Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 24, 2009

Spend Time on Memory Lane—Visit the Astrologers’ Memorial

Memorial Day, 2000, was the official opening date for The Astrologers’ Memorial Website, a kind of virtual museum for our fielmemorialdaysm-a2dd.  It celebrates the achievements, tributes, life stories, and birth data for close to 300 of our field’s finest 19th and 20th Century astrologers who have passed on.  In 80% of the cases, there are photographs as well. On this Memorial Day, the 9th anniversary of the site, you might enjoy a trip down memory lane to revisit some of your teachers and heroes.   Here are the direct links:

 I was the original webmaster/curator of the site and began work on it in 1999.   In collecting the information,  three people who opened up their prodigious archives stand out–Lois Rodden, Kathy Kreshock, and Karen McCauley.   Bette Denlinger’s generousity in hosting a huge and ever-growing site is what makes its presence on the web possible.  And, lastly, Continuum–the organization dedicated to JIm Lewis’ work—has given financial support.

The project  gives us a deep sense of the history and continuity of our astrological community.  I loved the work for the first three years, but when two of my most-loved heroes—Lois Rodden and Betty Lundsted—died, it became all too real and sad. After a year of advertising for a new webmaster, Liz Houle came forward.  She has very ably and devotedly cared for the site since 2006.  We all owe her thanks for preserving our heritage.

 My Personal A-List of Much-Loved Astrologers who’ve Passed on:

If you’ve been involved in astrology for a while, I can almost guarantee you’ll find some people there that you’ve  loved and admired.  If you have any new people to nidemon-ssbominate for the site, or if you wish to add a tribute to someone’s memorial already listed on the page, write to Liz at


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