Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 7, 2009

Venus-Saturn Aspects—Waiting for Love

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

While tough aspects between Venus and the inner planets can show relationship challenges, they’re easier to deal with than the difficulties that can arise when Venus is in hard aspect to the outermost planets—Saturn, Uranus, Nep­tune, and Pluto. Hard aspects include conjunctions, semisquares, squares, quincunxes, and oppositions. I find the conjunctions to Venus the most difficult, but all such aspects can indicate challenges in forming relationships.

One of the most poignant is between Saturn and Venus–or Venus in Capricorn, Saturn’s sign–for these are often quality folks. They’ve worked hard to improve themselves and to get somewhere in life, only to discover, when they finally get there, that they’re still waiting for a mate to share it. (You may also see some of the same patterns when Saturn is in the 7th house natally.) 

Why would this be the case? The various combinations of Venus and Saturn can make it hard for the person to form relation­ships and to feel love-worthy. Generally one or both parents were Saturnian in the negative sense–rather cold, rigid, somber, authoritarian and unable to show affection. Often, they saw the child mostly as an extra responsibility, an added burden, or even as coming in the way of their own goals and ambitions.

The parents could not love the playful, childish qualities of their offspring, so the child learned to grow up fast in order not to experience the parents’ displeasure. The only way to please the parents was to be as Saturnian as they were, so the child learned that the only way to be “loved” was to be serious, business-like, responsible, and successful…a model child.

venus-saturnwm-a2dThe Venus-Saturn aspect often entails a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” set-up. The child with this aspect has to be self-reliant in order to please the parent. However, the more self-reliant the child is, the more the parent withdraws, grateful that the child no longer needs much of their time and attention.

(These parents don’t recognize emotional needs as valid reasons to detract them from other duties.) Therefore, being responsible and reliable also brings about loss of closeness, and so the child is in a bind—whatever he does, he loses.

Saturn relates to time and maturity. Saturn’s current (transiting) sign and the angles it forms to planets in the birth chart trigger the typical stages of maturation in our lives. With an orbit around the Sun that lasts 29.46 years, transiting Saturn makes especially strong aspects to its original place in our chart every seven years—at seven, when we’re really getting involved with school, at 14, when we’re teenagers, and at 21, when we’re legally adults.

Naturally, for the Venus-Saturn person, each time transiting Saturn aspects its natal place, it forms an aspect to natal Venus as well; so each of these periods of growth, accomplishment, maturing, and taking on of responsibility brings progressively less parental support. Experiences like this make it hard for these individuals to trust others to fulfill their needs.

They learned from their parents that they can’t be loved if they aren’t Saturnian, and that they can’t be loved if they are Saturnian either, so their logical conclusion would be that they can’t be loved at all. They can feel deprived of love; as protection against that painful feeling, they may build walls against the world. The wall winds up reinforcing their feeling of being unlovable, because sooner or later other people stop trying to get through it.

I’ve observed one pattern that sometimes goes with these aspects and that can create a set of difficulties in finding a mate. The aspect is sometimes found in upwardly mobile young people, especially girls.  In fact, I’d say the oldest child/oldest daughter is the most common.

Because of family responsibilities and poor parental modeling, they might be called developmentally delayed in the social graces. They are often unaware of and even blind to the nuances and hints that guide the more subtle of social interactions, especially in the male-female realm. They don’t know and thus don’t give off the signals that potential partners are looking for. (All this happens on a nonverbal and generally subliminal level.) Yes, they do learn social skills in maturity and can even achieve a degree of elegance.

Young people with this aspect can be spared some of the difficulties by undertaking remedial education in the social graces. Observe all social interactions intently, especially the courtship behaviors. Even casual interactions and flirtations are worth acute study. Social skills are as learnable as any other skill–we just have to work a little harder at it if we didn’t absorb it naturally at home.

And, since the older mentor is one gift common to this aspect, perhaps you can find some kindly soul to take you under their wing and coach you. That way, by conscious work on the missing skills, you won’t be 50 and still waiting. And those past one or more of the Saturn returns can also learn some of Venus’ graces and improve their chances, too.

The positive side of a Venus-Saturn aspect is that they don’t get older–they get better. Late bloomers, they may have been plain, awkward teenagers but suddenly become beauties in their 30s or 40s. Nor do they age as harshly as other folks—they may look years younger than their peers.

Their popularity improves with age, too—seriousness doesn’t endear adolescents to their peers but is expected of the middle-aged and older. They build a support group of significant others over time, and these connections tend to be long-lasting. Through their serious approach to life, they can also achieve a great deal in the way of accomplishments that earn them respect. As they accomplish some of their important goals, they tend to relax and feel worthy of pleasure-—they’ve paid their dues.

v2-2014-OPIL-220x300Who are the Venus-Saturn People? Celebrities  born with Venus and Saturn conjunct—the strongest connection between these two planets—include Matt Damon, Donald Trump, Denzel Washington, Ashley Judd, Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Sean Penn.

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  1. Donna, your articles are fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I sure can relate to your Venus aspect Saturn. I being the oldest child, had all the responsibilities. Venus in Capricorn in oppsition to Saturn is like a double wammy. I have never put into words the way you did but it feels right I really don’t trust others to meet or even think about my needs. It’s like an unanswered wish. I often feel invisable unless someone needs something.

    • Poignant aspect isn’t it? You really get the picture, Adrienne. Donna

  3. An incredibly interesting find for me, Donna, and thank you.

    My Venus is semi-square to Saturn in the 7th, and while I’m too young to be worried about marriage (in my opinion, though plenty are married at my age), I haven’t ever been involved in a “relationship.” I feel the somewhat stunted effects in the way that you describe.

