Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 29, 2009

7 Secrets You May not Know about the 12th House

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The 12th house is one of the more mysterious territories of the birth chart, and possibly the least understood. As you probe its secrets, you may find hidden gold. Or, as we’ll see with the chart of former senator John Edwards, you may find dirty laundry–or both.  For people on a path of self-discovery, pondering your 12th produces important insights into your shadow side and into the ways you shoot yourself in the foot.

As an astrologer, counselor, or healer, the client’s 12th may shed a great deal of light on sources of compulsive behaviors and self-sabotage that your work together can address. Probing it sensitively when a client is ready for change can result in a deep healing.

However, you should never, ever force such revelations on clients who resist them, for you can force their secrets even deeper into hiding and increase their resistance to going for help in the future.  Trust that their resistance is the psyche’s wise way of protecting itself until all the ingredients are present for a healing.secretcave-a2d

The 12th house reveals a Rising Sign’s hidden agendas. My early mentor, Rod Chase used a technique of studying the 12 signs in which he placed each one in turn on the 1st house and the following signs in turn around the 2nd, 3rd, and so on.  The 12th house sign would be the one immediately before the sign on the first.

For instance, with Sagittarius Rising, Scorpio would be on the 12th.  Thus you might discern that Sagittarius’ preaching about morality, ethics, or religion may conceal a desire to control others or the self.  Leo Rising puts Cancer on the 12th, and behind the show of seeming confidence and even conceit lies a great deal of shyness and insecurity—that’s why they need so much applause. You can learn a great deal about any Rising sign by using his technique.

 The 12th house is the house of secrets. In your birth chart, this house shows what you keep hidden from the world—the things you’d rather people didn’t know about you. If there’s nothing placed in the 12th, you probably don’t have any major secrets, just some of the less wonderful traits of the sign on the cusp that you try to keep from showing others.  However, any planets in that house—including their sign and aspects—can show major sources of diffisecretwmintrench-a2dculty. There can be a good deal of shame attached to matters depicted by that house, and that’s why you’d rather not reveal them.

There lie the secrets you hide from yourself.  Along with the Moon and the planet Neptune, the 12th shows things about yourself that are unconscious and thus not readily dealt with. In these unconscious urges, emotions, and memories lie the seeds of neurosis.

Your Secrets can be the source of self-undoing. When it comes to shooting yourself in foot, the 12th house should be #1 on your suspect list.  Whenever you get to the point of asking yourself, “WHY, WHY, WHY do I keep doing that to myself,” that’s the time when you need someone wise and knowledgeable about astrology—and human nature—to take an unbiased look at your chart.  We can seldom be that objective about our own charts and especially about the 12th house.

 The closer a 12th house planet is to the Ascendant, the less of a secret it really is!  A 12th house planet that is conjunct the Ascendant within 10° is much more apparent to people around you and the world at large than you believe.  You’re probably not fooling anyone but yourself, even if they don’t call you on it. An example would be the flamboyantly gay but closeted person who believes that if they don’t talk about it no one will know.

During a transit to 12th house planets, the secret will come out.  When politicians’ dirty secrets are revealed, their careers usually go down in flames. A recent example was Senator John Edwards, a promising Democratic candidate in the 2008 presidential campaign—I was all prepared to vote for him in the primary. The AstroDatabank Record for Edwards, John notes that he was born June 10, 1953, in Seneca, SC.  His mother gave his time of birth to a campaign staffer as 7:02 AM EST, but his wife later gave it as 7:23 AM.  In either case, the resulting chart shows a 12th house trio of planets—the Sun and Mars conjunct in late Gemini and Mercury in Cancer.


He withdrew from the presidential race on January 30, 2008.  That summer, when the National Enquirer began publishing rumors of an illegitimate child, he finally revealed (on 8/8/08) an affair he had 2 years earlier. His 12th house Gemini Sun and Mars were prominently featured in transits in that two-year interval—as Pluto went through late Sagittarius—and continue to be prominent in the aftermath, as the transiting Uranus-Saturn oppositiosecretinternet-a2dn from Pisces and Virgo square them.  As of March, 2010, details of his affairs continue to surface and to make tabloid television news.

