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I’ve created an ebooklet, Mothers, Daughters, and the Moon that is available to my subscribers as a free offering.  It’s a 44-page excerpt from my out of print book, The Moon in your Life, also known as Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World.  You’ve seen some excerpts from the book in recent posts-Eclipses and Their Effects, Using the Daily Moon Sign to your Advantage, and The Moon Signs and their Emotional Habits 

 In an individual birth chart, the Moon’s sign, house, and aspects describes the mother, your relationship to her, and what kind of parent you become. I explored the topic in a three-chapter arc inmodaupainting-RbotWalker-Mca-Bethsm-wiki The Moon in your Life, and that’s the part that is  reprinted in this ebooklet. Here’s what they cover:

Chapter 7: Moon Phases, Life Cycles, and Momma’s Little Girl: The mother-daughter bond; the mother and the young girl; the Moon and images of femininity; the mother at the menarche; the mother and the teenage girl; the young adult woman and her mother; daughter becomes mother; mother becomes child–her declining years; lunar eclipse–when Mom wasn’t up to her job; a study in codependency–Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland; Moon after Moon after Moon.

 Chapter 8: Healing the Mother Knot:  Messages from Mom; the dead letter office; a do-it-yourself momectomy; psychological exercises; astrological exercises; forgiveness–the final frontier.

Chapter 9: The Passage into Parenthood: The Aquarian Moon and parenting options; birthing under the Aquarian Moon; breasts, breastfeeding and mother love; matrescence–the process of becoming a mother; what about fatherhood; using the Cancer rising wheel to avoid parental burnout; Moon sign readings–what kind of parent would you be?

How to get the booklet:   If you’re already a subscriber, forward a copy of this or another recent post to me at   If you’re not a subscriber yet, sign up on the blank at the  upper right hand side of the blog and forward me either your confirmation email or the next post you receive.


Art Credits:  The cover painting  Mother and Daughter on a Swing (Happy Times), 1895, is by Robert Walker Macbeth (1848-1910). It was provided to WikiMedia Commons by and is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.


  1. What a wonderful offer, Donna. It’s a real treat to be able to have something from an out-of-print book of yours.

  2. Thank you! I am looking forward to reading this – love your posts.

  3. I’m sure I will find this booklet very interesting. My mom’s sun in Libra sits exactly conjunct my moon in the first house. Plus her moon sits in my 12th. Every time you give some interesting quiz or way to look at a chart, I do her chart as well as my own. She, for example is quite Plutonian with 50 points on the quiz (compared to my paltry 17, even if it Pluto is conjunct my sun in Leo), and almost as Uranian as me with 43 points to my 48. It does shine more light on our relationship and help me understand her more. thanks Shelley

  4. Since I signed up for your blog already – I would LOVE to receive a copy of this work! 🙂 Thanks Donna!

  5. I love your blog and read it whenever it comes out! As a Scorpio Sun with a Taurus Mom, my moon is in Sag. I would love to read what you have to say about the Mother Daughter relationship when it comes to moon signs. Thanks for giving subscribers this opportunity to read a now out of print work!

  6. […]  If this post was helpful, sign up for a subscription, and get a FREE EBOOKLET for Skywriter Subscribers Only: Mothers, Daughters, and the Moon, a 50-page excerpt from The Moon in your Life. Read more about it here: New: Free Booklet For Skywriter Subscribers!  […]

  7. […]  If this post was helpful, sign up for a subscription, and get a FREE EBOOKLET for Skywriter Subscribers Only: Mothers, Daughters, and the Moon, a 50-page excerpt from The Moon in your Life. Read more about it here: New: Free Booklet for Skywriter Subscribers!  […]

  8. Dear Donna,

    thank you so much for your excellent work here.
    I am so glad i found your blog, with Libra Sun conj. Pluto in the 10th( conj. Midh.),Sag Rising conj. Neptune, Libra Merc. conj Scorpio Uranus and a lovely Cancer Moon in the 8th you can for sure tell this is a very healing source for me 😉 Thank you (love the writers section,too)
    Looking forward to your booklet!

  9. I receive automatic e-mail from the Skywriter website. Does this mean that I’m a subscriber? I would like to get your moon e-book. I will join if there’s something else that I need to do.

    • Yes, Deborah, if you’re getting the posts b y email, you’re a subscriber. I’ll see that you get it. Donna

  10. Thanks Donna for present in our lives daily!
    Cancer Moon ~ 4 planets in Virgo! Maru ~


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