Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 25, 2009

Guess Who’s Having a Saturn Return? Welcome to the New Iran–by Stefanie Iris Weiss

©2009 by Guest Blogger, Stefanie Iris Weiss

Donna Says: Today I happened across a fascinating blog, We Will Survive: The Saturn Return, by The Saturn Sisters, Sherene Schostak and Stefanie Iris Weiss. ( They’re two of our younger astrologers in NYC, both well-credentialed and quite hip. They’ve written Surviving Saturn’s Return: Overcoming the Most Tumultuous Time of Your Life. Currently their blog is running posts about Iran’s Saturn return, the country having been reformed on April 1, 1979 at 3:00 PM IRT in Tehran, 51E26; 35N40. (Nick Campion’s Book of World Horoscopes, Cinnabar Books, 1996, p.205.) You can see the chart below.  This is a digest of several of Stefanie’s commentaries on the situation, which she kindly permitted me to reprint.



Iran’s Islamic Republic was born in 1979 — when Saturn was last in Virgo. Well, kiddies, can you figure out what that means? Iran is having its very first Saturn Return, and going through some major growing pains. Expect major upheaval in the months ahead, especially this coming fall. Will the Islamic Republic hold? In 1979 the opposition didn’t have the Internet to bring their point of view to the rest of the world. Now they do.

With Saturn and Uranus in opposition, Barack Obama ushered in the “Yes We Can” revolution. Perhaps the Iranian youth can use this energy for similar purposes. It will be exact again in September, so watch this space for developments. If you were born in 1978 or 1979, you totally understand what they’re feeling — an overwhelming need for change in a world grown stagnant and oppressive. You don’t just want change, you NEED it, and you need it now. If you don’t address the stirrings of your soul right now, you’ll likely repress them for another 29.5 years. Listen to your inner calling and live life the way you were meant to.

 I’m following the brilliant Huffington Post blogger, Nico Pitney , who wrote:

“What’s really fascinating about what’s happening right now in 2009 is that it looks a lot like what was happening in 1979. And there’s a very simple reason for that. The same people are in charge — Mousavi, Rafsanjani, Khatami, Medhi Karroubi, the other reformist candidate — these were all the original revolutionaries who brought down the Shah to begin with, so they know how to do this right.

And so what we’re seeing is something that was pulled exactly out of the playbook of 1979, which is that you have these massive mourning rallies, where you mourn the deaths of those who were martyred in the cause of freedom. And these things tend to get a little bit out of control, they often result in even more violence by the security forces and even more deaths, which then requires another mourning rally which is even larger, which then requires more violence from the government, and this just becomes an ongoing snowball that can’t be stopped. That’s how the Shah was removed from power, was these mourning ceremonies. And so Mousavi very smartly called for an official — not a rally — but an official day of mourning.”

Recently he posted a photograph from AP of protestors during the 1979 Revolution, again evoking the wildly uncanny astrology of this unfolding event.  Saturn forces us to face our demons by shoving them into our face thirty years after our birth (and again thirty years later, if we didn’t get the message the first time). Watching Iranian youth spill into the streets of Tehran, screaming, shouting, pumping their fists, using their voices, demanding to be heard — I think of you who are now between 27 and 30 and how much you wish you could do the same. These brave souls are expressing and manifesting the absolute truth of the Saturn Return.

Change is the keyword during a Saturn return, and if it doesn’t come, there is often metaphorical blood spilled. Let us hope that in the case of Iran, it does not become too literal. There are so many ways in which we’re experiencing 1979 all over again. We’ve got to get it right this time. Pluto returning to Capricorn plays a role in this massive upheaval and revolutionary tenor as well.saturnreturncvr

 About the Author:  Stefanie Iris Weiss, M.A. is co-creator of the blog,  We Will Survive: The Saturn Return, ( and  co-author of  Surviving Saturn’s Return: Overcoming the Most Tumultuous Time of Your Life.   She has written nine books and is a freelance columnist and a professor of writing. Her forthcoming book, Spirit Animals will be published by Chronicle Books in the fall of 2009. She is currently working on her next book, Eco-Sex , to be published by Ten Speed Press in the spring of 2010. She is also the author of five self-help books, including, most recently, Coping With the Beauty Myth: A Guide for Real Girls.  Her other books have covered topics as diverse as grief, yoga, and veganism.

She has been writing about astrology since 1996. She was a senior contributor to Your Birth Sign Through Time, published in 2003 by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. She also contributed to Love Signs and You, also by Atria. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Education from NYU, and a BA in English and Women’s Studies from NYU. She has taught writing since 1998 and is a professional astrologer in private practice in New York City. Contact her at:


  1. Wonderful article, and a lovely find!

    (Do I want to know what Eco-Sex is? Or should I wait for my 2nd Saturn Return in 7 years?)

    • I’m so far past my second Saturn return that I don’t dare ask what eco-sex is. But believe me, if there is such a thing, they’re doing it in NYC.

  2. WOW I hadn’t thought it could happen to more than just people. Love this article!


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