Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 30, 2009

Eclipses–How do They Affect You?

Are you curious about eclipses and how they may affect you? Throughout history, we’ve been awed by eclipses, and ancient astrologers made their reputations by being able to predict when they would occur. Now we all know when they are happening in advance, and we’re able to watch them on television, direct from wherever the totality occurs. Eclipse buffs will even fly halfway around the world to see them in person. In olden days, eclipses were so mysterious that they were considered powerful and often unfortunate omens.

Today, most astrologers would agree that they aren’t necessarily destructive. They’re an indication of a heightened focus of energy, so most astrologers do track the chart areas where they occur. Here, from a table at, is a list of eclipses for 2011, so you can see where they fall in your own chart. As you’ll note, the key areas of the zodiac affected in 2011 are in Gemini and Sagittarius.

Solar Eclipse: 4 Jan 2011 13Cap38
Solar Eclipse: 1 Jun 2011 11Gem01
Lunar Eclipse: 15 Jun 2011 24Sag23
Solar Eclipse: 1 Jul 2011 09Can12
Solar Eclipse: 25 Nov 2011 02Sag36
Lunar Eclipse: 10 Dec 2011 18Gem10


Solar eclipses occur at the new Moon and block out the sun, while lunar eclipses occur at the full Moon and block out the Moon. The transiting nodes, which determine where eclipses fall, travel backward at the rate of one sign a year. A complete nodal cycle will impact all twelve signs and houses of your chart in turn. Here, from is an illustration of how a lunar eclipse works:

Why eclipses aren’t all the same: If you have followed the effect of eclipses, you may have noticed that some are intense and others are mild. The more intense ones often involve aspects between the Sun and Moon and a transiting outer planet, or they may set off a major pattern in the birth chart.

Seldom have I seen someone have a lunar meltdown at an eclipse unless important outer planet transits have already been acting on the same area for a while.

Joanne Wickenburg also points out that the Moon’s nodes are necessarily involved in eclipses. She feels that an eclipse at the north node is going to be different–more productive, generally–than one at the south node, which involves more necessity to let go of things. (The Sun and Moon can be some distance away from the exact aspect to the nodes, for they are only exact at a total eclipse.)

What can you expect if an eclipse triggers off one of your natal planets? For at least six months afterwards, it highlights the house involved, but especially the matters concerned with any planets it aspects.

These are periods of special tension between the solar and lunar hemispheres. They are powerful windows for healing work or flower remedies, for a great clearing can occur. (See several posts about flower essences and how they correlate with astrology under Healing Tools–Essences, Light, etc. )

When an eclipse affects you in a major way, you may experience conflict in the houses involved. For six months or longer, you will need to concentrate on balance in those areas. Sometimes the eclipse six months later will be in the same house, so there is a repeated emphasis.

An eclipse that aspects a natal planet can trigger an upheaval in the functions of that planet. If so, it’s not the Moon’s fault. Over time you have allowed those matters to deteriorate or to build up a backlog of tension that must be discharged.

Suppose a solar eclipse conjuncts your natal Saturn in the eleventh. Perhaps you’ve been carrying too much responsibility for a friend for far too long–or allowing a friend to assume too much responsibility for you. The eclipse hits, and the friendship is in jeopardy. Don’t curse the Moon–you set this up, and now you have to clean it up.

If an upcoming eclipse is going to fall in an area where you feel vulnerable, use this knowledge preventatively. Begin to take stock of the issues, examine what your true feelings are, and then work to improve the situation. When the eclipse happens, you will already have let off some of the tension and resolved some of the problems. It won’t be as hard on you as it would be if you’d hid your head in the sand.

When an eclipse occurs at the full Moon, the Sun is traveling through a particular sign and house while the Moon occupies the opposite sign and house, so both signs and houses are emphasized. There is tension between these areas, each demanding your attention. The key is to learn how to deal with both in a balanced way, without neglecting either.

For instance, an eclipse that falls across the axis of the sixth and twelfth houses shows tension between the demands of the work life and the inner life. A full Moon across the first/seventh axis would show conflict between your own interests and those of your partner, demanding to integrate the two. The affairs of each house pair can conflict unless there is cooperation, but they can also lend mutual support and wholeness when they are integrated.