 Probing your secrets is a good thing.  In the 12-step programs, they say, “you’re only as sick as your secrets.”  One of the major sources of healing and reclamation for a person in recovery from an addiction is the process of writing it all out in an inventory and telling that inventory to a trusted person like a sponsor. Secrets can fuel addiction like nothing else!   In the case of John Edwards’ 12th house Sun-Mars conjunction, the secrecy of the affair(s?) apparently added extra thrills to the sexual compulsion. However, dealing with hidden issues can be a huge release and relief for anyone with a strong12th house.

One caution: it isn’t wise to confide your secrets to just anyone—pick the person and the timing very carefully.  Often a professional counselor or spiritual advisor who is sworn to confidentiality is the best place to start sorting things out. And, so you know, there’s no such thing as a secret in emails or on the internet.

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  1. I have Aqu in the 12th, with Uranus in Libra the 8th.

    What hurt me as a teenager was that people said I was “different” (if they liked me), or “God, she’s weird” (if they didn’t like me). Maybe this had to do with my love for palmistry and astrology.

    Now in my 30s, I’ve “come out” with my astrology. And accept whatever that may bring me. “Yeah, fine, I’m weird. Cool,” is my current attitude.

    Funniest thing: I tried, when I was younger, to act totally “normal.” Didn’t fool anyone.

    Thanks for sharing this, Donna, I really struggle to understand the 12th!

    • Ah, neeti! It’s only among our own kind–like-minded people–that we are truly free to be ourselves. And on your blog, the lovely things you write, you get to be you and loved for it. Donna

      • My Internet astrology community has given me so much. It makes me happy. Happy. Such a simple word.

        Your comment made me think of this song:

  2. Oops! Didn’t know it would post the video! Uranus, man, gotta love him 🙂

    • I’m thrilled the video posted, Neeti. I was about to cry. Sometimes the ol’ rascal gives us nice surprises, too.

  3. I have my Sun, Jupiter, Mars & Mercury in the 12th, though Mars & Mercury are close to my Scorpio ASC so get more ‘air time’. :::sigh:::

    It literally took the first half of my life, and Pluto transiting my 12th & ASC, to sort through all the unwritten contracts Scorpio so loves to inflict on others. Being on the other side of menopause and with no hormones driving me anymore is equally helpful. Sex is so overrated IMO. LOL

    Donna, you bring us the most useful information on astrology! Thank you VERY much!!! 🙂

  4. Fantastic, Donna. And thanks so much for the reminder about the web and email.

    • Glad you’re enjoying them, folks. I like it too and probably will do more like it on a regular basis. There are so many miscellaneous insights I’ve gotten by seeing similar chart patterns in consultations over the years and questioning the clients about their exeriences, but I never found a place to share them.

      The idea comes from the Big Bloggers I follow. They say people like lists like these, regardless of the area of interest of a blog, and so posts like these are very popular. So I try many of the things they recommend, and much of it works. But I had no idea I would love doing this sort of post so much. It’s looking to become a series. Donna

  5. Secrets about the 12th house?! Donna, you’ve done it again — brilliantly, too. I hope this is the start of a series on each of the houses. I can see their titles now:

    1st House for Beginners
    Getting Possessive About the 2nd House
    Talking About the 3rd House
    Feeling at Home with the 4th House
    Kidding Around About the 5th House
    Getting the 6th House to Work for you
    Relating to the 7th House
    Dying to Know More About the 8th House?
    What Does the 9th House Mean?
    What Role Does the 10th House Play?
    Making Friends with the 11th House

    Now, since you started with the 12th house, will you be presenting that list backwards? Enquiring minds want to know…

    • Oh, Deb, you are too funny!! Folks, Deborah is my podner in creating Vibration Magazine and now blog for the past 11 years, and one of the reasons it works is because she is very funny AND very hard working and bright. Donna

  6. Damn: and there I thought it works is because YOU are very funny and hardworking and bright. How are we ever going to sort this one out?