    What intrigues me though, is that I’ve never felt that this came from parental expectations or examples of behavior. In my case, I feel like it’s more a result of Saturn’s opposition with the Ascendant than something from childhood. And perhaps some of the potential is mitigated by a Venus square to Mars in Capricorn – but that becomes far too personal for discussion here.

    While I think what you say is wonderfully insightful and likely accurate, for me there is something deeper being expressed, and I felt it pertinent to say so.

    • Some of the key aspects in a chart are those whose themes are repeated. In this case, the semisquare from Venus to Saturn is reinforced by the fact that Saturn is in the 7th, which is the house most associated with Venus. And if Saturn were in range of the Descendant, say within 10 degrees of it, it would be stronger still. Donna

      • So there’s the third (I’ve become a convert to your “rule of three”). Saturn is conjunct my Descendant by about two degrees. I’d never really considered myself a Venus-Saturn person since the aspect between then was a minor one, but I did identify with the descriptions. Now I realize that I just wasn’t seeing all of the signs that were right in front of my face.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment, particularly since it was more personally related than I felt was really appropriate. (Though I misspoke – Venus is trine Mars in my chart – the square wouldn’t mitigate anything.)

      • I don’t mind when the question is a simple one, and I wouldn’t need to calculate a chart. But, yes, rule of three applies here. Donna

  4. I came upon this blog just today (Aug. 16th) but wanted to respond. Saturn is in first house conjunct Uranus, Asc., and Venus in my chart, opposite Moon and square Mars. Fortunately all in mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces). All my life I’ve had a a hesitant push-pull with relationships, looking for security but also wanting independence. My marriages (2) were to older partners. I really don’t think I’m suited to marriage!
    It seems I am still learning social skills. I’ve learned to pay attention to nuances and the subliminal messages of body language and energy fields (thanks to Mars in Pisces).

  5. Hi Donna, =-)

    I have OOB Venus in Capricorn 7th H. 2’01 conjunct descendant and sesquiquadrate (almost exact degree Separating) Saturn in Leo 2nd H. 16’45 (almost in 3rd H.)

    I got along better with adults than I did people my own age as a child. I think my mother expected me to act older,but she still wanted to control/mother me at the same time. The other day she was complaining about me as a two year old not listening to her when she took me to a shooting range. I don’t know what she expected from a two year old.^~^ ???
    I’ve always been socially awkward,but I can still read/be empathic with people, fortunately. (Sun in Scorpio,Mercury in Scorpio?)

    I married a man who’s 7 years older than me,but doesn’t act/look his age and I’ve always dated men who were older than me.

    Thank you for this article Donna, it’s really enlightening.=-)

  6. Enlightening, as usual. Myself, I’ve got Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn.

    My random thoughts:
    I AM the elder child (of two). I’m the only daughter.

    Never got along with people my own age: only those older or younger.

    Was always considered serious. Humorless, as my brother puts it.

    People say they’d like to relive their high-school days. That to me, is a horror. Why would I want to go back to the WORST period of my life?

    As for the rule of three: Saturn is in Libra, Venus is sesq. to Saturn…. still, I feel this way, especially coming from a Saturnine culture…..

  7. I have written elsewhere about Venus and Saturn…they are conjunct/ parallel in Cancer in the 10th house. This pair is parallel Pluto in Leo in the 10th and conjunct Pluto s nodes. They are also parallel another conjunction of Mars/ Uranus in Gemini which are also parallel conjunct each other in the 9th house.
    To repeat I have never believed in marriage, which has to do with the type of social structure we are in. I have had many proposals of marriage from men who were good friends or lovers. Such proposals have ruined these relationships because they were death knells that I took as an affront and attack to personal freedom and personal integrity. I am soverign of myself.
    In youth my response threatened an immediate violence ; they shot off and away rather quickly. With age, over the years it just makes me antsy to get down the road post haste! I still get temporarily dysfunctional which is ampted up by how much I like the guy. My last rift was when I was 53 and I feel safe now at 65. ha ha ha Whew!
    On another note I remember one lifetime where I was married. It was perfect and once experiencing such perfection its hard to settle for anything less. Indeed I really see no need for any other such experience. The memory does me.We were compatible in every way. We were equal in power and respect from those we served and we had integrity and enduring love. A son we had then is a son to me now.

  8. with a true splash- its so many planets with so many aspects and all of them work one day or another, sometimes all at once — very energy consuming.

    my:: Venus (5th, aqua) Quincunx Saturn (10th, cancer)

    I agree to
    – lack of natural social skill – YES (in younger years.. till 33)
    – parental Saturnian relation – YES YES
    – an inherent imbalance in relationship — not knowing how much to give and when to say no..
    – trying to WIN love instead of accepting it
    – late blooming 🙂

    also, it is true for me, It is MENTOR-SHIP signal.

    I had mentors (typically Scorpio or Capricorns — strange because my Mother was scorpio and father capricorn). These were two men, who were Older to me, one in my teen age and one in my early 30s, who actually made me blossom into a swan..

    they typically cut and polish and admire the rough diamond of venus-saturn hard aspects – bringing much required self esteem.
    but they never became partners in Romantic sense, though there were exchanges of deep emotions, on both parts.

    I thank them both very much, the first one, later on became an enemy but the second one is still a friend.

    now, at 35 I feel sexy, great and very desirable.. which I never did.
    I feel suave and articulate, never felt that before

    some one already said it above, and I concur – i would never want to go back to school/ college years — they were very gawky and painful

    I have nothing against marriage – love partnerships, but no compromise on a certain level of quality of bond, for i can live alone which I dont like, but can if I have to.

  9. You mention the conjunctions, semisquares, squares, quincunxes, and oppositions between Venus and Saturn. Does this also apply to Venus quintile Saturn? Your description fits me. I don’t have a problem attracting people for love but I’m waiting, waiting, waiting on a quality love. I want a long-lasting marriage, so don’t want to settle for flings (anymore).

