Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 31, 2009

Meet Mikey—Astrology’s Super Star, Michael Lutin

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 For the past week, we’ve been on an end-of-summer mini vacation together, my regular readers and I.  I don’t know about you, but I needed a break from the intensity of the Cosmic Weather and its trio of thugs:

  • the choose up sides and smell armpits opposition betweenUranus and Saturn
  •  the hazy/boozy/flim-flam artist gang of three  planets conjunct in Aquarius:  Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter
  • and the hair-triggered, spitfire t-square between Mars, Mercury, Pluto and the Sun in early degrees of the Cardinal signs. 

 The last few posts on Skywriter have been dedicated to the lighter side of Astrology—Saturn Transits the 7th House—a Rare Interview with Father Time Himself; Clients Say the Darndest Things!; Is the Semi-Sextile a Good Aspect or a Bad One?; and the guided tour through Readers’ Favorites–Skywriter’s Top Posts of all Time. However, nobody does funny better than astrology’s Michael Lutin, so today we’re going to visit with him.

Michael—or Mikey, as he likes to call himself—is one of the world’s best-known astrologers, with quite a practice in both New York and California. He’s written many well-received books and his entertaining shows at major astrology conferences are legendary.  He’s been the astrology columnist for Vanity Fair magazine for many years and is now a regular blogger on the Huffington Post.  Does his prestigious Vanity Fair gig bring him celebrity clients?  The soul of discretion, Michael would never reveal their identities, but he’s invited to Oscar parties every March. Imichaellutin-julienrodetn an earlier era, he’d have been compared to Hollywood astrologers like Carroll Righter and  Sydney Omarr.

Here’s a sampler of Michael’s wit and wisdom found on the internet: 

He’s even sunshines-michaellutinfunnier when you can see or hear him, and this being the web, you can do exactly that without even getting dressed. Visit these sites:

 If you aren’t familiar with Michael’s work, prepare for a treat.  If you’re already a fan, enjoy! 

Art Credit:  Michael’s Photo by was found on his website.  I’d write for permission, but Michael’s an extremely busy man and seldom responds to email.  I looked for the photographer, Julien Rodet, on the web, but there was no site.  Anyone who locates him, please let me know.


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