Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 14, 2009

The Antiscia are Coming! The Antiscia are Coming!

 (c)2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSWtransits-starsfallinhousesm-a2d

I keep being amused/bemused that a post I half-heartedly threw together on a little known aspect called the antiscia at the end of February has wound up consistently in the list of the top 10 posts for this blog.  Six months later, there are still flurries of interest in it once or twice a week, apparently coming from the forums or from casual Google searches.  I’m bemused by the response because I barely have a concept of what antiscia are or why we should pay attention to them.  Do you?  

Well, it turns out that after languishing in obscurity for about 25 years, the antiscia (an-tih-sha) are coming into the spotlight now because a series of fairly heavy-duty ones are forming in the early degrees of the cardinal signs. They involve Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn–the self-same suspects as in the upcoming cardinal t-square we’re hearing so much about. 

I wrote about transiting Pluto’s antiscia six months ago under protest (mine, not my readers), having researched and drawn together what others had written about it on the internet.  And people came to see the post, and they commented and commented. And they kept on coming, long past any reasonable expectation.  

Recently I realized that this transiting  t-square that’s causing so much hoo-hah among our colleages is also simultaneously forming a nexus of antiscia and contra-antiscia to planets in early cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries).  Newly updated to include these observations, the article can be seen here:  Pluto and the transiting Antiscia–not Over ’til It’s Over.  I hope this doesn’t upset the antiscia militia, but I remain skeptical, though certainly willing to observe what happens in the next two years.

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