  7. I have Cancer Rising with my Sun,Venus,Uranus
    also in Cancer in the 12th so this was a very
    interesting helpful article to read. Hope to see more on this house like progressions,transits.
    Thanks for all your helpful insights.

    • Hi, Coach, we sound like kindred souls. Stick around for just about 10 minutes and your wish will be granted. I’m about to post a piece on 12th house Suns. Donna

  8. Donna, I so relate to this post, particularly the point on how you are oblivious to what everybody else can see. I have mercury in Pisces 2 degrees from the ASC. in the 12th house.I had to learn 3 languages at an early age. People therefore were always commenting on my ‘accent’ and I could not figure out what they were talking about. ‘Huh’ what accent? Took me a long time to realize that indeed I talk funny!

    • Are you kidding, Fabienne? You have an absolutely enchanting voice! Folks, she is French and Brazilian, so you can imagine what a charming accent she has. She was in my last writing teleseminar, and so I heard her.

      Fabienne is the author of The Saturn-Neptune Quincunx and its Part in our Economic Woes, a guest post here a couple of weeks ago that was the top post of the month. Come on and peek out of that 12th house, Fabienne, you deserve to be heard. Donna

  9. Hi Donna- thanks for all your great posts!!!
    I have a question that I haven’t been able to find much info on….my boyfriend has pluto 00 deg. in virgo, and uranus 06 leo both retrograde in the 12th, and he has virgo 00 rising.
    My 12th is empty, but I am a 25Taurus rising.
    Any insight would be great.


    • HI, jerri, I’m not quite sure what your question is. If your boyfriend’s Ascendant is 0 Virgo and so is his Pluto, then he has Pluto conjunct the Ascendant and thus it’s very strong. The minutes on the Ascendant and Pluto don’t count as much as the fact that they’re conjunct, because if the birth time is off even a minute of time, then the minutes on the Ascendant change. If you’re asking about compatability, you really need both charts done, to see where all the planets in each chart line up. I don’t do charts any more myself. Donna

  10. Great post! I have three planets in the 12th: mercury (22 cancer), sun (27 cancer), and venus (4 leo) with a 16-degree leo rising (and uranus just below in the first – fun!)

    Here are a few ways the 12th house has influenced my life:

    I am a secret singer songwriter; have written over 100 songs, some pretty good! Few people know that about me.

    In my late teens/20’s, I had eating disorders that I never told anyone about until I stopped – after almost dying in a public bathroom from purging.

    Meanwhile, I was a serious student of spiritual and holistic health, spent many years meditating in silent retreat and finally started to “find myself” in my 40’s, earning a degree in nutrition, writing books, etc. (Learn more at Took that long to have the confidence to be myself in public and share my Light with the world. Geez.

    Looking at all this with the 12th house in mind really puts some things into perspective. Thank you!

    • thanks for sharing your path, Diana. That’s how it sometimes works, the 12th house. We can live through the pitfalls of it, and somehow we come to a place of illumination. Usually with intense transits to those 12th house planets. Donna

  11. Thank you for your story, Diana.
    Donna…sorry to have been unclear. I wasn’t actually asking about compatability, but more in the line of his uranus and pluto being retrograde in the 12th.
    He is about to turn 53, has never been married, and recently lost his job…which I think is a good thing because he was stagnant.
    Do you do any type of readings anymore?

    • No readings any more, no. I’m retired from doing consultations in order to focus on writing. Donna

  12. Donna, 2 things…thanks so much for addressing my concerns in the Oct. issue of dell horoscope mag.
    I’m the one that needs to write & start a blog.

    Second, I find so much useful & timely info. @ your website. Are you an angel in disguise?


