Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 12, 2009

Challenge—Find the Best Description of Neptune

A couple of days ago, more or less, I posted a series of quotations about facets of Neptune’s meanings. (See Neptunian Musings—Mysterious, but Strangely Apt Quotations)   Just now, transiting Neptune is very strong—but incredibly muddled—as its conjunctions to Jupiter and Chiron make it especially hard to sort out.  If you know what I mean. As planets go, it’s the most intangible, elusive, hazy, and confusing. Describing it becomes more difficult the more you struggle.   And yet those of us who write about astrology are honor bound to try. 

Who do you think has done the best job?  I’m holding a contest to find the best written description of the planet Neptune.  Drag your uhemerachoiceblindsm-a2dnderlined and dog-eared astrology books down off the shelves, or look on the net among your bookmarks of blogs and websites. If your quote is ruled the best, you win a copy of one of my ebooks—your choice from Moon Maven Publications.

Here are the rules, but since a blog is an ever-malleable medium, I could arbitrarily add more at any time if I think of them. 

  1.  Entries should be 100 words. More or less. Depending.
  2. My relatives are not eligible.  They don’t speak astrologese anyhow.
  3. Friends are welcome. Former lovers are not.
  4. All entries should be in English or Vulcan. More or less. Depending.
  5. You may enter as many times as you like.  Or I like.
  6. Multiple entries of the same quote are unlikely, but first comes first.
  7. The contest ends when I say it ends. Or possibly before.
  8. The number of prizes is a closely-kept secret.  Ignore the rumors and speculations.
  9. The real rules are written in disappearing ink. If you want a copy, send a telepathic message.

Type your entry into the comment section, and include the author, title, and the page or web address where you found it.  Channeled quotations and parodies are also acceptable, if clearly marked.  You can, of course, quote Moi (she sez modestly), although it wouldn’t be fair for you to win.  But then, how fair is life, really?

Are you wondering if this contest is real?  It is, at least in my reality.  Individual realities may vary. 


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Art Credit: The drawing comes from a clip art disk and was either created or originally published by Hemera.  I have a whole collection of them that I’m fond of. If anyone ever runs into the artist, let me know.


  1. Donna dearest: I just briefly read about this and think it very, very, very important to send all of us in search for meaning of that which cannot be understood: Neptune’s energies. Since I have lived an entire eight-four years with them in major challenges to my first house in Leo placement, I have come perhaps as close as possible to peace with the ramifications. Anyone of you astrologers will quite quickly understand what this current transit in Aquarius has been a blessing,weird and moments of panic!
    Thanks, as always, Donna

  2. I can’t resist adding some of my own Neptune Musings!

    Here’s one. . .

    Moon opposite Neptune

    Neptune has been my mother.
    bought forth from her very womb,
    I feel her every nuance,
    whilst wandering in her rooms.

    She has always been around me,
    but I’ve never seen her face.
    Her gentle arms, encircle me,
    as I’m staring into space.

    Oceanic energy,
    that coddles, and reveals.
    The masks are constantly changing,
    depending how she feels.

    I’m familiar with formlessness,
    With things that never end.
    Boundaries, that don’t exist.
    …Realities that bend.

    She cossets my emotion,
    whilst exposing every thought.
    Dwelling in her special place.
    High priestess…holding court.

    (12th house Moon opp Neptune
    both square Mercury on I.C.)

    More here. . .

    Great idea by the way. 🙂

    • Beautiful poem, Susannah. You should submit it to The Mountain Astrologer–they do publish poetry from time to time. I’ve been to your blog and enjoyed it. Donna


  4. Finally: I can leave a comment! I’ve been trying to leave a comment since I first found the SkyWriter website. (must be that fuzzy Neptune deceiving me again) So pardon me for getting off track but I have to ask: is anyone sending our new president glimpses of what the astrological landscape (star-scape) looks like for him and the country? I am very serious about this. Having lived in southeast Asia during the fall of Saigon when the astrologers advised against inaurgaurating (sp?) the South Vietnamese President, Mr Thieu or some such…on three different occasions until finally they had to allow it to take place even under the unfavorable influences of the stars at that time and look what happened. It seems to me that the new president would not be altogether adverse to listening to an astrologer especially one as well educated and as competent as you are Donna. After reading the Fated Sky by Benson Bobrick I’m wondering why we don’t have a cabinet position for US Astrologer but then again after reading this book maybe I do understand. Even so it seems that Mr. Obama would be grateful for an adviser who can read the messages in the stars correctly and advise him accordingly. I’m electing you for the position Donna.

