Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 12, 2009

The Steamy Side of Venus-Pluto Aspects—A Photo Gallery

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Let me say in advance that there’s lots more complexity to the relationships of people with Venus-Pluto aspects or Venus in Scorpio than just their sexuality—so much more, in fact, that I dedicated a whole chapter to them in my ebook, Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars.  For instance, there’s their unparalleled capacity as healers to transform people with the power of their love.  But it’s the weekend, folks, and we’ve covered a lot of serious—even rather somber—territory on this blog in the last few days, so today we’re gonna play.

Earlier we looked at a gallery of photos of celebrities with Venus-Uranus aspects, (Venus-Uranus Aspects among the Glitterati ) and today we’ll see a collection of pictures that demonstrate that certain something that Venus-Pluto people share.  But first, here are some of the tendencies they bring to their relationships.

antoniobanderas-goog “SMOKIN’!!” Just as you’d imagine, a great deal of passion can be generated by combining Venus with Pluto. (They don’t form aspects so much as cohabit!) Among those with the conjunction, for instance, are Hollywood sex symbols like Antonio Banderas, Sean Penn, and Raquel Welch.

Where the combination is strong, the urge to merge with another through sexuality can become compulsive, even to the point of addiction. For others, physical conquest or seduction is more about power over the other person.

“IT’S NOBODY’S BUSINESS IF I DO.” These highly private folks consider it nobody else’s business. In fact, secrecy enhances the passion. Sexual intrigue, such as infidelity or the office affair, exerts a lure, the payoff being getting away with it or getting even with someone. They tend to feel more shame than remorse when the “dirty secret” leaks out.

THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND SEX AND MONEY.” We had an old reprobate of a professor at college who adored saying that to shock us. He probably had a Venus-Pluto aspect, not to mention a fairly good grip on politics.

Political savvy, combined with personal charm, give these folks the capacity to hobnob with the movers and shakers. In lists of people with such aspects, you find many who married well in order to do some dynasty building. In researching the charts of the wives of presidents and politicians, I was fascinated to see how many of them had Venus in combination with Pluto—so many that I dubbed it the First Lady Aspect. Those who have it include Pat Nixon and Betty Ford with the trine and Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, and Maria Shriver—first lady of California—with the square.

Note: These have been excerpts from my ebook, Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars (a.k.a. The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.2), available at

A Photo Gallery of People with Venus-Pluto Aspects

Note:  The photos below are of celebrities with various major Venus-Pluto aspects. These photos were found under Google Images search engine and are copyright by their owners. They were assembled for teaching purposes only and are not to be published or distributed.

Looking at the images as a group, you may begin to sense certain qualities that people with Venus-Pluto aspects share, without perhaps being able to verbalize them.  The men are, in order of appearance: Antonio Banderas, Elvis Presley, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Dr Phil McGraw, and Simon Cowell.  Astrology students, you can download the file here:  VENUS-PLUTO PHOTO GALLERY  .






The women are, in the order of their appearance:  Britney Spears, Goldie Hawn, Raquel Welch, Glenn Close, Ivana Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Ferguson with  Maria Shriver.





Astrology students, you can download the file here:  VENUS-PLUTO PHOTO GALLERY .   See a similar gallery of people with Venus-Uranus aspects at  Venus-Uranus Aspects among the Glitterati.

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  1. Venus conjoined Pluto here. If only it weren’t in Virgo! And kept in check with various other aspects. 😉

    • I don’t buy it, Leslee. I happen to know–well I won’t say how I happen to know–that Virgo is a very sensuous sign. Donna

      • 🙂

  2. I love this series.

  3. Oh, that Antonio Banderas is one hot, hotty! A few months back, someone on a forum asked how we would picture the different signs. This was my response.

    Aries : Antonio Banderas at the grill
    Taurus: Antonio Banderas in the garden
    Gemini: Antonio Banderas reading the paper
    Cancer : Antonio Banderas taking me home to meet mom
    Leo : Antonio Banderas accepting an academy award
    Virgo: Antonio Banderas organizing my files
    Libra : Antonio Banderas whispering sweet nothings in my ear
    Scorpio: Antonio Banderas walking out of a steam room
    Sagittarius : Antonio Banderas as Zorro
    Capricorn: Antonio Banderas ordering his entourage around
    Aquarius : Antonio Banderas leading the French revolution
    Pisces: Antonio Banderas serenading me

    • Oh, no, CJ! Is this the part where I issue a phony apology for my conduct, and then they cart me off to rehab and I get my picture in the tabloids? If I were a politician, I know that’s what would come next, but I’m just a newbie blogger and ignorant of protocol. And is a publicist required or optional? I haven’t budgeted for one this month. Please advise. Donna

      PS. I’ve been trying to figure out all day today what’s the astrological signature for all these phony apologies on the news all the time when people in the public eye shoot off their mouths and then have to retract? Anybody?

      • You gotta get your chops, babe! You’re dancin’ with Pluto!

    • This list is pretty neat!

