Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 31, 2009

The Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Conjunction Hits the US Moon




Hi, Folks, I recently got my advance copy of the September issue of Dell Horoscope Magazine and must congratulate the editors on the cover article by Michael 0’Reilly! It is surely one of the best mundane astrology articles on this rare astrological event. I love the insights into the conjunction with the US’s Aquarian Moon, and the historic trip through past cycles of the same trio is very informative.  The whole piece is solidly researched and very scholarly without being over readers’ heads. Kudos to Michael and to Dell.  See an excerpt at, Michael’s website, and see his ideas on the asteroids at the same time.    It should be on the newsstands in a couple of weeks, but isn’t avilable for long, so you can also order a copy at Horoscope Magazine — Dell.   

Internet Find of the Week:  I happened across John and Susan Townley’s and am thoroughly enjoying the richness of so many excellent articles about astrology in one place.  Here are just a few items from their commentaries on news items relevant to astrology at (Forgive the funky formatting–I couldn’t get it to behave.)

       A Planet After All? (New Scientist) – Pluto, again. Turns out that Earth, if it were that far away, would be disqualified as a planet, too…  
            Astrologer In Murder Plot (Aspen Daily News) – And now she’s on the lam…  
          Our Benefic Protector (NY Times) – Jupiter took a bullet for us last weekend, in the bruise heard round the world…though, on the dark side, he occasionally slings some comets our way…


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    Great Articles i wish i have enough time to read all This Great Info without loosing one Great Insight !!!

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