Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 9, 2009

High Noon and the Astrology of Executive Orders

©2009 by Donna Cunningham

 Some six weeks into the Obama administration, I’m only now noticing how often he signs his executive orders at High Noon.  Today–March 9, 2009–it was an order empowering stem cell research and funding for it.  He was addressing a gathering of eminent scientists and physicians, and his speech had been going on for maybe 20 minutes. It came time to sign the order, and he seemed to be killing time, waiting for something. He picked up his pen and signed that big, distinctive O at the precise second when the clock running at the bottom of the television screen switched from 11:59:59 AM to 12:00:00 PM. 

  Come on, astrology buffs, tell me that’s an accident! I don’t think so!  Either the man has an instinctive genius where timing and shohighnoon-a2dwmanship is concerned–and arguably he does–OR he’s very quietly using the advice of an astrologer. The astrological significance of High Noon is that generally speaking, the Sun and any planets conjunct it are up on the zenith–the Midheaven or 10th house cusp of an astrology chart.  And in these first weeks of this administration, a stellium of planets including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter have all been running close together, so at noon, they’ve been close to the Midheaven. (For several days now, it’s been the Sun and Uranus closely conjunct in Pisces. )

In terms of public visibility and potential impact on the world, the Midheaven is the strongest place for a planet to be placed.  That’s true both according to traditional astrological teachings and to the highly significant research conducted by Francoise and Michel Gauquelin, French psychologists who meticulously applied scientific research design and statistical techniques to their study of over 60,000 timed birth charts. Their research consistently showed that the sectors around the four angles of the chart (the 10th, 1st, 4th and 7th house cusps) were powerful indicators of what the world saw of these individuals, with a high degree of statistical probability. The strongest of these chart areas, which became known as the Gauquelin sectors, was within 10° of the Midheaven, in either the 9th or 10th  houses.

 Okay, some of you will whip out your astrology software, run the chart for this most recent executive order, and hasten to inform me that since we switched from Standard to Daylight Savings time yesterday, it’s no longer true that the Sun is on the Midheaven at noon.  Fair enough. So maybe he’s been too busy saving our economy this morning to run around the White House resetting all the clocks, or maybe he just hasn’t been briefed yet today.  I know I still have about six clocks to reset here at home.  BUT High Noon Standard time was in effect for many of the executive orders he signed in these first weeks of his administration. 

Whether he signs his various orders at true astrological High Noon or not is not necessarily the most curious thing. What strikes me is that High Noon means something to him on a symbolic level.  We’ve already seen that this is a man who makes powerful use of symbolism to potentize important events–his speech accepting the nomination on the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech being one of several “echoing” dates; the use of the Lincoln Bible for swearing in.  He tends to layer powerful symbols.

oathbible-a2d And what I am starting to believe  is this.  There seems to be some sort of magic at work in what he does. I would wager that he doesn’t even consciously know it, but it feels like some ancient spiritual tradition underlies his use of symbols and dates.  It could be due to soaking up some Huna energies during his many years of living in Hawaii.  It could also be his African ancestry, despite the fact that he didn’t grow up around his paternal family and has spent very little time in Africa.  But something is definitely at work in the power and strength of what he is attempting to achieve for our world.

Ancestral knowledge is in our blood, even when we don’t acknowledge it or even when we don’t consciously know how it affects us.  I learned this at the age of 47 when I stumbled on a family secret–that my paternal grandfather was half Comanche.  My mother went to the grave with that secret, but when an aunt who’d taught her children about it died, it came out. Only in retrospect did many puzzling facets of my nature make sense…like the fact that I’ve been in love with one tree or another from earliest childhood.              

That unsuspected native blood explains so much about the strange, fierce person that I am. The Comanches were a kick-ass tribe who didn’t go peaceably to the Rez.  Oddly enough, several of my New York friends knew about my ancestry before I did.  When I shared my wonder at this newly-discovered heritage, they said that they’d known all along but assumed I didn’t want to talk about it.  They were transplants from Texas and Oklahoma, where many tribes had been forced to gather after the Indian Wars, and so they’d grown up with more exposure to Native Americans than I’d had.

My native blood also explained my offbeat spirituality, which was strong, but never comfortably Christian.  I recalled that when I was a sophomore at Grinnell College, I’d taken a required philosophy course. The professor was expounding one day on various theories about God. When he spoke about Pantheism–the idea that God is in everything–my heart opened and sang with joy. That was exactly what I’d always felt, and I was relieved to find that others felt that way too. Then he pronounced it a primitive belief system, common to indigenous people worldwide. I flushed at his condescending tone and sank into seat of the wooden desk, sliding my eyes to the right and left to see if any of my rich classmates had noticed my response.

 But I digress by talking about my own background.  I’m just saying that it’s perfectly possible that President Obama doesn’t consciously know that he is tapping into magical energies and ancestral wisdom. It may be pure instinct on his part. So maybe there’s no official White House astrologer stashed in a broom closet in the West wing after all. All the same, he’s surely empowering the changes he supports by this layering of dates, times, and symbols.  It’s fascinating to watch.

 (A note to the more technically-minded reader: Two of the Gauquelin’s many books include Dr. Francoise Gauquelin’s Psychology of the Planets ACS Publishing, San Diego, CA: 1982,  and Dr. Michel Gauquelin’s Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior, Aurora Press, Santa Fe, NM: 1994. A chronicle of developments surrounding their work is The Tenacious Mars Effect, by Ken Irving and Suitbert Ertel.)


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