  4. Hi-

    I have Pluto conjunct Venus in Virgo in the 3rd. You know….just your average “sex pot” yoga teacher! 🙂 I have met a lot of interesting and powerful people…I just wish the healing thing could stop attracting men with addictions and mental illness…


    • That’s the part that’s difficult to navigate with this aspect, isn’t it? How to do “I gave at the office” and find more evolved Plutonians for your personal life. Pluto aspects can sure take a long time to resolve. Donna

    • S, I wondered vis-a-vis the “addictions and mental illness” if you also have Neptune contacting your personal planets.

      • Hi- I have Neptune opposing my Moon and conjunct Mercury. Any thoughts on how this adds to the “atrraction” of these individuals? S

  5. If you want to know just about those aspects, you’ll like these links:

    But, I’m honor-bound to tell you that for a complete understanding of any issue, the whole chart needs to be considered.

  6. How about the even steamier side of Mars in
    Scorpio, regarding men.

    • Oh, they’re steamy all right–almost scary steamy! for that you’d look for writings about Mars-Pluto aspects. I have one or two about that here on this blog, though not about sex per se. Donna

  7. very captivating, maybe I should stop browsing your site .. No 🙂
    I like it very much.. thank you

    I have pluto (libra, house-I) trine venus (aqua, house-V) by 2 degrees.

    you have talked of GUILT and screaming sex-appeal. true.

    the most common thing I felt is that Over-Compensation with SEXuality, if not sex per-se, in relationship when I dont feel *he is the one*, but a liking alone forms the basis of relationship.

    I have loved only one man in my life, and with him, I knew it from the moment I set eyes on that HE is the One… there I did not try any antics. and we both were magents to eachother.. crazily attracted. for our own sanity, we keep distance. 😦

    does it count that he has Pluto Square Venus in chart. (2 degree)

    Pluto Venus People know it by gut if it is REAL or not,, but Real thing is RARE, very RARE (in my 35 yrs i felt it Only Once),.. so for most of the relationships, they keep it afloat with sexuality working OverTime in place of Love.

    I need to already Clarify: I DO NOT feel sexy,, but people (men) tell me I am so SEXY, which is hard to identify with, but I feel *Powerful* inside but not Sexy.. I hope you understand, its hard to explain.

    Men eventually turn to COMPETITIVENESS and Controlling issues, thats the curse of it. not worth it…. due to both in air signs, I then turn to acting Aloof and detached, which more emphasizes BITCH factor.

    … I am reading how others respond to it..

    on my part, now I Purposely, Do NOT try to sell sex in the place of Love. but Friendship suffice, if it does.. just a theory, I am trying.. lets see if it works 🙂

  8. Donna how do you feel about sextiles? I have Sun/Venus sextile Pluto in the 12th.I never paid much attention to the sextiles in my chart because I always thought they were rather bland and boring and didn’t pack nearly as much of a punch as the hard aspects.Maybe I should rethink that—

    • Hi, Jane, welcome to Skywriter. Sextiles give a nice little bump, something to fall back on when you need a wee helping hand. I always say that the keyword for sextiles is “oh, that.” because when I describe them to someone, they say, “oh, that.” Donna

  9. I have a tight trine and I feel that suits me, really. I also know this girl with the sextile who lost her long-term bf to a bitch with a Mars-Pluto trine. lol.
    Do you think that all Venus-Pluto contacts may be the same, from relationship perspective?

    • The sextile not so much, but other aspects can have variations on these patterns, even the trine. Of course, if Venus has other stronbg aspects, like say a conjunction to Uranus, that modifies it some. Donna

  10. Hello, for Leslee and Donna…Virgo was first of all, connected to Ishtar (constellation of Virgo), no? maybe that’s why Virgo is very sensuous :))) I am a Virgo-Virgo person, with Sun-ASC-Eros-Venus-Pluto-Lilith-black moon tight conjunction (on 28-29 degree of Virgo, 1rst house, all this stellium in sextile with Jupiter-Neptune in sagittarius in III). I am not a boring person, but yet, very discreet :))) But I could not be invisible in a room :)))

  11. I’d like to nitpick about your choice of the word charm (“political savvy combined with personal charm…”). In my case, despite/because of Moon in Cap & Sun in Cancer, I feel I have neither. But every so often (despite what I think of as a Plain Jane exterior), I will notice a man being captivated by what I now feel to be my 10th House Pluto conj. Venus in Leo. I am not charming; If anything I’m stiff and hesitant with a bucket of Cancer concern. And, like the commenter above, I do not feel sexy. I think how it operates is this: there is an inability (in us Pluto/Venus people) to mask the desire to know others to the very root. It’s in our eyes.

    To be really “seen” is captivating, as in the stare of a snake as it approaches its prey. To be known (a form of acceptance and connection) is what we all long for… even if we feel unworthy. This kind of “charm” is not fake or nice or sweet. And the knowing is not mental or intellectual; it’s physical, emotional and spiritual. The best we can do to hide it is pretend not to care. We ourselves are captivated and we can’t not want to know.

    Thank you for your writing. Without it, I would not have been moved to try to put it into words, even for my own benefit.

    • Hi, Femi, thanks for adding your own experience. Those are good observations. Donna

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