Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 28, 2008

Harness the New Moon’s Energy for a Career Breakthrough

capsymbgold-rad©2008 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

  A golden time to initiate new projects or actions is one day after a New Moon. The chart for yesterday’s Capricorn New Moon portrayed a solid 24-karat opportunity, and so today is the optimal window to jumpstart your goals for 2009.  Mars and Pluto are precisely conjunct today as well. Especially if you’ ve been stuck but are committed to a manifestation breakthrough, dedicate this day to it and put day-to-day tasks aside. Think innovatively, assess realistically, and plan comprehensively. Start today to create solid structures to support your goals, and take mission-critical actions. 

 What was going on in the solar system that was so major? There were SIX planets lined up in Capricorn, the sign of long-term goals and success through committed effort. I researched it, and the exact combination cannot repeat itself for at least 248 years.  In the early degrees of the sign, the Sun, Moon, Mars (the planet of action) and Pluto (planet of power and transformation) were conjunct. Later in the sign, Jupiter (growth, expansion, faith, and even luck) was conjunct Mercury (writing, communication, sales).

In the Pacific Time zone, at least, the New Moon chart placed that Capricorn stellium in the 2nd house–the house of money and how you earn and manage it.  The positive grouping of those six planets in career-oriented Capricorn spread out through the house of finance says to me that the actions you take today and through the month to the next New Moon can boost your capacity to weather these financial storms.  

It’s also a good month to take a good look at the bottom line and which of your spending patterns might need scaling back.  Capricorn is Spartan, willing to be thrifty in order to forward long-range plans. It’s the right month to zero in on where your money really goes–keep track of what you spend this month, what luxuries or excesses aren’t worth their cost to your future, and how you could do what you need to do less expensively.

In addition, given the precise combination of planets, I’d be remiss if I didn’t strongly recommend that you take action this month to solidly protect yourself and your family against identity theft–globally, the fastest growing crime . I recently signed up with the industry leader, LifeLock. ( You know, the one where the CEO’s Social Security number is displayed on billboards that challenge identity thieves to try for it. It’s $10 a month, or $99 for 13 months. We all need to stay informed, as these scumbags get more and more electronically sophisticated.

 To return to ways you can capitalize on the positive potential of this New Moon, today would be a powerful time to draw up a list of your GOALS for the next year, and then use your favorite metaphysical tools to LOCK IN THOSE INTENTIONS.  Goals should be specific, with measurable outcomes, but not sooooo specific that you block unforseen yet even better outcomes.  (EG, “I will find a publisher for my novel,”  NOT “I will get Random House to accept my novel.”)

So that you can see an effective way to phrase them, here are a few from my own list of 10 audacious but realizable goals:  

  •  I will add at least $_____ to my savings.
  • I will update all my astrology ebooks, with new editions of three. 
  •  I will complete at least 3 successful series of writing seminars.
  • I will remain debt free, though using my cards for online convenience. 
  • I will complete the recommended dental work.

                                                                                                      How about yosignofhope-a2dur own intentions?  You’re invited to post some of them in the comment section below if sharing them with this online community would empower you. Whether you post them or not, grab this powerhouse of an astrological window for manifestation and ride it for all it’s worth! If you’re new to this site, you’ll find a series of pieces about powering up your manifestation mojo by clicking on “Metaphysics” in the category list at the side.

New Moon special on my ebooks!  Buy one, get one free.  If the outer planets are in your career houses–2nd, 6th, or 10th–I’d recommend The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 1: Outer Planets as Career Indicators.  See two sample excerpts here in the category “Bits from Donna’s Books and Articles.”  Order at


  1. i was waiting for a new moon in my 10th of career to start a new project, sure hope i didn’t miss out on this cap new moon?

    • You haven’t missed out on the energy–it’s good all month. But by all means use this window! Best wishes on your goals. Donna

  2. Dear Donna – I’m so glad I found you, I just can’t stop reading all your writings, and I just regret that I didn’t find you any sooner. At last, I found an astrologer whose books really speak to me and enable me to study astrology thoroughly. I thank you deeply for the work you do.
    I’m struggling with severe Pluto problems, just don’t seem to find a way out of them, although your books are of great help, just to start to see the extent to which Pluto is ruling my days… Pluto-Uranus conjunction making nine (!) aspects to almost any other planet or point in the chart, being part of a mutable Grand Cross (in which book do you discuss these?), and being visited by Saturn and Uranus transiting – Capricorn Sun in the 8th house…
    I’m afraid I missed the New Moon opportunities you discuss on your blog…
    Is there any Dutch astrologer you happen to know of, with whom I could discuss my horoscope using the wisdom in your books…?

    • Dear Ronald, You haven’t missed the New Moon–it sounds like you’ve been using it more internally to process your experience. With so many aspects to your natal Pluto-Uranus conjunction, I believe you’d benefit from my ebook, Aspects between the Outer Planets (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 3.) which you can order at It has a full chapter on that conjunction and the issues faced by the mini-generation that has it. This current Uranus-Saturn opposition is strongly activating the group born between 1967-8, because they have a Uranus-Saturn opposition in their birth charts as well, but in the opposite signs–Uranus in Virgo, Saturn in Pisces, rather than Uranus in Pisces, Saturn in Virgo like the current one.
      As for a Dutch astrologer for you to work with, I believe you’d find Karen Hammaker-Zondag very helpful. She has her own slant on these issues, but is extremely wise and respected world-wide in the astrology community. She’s a Jungian, and the author of a number of excellent books. Look for her on the internet. Regards, Donna Cunningham

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