Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 9, 2009

On Being a Weeble at 67

©2009 by Donna Cunningham

 I’ve been a weeble all my life. What’s a weeble?  It’s a Hasbro‘s Playskool  toy that was popular in the 1970s. You may recall the slogan, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”  They were shaped like a bowling pin except rounded on the bottom and weighted so that if you pushed one down, it sprang right back up.

 I was thinking this morning about myself and how I approach life. (You won’t be the least bit surprised to know I do that a lot.) I was reflecting on how I’ve always bounced back, no matter how rough things got.  I bounced back from growing up in an alcoholic family. I bounced back—albeit slowly—from a broken heart. I bounced back from cancer 15 years ago.  From hip replacement.  From the catastrophe the two hip surgeries wreaked with my finances. Just like a weeble. And though I don’t bounce back from such difficult passages with quite the snap that a toy weeble does, you’ve got to remember that toy weebles have wooden hearts, so theirs probably don’t hurt as much as ours do. 

 What’s the astrological signature of a weeble, do you suppose?  I’d say tons of fire signs in the chart (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and/or a plethora of aspects to the rulers of those signs (Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter, respectively).  Probably a fairly strong Pluto, for regeneration and the Phoenix rising from its own ashes.  And, yes, I plead guilty on all three counts.  (ADDED LATER:  See the continued discussion on the signature in the comments section…and add your own speculations.)

 Anyway, I’ve been anticipating the next rollover digit on my birthday…oh, sometime this summer. I’m at a happy and contented place these days—retired from doing the things I don’t want to do any more and free to spend as much time as I like doing the things I love, like writing wee bits of fluff for this blog.webble-fuffernutterc

 I got to wondering if I’d bounce back quite as well as I used to from something really hard. Does a 67 year-old-weeble get back on her feet as quickly as one that doesn’t have quite as many miles on the old odometer? 

 Hmm. More slowly, perhaps.  With more of a time of secluding myself from the world and licking my wounds.  But I WOULD, I just know I would. Haven’t I always? 

 I was searching in Google Images for a picture of a weeble to use with this post, good fun in itself.  Serendipity struck when I ran across the cartoon you see here.  I visited the artist’s sites and spent a delightful half hour looking at her smart, ironic, but whimsical drawings.  I wrote to ask permission to use the drawing, and she was happy for it to appear here. Her name is Mitra Farmand, and her two sites are and .  I suspect her of being a weeble herself.

  (If you want to see a Weeble  in action, there are a number of videos on You Tube at Or, keep following this blog to see how a 67 year old human weeble does it.)


  1. Hey, what about a bunch of earth for the weeble? Nothing keeps the feet on the ground no matter what like some earth! And how about water, to keep going with the flow?

    Perhaps both strength and flexibility are the keys, no matter how we get to it. (I don’t think Pluto can be removed from the equation, though!)

    • I can see why you’d suggest earth, as it does lend perseverence. But to me, earth doesn’t really bounce so much as it plods. I think for bounce you need the Ever-Ready Bunny-ness of the fire signs. So, earth signs aren’t really Weebles. No doubt there are toys for earth signs–but they’d be adult toys like Ferraris.

      Incidentally, folks, Deborah Bier is my co-editor for Vibration Magazine, the premier online educational resource for flower essences, with some 400 articles in our archives and now a weekly blog. This month we’re celebrating our 11th anniversary, so come visit us at Donna

  2. Hi, I think that Deborah has a point there about a good earth sign….. Ever see a charging Bull? No plodding there when the Bull gets its MoJo working. I guess having as much Bull in me as I do I consider myself a good Weeble Woobler. And I do love Farraris…… and fast air planes….. but slow plodding foreplay, so maybe not a real dyed in the wool Weeble but a tainted Uranus Weeble..

  3. Seems like all three–Leo, Ares and Sag–have a strong “faith” factor going. Faith in themselves mostly! (which isn’t a bad way to live life)
    When the s*it hits the fan, these signs/planets, even though pushed down, again and again, just refuse to stay down. Fire rises.
    With Pluto, too, if you have a lot of Pluto/Scorpio in your chart–you’re a survivor–even if you don’t necessarily wanna be!

  4. […] Clueless after all these years was fairly innocuous. Self-revealing but still light-hearted was: On Being a Weeble at 67 . When things really got hairy was when I wrote Cancerians, Memory and Emotion and revealed what […]

  5. Heh. I’m a Bull Sun/Scorpio rising with a lot of fire planets. I liken myself to a cockroach because no matter how many times I get squashed, somehow I just don’t die. I don’t bounce up cheerfully, but I still don’t die.

    • Hi, Jennifer, you’re right: Scorpio–the sign ruled by Pluto–isn’t as much like a Weeble as it is a cockroach. The Plutonian who’s been squashed a whole bunch of times isn’t like a weeble, but more like a paraplegic who’s absolutely determined to do situps…and by golly, they do! Donna

  6. Thanks for the link!
    🙂 Mitra

  7. Hmmm… This is interesting, I have 5 planets in Saggi, with Saturn, Mars and Pluto, all 3 planets aspecting all the 5 planets from an air sign.

    That is 2 out of 3, considering that Pluto is in 9th house, I would call it strong. That makes it 3 out of 3 :P.

    I am a weeble too, just need to learn to wobble back sooner. 🙂

  8. That is why you have such a lovely, authentic voice. You have lived it.

    • Thank you, Katherine, you do understand! Donna

  9. I was going to make a case for the Weebleness of Pluto, since I am another Weeble and the only fire in my chart DOES come from Pluto, which aspects almost everything in my chart. However, I can also relate to Jennifer’s cockroach analogy. can’t relate to the paraplegic doing sit-ups, though. Maybe that’s because I’m a Pisces and I can’t see the point of doing sit-ups — with or without legs!

    • Hi, DVT! Glad you enjoyed the post. And thank you again for being one of my guest bloggers. Donna C.

  10. hi-i really related to this, my brother once named me most likely to step in shit but least likely to really mind… I have sun in aries in a grand fire trine and also in a t-square withmy moon and pluto in the first house

  11. It’s interesting that you say the Pluto book fell off the self into your hands–you would not believe how many people have told me that in the 25 years sinjce it was published. Donna

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