    It’s funny that you mention Vanessa Williams has Venus conj. Saturn. She always seems so austere to me in her roles. I figured that she has a Capricorn Asc. This makes sense, though, because her roles are usually career-oriented (or materialistic) women who sacrifice her love life to achieve. Cue the emotional meltdown when she realizes that “Success is nothing without someone to share it with.” (Mahogany) Also, she had a very public scandal that adversely affected her reputation but is noted for building herself back up and is now very respected in her multiple fields. Her career story is inspiring to me.

    Anyway, I always thought of my Saturn as weak but according to your quiz, it’s very strong! This explains why I attract Saturnian mates and mentors. Hmm…


  10. I’ve struggled with this my whole life. I have venus on the 0 degree of cancer in the 4th, opposite saturn and uranus in extremely tight orbs in the tenth (1st and 0 degree of capricorn respectivley) with a wide opposition to neptune also.
    Someone I identify with strongly in the unlovable respect is morrissey (he has the same venus in cancer opposite saturn in capricorn combo and he’s also an early gemini, like me) I’ve only ever had 1 relatively long term girlfriend and it ended very badly. I’m also currently on anti depressants.
    It seems I seek out impossible relationships, either falling for people who are in relationships or people who live far away. If something seems too good to be true i back off and miss my chance. a virgo moon doesn’t help things either. writing music has helped me greatly in these issues but it’s pretty much a constant struggle

  11. I realize I am a bit late to the party here, but I am a poster person for the Venus-Saturn conjunction. First child of flighty, not authoritarian, parents. Single and how to relate to men in a romantic situation is beyond me, much like math or balancing a check book is beyond some folks. Give me math any day over a cute man with a nice smile.

    I have my Saturn at 17 deg of Aries and my Venus at 19 deg of Aries, both in the 3rd house. My Asc is in Cap. Interestingly, my brother who is one year younger also has a Cap Asc, Venus & Sat in the 3rd house, etc. We have the same sun, Asc & moon.

    More fascinatingly, our Aries Sun Mom is a Cap moon and our Aqu Sun Dad is also a Cap moon. Both Mom & Dad are very emotional & child-like and have been for years and years and years, neither Saturn types at all. Both Mom & Dad have married 4 times, moved every year or two or three, have had multiple jobs, etc. At a very early age, 3-4, I became the adult in the family. Still am.

    My brother has only recently in his later 30s gotten into a long term relationship, but refuses to marry. While I would like to get married, I am now in my early 40s and have never made it past 6 dates or 6 weeks with any gentleman. At 37, I came to the metaphorical conclusion that my parents had so drawn down on the family ‘love’ bank account that my brother & I were serving in debtor’s prison of no relationship for their expenditures.

    On the amusing side, recently I had a work colleague tell me, “Turning 30 is really hard, since you are not there yet, you will find out all about it in a few years.” I just smiled and thought, “Actually, dude, 35 was the real bitch. 42 was cool, but I will just let you think I am late 20-something…”

    • Yes, that is one of the saving graces of Venus-Saturn aspects–looking younger than your age. (Until you don’t–a place I’ve quite suddenly gotten to over the past year, at age 68.) Donna

  12. do you think any of this applies to soft Venus-Saturn aspects, as well?. I have a 4 degree orb sextile between Venus in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn, and I have always had the unlovable/unattractive complex.
    I grew up being overweight, and lost most of the weight at 15, then gained it all back by 18, because I was depressed. I am now 22 and still overweight, and not even driven to lose it because I am almost afraid of relationships. Long story short, really unhappy childhood, being largely neglected in every other way except materially(Saturn in the 4th, Venus in the 6th, conjunct DC). I also felt like like my parents would only love me if I was successful, and that once I got success, they would just cut me loose-this from as young an age as I can remember. I tried to please them until I was about 15, 16, then just gave up on myself and everything. I am still living at home now, although I am dying to leave, I feel i can’t..and it’s not just lack of confidence in my abilities(although I have that, too).
    Anyway, after being mocked and told I was ugly all throughout childhood and teens, after my 20th birthday, I started to get really pretty, despite being overweight. My mother, though, always told me I was pretty. I guess that helped a lot.

  13. PS. I also have a tight Saturn-Neptune conjunction, both loosely conjunct Uranus, all in Capricorn, and all in the 4th house(not conjunct IC). And the only aspects my Saturn(and Neptune) make to my chart is a sextile to my Venus, and loose, 7 degree orb trine to my Asc in Virgo.

  14. And another thing about “soft” Saturn-Venus aspects..I also noticed that Vivien Leigh and Catherine Zeta-Jones both only really blossomed in their late 20s. both of them having the Venus-Saturn trine, I mean.

  15. Donna, this is really incredible and explains a lot. I’m a 43-year old man and I’ve always had difficulty establishing relationships. In fact, my upbringing was exactly as you described and both my parents were Saturnian. I always related better to older people and was considered too serious and “old”. As you say, on the plus side I’m always told I look about 35. I definitely feel like a perfect example of a Venus-Saturn person.

    In my chart, Venus in Virgo in the 7th is inconjunct (1’37 orb) retrograde Saturn in Aries in the 1st. In addition to that, Venus is also conjunct Uranus and Pluto. For good measure, my Libra Moon is also in the 7th and opposite 1st house Saturn. Just to top it all off, Venus is sextile Mars in Scorpio in the 8th, which is also inconjunct Saturn (1’15 orb), creating a Yod with a Boomerang (Moon opp. Saturn, which is at the apex of the Yod). All that aside, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) to be comfortable and happy with myself. Maybe being a Leo Sun helps!

