Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 6, 2009

The Astrology of Labor Day–and of our new Secretary of Labor

Have a great holiday weekend, folks, and don’t forget why we celebrate Labor Day. You realize, of course, that it occurs right near the middle of the sign Virgo, the sign of work and service. There were demonstrations and parades to remind us of workers’ concerns as early as 1882–it wasn’t always just an excuse to have a picnic.  Today I’m sharing some  of my own observations about the world of work and some  fine articles about the astrology of  this holiday from the web.

Fittingly, our new Secretary of Labor, the first Latina to be appointed to a presidential cabinet, has Moon in Virgo. In their page about her ( Hilda Solis), Wikipedia gives her date of birth as October 20, 1957, as do other sources around the web (e.g.  The time is unknown, but the Moon was in Virgo the entire day. She is also one of the Pluto in Virgo generation that has had such a difficult time finding meaningful work in their lifetime, and hopefully can be a mover in helping to resolve some of their painful dilemmas.  I watched a moving interview with her today where she described how her working class immigrant parents struggled and how her guidance counselor in school told her she wasn’t college material and should set her sights on becoming a secretary.  She DID finally become a secretary this year, when she was appointed Secretary of Labor.  Felicitaciones, Hilda!Labor_Day_New_York_1882-wikipd

If you’re wondering how this holiday came to be, read the article by astrologer Patricia Lantz on the history of Labor Day and the labor unions, Labor Day was Born in an Attempt to Please the Working People of America on her site at the Atlanta Examiner. As she points out, phases of the history of the labor movement are marked by Saturn in Virgo and Pisces. (History buffs, see more here:  What is Labor Day? A brief history of Labor Day and its creation )

A wonderful reminder to honor and be kind to those who serve us, by CJ Wright of Auntie Moon here: Virgo and Labor Day. I love her idea about adding an extra bit to tips on Labor Day–it has to be a drag to work on a holiday while your buds are off at the beach. I’d also like to put in a word for wait people who are stuck serving food that isn’t well prepared or on really busy times in a restaurant when it’s incredibility busy and you have to wait and wait for your food. It’s not the wait person’s fault in either case–they’re not cooking your food and have no control over how long it takes the cook to have your meal ready, so don’t deduct from their tip if you’re angry.I always say that you can tell a good deal about a person, especially a date, by how they treat wait staff–the ones who are nasty and demanding with them, just wait until you let them get closer and take you for granted.

Oh, and two more observations about Virgo and the associated 6th house:wmgradonladderold-mgx

I was a social worker in medical settings for the first 10 years I studied astrology.  My coworkers were always pestering me to look at their charts, and I found fewer Virgo placements than you might imagine. More prominent were the Sun, Moon, or several planets in the 6th. 

As an upwardly mobile person myself–one of the very first on both sides of the family to even get a college degree, much less a master’s–I was observant about the charts of clients who’d arisen out of humble backgrounds. No matter how successful, many of those with a 6th house Sun retained an identity of themselves as blue collar. Some of them limited their progress by self-effacing behavior and the belief that they weren’t entitled to be treated well.  As we looked deeper, they often had a kind of survivor’s guilt toward family members as well as a deep fear that they might become alienated from their relatives’ love and support of family if they rose too far above their roots. I can’t say, personally, that I’ve entirely mastered that concern myself.

  Have a good weekend!  Donna

Art Credits:  The public domain image, compliments of,  is of a huge demonstration in New York’s Union Square in 1882.


  1. I have a sixth house sun and a deep respect for people who are the “salt of the earth.”

  2. Good point, Neeti. There’s gold in them thar roots, as well as a solid sense of values. After all, many upwardly-mobile people are those who were taught the value of hard work and living within their means. Donna

  3. I’m so glad you mentioned how much you can learn about a person by the way they treat wait staff. The same goes for how folks treat the staffs that take care of offices, everyone from doormen to the mailroom to cleaning staff, all the folk who make the corporate world run smoothly.

  4. Thanks for the info about 6th house placements. This fits quite well with my observations too. I can think of one person with a 6th house Sun that fits this profile exactly.

    Having spent most of my working life in service occupations of one kind or another, I agree. 🙂

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