    • I’m delighted that you’re entering the blogosphere, Barb. I think you’ll love it and take to it naturally. Have a look at the category list on the right side of this blog, and under Writing Tips you’ll find a bunch of articles to help you get started. Donna

  13. Donna, loved the phrase “shoot yourself in the foot” Used it myself in the last six months to explain why I hadn’t submitted a request to speak at a conference. With a stellium of four planets, Uranus, Mars, Moon, and Saturn, in Gemini in the 12th one would think I have things to say. (I do) I’m coming to understand that one on one and small groups are my venue. Trusting ones inner wisdom is really what it is all about in the 12th. It takes a lifetime of inner journeying to come home to oneself.

    • Thanks, she says, limping off the stage. Donna, who having spent years shooting herself in the foot, now finds it cheaper to buy sandals.

      • Donna, I had to break my ankle in three places so I have a permanent limp to remind me what is really important. I now wear Z-Coils, a funny shoe with springs. Keeps me balanced…well sometimes. SMILE

  14. Hi, excellent article!

    I have CAP in 12th house and a Aquarius 12th House Venus.
    I have a inner wish to seek solitude, and to keep my spirituality and sensitivity a secret.
    My love requires some protection too.
    Maybe I truly feel true love and outside of our couple relationship, other people cannot relate or understand that.

    Other than that, I am truly happy with my 12th house.

  15. thank you so much for writing this article the 12th house mostly gets a negative rap, and very little has been written on how to use or understand it. So thank you!

    • Thanks, Amandria. The world is such a troubled–and troubling–place these days, that I find a great deal of solace in my 12th house nest. Donna

  16. Hi Donna — I think people shared on this post because 12th house people don’t really want to be invisible. It’s very reassuring to know that we’re not alone and that someone else out there gets it.

    The irony is that this is such a vulnerable place for me, I neglected to leave a comment on the original post. Maybe someday, I’ll go back and leave one.

    • Thanks, LB. Yes, as a 12th house person myself, I have often wished for a cloak of invisibility, and yet I seem always to stand out. Donna

  17. Donna,

    I was born with a Sagittarius Ascendant, but I also have Sagittarius on the 12th house cusp (not in Scorpio as I read in your article) as well as on the 1st. I think it’s extremely important to mention that some astrological charts’ house cusps are not always in the natural order of the Zodiac. I have two signs missing from mine, Aquarius and Leo are skipped in order, and so I have two houses in Sagittarius (1st and 12th) and two in Gemini (6th and 7th). I find that this kind of consideration is sorrily left out of most informational material regarding the house cusp sytem(s).



    • Yes, you have what is called an interception. That’s quite common and happens at times of the day and regions north or south of the equator where a pair of opposite houses is more than 30 degrees wide. Thus two opposite signs are not missing from the chart but simply do not appear on the cusps, since the houses they fall into are more than 30 degrees. I think most astrology students are aware of that, but newcomers to astrology are not. Donna

  18. hello Donna,
    thank you for your very informative blog and your book “healing pluto problems” which I will probably purchase through the internet. I have a 12th house stellium with pluto 0° on the asc. too conj.merc.I think it was the phrase “…I’ll do it anyway!” which had me laughing out loud so relevant is it. For me right now, it’s very and I mean very, plutonian/saturn.
    Thank you again.

    • Hi, Simone, yes, I would imagine Healing Pluto Problems would be very relevant now. There are other materials on this blog meant to help people through this tough time:
      At the top right hand corner, click on the category “A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit,” as there is a whole series of articles to help people work with that transit.

      Also see “Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed–Here’s what helps,” with links to 17 articles from excellent astrologers around the internet.

      And put “stellium” into the search engine for this blog–there is a series about stelliums and how vulnerable they make people who have them. Welcome to Skywriter! Donna

  19. First things first, Donna; thank you so very much for Healing Pluto’s Problems, a gift from my mother during Saturn’s 1st return. Having Pluto directly on my ASC square Venus (sole sign dipositor by hierarchy) directly on my MID, it was a true blessing & always is helpful @ troubling times.
    That said, LB’s comment of Feb10 re: 12th house persons not being invisible resonated with my question that I’ve noticed no one addressed in this blog & others may find informative:
    In an intercepted-house natal chart when the 12th house ruler is also the 1st house ruler, what insight would you offer?

