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 Note: The following is an excerpt from my ebook, Counseling Principles for Astrologers, available at Moon Maven Publications.  It applies to sessions with astrology clients–and it’s also vital if you’re creating a website or blog in the hope of attracting new clients.

I once asked a new client if she’d ever had a chart done before. She said, “Well, I went to this guy, and he­ wasn’t talking to ME at all! I couldn’t understand a word he said. I could tell that he enjoyed it, and that he thought it was a good reading. But he wasn’t talking to me at all.”

No doubt the astrologer believed he was communicating­ especially fluently that day. However, long strings of­ astrological jargon like quincunx, trine, solar arc, retrograde­ and t-square are not communication, they are obfuscation. Astrobabble creates unnecessary mystification and anxiety.­ Inundated with meaningless terms, all clients have to go on is ­tone of voice and facial expression, which they may well interpret as ominous. If we frown in concentration, they may­ conclude things look bad for them.

Our first responsibility during a reading is to make sure clients understand us. Only­ through meaningful dialogue can we help them gain a new ­perspective on their lives. We easily forget how confusing astrological terms were to us ­in the beginning. It’s hard for us to imagine how bewildering it ­is for clients when we speak astrobabble.

You may not think clients have any difficulty with your ­terminology. Don’t assume they understand just because they don’t­ ask what you mean. Many are too intimidated to ask questions.­ They may have low self-esteem, especially about their intellect ­or education. They may be convinced they are stupid, especially ­when faced with waves of unfamiliar terminology coming out of the­ mouth of someone who sounds like an expert. If they are particularly insecure, they may even nod sagely as you speak so ­that you don’t discover how ignorant they are.

These are the same folks who are afraid to ask the doctor to ­explain all those medical terms. When I worked in a hospital, one ­patient was aaddedchartwmlook-a2ddmitted with a diagnosis of borborygmus. What would­ you think if the doctor told you that you had borborygmus? “How long ­do I have, Doc?” Right? When we looked the word up in the medical dictionary, it turned out that all that it means is that yourstomach growls. How they got that one by the admissions committee ­is puzzling, but they did. The incomprehensible things ­astrologers tell clients about their charts can be as alarming to ­them as a diagnosis of borborygmus.

In order to make sure clients understand, reassure them that ­you’re accessible. Encourage them to ask about anything that’s ­not clear. Be especially gentle with astrological virgins–people who’ve never had a chart interpretation before. My standard line to clients is, “Please stop me if I get too technical. I do also­ speak English.” Check back in with them during the discussion, if­ you suspect that you are using too much jargon because their eyes are glazing over.

While some clients hate it if you use any jargon at all,­ others feel cheated if you don’t fling some mystifying terms ­around. That way they’re sure they went to a knowledgeable expert­ and got their money’s worth. It is entirely possible to do a whole session without any reversion to astrologese. However, it might be well to ­sprinkle a few astrological terms into the conversation. If you ­don’t make any reference to the chart, they may think you’re ­getting all this intimate information about them from your­ crystal ball or your spirit guides. You may also wish to point ­out on the chart where the information is coming from.

Strangely enough, with astrologically sophisticated clients,­ you may have to work even harder to communicate. The temptation ­to relax into strings of jargon is very strong. They can trine, ­quincunx, and solar arc right along with you, so there is the comforting illusion of two minds running along the same track. If­ you questioned them, however, they might have very different ­emotional and intellectual associations to various planets,­ signs, and aspects than you do. Based on our teachers, the books ­we read, the conferences we attend, and our personal experiences,­ each astrophile has different perceptions of and beliefs about­ various chart faccpacvrminitors.

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  1. This was one of the greatest astrology lessons I ever received, Donna. When I first read this in your book, so much pressure to “perform” was suddenly relieved. I no longer had to give an astrologese lesson to someone who came for a reading. It has turned into one of the very first lessons I pass on to beginners. Thank you for offering it here.


  2. Great advice for ANY ONE doing any sort of metaphysical / spiritual counseling. People absorb information in different ways at different times — in a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic manner — and we need to pay enough attention (by staying in the present moment) ourselves to pick up on their cues so we know how best to communicate with them. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thanks for the reminder, Peggy. Every metaphysical and healingb field does have its own mystifying jargon, and part of learning how to serve clients is to communicate our work in terms they can understand. Donna

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