Readers: Do you have an eclipse story? Leave it in the comment section so we can all learn more about them.

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  1. You are so lying about eclipses.

    My pastor told me the truth, that it’s a dragon eating the sun!

    • I hope for your sake that that’s intended as a joke. Hard to tell any more, with the public at large believing 10 impossible things before breakfast. Donna

      • Hey, new format! Looks good.
        Here’s one for funny/pathetic. A few years ago and just prior to an eclipse of the moon, our doofus local tv news commentator informed us that it was due to “the Sun passing between Earth and the moon”…! OUCH! My husband turned to me and said, “Jeeze, I THOUGHT it was getting hot in here…”.

  2. My 21st birthday this year falls on June 26th, 2010.
    A Saturday Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 21st Birthday.
    Something Weird always happens on my birthday.
    I’m a little excited about this one. Even if it does turn out to be a drunken disastrous hell of a birthday. It’s fate.

  3. My natal moon is 25Cancer06 in my eight house.
    for quite a long time i am facing a financial crisis, and i am wondering whether the coming lunar eclipse is affecting me…

    • The eclipse on June 26 is at 4 Cancer 46, so it is well out of range of your Cancer Moon–usually no more than 3 degrees of orb for an eclipse. Donna

  4. note that the down and dirty trans neps, hades, is located at 29 II this year. not great having any kind of energy touch off this hypothetical. Are they still calling trans neps hypothethicals?

    • Yep, the ones that don’t refer to them as the imaginaries. Donna

  5. Just realised the June 26 eclipse will oppose my 2deg Cancer north node/Cap south node in my 11th/5th houses respectively. Will I now embrace my north node with wreckless abandon? How do we know when we are realising our north nodes correctly?

    Don’t know what to look for but I will watch out anyway!

  6. RE: June 26th Eclipse
    I am a Sag w/ Capr Rising, my boyfriend is Gemini w/ Taurus rising. May 25th his apt was burglarized. May 28th my car unexpectedly dies on me and costs hundreds of dollars to repair. We had an argument the end of May and didn’t talk for about 4 days. He thought I was going to break up with him, we talked and became a lot closer after the argument, but now 6-21-10 tensions are high with him, re: work, but his frustration is overflowing on to me. Is this tension going to last? I’m trying to be patient, but it is getting difficult.

    • Tough stuff to deal with, DL. I don’t do personal chart interpretation any more, so you’d need to work with an astrologer who does and provide birth information for both of you. Donna C.

  7. My birthdate is Jan 4th and so you know that there have been several solar eclipse on that date over the years. With sun in 5th house I don’t remember anything terrible happening when I was younger. When I was 50 ( solar eclipse on Jan 4th), my husband died 2 years later on my birthday. This year, my granddaughter (8) drowned on March 5th. Other upsetting things have happened as well. So here we have another eclipse at 11degrees Gemini conjunct my Jupiter at 13 degrees ruling my 4th.

  8. Last summer I had a traumatic “eclipse” story that involved my dearest friend. So painful and wrenching for me was the incident that triggered the whole mis-communication and meltdown in our friendship that I wrote a blog about it: “An Eclipse Story of Healing.” Fortunately, it had a happy ending and a deeply healing, new beginning in our friendship. It was a dark and traumatic few weeks but the light returned!

    March 13th 1979 there was an eclipse, where the Moon passed over the Sun and was viewed by the population at large. Kids were let out of school early to watch it. The daylight took on the most etheric rosey hue that was at once dark and still rosy. Very interesting to be engulfed in.

