Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 16, 2009

How to Relieve Stress and Overwhelm—Keep Only Treasures

©2009 by Guest Blogger, Deborah Weber

 Donna says: Some years ago, I became enamored of a movement called Voluntary Simplicity, its premise being that by living simply, you can greatly reduce stress and enrich your life.  I made a major project of simplifying my life and found it calming and uplifting. Time went on, and stuff accumulated, as stuff is ever wont to do.  Today’s email brought a post that reminded me of how good it can feel to let go of excess. Anything that reduces the stress and overwhelm a great many of us are coping with is worth trying!  It’s by intuitive consultant, Deborah Weber, one of my writing students, and she’s given permission to reprint it here from her blog, Tenemos of the Blessing Light.

“If you want a gold rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

I’ve recently been examining my life on many levels and feeling the need to simplify and pare down.  A big impetus was working through Lisa Baldwin’s course last month – The Gentle Art of Clutter Clearing.  I signed up thinking I’d do some decluttering, but I came away with a much needed new perspective.  And yay for that! 

stonejoy-a2dOne of the many helpful things Lisa encourages one to think about is finding the treasures in your life.   The things that truly enhance your being, either through beauty or function or meaningfulness. 

With the mantra “only treasures” in my mind, I recently finished painting a bedroom in luscious colors that delight me.  And before bringing anything back into the newly painted space, I carefully scrutinized it.  Was it a treasure?  Only those  things that passed that heart test came back in.

The space is truly lovely now.  Not just with the colors that charm my senses, but the energy of a space where everything brings pleasure.  I’m committed to approaching each area of my home this way.  

And isn’t this truly the way we want every area of our lives to be, not just our homes?   Sometimes we hold on to stuff way past the time it serves us – we do this with objects, with relationships, with patterns of thinking.   But when you come right down to it, is there any reason we shouldn’t have only treasures in our life?  

Releasing objects is easiest.  And hopefully they get recycled to new homes where they can be treasured anew.  Releasing relstonefriends-a2dationships that aren’t treasures is harder of course, but your heart knows when it’s time, and you can do it with grace, and love, and blessings.   Releasing patterns of thinking is hard too, but it’s the kind of good challenge that leaves you feeling so much more expanded afterwards.

So maybe it’s time to blow some fresh air through all of your life .  I certainly know it’s that time for me.   What will we find?  Do you recognize the treasures in your life?  And do you have time and space to be grateful for them?  And what are you ready to release?

Donna recommends:  Useful references for Voluntary Simplicity and Reducing Clutter:


What the Author says about her work: “I’m  Deborah Weber, an intuitive consultant with a Master’s degree in clinical psychology working with individuals at Soul-level and focusing on healing and empowerment.  My intention in this site, called Temenos of the Blessing Light, is to create a sacred space for healing. I work at Soul-level using my intuitive skills and training to access your Soul’s Akashic Record, research who you are at Soul-level and what blocks and restrictions are currently affecting you. 

 The purpose of this Soul Realignment work is to assist you in seeing your life experiences from your Soul’s perspective.  With powerful and effective clearing processes, influences that may be limiting you at Soul-level are removed, so that you can move forward with ease and grace. In addition I can help support your healing goals with custom blends of vibrational essences and by creating talismans.”


  1. That’s great advice from Deborah.

    A very wise teacher once said, “Make room for abundance,” in other words, get rid of the useless in our lives so good things can come in. I watched an elderly woman pare down her entire house to things that would fit into a bedroom. Each item she saved was a true treasure to her, and she left only a few items behind that had to be dealt with by somebody else. Very wise.

    Simplicity is so much easier on the heart, the mind, the soul. Why do we keep dragging things into our lives and our homes that take up so much room and give us fleeting pleasure? Even food fits into that category, and it never really works.

    Thanks for the link to the simplicity site, Donna. You always have such good resources for us.


  2. My partner Paul and I have noticed a related phenomenon—when the universe does the simplifying for you! Not so much fun unless you latch onto the idea that what’s left is what’s most useful. It helps with focus, and appreciation, too.

    • Yow! I can just about imagine–sounds like some bad Pluto or Uranus transits! Folks, I follow Sheryl’s newsletter at and enjoy her blog. She’s been a guest blogger here, too, at
      Red Clover Essence–A Gentle Antidote to Mass Hysteria, by Sheryl Karas

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