALL thought forms are static and of low vibration.  What may seem to be a positive thought form at the moment it was created, becomes negative over time because it does not (and cannot) adjust as circumstances change.

One thing that will not be changing any time soon is that the highest form of health, well-being and balance is BEING IN THE MOMENT. Most if not all spiritual disciplines seek to bring us into the HERE AND NOW through a variety of techniques, including meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and more. It’s only when we are fully present that our responses, decisions and actions can flow and be “at one” with the moment.  Our habits that stem from past experience get in the way of being truly present to the uniqueness of WHAT IS IN THE NOW.

 Thought forms — being static — can NEVER bring us into the here and now. They can only keep us stuck in (and stuck TO) old situations, cycling us through old patterns and habits. This is a large part of how we keep recreating the same old “same-old” again and again — even though we know better!brainbox-a2d

 Restricted/constricted life force (also called chi or prana) causes us to experience physical, emotional and/or spiritual dis-ease. Since thought forms are as static and unchanging as possible, I reason that they are one large cause of our imbalances and illnesses, stopping our lifeforce from effortlessly flowing. Anything that stops our free motion always ends up being anti-life.

 So, if you LIKE some of your thought forms, consider them to be positive, and don’t want to give them up, I recommend considering whether your attachment to them is health-giving or not. Are dense, static forms of energy — no matter how pretty they may be on the surface — going to move you to a more healed life?

Don’t be fooled by pretty gift wrapping: any thought form is dead stale air.  Any attachment to the so-called positive ones is in the end going to suck your lifeforce.

Five single flower essences I recommend for getting unattached to old habits and moving in the flow of the here-and-now (all from Whole Energy Essences): Buckwheat (breaking old habits), Crimson Rose (being in the here and now), Pussytoes (surrender), Clover (acceptance of what IS), and Fireweed (releasing stuck vitality). If you say you read about it in this blog, I will mix you a custom blend of these five essences and offer it at the same price as the other special blends made by Whole Energy Essences ($11.50 — custom blends are usually twice that). Email me from and ask for the RELEASING THOUGHT FORMS blend.

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