Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 18, 2009


 Today I’ll share a few fun and interesting free offerings for astrology lovers.   The vast collection of birth data from AstroDataBank has recently been converted into an online resource in the Wiki family.  You can do a free search online for birth data, charts, and pictures of some 20,000 notables in this collection at:    

The “About” Page notes:  “Originally, Astro-Databank was created by the American astrologer Lois Rodden, who collected most of the data in a life long effort. To achieve quality control of data used for astrological research and for serious astrological discussion, Lois created the Rodden Rating system. She published a series of books with well research charts and biographical information which she had collected over the years. In 1995 Lois Rodden was joined by the programmer Mark McDonough. Together they formed the AstroDatabank company and created the PC software program ‘AstrodataBank’ which had excellent research capabilities. The company changed ownership in 2005, but faced a critical situation in the summer of 2008 and was about to close down. Alois Treindl, founder and owner of Astrodienst AG in Switzerland, had long been an admirer of Lois Rodden’s and Mark McDonough’s work When he heard about the problems Astrodatabank was having, he stepped in by acquiring AstrodataBank before it could fail.”    

Public Figures and mundane data: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (20’000)

AstroDienst also makes it possible for you to calculate an astrology chart for free at

NEW: FREE BOOKLET FOR SKYWRITER SUBSCRIBERS!  I recently created an ebooklet, Mothers, Daughters, and the Moon, available esclusively to my subscribers as a free offering.  It’s a 50-page excerpt from my out of print book, The Moon in your Life, also known as Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World.  Read more about the booklet and how to get it at the link above.   If you’re not a subscriber and want to be, click on the button at the top right. 

 KEEPING TRACK OF THE MOON: I also found great gadget for my Google startup page. It could probably also be installed on a website: Lunar Informer By Alexander Kolesnikov displays the most important elements of the Lunar Lore for the current moment: the Phase of the Moon, and the next, or current, Void-of-Course period.

Here’s a link to a place where people swap books for free. All it costs is postage.  This place is a gem. It has several hundred astrological and metaphysical paperbacks among the several million books on a variety of subjects that people can swap.

 SABIAN SYMBOL ORACLE:  Each of the zodiac’s 360° degrees has a symbolic meaning.  Lynda Hill, who has devoted many years to understanding these symbols, created a wonderful online oracle you can use for free at: . Formulate the question you’d like to ask, focus on the image of the Andromeda galaxy, and click to see the answer.

Read Diana Stone’s entertaining and insightful series on the Twelve Zodiac Signs in her Free Ebook at: 

 And, finally, if you haven’t visited my website filled with free astrology offerings, including a variety of downloads and an astrological mystery in ebook format, go to:  

Readers: Share your own fabulous freebies in the comment section.   Enjoy!


  1. When I visited the Astrodatabank site a couple of days ago an discovered it was now a Wiki, I was so disappointed. But I LOVE that they’ve opened their database to everyone.

    Thanks for the freebies!

  2. Hi Donna, Astrolabe offers a service to analyze the aspects of a natal chart using their astro-weather techniques. It was eye opening for me. Thanks, kathleen

  3. Hi donna,

    this website offers free astrological chart interpretations and astrological readings. They also help people who cannot afford full price readings.
    I thought someone may find this interesting or helpful.

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