    I was pregnant with my second son who was born 2 months early, a few months later , on May 7th.
    Let me tell you this was a powerful eclipse, personally and for the people at large.
    The was a 5. blah blah Earthquake whose epicenter was Morris Mn. The divide for the Red River that flows north and the Minnesota River that flows south into the Mississippi River.
    The field in Northern Minnesota is made up of numerous Ojibwe North Am. Indian Reservations and little white towns. Some of the towns are scared of the Indians whereas the one I am in at the moment has a history of including the Indians in everything they did.
    But I was in Bemidji for the first time, and it was during my pregnancy and I did not know their history but I was aware that the people there acted surprised when they saw me. I knew some were uneasy in my presence but this did not really concern me .
    Later after it was all over and spring came..the lakes thawed I returned to the 6 million acre national Park BWCA made up of Islands and Lakes. We are the only Indians ( or people) grand fathered in and allowed to live there. Any hoo the time to leave hadn’t come yet.
    Others later told me the people in Bemidji had ongoing trouble between themselves and the 3 big Reservations in that area.
    This is the background and surrounding area of the Eclipse.

    I had read up on everything possible so I could deliver the baby myself. I planned to take over an island in the Missouri River where a band of cousins wanted me to show them how to live off the river and in exchange they would let me have a 5X7 mile island that was inhabited by deer they said.
    Time was drawing near and I wanted to get my Home Birth Camp set up, my friends van was loaded with my stuff and Tipi. We set off from another friends farm just south of Bemidji and had to drive through Bemidji on our way out hiway 2 west. The middle of the night, before the dark before dawn scheduled departure ;my water broke as loons flew overhead singing. 2 Months EARLY!
    My driver , a Gemini who had never given birth herself before got hysterical as we drove ( I in dejected resignation) to the Bemidji Hospital.
    In our personal state we were NOT really aware of what was happening at large. It seems a revolutionary overthrow of the USA puppet government Tribal Council was going on and buildings were a fire at a northern Reservation. Their hospital was shut down and all their people were being shunted over to the Bemidji Hospital.
    I came in a day ahead of them.

    I brought a Cradle Board I had made for the baby and healing herbs for my bath after he was born. It had to be grated up and prepared properly. I was determined to do everything my way and I was prepared to fight for the right!
    The Dr. and nurses said I was all dilated and ready at any minute to give birth but I knew I wasn’t and wanted food. They wouldn’t give me any. That was mid morning and so I went all day without food and he was born the following morning, 5 minutes before exact Sunrise. I had 40 minutes of Labor pains.
    They tried to put me in sturips but I said NO..”Im going with the law of Gravity”, and I stood up. I had my Sacred Pipe in one arm and my fist in the other and said if they interfered with me I would deck them.
    I leaned to the left and they all ran to my left , then I leaned to the right and they all ran right. They looked like flapping ducks in their gowns and masks ! ha ha ha I bellered…NO MEN ALLOWED…this WOMANS Work! So the Dr, stayed away. The baby came ,,I caught him laughing with joy. He was screaming half way out…just like my first son. Finally the nurses started pulling on him and said he had to go on a hot pad cause he was two months early and not suppose to be born yet and had to be kept warm. He was 3 lbs 14oz and had a beautiful face with dark hair. he was healthy and STRONG with a good set of lungs.
    I had to find a nearby room in town to stay in because the hospital would not let him go until he reached 5 lbs. I was determined he would have breast milk and that no one would feed or change him but me. The nurses fixed my herbs like I wanted and were all very curious to learn about what I did, They were all nice people.
    However the only shift I could not make was the midnight but I examined the nurse on duty. She had severe migraine headaches and said in a very pleased sing song voice;when she saw my sons initials; ” Oh SS” how nice”. She had a thick German accent. I went to the Hospital Administrator and told him, ” she could NOT feed my son. If you feed a plant and you are depressed you can KILL the plant; and she has severe migraine headaches!” Furthermore I told him he was warned in case anything happened to any of the other babies she handled.He said she had the highest seniority and could not be let go. He gave my son a private room and nurse.
    Meanwhile back at the room in the House I was staying , had a House mother that was the great Grand daughter of George Armstrong Custer. I looked at her thinking I should take her to Uprising Indian headquarters and she could be a hostage. She saw me looking at her and started shaking all over. Naw I didn’t have time for that because I had all I could do to squeeze out the breast milk and make it back to the hospital on time for his feeding. Ha ha ha
    As it turned out the National Guard was called in to restore order and the hospital was kept very busy with Indian women giving birth in one hour or less. Native Indians deliver fast as a rule.
    Some eclipse hey….is my sons chart and life experiences effected by this?

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