Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 3, 2009

The Mars-Uranus Conjunction in Pisces and Children Born with it

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

  When transiting Mars aspects the outermost planets–Uranus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto–conditions can get  pretty hinky, but it’s especially difficult when it forms hard aspects to Uranus like the conjunction, square or oppostion.   You may find it hard to focus and to sustain your efforts, due to erratic claims on your time and attention?  Yup.  My counsel would be: don’t act rashly and impulsively, give your ideas time to simmer, and stop to think if there isn’t a better way to do things. Lots of wasted effort, otherwise.  Take time to smell the IPOD, write in your journal, and reflect on your visions. Your work will be better, sharper, clearer, more decisive after the aspect has passed. 

Take for instance, the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Pisces in April, 2009. It was the last of four in recent years, so you might argue thboykarate2-a2dat it was evocative of  the tumultuous world events over the past several years and especially of the wars and war-threats that have been a constant.  Mars-Uranus conjunctions occur at two-year intervals and in every sign of the zodiac.

 However, Uranus’ cycle lasts 84 years, and its previous stay in Pisces was from 1919-27, so the last conjunctions with Mars in Pisces occurred in 1922, 1924, and 1926.  Once Uranus leaves Pisces, on May 29, 2010, the next several conjunctions will be in Aries.  They should be doubly potent, because Aries is ruled by Mars.

 What about the Kids who were born with it? I’m fascinated with the children born in 2003 during an exceptionally long Mars-Uranus conjunction. Mars and Uranus were conjunct within an 8° range of one another for four straight months–mid-June to mid-October–because of retrograde and direct motions of both planets. (The conjunctions generally last only a week or two.) This crew consists of every single child born on the planet from mid-June to mid-October of 2003.  Behind them will be children born with the same combination in 2005, 2007, and 2009, but in far smaller numbers because the aspects were brief.

 If your family includes one of these children, it’s important to understand that you’re not alone. Based on estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, the kindergarten classrooms of 2008 and 2009 will be filled with 1.1 million children born in the United States with this combination–enough of them to populate a city the size of Dallas or San Diego. We’d also have to consider the long-range impact of an estimated 26 million children born around the globe during that four-month period.

 What are they like?  When Mars and Uranus collide, watch the sparks! This is a powerhouse combination.  People with a strong Uranus (known as Uranian types) are often gifted with flair and popular appeal. They tend to be unusual, unpredictable, unconventional, idealistic, inventive, leading-edge, and even brilliant at times, but they’re highly independent, following their own path and perennially questioning authority. Naturally, you’d never pigeonhole a person based on only ongirlsuperhero-a2de aspect of the birth chart–and Uranians would blast you if you tried.

When you add to the mix such Mars-related qualities as energy, drive, leadership, initiative, competitiveness, interpersonal conflict, and anger, you might guess that children with this combination highlighted in their charts can be a handful!  If not managed well–for example, by making sure they have plenty of physical outlets for that boundless energy–they can be feisty, hot-tempered, self-willed, rebellious, and more than a little wired.  Imagine kindergarten classrooms crammed full of baby bikers, super-jocks, and commandos.

 The nature of the zodiac sign where a conjunction occurs greatly modifies the qualities of the aspect. People with Mars and Uranus in one of the fire signs–Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius–can be unstoppable firebrands. In Scorpio, they might be incredible healers if evolved or else relentless in pursuit of perceived enemies if they’re living out the destructive side. 

 For the current group, the pair is in Pisces, a gentler, more altruistic combination. Pisces is a sign with the mixed blessings of imagination, inspiration, creativity, spirituality, compassion and the urge to serve on the one hand, and on the other, a pull toward self-deception, muddled motives, and escapism. Pisces is one of the four mutable signs, a group that can scatter its energies rather than focus them, yet has a much-needed capacity to adapt to the constantly-changing circumstances of today’s  world.opil2cvrmini

 Raising a Uranian kid can present a number of “damned if you do; damned if you don’t” dilemmas. Especially with Mars in the picture, excessive physical punishment or being a control freak will only create a die-hard rebel with great anger toward authority. On the other hand, you can’t allow a youngster to tyrannize your household or classroom with temper tantrums.

It could help to know that, as challenging as these children may be to their parents and teachers, Divine Wisdom has created them with exactly the spunk, audacity, and independence they’ll need as adults to fulfill their chosen roles in our world.

