Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 10, 2009

The Ultraviolet Jackhammer-A Tool for Demolishing Negative Beliefs

capconst-xprt©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 With Pluto’s recent entry into the sign Capricorn, some of that sign’s most incapacitating qualities have rapidly taken over mass consciousness. Many of us are focusing on fear and repetitive negative thoughts, anticipating the worst, and holding tight to rigid, crystallized strategies that may have worked over the years but won’t serve us in the current crisis. 

People with important placements in Capricorn (the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in that sign or several planets there) seem to be feeling it most acutely. Fear and negativity are highly contagious, and so those who live or work with–or especially for–Capricornians are absorbing their anxiety like second hand smoke.

Several more articles  have gone into the ways repeated negative thoughts and beliefs can create near-solid barriers to our success or survival in these difficult times. These barriers are called thought forms, and we are engaged here in a series of articles on how to combat them. (Look in the category list under Metaphysics and Freedom from Fear.)

Though I don’t noise it about, I have been a lightworker for over 30 years, working with the kind of light found in the aura. Various light colors have various healing effects, evoking and, over time, transforming backlogs of stagnant energy and emotions.  I certainly won’t claim that it will cure anything-the disclaimer reads-but it surely does catalyze the breaking down and release of such blockages. We create this kind of light by imagining it and asking our angels or guides to channel it. It is unnecessary to be able to see it for it to work. The mind, body and spirit have been surrounded by light throughout the ages, so they know what to do.

The color that we’ll consider today is ultraviolet. It is a light for strengthening our resistance to toxic, invasive thoughts or energies, and on the physical level even to infection. You can begin by focusing on the colors in the Capricorn symbol above. If you’ve ever been surrounded by black light on a dance floor that pulses with the music, just recall that. And know, as you evoke it, that you have all the strength you need for wiping out negativity. 

jackhammerman-a2dA tool that my guides have given me for this work is a jackhammer that goes after these thoughts and thought forms with ultraviolet light. As you use it, imagine it vividly. Select a particular thought form you’ve identified or direct it at a specific area of blockage. Remember the sound the jackhammer makes and keep hearing that in your mind to keep going.  Recall the pulsing action.  For me, it helps to actually move my hands and make those sounds out loud. And keep that engine going until the barrier is dissolved, first into powder, and then into dust that the ultraviolet light swirls away. 

I’ve been working on my own thought forms intensely these past few weeks–so many thought forms, so little time–but know I am making important headway.  I face this challenging new chapter strengthened and freed of rigid ideas, fears, and life strategies from as far back as childhood or even my ancestors. I urge you to apply yourself to getting free of them as well. What are you doing to combat the pervasive negativity of our time? What tools are working for you? 

More Articles about Thought forms on Skywriter:

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  1. Donna, I so enjoy your blog — especially all the recent posts on thoughtforms. Your technique of using an ultraviolet jackhammer to break up energetic blockages is such a great use of The Great Transformer’s energy. Wherever Pluto is in our chart, our own life and our society’s values are going to experience profound changes during its long transit in that sign. Since we can’t avoid the inevitable change, we might as well make positive use of that energy to proactively transform that which we can affect. Thanks again and hope you’ll continue to hammer away at this topic of thoughtforms.


  2. I recently found your blog and find your articles such helpful ideas. A dark night of the soul brought me here, and I am grateful. This post of the Ultraviolet Jackhammer has just blasted the thought form that has prevented me from feeling there is a safe home and place for me. The image and the sound-effects were powerful. Energetically, I feel different. I didn’t think I ‘liked’ jackhammers, and now I have a whole new thoughtform. Probably just exactly what I needed to get through this Neptune opposing my Mars et. al.

    Thanks so much.

    • I’m so glad that you found it helpful. The process is powerful, so keep working with it–as easily as you found that first thought form, you’ll find many more to demolish–we spend our whole life creating thought forms! Explore the posts in that category on healing tools, as there are others related to thought forms.

      I wanted to say thank you, also, for recommending Skywriter on your blog, A number of visitors have found their way to Skywriter because of your link. There are a number of posts on in the series on how to work with current transits to make the best of their energies. Donna

  3. So happy the link is increasing your visitors, there’s so much here to learn! And yes, I’m doing more reading of posts to make the best of the transits. Your news is a positive outcome for 7th house Mars “barter to create a win-win” … that makes me feel really good!

    • Ah, you’re obviously reading CJ & I’s article on projects for the 12 houses–I know you follow her blog too. She’s my dear blogging buddy, a real treasure and all-around good gal. My readers have yet to see that piece–looking forward to releasing it here in a few days. Donna

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