    • Glad it was right on target. You will continue to mature gracefully, I’m sure. Donna

  16. …Venus in Virgo 6h opp Saturn in Pisces 12h…well this sucks. I’m also the oldest child and u can really relate to this stuff

  17. Reading this article again I can see that yes, indeed, I was, as a child, shown by family messages that I needed to be independent. I was the youngest of four, and got the message that I was unexpected and that my parents were tired by the time they got to having me! I was, however, very dependent as well as wanting independence, so I gave out mixed messages, as well! Saturn AND Uranus conjunct Venus (Gemini), opposite Moon (Sag.) also squaring Mars (Pisces). I am, at almost 69, finding myself without a partner. Sometimes I’m OK with it, sometimes not. With my 12th house Sun, I need a lot of alone time, but my 7th house Moon, even if it IS in independent Sag., likes partnership. Then Saturn puts the brakes on!

  18. I have Venus, Saturn and Mars in the forth house all in the sign of Capricorn. My parents never appreciated my feelings and always tried to make them seem as if they were not important or as if I were making things up in my head. They divorced when I was in 3rd grade and my sisters and I were juggled between the both of them between Pennsylvania and Virginia. I am my father’s oldest child and my mother’s second oldest. My mother’s oldest never lived with us however. I matured at a very early age and was always thought to be too serious and uptight. I labeled myself as “anti-social”, but always managed to have a few friends who I could connect with and just laugh and try to be a kid.

    I’m 20 now and am truly on my own in life. My father kicked me out without reason when I was 18 and my mother has all but renounced her role as being a mother. My higher education was never invested in and I had virtually no parental guidance. When I was 17 I met a guy who was 19 yrs older than me and he became a mentor/lover, his moon is in Taurus. That was a very toxic on and off relationship that I just recently called quits for good, however as strange as it was he did help me in different ways and I have a lot more confidence and assurance about myself.

    I know that all of that sounds a little bad but I’m actually a well put together young woman. I have a lot of aspirations that I intend to achieve in time. As far as love goes…as a girl I always dreamed of marrying at 18 with the fairy tale and all! But with age came reality, which I am still trying to learn because reality is a very hard thing for me to grasp. The guy I’m with now I met earlier this year, but just like everyone else who has posted I crave that quality relationship, that perfection..I know he isn’t that. However he is helping to support me right now so Im settling but only for the moment. And that where the Capricorn comes in, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do- very business like. Thanks for letting me share my experience!

    • Thanks for sharing, VB. As a fellow Venus-Saturn type, I relate to what you’ve been through a lot. There’s a certain sense of hardship where love is concerned, comong up the hard way, but it does get better as you mature into adulthood. Best wishes to you. Donna Cunningham

  19. Excellent post, Donna, as always. This is really spot and on , and I can really relate to this. I am nodding my head in agreement with lotshoe, MJ and others (thanks for sharing)

    For many years, I had noticed venus semi-sextile saturn , in my natal chart, but ignored it, because one of the astrologers said it was such a minor aspect, and she didn’t think minor aspects influenced the chart much. However, I have always felt like a late developer/late bloomer, ALL my life, and always having had to prove myself, for starters, ALL my life. I wondered if this small semi-sextile had a message for me.

    I always assumed a lot of issues came from having a moon-square saturn and a mercury square saturn ( moon/mercury in Sagittarius in the 5th house, saturn in Pisces in the 8th house) and other Saturn contacts ( opp uranus/pluto conjunction in Virgo , etc) . In fact, previously, I would have gone as far as saying it was all to do with having Saturn in the 8th house….

    I have venus in aquarius in the 7th house, so I re-examined the venus- saturn connection, read through many descriptions, and came across yours( plus your words/work on minor aspects) and thought it actually said a lot more than the saturn-mercury-moon, connections, although I am sure they count for a lot. I ‘m Sun Sagittarius ( later degrees at 28 degrees- one more day i think i would have been Capricorn)

    The following, I think ,will corroborate with your findings:

    1. I am the first born, female, and was always expected to do well at school ( getting an education as a means to better life opportunities, as my parents had come from a poor backgrounds Both parents have Capricorn planets: I did a sneak analysis of their charts 🙂 . Mum , Sun Aries with Capricorn moon, and Dad, Sun Pisces with Capricorn Mars)

    2. I look very young for my age. I always have, and it made me feel very inadequate, when most my friends looked like gorgeous, desirable young women in their teens. Me, no!! I’m 46, but am now being told ( to both my disbelief and delight!) I look ageless/ elegant/well-turned out /glamorous (What!??) , all the adjectives I had heard about others and had wished I had heard about myself in my teens , 20’s, 30’s! I cannot tell you how uncomfortable I was about looking young, for most of my life….

    Like lotshoe, I would NEVER ever want to go back to re-living my teenage years at school. Even though I had many , many friends, and enjoyed studying ( I have moon sextile venus, mercury sextile venus, Jupiter in Gemini in the 12 house. Venus in the 7th means, I probably played and still play the role of peace-maker and mediator , personally and professionally )I just had no confidence and felt very unattractive.

    3. Having to prove myself, academically( I ended up getting four degrees- out of a) economic necessity to get a job b) love of learning c) proving to the family I could now get better opportunities in life d) staving off the fear of feeling intellectually mediocre or inferior. I feel I work very hard to get anywhere, in life, and I don’t mind that at all. I expect to, in fact. Easy come, easy go.

    I spent time, after my painful Saturn return ( aged 28/29) working on Saturn issues, using alternative routes, such as flower essences, reflexology and eventually went back to having art back into my everyday life ( I studied art at college and university) . I had read saturn-venus contacts are creative and can work at turning art/creativity into a business.

    4. Accomplishing achievements that earn you respect as you get older: I am starting to find that is happening. Work colleagues , family and friends do know that I have had to work very hard, and know if I have anything to say, about my subject area, I am serious and have deep knowledge. That’s very nice to know, actually. Hard work eventually pays off in the end, no matter what.

