Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 4, 2009

Back to School Time for Astrology Lovers– Internet Find of the Week

backtoschool-a2dYou’re never too old to feel that “back to school” stirring as Labor Day rolls around! Even after all these years, I’m feeling a quickening of the mind and spirit.  Since people often ask me where to learn about astrology, I was delighted to encounter this excellent series of posts thoughtfully compiled by Tima Vlasto, a professional astrologer at Astrology Tips and Tricks of the Trade. They were among AstroDispatch’s current daily catalogue of excellent articles on the web. 

My only disagreement with the booklists is that too many of the books listed—including my own—are out of print. (You may spot some of these hard-to-find items among the long list of used astrology books at It’s a swap site where you earn credits for your own used books—all it costs is postage.) Readers, what more recent books do you recommend to students?  Please leave your favorites in the comment section.

Want To Learn To Write Daily Horoscopes?dailyhoroscope4-web

It’s a skill that many astrologers use to advantage in websites, blogs, and newsletters. My research on–Free Keyword and Tag Tester  shows that several of the top astrology terms most used on various search engines have to do with daily horoscopes.  (Read more about it here: Internet Find of the Week–Compare Blog Tags and Website Keywords for Visitor Appeal.)

One of the most popular offerings at the International Academy of Astrology (Formerly OCA) is the 6-session online course Working in and with the Media taught by Chris Turner, Fellow FAA, QA (FAA), AAT (FAA) Accr. Member APA, Dip Biol. It begins Wednesday, October 21st and meets for 6 sessions. The tuition–$325–is a good investment in career building—and tax-deductible too!  Read more about it here:


  1. The three books that started my study of astrology were your Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World and Moon Signs and The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience by Lindsay River and Sally Gillespie.

    • Thanks, Mari. I don’t know The Knot of Time, but it sounds intriguing.

  2. Thank you Donna,
    What an honor! You can’t imagine how I feel seeing this on your blog. You were “unknowingly” (through your books) my first astrology teacher and mentor for many years (and still are). Every single book you ever wrote…sits on my bookshelf. It was your sensitivity, insight, even-mindedness and compassion that inspired me to be an astrologer. And even though a few of the books I mentioned are out-of-print, your book is well worth searching for. It is a gem worth finding.

    • If it’s an honor, Tima, it’s certainly a well-deserved one. I’d been wishing for something like those lists for a good long time, and you did a great service in collecting them. Donna

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