    • Yes, I agree the transits are anything but stellar these days–the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction, the long series of oppositions between Saturn and Uranus not yet finished. We are in a fine pickle and so desperate for solutions that we may not be thinking clearly…I saw an item that the NY State Senate passed 135 bills in a single day, under the closest of J/N/C conjunctions. How muddled is that going to be? And yet we have to do something.

      But I have noted that people under heavy Neptune transits will NOT listen to astrological or any other kind of advice, even when they know it’s correct….They don’t seem to be able to stop themselves.

      Alas, even if Obama did nominate me, I’d have to recuse myself, as I too am clueless where mundane astrology is concerned! The psychological interpretation of individual charts is my forte.
      What an awesome responsibility it would be, too. Donna

  5. I agree very cool poem. Do you have one for Pluto?

    • Why not go to her blog, The Lion and the Lightning Bolt.

  6. “Similia, similibus, curantur.”
    Latin: “Like cures like” by S. Hahnemann

    “Spiritus Contra Spiritum” Carl Jung

    These quotes are from my article, “Using Neptune HomeopathicallY” from last month’s Mountain Astrologer, and from my blog:

    As a Libra Sun/Neptune/Venus conjunction person, I yearn for a truer uniting of the ego/Self Sun, the Divine Love & Inspiration of Neptune, conjoined with the human love of Venus. Keep yearning and dreaming….

  7. Wonderful quotes, Elizabeth. Folks, if you haven’t visited her blog,, you’ll find it full of excellent insights. Elizabeth also has an article on Skywriter at:
    Taming Transiting Saturn–Guest Blogger Elizabeth Spring

  8. I relate well with the images used by Barbara Schermer in “Astrology Alive”: She compares a Neptune transit to a walk in the country as evening is approaching. As you walk on the path and climb a rise, there is no mist. Your vision is clear. When the path dips down you sink into a misty fog. Descending, the fog is thicker. You have little awareness of the countryside around you. Sometimes you look down and can’t see your feet, let alone the path. Thus is what it feels like when the Neptune transit is at its peak. Then, by moving slowly step by step, you ascend to rise above the fog into the starry night.

    • Hello, Fabienne! So far, this is one of the best–well not quotes, exactly, but contributions. Get in touch with me about a prize. Donna


    and of course you have to see all the links!

  10. As the water ripples in the midnight sky
    Neptune in all it’s glory
    covers aspects of my thinking
    not allowing me to tell my story…


    • Lovely, Max!Did you write it yourself, or is it a quote.
      I found another cool Neptune quote today on my Google startup page:

      Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and the infinity in which he is engulfed.
      – Blaise Pascal

  11. hi donna and everyone,
    i did write that myself. i was going to add to it but than it would not of made the point.
    im overwhelmed that you quote such incredible work as pascal 🙂 after reading my post. well i guess i just had a good teacher.

  12. For the harsh Neptune aspects:

    Oh Thou, who didst with Pitfall and with gin
    Beset the Road I was to wander in,
    Thou will not with Predestin’d Evil round
    Enmesh me, and impute my Fall to Sin?

    -Omar Khayyam

  13. This is obviously too late for the contest, but I figured it may still be of use for anyone who is as overwhelmed with Neptune in their chart as me;-) It’s more than 100 words too….but it does say “more or less, depending”!!!

  14. Learning to cope with Neptune via both a yod and a Sun/Moon T-square, I have come to appreciate the Maker’s Mark whiskey slogan which fits Neptune perfectly: “It is what it isn’t”

    “When our hopes do not materialize despite all efforts, we are confronted with an unplanned outcome: something we did not necessarily desire. Yet, this outcome is the truth about our current reality, and exploring it with neutrality instead of fighting it is what allows us to learn from life and evolve; we are confronted with the truth that came to replace our hope.”

    (Maurice Fernandez: Neptune, the 12th House and Pisces)

    • I like that–a 5-word definition of Neptune! Donna Cunningham

  15. somewhere i have read that neptune is like when you just wake up from a sleep. a dreamy state

    • I like that description Sasha. It reminds me of how the Australian aborigines talk about The Dreamtime. It’s described this way: “Aboriginal Dreamtime is about the stories and how everything in their lives is tied together. Australian Aboriginal people believe in a time of creation when mythical ancestral beings rose from the earth and took human, animal or plant form. At the beginning of time these ancestors existed below the surface of the earth in the form of uncreated supernatural beings. Time began when they awoke and broke through the surface of the earth or emerged from the oceans. It is believed that their actions and wanderings brought into being all the physical features of the landscape. ” Donna Cunningham

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