    5. I fear rejection as many people do I, so I would rather make friends (venus in aquarius) and test the waters, that way, rather than make a complete idiot of myself! Although I can be very cheeky and flirty, I would probably run a mile, out of fear, if I had to flirt, spontaneously, in a social situation.

    So, back to re-discovering the Saturn-venus connection in my chart, I think , however a minor aspect it is, I would like to say thank you, Donna, for writing about this. It made so much sense, and filled in the missing gaps of information of why I felt or acted a certain way. I feel I can now own this part of me, fully, now and work on it positively , as a tool for greater self-understanding : after all I have plenty of squares in my chart, so I am up for a challenge :).

    I think minor aspects actually have far more impact on the chart, judging from what others have said in their posts, when taken as a whole ( not necessarily on their own). 🙂

  20. And to add to the Saturn theme, I have Mars in Capricorn .

  21. Donna, how has your venus-saturn aspect evolved, and how did you work through the challenges?

  22. Please can you help me to understand will I stay alone!

    Sun 2°40′ Leo
    Moon 22°53′ Gemini
    Mercury 29°00′ Leo
    Venus 13°34′ Leo
    Mars 19°13′ Scorpio
    Jupiter 5°01′ Я Capricorn
    Saturn 9°49′ Scorpio
    Uranus 9°46′ Я Sagittarius
    Neptune 29°11′ Я Sagittarius
    Pluto 29°23′ Libra
    Chiron 7°37′ Gemini
    Ceres 17°01′ Taurus
    Pallas 22°32′ Я Pisces
    Juno 10°24′ Leo
    Vesta 12°09′ Leo
    Node 5°05′ Я Gemini
    Lilith 16°22′ Я Pisces
    Fortune 6°56′ Libra
    AS 16°43′ Scorpio
    MC 28°42′ Leo
    Planets in Houses*
    Sun House 9
    Moon House 8
    Mercury House 10
    Venus House 9
    Mars House 1
    Jupiter House 2
    Saturn House 12
    Uranus House 1
    Neptune House 2
    Pluto House 12
    Chiron House 7
    Ceres House 7
    Pallas House 4
    Juno House 9
    Vesta House 9
    Node House 7
    Lilith House 4
    Fortune House 11
    * In keeping with the common practice, we consider that a planet posited within 3 degrees of the next house belongs to that house. We allow an orb of 4 degrees for the ASC and the MC.

    Positions of Houses
    House 1 16°43′ Scorpio
    House 2 16°28′ Sagittarius
    House 3 21°45′ Capricorn
    House 4 28°42′ Aquarius
    House 5 0°49′ Aries
    House 6 26°17′ Aries
    House 7 16°43′ Taurus
    House 8 16°28′ Gemini
    House 9 21°45′ Cancer
    House 10 28°42′ Leo
    House 11 0°49′ Libra
    House 12 26°17′ Libra
    List of Aspects
    Mercury Conjunction MC Orb 0°18′
    Mars Conjunction AS Orb 2°29′
    Jupiter Conjunction Neptune Orb 5°49′
    Saturn Conjunction AS Orb 6°54′
    Mars Conjunction Saturn Orb 9°23′
    Saturn Conjunction Pluto Orb 10°26
    Moon Opposite Neptune Orb 6°18′
    Venus Square AS Orb 3°09′
    Sun Square Pluto Orb 3°17′
    Venus Square Saturn Orb 3°44′
    Venus Square Mars Orb 5°39′
    Sun Square Saturn Orb 7°08′
    Mercury Trine Neptune Orb 0°11′
    Neptune Trine MC Orb 0°29′
    Venus Trine Uranus Orb 3°47′
    Mercury Trine Jupiter Orb 6°00′
    Jupiter Trine MC Orb 6°18′
    Moon Trine Pluto Orb 6°30′
    Sun Trine Uranus Orb 7°05′
    Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 0°11′
    Mercury Sextile Pluto Orb 0°22′
    Pluto Sextile MC Orb 0°41′
    Jupiter Sextile Saturn Orb 4°48′
    Jupiter Sextile Pluto Orb 5°37′
    Moon Sextile MC Orb 5°48′
    Moon Sextile Mercury Orb 6°07′
    Sun Inconjunction Jupiter Orb 2°20′
    Mars SemiSquare Jupiter Orb 0°47′
    Venus SesquiQuadrate Neptune Orb 0°37′
    Moon SesquiQuadrate Saturn Orb 1°56′
    Saturn Quintile MC Orb 0°52′
    Mercury Quintile Saturn Orb 1°11′
    Moon BiQuintile AS Orb 0°09′
    Saturn SemiSextile Uranus Orb 0°03′
    Please !!!!! I don’t know what to do!!!!!

  23. Write me please!!!! on my mai!!!!! I am in a deadlock!!!!!!

  24. Hi, your article is the best of the ones I read about Venus-Saturn aspects. I have Venus-Saturn opposition making a triangle with Jupiter. I always have felt unloved in whole my life. Your writing is so true. My parents are Saturnian. Especially my father. He doesn’t show his love and he doesn’t pay attention to my emotions. He always wanted to proof myself first. They don’t let me to take responsibilities and I’m addicted to them. Any time I find a friend or a group of friend, they left me. And I fell in love with men who abuse me or unreachable. My life is like a drama with one player-just me. It’s a monologue. Even if I tried to hard, people always run away from me. And I’m not a cold person, with a Libra rising. I’m a smiling and talkative person.

    So I understand that this will never end. There is no such a solution to get out of the circle. I worked so hard, like a Saturnian but nevet get any prize. I decided to end it. I won’t live the same things for another 10 year.