    • Thank you, Dixie, you must have a mother who’s working really courageously on her own Pluto issues.

      The situation you pose is an example of the old rule that when something in a chart is really an important pattern, you’ll see it more than one way. Here, the tension/conflict about being seen by others (exposure) is seen in Pluto on the Ascendant as well as having the same ruler for the 1st and 12th houses. Donna

  20. After over a 1/2-century with my natal chart, I can laugh at the humor of your insight as my ASC is in Leo! And you’re spot on about my mother’s courage…it’s been a successful journey for the entire family. Thanks for the reply, as I hadn’t really looked at my 12/1 from that perspective before. Now I’ll attempt to use your tip with my 6/7 ruler.

  21. My mother the victim…its only till she became victimized that she finally hit bottom and realized why she never acted on her 12th house line up:

    merc 8% gemini
    mars 24% gemini
    venus 26% gemini
    Sun 29% gemini
    N. Node 3% cancer

    add Cancer rising @ 13% & cancer moon @ 28 in house 1 and you have a lake that runs still..until someone decides to throw a rock and all hell breaks loose!

  22. I am mesmorised by these insights.
    Just curious has anyone known a person with more Piscean or 12th house activity than mine?
    Piscean sun 1st house, Piscean Asc, Venus and Mercury in Pisces and both in the 12th house.
    I feel I’m a walking talking fish, and all things Neptunian presonified.
    I resonate with everything I have read here.
    Thank-you all so much.

    • Believe it or not, Zeffi, I do know someone who has more. He’s a triple Pisces with Sun and Venus in that sign in the 12th house, then Pisces Ascendant, and Moon and something else in Pisces in the 1st. He’s not doing so well with it, however. Donna

      • I wanted to let you know that I am grateful for the generous that you make yourself available to us. You have inspired and enlightened me personaly. Thank you Donna. Two times you have answered my questions and I never had the chance to thank you. I hope sometime to have the pleasure of meeting you. With much respect. Jen

      • Thank you, Jen. I thoroughly enjoy what I do or I wouldn’t do it, but it’s great to know what it’s making a difference for others too. Donna

  23. In Placidus my 12th house is in Taurus and I have Jupiter Rx in Taurus in it.
    In Koch Jupiter Rx is conjunct the 12th h. cusp in the 11th house and my 12th house is ruled by Gemini and empty… depending on how you look at it.

    I never really stopped to think about what that might mean for me as far as secrets or enemies go.

    I’ve known many people who I called family or friends who have stolen/lied to me.

    Maybe that’s it.

    Thank you Donna. =-)

    • Read the article on Jupiter in the 12th and see if you relate to it. Donna

  24. “You can learn a great deal about any Rising sign by using his technique.”

    My ASC is in the same sign as my 12th house — this sign extends back beyond 12H cusp. My 12H is also where located is my stellium comprised of 4 panets: both luminaries, 1 personal and 1 outer.

    In light of this, do you maintain the opinion that ASC is an indicator of what I’m trying to conceal? I am a very private person but I don’t have any major secrets.

    “If there’s nothing placed in the 12th, you probably don’t have any major secrets, just some of the less wonderful traits of the sign on the cusp that you try to keep from showing others.”

    Is this to say the 12H negatively impacts the way one demonstrates the “less wonderful traits” of the preceding sign? Don’t most people typically try to conceal unpleasant traits of any given sign?

    “the flamboyantly gay but closeted person who believes that if they don’t talk about it no one will know.”

    I don’t get how this qualifies as a secret. Lack of self-advertising regarding one’s own sexual orientation is not synonymous with lack of awareness, nor does it mean anyone is trying to keep secrets. For example: if you were divorced and didn’t talk about it one way or another, I wouldn’t do you the disservice of assuming you were trying to conceal anything.