 Note: This is an excerpt from a longer section on Mars-Uranus aspects in the 2008 edition of Donna’s Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, V.2, available at

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  1. Nice spin on mars+uranus.

  2. I was born with mars conjuncy uranus cancer- house 12.. a trine from pisces moon softens it

    uranus rules H8- mars rules MC

    An exact sextile to venus virgo- H3- has mad this ‘ineterestig’ to say the least !!


    • Yes, I’d say that the conjunction in water signs is much less fiesty, more responsive to others. Donna

      • Donna, I get so involved in reading your articles that many times I forget you are talking about me. LOL My Mars/Uranus conjunct is also in the 12th in Cancer. It also conjuncts my Ascendent.

        One thing I can say about mine is that the mouth opens before the brain is engaged. I just don’t seem to be tactful…but I do try. Another is that the temper can just appear with no warning. Thank goodness the conj is in Cancer. Then just as you say, do not try to impose your will on me….it will not work. Never ever demand I do something! You will be sorry. 🙂 I have questioned authority from the day I was born.

        The good things are that I can be fast to act, and I think I come up with good ideas when things need to be fixed or work on. I think of everything, weird or not.

        Luckily I was not a handful as a child. I once thought I might have been but my Mother says no. Of course, she was a strong willed Capricorn.

        Knowing what I do about my Mars/Uranus conjunct in Cancer, it is a bit scary to think of this conjunction in Aires. I would think there will be no controling the energy with this one.

        Have you, or will you be doing an article on your thoughts about the Mars/Uranus conjunct in Aires?

      • Just as you describe, Susie, a Mars-Uranus conjunction is a bit of a spitfire–low flash point when people offend their Uranus qualities (constrict your freedom, tell you what to do, perpetrate a personal or social injustice). But it does depend much on the sign and other aspects involved, whether its a controlled and constructive flare or an out of control blaze.

        In water signs like Cancer and Pisces, there’s more sensitivity to others. But I’d have to say, with it in Aries, the temper might be more easily inflamed, at least in childhood and teen years. And it would depend on how it’s interwoven in the chart whether it’s put to constructive or destructive uses. Fierce, courageous soldiers, I would imagine. Donna

  3. Hi Donna,

    I read your book “Healing Pluto’s Problems” and found it very accurate and interesting. It helped me a lot! At the time I had already decided to break off contact with my parents but I was still debating over whether it was the right thing to do. (kind of a big deal) and your book confirmed exactly how I was feeling.

    I was born with Sun tightly conjunct Pluto and I have had major problems with my father being very controling. He uses fear to control me and our family. He says he can tell the future and told my mom that if I left I would be dead within 5 years. He almost hired a private detective to spy on me but I found out.

    My Moon is square Pluto and my mother was physically as well as emotionally abusive towards me, sometimes she would drag me around by my hair. She maintains her innocence and says it never happened. I can’t stand it so I limit my contact with her to e-mails.

    I can relate to this article. My Uranus is in scorpio conjunct mars and mercury. It’s on the cusp of 10th and 11th conjunct mars (in saggitarius 11th) and scorpio mercury (in 10th).

    I do have an explosive temper and sulk for days but only people close to me know. Most of the time I am calm. Well my family has told me that the things I do are pretty unpredictable which worries the heck out of them.

    I change jobs frequently but I can only stand them for so long. I need new experiences. You are right that all employers are so pleased with my performance and wish I could stay! I can work quickly and know exactly what they need. My energy levels vary a lot though and its hard to keep it up for long. I am transitioning into a new job I am very excited about, and I will be self employed which is perfect!

    My friends are definitely “different” as well as my partner. Although lately I feel so detatched and lonely because I can relate to no one. People think I am weird 😥

    I am going through saturn return and this has been very hard for me. I have definitely needed to slow down due to temporary physical limitations.
    Great articles. I wish I could afford a consultation at the moment.


    • Hi, Kiwi, I’m so glad you found some clarity through reading my book. Sorry to say I don’t do consultations any more (retired), but it does sound like you’d gain a lot by talking with someone who has a good background in astrology and psychology. Since you’re currently struggling with the Saturn return, you might find it very helpful to visit a website on my blogroll about the return–see the links in the righthand column. Donna

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