Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 31, 2009

Saturn Remedies–Flower Essences for Overcoming Fear and Worry

Saturn transits are often accompanied by fear and worry.  More is demanded of us by the world at large and the people closest to us.  Because accomplishing the things we need to do tends to get harder, we experience more stress.  We ­live in a difficult, challenging age, and many of us simply don’t­ always feel up to it!

Flower essences–also known as flower remedies–are an inexpensive and easy-to-use healing tool that can help us shift from fear to action, and so they’re helpful during Saturn transits.  If you’re not familiar with the essences, download the introductory chapter from my essence book  at flower essence information-ch1 and read the instructions for how to use them.

Number one­ for this purpose is Bach’s Mimulus, for fear of something specific, or of many specific things, as well as more general ­timidity and shyness. I generally combine it with other remedies specifically related to the situation.  For instance, add Money Plant if the concerns are financial.

borage-wikimedia  Borage is a wonderful remedy which the Flower Essence Society says is for “cheerful courage.” The very idea of cheerful courage is ­heartening, somehow. One of borage’s common names was herb of­ gladness: the Greeks used it in wine to give a feeling of ­well-being. Cordials made from it were used to cheer up those suffering from such prolonged illness as tuberculosis.

There are a variety of preparations for terror or panic, ­including Bach’s Rock Rose, Australian Bush Flower Essences’ Grey ­Spider Flower, and Living Essences’ Pink Fairies. (Rock Rose is a component of Rescue Remedy.) They are helpful in emergencies or ­life-threatening situations, of course, but such events rarely confront us in our daily lives. However, should you be tested by­ having to make a speech, audition for a part, or take an actual­ examination, you’ll find that they will restore calmness so that ­you can function to the best of your abilities.

While living in California, I had to take a state licensing ­exam, although I had received my degree in social work long ­before many years earlier and had many years of experience. The test included a variety of long-forgotten theories, newer ­additions to the curriculum, and social welfare laws of the state ­of California. The oral section involved being questioned by a panel of hard-nosed examiners. I was terrified. Just before going into the room, I took a dose of Rock Rose straight from the stock ­bottle and immediately felt cool and collected. I passed, too,­ even though the majority of candidates have to repeat the testing ­process twice or more! A good income undoubtedly awaits the ­person who gets the Rock Rose concession for license examination­ candworryboxb-a2didates.

Many times, however, people have the uncomfortable ­experience of being nervous and fearful with no clear-cut reason. ­If you’re anxious and don’t know why, Bach’s Aspen may very well­ reveal what you’re actually upset about. Anxiety is a generalized ­response through which the unconscious masks feelings the person ­finds unacceptable, like anger or sexual attraction. It is also ­one of the symptoms of serious depression, so if you have recurrent or severe anxiety, consult a physician.

The legends about aspen are revealing. The medieval church ­taught that the cross was made of aspen and so it trembles, out ­of guilt. One study shows that people who have something on their­ conscience are more fearful. No doubt the unconscious anticipates ­and even desires punishment for its transgressions. This arises ­both because of childhood experiences of discipline and because ­the Higher Self wants us to grow and evolve into better people. Therefore, when guilt is an underlying cause of anxiety, Aspen may bring that layer of feelings to the surface, to be handled.

Fear makes every effort more difficult and we ­often waste precious energy worrying about things that never happen. I remember going through a very anxious time, when every­day or two a new worry would become my total reality. Someone ­suggested I make a worry box, writing my concern down on a piece­ of paper, praying over it, and then placing it inside the box for God to take care of. After six weeks, I opened the box to find 26­ slips of paper. Only one of the things I was so concerned about ­had actually happened. This realization helped me stop worrying ­so much. If you are a frequent worrier, you might try making a worry box.

essencebkcvrsm Note: This was an excerpt from Donna’s Flower Remedies Handbook. It’s out of print, but copies can be found on  If you’re not familiar with the essences, download the introductory chapter from my essence book  at flower essence information-ch1 and read the instructions for how to use them. 

Donna’s ebook, Flower Remedies: How Plants’ Energies Can Heal You, can be found at for flower remedy book: Sampler 2014– Flower Remedies–Cunningham.

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  1. HI !!!!
    I have PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica). PMR does something to the white blood cells of the muscular linings. AUG.17,1945~~~ Chicago, ILLinois ~~~ 8:28AM WAR TIME ~~~22 VIRGO 05 is my ASC.~~~Koch. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SPACE TO WRITE IT OUT.

    • Hello, Joan, it sounds like a terribly difficult and painful illness. Alas, flower essences do not have a one-on-one correspondence with particular diseases, but instead help people sort out a variety of life issues, some of which MAY be exacerbating the physical problems. So it’s not a direct correlation, you see. You’d really need to keep working with your health care professionals, especially as it’s not a well-known health problem. I wish you all the best with it. Donna

  2. I have a question. Have you written about or would you write about composite planets in the 12th house, including Sun, Jupiter, Moon… I have such a relationship and it is very long lasting and very deep… do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks, Regine

    • Not something I have written about or particularly want to. So much depends on the planets–Sun, Moon, Jupiter doesn’t sound so bad–and also on what the individuals involved are doing with their 12th house energies. If they live in an ashram, probably pretty good as fellow spiritual seekers. If one of them is in prison for life or married to someone else, probably pretty painful. that’s all I could say without doing the charts, and I’m retired from doing charts. Donna

  3. What a great article Donna – just getting caught up with my blog-reading! 🙂 Since flower essences are a great addition to therapies for physical illness or disease, perhaps the folks here wish to look into the services of a flower essence consultant along with their usual health care provider. Then, they can implement non-invasive flower essences/remedies along with their current therapy program (be it herbs, massage, chiropractic, and at times, even conventional). I wish all who read this the very best in the unfoldment of their lives and their healing journeys!

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