    • Yes, it’s almost like you have to become a new person..Once you have let go of your negative emotions and perspective of your past. Saturn does make us do a lot of work in the beginning, it’s like climbing a mountain. But the second half of work comes in when we finally get to the top of that mountain. We have learned all of the hardships and pains of life and we have gained a vast and clear perspective. Going down the other side of that mountain is our true test of Saturn. Anyone can go through a rough life, but not everyone can come out of that hardship with 360 degrees of experience and the ability to make sound decisions, and past judgment fairly, and have the strength to live a happy life. Our potential is that of Saturn itself and more! Stay motivated and remember your power always 🙂

  25. I am in need of some Venus/Saturn advice, being a parent of a daughter with such aspect. My daughter who is not two yet has Libra Saturn 3rd house, square Cap. Venus in the 6th. Her father is not in her life, and to make matters worse, my own Sun opp. Saturn squares her stellium (Sun, Merc., Mars, Nept) in Aquarius. Luckily, my moon trines it, but…I have gone online looking for…hope.

    In retrospect she is quite intelligent and I have found myself doing some of the things people on here have said their parents do/did, like letting her play by herself so I can cook, clean or study (I’m a full time student), even when she wants me to play with her. I have nobody to help me parent her and I am worried that all this responsibility I have will have a negative affect on her in the long-term. I love her so much, and everyone on here is doom and gloom about their parents and I don’t want her to ever feel that way about me…resentful as everyone seems on here. I wish I could give her myself and my time all day, everyday…but I can’t, it’s impossible. What do I do? Maybe the saving grace here is her Leo moon in the 1st? I love her to pieces…she’s all I have.

    • Davita, you won’t be in school forever, and you sound like a loving and responsible parent who’s juggling a lot of things. Could you perhaps find ways to involve her in the cooking and cleaning, not in a heavy way but making it fun for both of you? Or, maybe you and a classmate with children could share study/play dates? Donna

      • Hello Donna, thank you for the reply. She has a vacuum and play-kitchen that she does very much enjoy, and we also do play-dates with other children. I just have this fear, and worry in the back of my mind that I’m not doing enough. I wish I could find someone with this aspect who had a positive experience with their parents (or single parent), but it seems there aren’t any.

    • Hi Davita,

      I am reading this 6 months after you have posted, and I hope you will get to read my reply.

      I have a Venus-Saturn conjunction in my natal chart, and I would like to tell you that you have indeed found someone who had a very positive experience with both parents while growing up!

      My mother and father had, and still do have, a wonderful marriage and relationship. They were both there for me while I was growing up, and they spoilt me rotten as a kid and gave me so much love and care that I feel indebted in a way which I can never repay. My childhood is full of nothing but happy memories because of them, despite this horrible aspect in my chart.

      I think you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, and I can tell by what you wrote about your daughter that you love her very much. I’m sure she will feel the same about you, the way I do about my parents.

      Good luck and god bless!

      Zohib Hassan

  26. Hi Donna,

    I’m glad you’re back writing and feeling better!

    I have a wide quincunx between Venus and Saturn (4 degrees) so all reports/readings didn’t mention this till one report actually did and it made so much sense.

    Then I read this post (years ago) and I finally understood why I felt uneasy with male-female dynamics – because my parents didn’t teach them to me + I’m the oldest daughter, like you say.

    Well, thanks to this post, you inspired me so I started a long research/study on social graces and flirtation and read great books that helped me understand my feminine strenghts. And my relationships with men greatly improved.

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your knowledge :-0


    • That’s so great to hear, Chris! Glad that post pointed the way. Donna

  27. Hi, I wrote before but now I start to look from a different aspect so I wanted to write again. I was searching the archetypes and one of them attacted my attention, “the orphan, abandoned child”. I read several articles about it and found our some tales on it. I realized that the orphan archetype has almost the same theme with hard Saturn-Venus aspects.Clarissa Estes’ “Warming the Stone Child” recording is very helpful, also reading many tales about abandoned children. It doesn’t matter if the person is abandoned in real or not. The important thing is to have these feelings inside, feelings of being rejected, left lonely, uncared, unloved…etc. I believe working with this archetype could really help to improve this aspect to a more positive experience, about gaining power.

    • An excellent observation, Asli. I can totally relate to that archetype. Donna

  28. such a lovely article about Saturn and Venus. I can see myself while reading it……very well written and with all facts.

  29. what does Venus quntile Saturn mean is it same?

    • Nina, there are a couple of articles here about quintiles, so have a look. Short version, I and my Skywriter readers did a research project on several of the lesser-known aspects including the quintile. The issues and dynamics of planetary pairs (like Venus and Saturn) were similar, regardless of the particular angle between them. The one thing I would say about Venus quintile Saturn that is different from other Venus-Saturn aspects is that there can be a strong artistic gift in the various tactile arts like pottery, textiles, or sculpture. Donna

  30. Hi, I want to know that, I have Saturn & Venus in my 3rd house, and till now i m not success in my life mean not get satisfactory job. Will u help me regarding to this?When (which year)did I get married. Is it a major issue?

    • Question #1: Having Venus and Saturn in the 3rd has nothing to do with your career or your job. The career houses are the 2nd, 6th, and 10th, plus the Midheaven.
      Question #2: Western astrology cannot predict what year you will get married.

      These are major life questions that cannot be answered on a blog. For more information on these questions, you would need a chart consultation with a professional astrologer who uses the date, time, and place of your birth. I am retired from doing chart consultations. Donna Cunningham

  31. what a nice write-up – always an aspect that is the definitive ‘glue’ aspect but a gloomy glue!

  32. My Saturn opposition Venus will be triggered by Saturn return after this month. I’m going to a therapist for healing my past traumas about relationships so I hope this return will be more constructive than being destructive. I wonder how should I behave or think for following Saturn’s lessons and change myself in a better way?

