Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 18, 2009

Pay-as-You-Go Karma–One Path to Peaceful Relationships

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 One of the cool things about my life is that I get lots of free books in the mail.  Since I’m a book lover, that makes it Christmas about once a month in my house.  Publishers send review copies because I’ve edited journals for many years–Vibration’s online essence journal for over a decade being the most recent.  (

Some years back, I got a review copy of a Crossing Press book by Diane Stein called Essential Energy Balancing II. One of 25 by this metaphysical author, it helps you clear out a variety of negative influences by others so you can live your life without constant obstacles. Admittedly a strange book, it nonetheless has changed my life and my relationships with others hugely.

Much of the work–and believe me, there’s diligent work–involved a series of step-by-step processes she teaches to clear out things like psychic attack, curses, psychic cords, karmic agreements, and past life karma. For instance, if you’ve sworn a vow or oath to anyone in a past life that contained the word “forever,”  or even “always”, you’re probably stuck with it until you release yourself–and the other party–from it. I have been rigorous about not making even the most casual of vows ever since and not allowing other people to make enduring promises to me either.

The various teachings in this book go a long ways toward clarifying and healing persistent turbulent ties to problem people in your life. As I was expressing profuse gratitude to the guides behind the work, they said, “If you’re so doggone grateful, buy 10 copies and send them to others. An author’s gotta eat.”  So I did, and I’m also recommending it to you, my readers on this blog.  You can see it and others in the series at:

Over the several years since I received the book, I’ve worked persistently with these processes to unsnarl every single important relationship I’ve had over the course of this current lifetime. I’ve said goodbye to codependency and getting hooked into drama queens’ current or past dramas.  I instantly detect and remove all psychic cords. That’s always not been a popular development, since cording is one of the major ways people relate to one another, but it’s healthy because it’s made my life much more peaceful.  I’m a lot more detached than I’ve ever been able to be. It’s a bit like the after-effects of a Near Death Experience without all the fuss, muss, and paiangelsaturnold-a2dn of dying.

One of the steps in each process involves approaching the Lords of Karma. There’s a definite protocol to doing that, just as there is for approaching the High Mucky-Mucks of Most Anything.  I’ve done it so many times now, they know who I am. And, frankly, they seem rather tired of me. The matters I approach them about are no longer the biggies, the myriad oldies and baddies of karma, for those are pretty much sorted out.

A couple of months back, I went to them about a comparatively minor recent infraction, and they collectively sighed and said, “Look, that’s not our department. You need to work with the Lesser Lords of Karma.”

 “Never heard of them.  What do they do?”

“They are the Lords of Intra-Incarnational Adjudication.”

 “What on earth is that?”

 “They’re in charge of shit that happens in the current lifetime. They help you take steps to straighten it out so you don’t carry it over into the next life.

Verrrry useful!   I have no interest in coming back for any reason whatsoever.  Can you imagine the condition of this planet 25 or 50 years from now if people don’t wake up in, like, the next few years?

So I did approach the Lesser Lords about what was troubling me, and we figured out how to rectify it so I didn’t accumulate any new karma. You’ve heard of the review that people do as they’re dying, where their life flashes in front of their eyes? That’s the Lesser Lords’ job, but you can do it at any stage of to clear out any and all karma from this life.

They’ve asked me several times to write about them on this blog, and here it is.  They say they’re underutilized and would welcome the chance to help people sort out their bad relationships, past misdeeds, and current undesirable patterns now, when it would do some good, rather than letting consequences continue to accrue.

I don’t know that there’s a set protocol for approaching them. As you might infer, I’m fairly casual and even–for some tastes–irreverent, but they seem to find that humorous. Just sit quietly somewhere and ask them with all your heart for help.  If you’re worried you might reach a wrong group out there in the invisible realms, ask for a sphere of white light to surround you, and then ask Archangel Michael to send one of his soldier angels to sit with you.

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  1. I’m glad you wrote about them.

    • I’ll bet they’re glad too! I’d certainly never heard of them myself. I always think I’m making stuff like this up when it comes to me. Donna

  2. I’m glad to find this today. It’s January and this article reminds me of the Akashic Record Reading I received about a year ago. Remaining cord-free was one of the lessons, protocol included. “Paying as you go Karma” is a very catchy title obviously, for here I am.

    “vows and alwayss” such a slippery way to get caught with too much karma. There’s work to be re-done I see.

    Thanks Donna.

    • LOL! I shoulda known I’d find you here. If Ida knowed you when I was sending folks that book, you’d have been on the list, as you’re so diligent about working with important new tools.

      That book was so important to me, I spent six months working with that process, and then sporadically for about two years any time I thought of someone from my past who it might apply to. Gave me a lot of peace and freedom from codependent ties. It’s a mighty strange book, though. Donna

  3. Thank you, dear Donna. You’re a diamond I have found…your words are both inspirational and healing …

  4. “I’ve said goodbye to codependency and getting hooked into drama queens’ current or past dramas. I instantly detect and remove all psychic cords. That’s always not been a popular development, since cording is one of the major ways people relate to one another, but it’s healthy because it’s made my life much more peaceful.”

    Aha! You may have just indirectly answered my 8th house question with this.

    • Hi, Jara. I saw your Q a few minutes ago…and here you are. Guess we’re following the links while waiting for Donna’s responses. I’m a lurker today but so glad she posted this link. I don’t think that she does anything indirectly, especially concerning the 8th house!
      Best to you, Jara.

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