Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 26, 2009

Internet Find of the Week—the Arabian Parts Calculator

(c)2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 In answering a letter from a reader of my monthly advice column at Dell Horoscope Magazine, the question of the ancient astrological system called the Arabian Parts arose. These are sensitive points on a chart derived from mathematical formulas that are believed to correlate with major life events. I Googled the term and found a real gem of a website which does the calculations in just seconds of about 40 different “Parts” including marriage, divorce, fortune, accidents, illness, success, and children.

The calculator is found at It was created by Paul Vachier. To use it, simply pull down the menu, click on name of the Part you’d like, and fill in the blanks of the formula with the degrees of the chart factor they’re requesting. (For those numbers, look at a computer printout of your birth chart.) Within seconds, it gives you the “Part” in question.   For example, the site gives two different formulas for the marriage of a man. The first is Ascendant + Venus – Saturn =___. The alternate formula is Ascendant + Venus – Sun= ____.  As the site mentions, some of the formulas also differ for AM births vs. PM births.  In order for some action to take place, you’d want to see a transiting or progressed planet touching the degree of the Part.

 What individual has had more newsworthy events in his life in recent days than President Barak Obama? For demonstration purposes, let’s look at some of his parts…er, I mean Parts. (Amazing what a difference a capital letter can make!) His birth certificate, which you can see at the link below, says that he was born August 4, 1961, 7:24 PM, Honolulu, Hawaii (21N18; 157W51), so the data  would be rated AA (i.e., highly accurate).



  The absence of his African father has presented a huge enigma for the President, and so let’s take a look at the Part of the Father, which for a PM birth is Ascendant + Saturn – Sun.  Here’s a screen shot of the resulting Part:


The formula for the Part of Fame is Ascendant + Jupiter – Sun for AM births, and Ascendant + Sun – Jupiter for PM births, with Obama being a PM birth.  His Ascendant is 18° 03’Aquarius; his Jupiter is 0° 51’ Aquarius; and his Sun is 12° 32’ Leo.  The calculator gives his Part of Fame at 29° 44’ Leo. WOWZA, folks! That puts it on the fixed star Regulus, supposedly the Kingmaker!  And when transiting Pluto at 29° Sagittarius trined that point, he quite regally ascended to the throne.  

 If you’re inclined to try out more of Obama’s Parts, visit the link and enjoy. Have fun calculating your own various parts, too, folks, and share the results in the comment section. But don’t get all hysterical on me if you find something happening!  Not being mathematically inclined myself, I’ve not used them much—at least until this calculator showed up—so I’m not versed in them.  For the most accurate information about this system and the ways it may or may not have been corrupted over the ages, you’d want to look into the writings of our scholarly colleagues, like Rob Hand, from ARHAT, or Roberts Smith and Zoller of Project Hindsight.


  1. Great find, Donna! Thanks for passing it on.

    I don’t look at the Parts often, but I did look up my Part of Bereavement. It was conjunct an absolutely glorious Full Moon in Sagittarius on the evening my mother died.

    I have a Moon/Jupiter Conjunction and a Cancer Sun. It was very symbolic to me personally.

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