  33. Thanks for this great article. Have you or will you write something about Saturn Venus conjunction in synastry?

  34. One other comment. My sister, who is younger than me (we are the only two siblings), has a venus saturn conjunction and fits the description completely, including for all practical purposes being the “older sister.”

  35. Great article, Donna.
    I have a Saturn-Venus conjunction in my 4th House, and I was called ‘overly-mature’ throughout childhood. I’m so glad to hear that Venus-Saturn people get better with age!!

  36. Coming late to this topic but find it interesting. Glad I’ve rediscovered Donna after 30 years. I have a Trine from Venus in Pisces to Saturn in Cancer (1+ orb) but also have Uranus in Gemini in 5 square Venus (2 degree orb), Pluto in Leo in 7 inconjunct Venus (<2 degree orb) and Neptune in Libra in 9 inconjunct Venus (1+ orb). The Saturn influence seems to make it easy for me to make friends with women (I am male) but not being able to carry through and hold back when it might become romantic. I think I fear rejection, want the perfect relationship, etc

    • Also, my Venus is in Pisces, an intercepted sign in my chart. I’ve been told this contributes to “hiding” my Venus attributes.

      • Venus in a man’s chart represents his wife. Venus in Pisces is an exalted position! However, this placement does cause a man to long for that perfect woman/relationship. This video will be helpful.

  37. i have venus square saturn aspect; and what you’ve written does apply to me. being an only child who wasn’t allowed to socialize much, i’m socially awkward. although i’m naive, my approach is too serious for my peers. i try to be friendlier, but it often doesn’t work out as i hope to be. i don’t know how to soften my hard edges; sometimes i’d use my jupiternian qualities (second strongest nature), but it makes me look childish, annoying, and irresponsible instead. i just.. don’t know how to express myself in the right way. i feel so sad and embarrased.

    but you’re right, Donna. probably these qualities of mine will be needed when i grow older. i need to be patient. my serious and responsible qualities are the ones that lead me to success anyway. i should be thankful.

    • Thanks for sharing about your Venus-Saturn aspect, Bobby. It does get better as you mature. I was also socially awkward, and had to literally teach myself the social graces. I remember making a project of learning how to make small talk. Donna

  38. So interesting to read this, thank you. My mother is an astrologer, but she never tells me what I truly want to hear, perhaps in fear that it will upset me. I don’t know. But it is refreshing to read it, at any rate. I indeed have Venus conjunct Saturn, and also Venus square Pluto, which is a grim aspect in my opinion.
    It is nice to read that with this conjunction it all gets better with time, although desperately frustrating as well. I had a miserable childhood, miserable teenage years, and I am still miserable in my 20s. I wonder when it will ever ease.

  39. This is very spot on. I have this aspect in sextile. It is difficult to create a bond with a guy. In fact, I am yet to experienced that. I feel like my parents would support more my other sibling emotionally than me, which has always bother me (Oldest daughter). I learned to be my own counselor. I’m going to start studying courtship behavior to see if that would land an emotionally supportive partner to me. I also feel that the guys that approach me only do so to get some sexual reward and then leave everything behind…. I’ve learned from that thus now Im the one leaving first. Even though I look strong and in control on the outside it hurts me very much every time because it kind of reaffirms what I believe that I’m not really worth loving. I’m working on myself to transform this fault self-view into a positive one. Thank you for sharing!!

  40. I have a long way to improve in the social realms. Still I am happy it changed a little since childhood, it was so painful back then.
    ~~venus square saturn. I am an orphan of father, he was a truly heavy capricorn and he left his saturnian legacy onto me. Mom also has a capricorn moon. What fun and what loving relationships, I don’t speak this language yet 🙂
    I errect walls as I breathe- capricorn ascendant. It does feel lonely but I am struggling with myself to cross the crytsalized hardness of my fixed t-square, that has saturn as apex in 1st (plus venus-mercury-pluto) in the mix.
    Haven’t had my saturn return yet and he has to finish off opposing my sun, passing through my 12th, my north node, asc and capricorn stellium just to get to his natal place and to square pluto! (while pluto digs deep into my capricorn placements)
    It;s unfair to be young and to have these transits all at once! but the planetary architects are preparing their tools. It’s going to be painful but probaly worthed. Whatever these 2 build, there;s no chance to be ever destroyed. I am going to be my best version in this life or die in the process!
    Sorry for the dramatic ending, but it’s sort of true.

    • Such a tough journey, Xari. But you are approaching it with courage. Donna Cunningham

  41. Thank you, Donna!

  42. What a great article Donna – although it made me tear up. I am 49 and have not found my mate yet, although I’ve had several boyfriends along the way. A lot of what you describe fits me well. I have Venus at 28.15 degrees Capricorn in the 8th house, conjunct my moon at 29.25. Mom was superficial, critical and emotionally cold – although she tried to change that as she became an adult. She definitely felt saddled down by motherhood, and she told me later in life that she did not want to have more children when I came along (not in those exact words but it was clear) My dad has some narcissistic tendencies – he’s a rager, and makes everyone else responsible for his emotional state. Not surprisingly, I didn’t get great imprinting about being loved.

    No aspects with Venus and Saturn, but Saturn in Pisces in the 10th has the highest scores (80 something) using your quizzes/stellium information. It’s part of a 5 planet stellium, also conjunct mars and chiron, and opposite a tight conjunction of Pluto and Uranus, and squared off by Jupiter on my ascendant. Anyway, I’m a Saturn person in many ways – although I’ve softened tremendously over the years.

    I don’t have any other aspects to Venus, aside from a trine to my North Node, which is 0 degrees Gemini in the 12th. I have no idea what this imparts.

