Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 7, 2009

Diddly Squat in Earth–Still Clueless after All these Years!

©2009 by Donna Cunningham

 I was born with nothing worth mentioning in earth in my astrology chart.  Well, okay it’s misty, mystical, nebulous Neptune. Nothing to brag about.  To make a living in one of the alternative careers, you’ll do a better job of marketing yourself if you have some earth to sink your teeth into. (Now there’s an unfortunate mixture of metaphors!)

 For the newcomer, that would involve having some planets, the Ascendant a.k.a. Rising Sign, or the Midheaven (10th house cusp, top of the chart) in the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn).

I’ve been self-employed longer than some of you have been alive so marketing my books, classes, and services has been crucial, but it’s never been especially comfortable.  It was downright agonizing at times, in the early years, actually. Little by little, I’ve learned how to do a decent job of it—they tell me I am famous. 

 I still have to psych myself up for it. And I’m still clueless at times, like this morning.  For the past several years, I’ve offered web visitors a free ebook–a mystery I wrote called Hotline to Heaven.  My motivation for doing that was to give people a fun way to try out ebooks, which are my contribution to saving our forests.  (You can ask for a copy, too, by writing to me at

 But just this morning, I finally thought of a way to convert those ebook requests into sales of the rest of my ebooks. It wasn’t really my idea–it was a whispering from one of my fleet of spirit helpers.  My 6th sense is just fine, thank you; it’s my 7th sense that’s impaired, the business sense!   My guide is one who actually has a business sense and probably had several more planets in earth than I’ve had in my last five incarnations.

 I was prompted to tell the person who wrote for a copy of the mystery this morning that if they ordered ebooks from me in the next week, I would give them a $5 discount.  That’s a simple, routine business practice, but it took me a few years to think of it.  Little by little, we can all learn how to market ourselves, even if we don’t have an earth element to our names.

 So, while I’m in a marketing mode, let me mention my writing teleseminar that’s coming up  next month. It’s one I’m excited about:

                                                          Coming Late May:  Blogs R Us

Build Your Own Blog in 4 Hands-on Stages

And Write Like You Were Born to Blog!

                 Blogs are a great way to develop a presence on the web. Here’s why:

  • Blogs R Free!  (Zero hosting and design cost.)
  • Blogs R Fun!  (They’re creative, innovative, and social.)
  • Blogs R Easy! (No coding expertise needed.)

Herself an enthusiastic blogger, Donna will guide class members as they create their own blog. During the sessions, students will move through a simple process to set up the site. Then they’ll learn how to write posts that zing and move step-by-step through posting them. When the blog is ready for company, you’ll learn how to promote it and open it up to subscribers. 

 What you need: You’ll need to be able to talk on the phone and access the internet at the same time so that you can view the innards of your blog while Donna guides you. This would require either DSL service or a cell phone in addition to a land line. Also suggested: A birth chart with a strong Mercury, Gemini, or 3rd house presence!

How to Register: This 4-session teleseminar begins late May. Tuition is a tax-deductible $125. Four structured assignments will get you started . It ‘s limited to 6 students so that all may receive feedback from Donna and fellow students.  To be notified or ask questions, write to her at


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