Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 8, 2009

Craig Ferguson Marries a Cunningham!

©2009 by Donna Cunningham

 I adore late night talk show host, Craig Ferguson and his wacky, wistful humor.  He helps on those nigcraigfergusonhts I can’t sleep. Yes, I’ve heard about CPAP, sleep number bed, Ambien, chamomile tea, yadda, yadda. Don’t write. He works better than any of those, and he doesn’t cost a dime.

Where was I? Oh, I just found out that he got married over Christmas break. To a Cunningham…not one of THE Iowa corn belt Cunninghams, but a Cunningham all the same. It tickled my fancy.

And then I got to thinking of all the huge events that transpired in his life in 2008:

He became a US citizen on February 1st (A great day for America.)

  His mum died on December 1st.

  And he married Meagan Wallace Cunningham just before Christmas.

 When I hear a series of events like that, the inner astrologer kicks in and starts to speculate. This will be a great relief to my readers who are wondering if this blog will ever have any astrology articles. (“What’s WITH all the metaphysics, anyway?”)  According to dozens of sites on the internet, he was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on May 17, 1962, but his birth time isn’t published. I did, however, come up with a speculative chart for 3:30 AM BST, based on events, which you can see below.  (Sorry it’s not clearer–when it comes to graphics, blogs don’t behave themselves particularly well.)


 This type of life-changing triple bagger generally only happens when the angles of the chart are all activated at once. He does have Venus at 22° Gemini, and while recent transits by Uranus and Saturn to that point might account for the marriage, they don’t account for his citizenship or loss of a parent. The citizenship change would suggest involvement of the 10th house cusp (Midheaven); Mum’s death the 4th house cusp (IC), and marriage the 7th house cusp (Descendent). 

 The main astrological situation where all four angles get activated at approximately the same time are those charts with the ASC, MH, DSC, and IC approximately at right angles to one another.  This is seen mainly with charts that have anywhere from about 20° of a mutable sign to the early degrees of the cardinal signs on the Ascendant.  

The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, and they’ve been a very powerful area of transiting activity this year.  Pluto has recently completed its time in Sag after hanging out in the last several degrees for a seeming eon. If it were crossing a late Sagittarius Midheaven in Craig’s chart, that would account for his change of citizenship. Saturn has been in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, and they’ve been within range on an opposition (180° aspect) since the summer, and have been in the 20-22°  area since November.   As the chart printed above  shows, I came up with an Ascendant of about 22°  Pisces–the area Uranus is transiting. That puts 22° Virgo on the Descendant, with transiting Saturn crossing it. 

The Ascendant could be 22°  of the other mutables, Virgo, Gemini, or Sagittarius, but the Pisces Rising fits his humor and his earlier nearly-ruinous years of addictions.  Virgo Rising and Pisces on the Descendent  doesn’t make sense with the transits–he’d be getting divorced, not married. And rather than a well-bred art dealer with a Connecticut estate, he’d be marrying…oh, Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.  (Not that he probably hasn’t tried.)  I suppose you could argue Gemini Rising, Pisces on the Midheaven, but it doesn’t fit the events quite as well.  The whimsical, fey quality of his humor just seems more Piscean.

One thing that does worry me about this setup is the continued presence of Uranus near this speculative Ascendant, as well as the Uranus-Saturn opposition continuing to activate all the angles.  With all this new-found respectability, when will the inveterate maverick kick in? Will the marriage–his third–last? Has his self-destructiveness been conquered, or will it once again undermine him?  The combination does look a bit accident prone. We love ya, Craig–drive safely!!

As the Uranus-Saturn opposition continues, we will soon enough see if this chart works or not…or whether I’m just another astrologer fool enough to speculate in print on an unknown time of birth.    The aspect will be exact again on February 5, 2009 at 20° 39′ of Virgo/Pisces; on September 5th at 24° 43; and on April 26, 2010 at 28° 46′.  Since the last of these squares his Midheaven, I will predict that we will see much more of his diverse talents and abilities than the public generally knows about at present. He’s written a book before, and perhaps this will extend to a book that becomes a best-seller or a screen play.  

Your comments on this speculative chart are welcome.


  1. I don’t believe the Ferguson wedding date was the 20th (or the 21st, as I’ve seen in another article). I base this on the fact that on his January 5th episode where he announced his nuptial, he mentioned he was coming up on the 2 week mark. Assuming this is indeed true, I would think he got married sometime after Christmas and sometime before New Year’s day.

    Congrats to Craigan, and may they have a happy life together and produce many beautiful babies. If by chance Megan happens to make the grave mistake of breaking his precious heart, I’m on a plane to Los Angeles straight away…

    • Hi, Malinky. the date was in the SF Chronicle and on a couple of fan sites, but you may be right. If the clip aired on January 5th, it’s possible that it was filmed a bit earlier. Two Mondays from January 5th was December 22nd. At any rate, she looks gorgeous, and he looks happy, and they’ve been dating a long time, so hopefully it will be a lasting union.

    • Craig Ferguson WAS Married to Megan Wallace Cunningham on Dec 21st, 2008, according to scottish tradition , Winter solise is the luckiest day of the year.

      • Ah, well, and he is Scottish, so he probably chose that date accordingly. Donna

  2. birth time for Craig is listed at 6:10 pm

    • Where did you see it, Christan? I almost sent him an email to ask, but figured that if he did reply (and not flick it onto the floor) that would be a night I was sound asleep. Donna

  3. Hi Donna

    Could you find analyze his wife astral theme too ?

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