    It’s been very hard for me of late to understand this dynamic as I have worked really hard and long to improve myself, and would be a really good partner, but it seems to elude me. I got my heart broken last year, when I thought I met the one, but it didn’t work out. Here I am, still searching…. I’m doing my best to stay hopeful and to create opportunities to meet someone.

    Thanks for your wonderful articles, and for allowing me to post a bit about myself and my chart.

    • Hi, Sandy, it sounds like a rough time growing up…we need a cushion of some kind to soften the hard times. Donna

  43. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for writing this article. My Venus is at 00:43 degrees in Leo, and Saturn is at 25:56 degrees in Leo also. Is this still a conjunction?

    Does this type of conjunction get better…late 30s, early 40s?

    Thanks for being so kind (and still respond)!

    • It’s not a conjunction,no, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear. Conjunctions only work with less than 10 degrees. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. I’m glad to hear this.

        I’m still “waiting” for love”, but when I was told I have this conjunction, it just didn’t make sense to me because of the distance. If anything, I feel Saturn (25:56 degrees in Leo/6th house) is closer to my Mars (1:31 degrees in Virgo/7th). Not sure if a conjunction aspect can be formed between planets in different houses/signs, but, intuitively, it sounds right.

        Thanks again for your reply. It really made me happy (the fact that you responded).

      • Yes, your Mars can be considered conjunct Saturn. It’s what’s called an out of sign conjunction. I believe you’ll find an article about that on the blog. Donna

  44. Hi Donna,

    I’ve loved reading this article, as well as the positives of Venus-Saturm aspects. Thank you so much for shedding light on an area that can feel like a huge and very frustrating/painful stumbling block for many of us.

    In addition to venus-saturn aspects, I also have venus square pluto and venus semisquare mars. It seems odd to me because I feel like I am, and this has been corroborated by friends, one of the most romantic people on the planet!

    My Saturn is in Capricorn in the 7th house. My Venus is in the 12th in Gemini. I also have Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn.

    I was married for 22 years to an emotionally unavailable Saturnian man. My dad was Saturnian as well and with my mom it was more like benign neglect. They were both absent in their own ways and my sisters and I joke that we raised ourselves. Like many of the other lovely people who have posted here, I’ve done years of inner work, have softened tremendously and focused on spiritual transcendence, deep connection with Spirit and self-love. I have a Cancer moon and Cancer rising which only wants to share an abundance of affection and love. I can’t imagine not having a partner in my life again and yet I’ve gone 10 years without one, which blows me away. I have sun-conjunct venus (both in Gemini) so I do have a love for people and am pretty outgoing and friendly in social circles. Give me a single handsome man who’s actually available, though, and I can easily clam up and lose my vivaciousness. Fear of rejection … yes I can relate!

    I am wondering about the sesquiquadrate aspect, which some say is a minor or weaker aspect than the semisquare. I also read, however, that the sesquiquadrate can have an even greater outward effect on ones life because it is buried deep in the subconscious, possibly meaning that it’s harder to bring up to conscious awareness for healing. I would love to know your view/experience on this question?

    Thank you and much appreciation for your work,

    • Hi, Betsy, some years ago, my blog readers and I did a research project on many of the so-called minor aspects (the articles are still on the blog if you use the onsite search engine), including the semisquare and sesquiquadrate.

      Readers were asked to describe the effects of these aspects on their lives. There were hundreds of responses by readers who had the minor aspects. Their descriptions were so similar to the same planetary pairs when found in major aspects that we were forced to conclude that it wasn’t the nature of the particular angle but the nature of the two planets that was the guiding factor. Donna

  45. At around 19:58 CET this evening, five of Gaia’s eight thrusters will be commanded to fire an automated burn lasting almost two hours. It’s a critical manoeuvre meant to bring Gaia onto its planned operational orbit about the L2 Lagrange point (a second, smaller, burn on 14 January will complete the process).

  46. I would like to thnkx for the efforts you have put in writing this site. I am hoping the same high-grade site post from you in the upcoming also. In fact your creative writing skills has encouraged me to get my own website now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a great example of it.

  47. hello Donna. wow, reading this really felt like having my palm read. I have venus (capricorn/ 8th) square with my saturn (libra/ 4th). my father is a capricorn and you described him so perfectly i almost read his name there, lol! the great majority of my many relationships (as i do have venus trine mars and jupiter on the 5th to help!) were short and intense, with that “karmic” feeling. i got here as i was researching about the current transit of saturn to my sagittarian sun & moon. oh dear… the hard part isn’t even really started… but i do feel that, if i finally manage to make peace with my moon conjunct neptune, by the end of this transit life will be sober and wholesome. and i am trying very hard to get closer to my aquarius mom, despite all odds. and I do feel that life is hard, but only gets better 🙂 nice to meet you and your site. i see you don’t write here very much anymore, but i’ll keep searching your articles. best wishes… and wish me luck! 🙂

    • Hi, Laura, an interesting thing about this aspect in your chart is that Venus and Saturn are in what’s called mutual reception. That is, Venus is placed in the sign Saturn rules (Capricorn), while Saturn is in the sign Venus rules (Libra). This strengthens the aspect, but also has a way of making them work together, over time. Reggards, Donna Cunningham

      • do they really work together? if only venus could relax while saturn gets the job done! but it seems venus needs to work, but is lazy and so feels guilty, and saturn wants to relax, but keeps working and complaining for the lack of peaceful days…

  48. My gemini venus/quiron conjunction is opposite my saturn/uranus conjunction in capricorn 😥😥😥 How can I deal with this configuration? Thank you!

  49. This is so accurate..I’ve always felt this way… It makes me sad though because I’m really trying to work at my weaknesses and learning to love myself but I’m mostly pretty isolated. I’m 21. I always feel lonely and like no one else really knows what I go through. It’s all very complicated.

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