  25. My 12th house is in Leo and suddenly – after reading this – it all makes sense. You rock!

  26. Sun in Gemini (Gemini cusp), Venus in Cancer conj Asc (Cancer). One of my secrets is that I don’t want anyone to know that I’m a writer, or a universal student. People are also surprised to discover that I love art, books, travel, and could spend all day in the library.

    People usually perceive me as very warm, friendly, and outgoing, but soon discover that I am not as “receptive,” and “outgoing,” and certainly not a “gal pal,” or lying in wait to invite them over for tea cakes, and warm milk to listen to their “sob story.”

    They later discover that I do not delight in listening to small talk (Moon in Scorpio-5th), and engaging in trivial relationships (7th-Capricorn cusp), and that I don’t trust easily, or they are not as important to me, as they have imagined.

    I learned to keep secrets about myself growing up because relatives were invasive with very little respect or regard for my privacy, so it was conducive for me not to let “my right hand know what my left hand was doing.”

    This is probably why I don’t like “nosey” people prying into my business by attempting to impress me with BS in order to get closer.

    • The first two paragraph relates to me very well. As soonest the people realize that I love books, arts and history… they get surprised. I am cancer ascendant with Venus in it.

      People treat me delicately because they see me as sensitive and emotional. They know that I get stress-out when the room is crowded (Gemini sun in 12 house).

      They all get a sense that they still don’t know me no matter how long they’ve had known me. I tend to be unpredictable and very expressive (specially facial expressions).

      • Hello, Rasv, welcome to Skywriter. I understand what you’re saying very well–I’m a 12th house Sun, too. Donna Cunningham

  27. I am an Aquarius with Uranus on my Cancer Ascendant, in the 12th house. Uranus is in Cancer 1 degree, so it’s really a Gemini cusp…and Gemini is the ruler of my 12th. I am very appreciative of your analysis, especially since I’ve had much in my life that is related to the themes of Neptune – drugs, confinement, and shooting myself in the foot! but especially now, as I’ve had Transiting Uranus Squaring my Uranus, and trying to figure out what it means! But I can really relate to keeping things secret, and not wanting people to know how Weird I really am! Also, delicate nervous system is a problem. thanks so much – you always surprise me with your spot-on insights!

  28. Wow! Talk about finding the motherload! shessh! many of your replies..I feel blessed with your cornucopia!

    I have always loved my Cap 12th house sun…was far more concerned with other placements in my chart than this. At 51 I am still cherishing every single minute of alone is my elixir of living and I will not accept judgement for being'”selfish”.

    so you can see how the Fixed Aquarius rising justifies etc :):):):)

    Thanks so much for many I am amazed at how much info you make available

  29. I’m not sure if this is the right interpretation to make, but I think this 12 house business explains a lot on how I view romantic relationships.

    I’ve always struggled with my inner romantic and my jaded acceptance of reality. I don’t enter committed relationships, just flings / friends with benefits / one night stands and when people ask why I’m single, I simply say I enjoy my freedom. While that is true, it’s also the easiest way to answer. But if I’m forced to admit, I really wouldn’t mind being in a committed relationship, and yes, being in love and having mushy gross feelings, but I haven’t met someone I liked enough and I sure as hell am not going to settle for someone I don’t want with a madness. It’s a bit all or nothing.

    But I still crave sex and companionship and being wanted, of course. And despite my sometimes all-consuming sexual appetite, where these one night stands thrill me during the chase… once the deed is done, I still feel unsatisfied and the sex isn’t all that great. Maybe deep down I know sex with someone I really cared about would be more fun than any fling or one nighter. (Not that I regret the month-long flings. Still good fun and all.)

    People’s common perception of me: always talking about sex, always attracting the worst kinds of guys, bitter about love.

    I have Venus in Sagittarius in the 12th house. I’m also a Libra with Sagg rising, which puts Scorpio in the 12 house, but I don’t know how that relates.

    Sorry for the word vomit. In short…I think I might get it.

  30. I have an aquarius moon in my twelfth house. My north node is also in aquarius. Honestly, I have read so much about this topic and am still utterly confused!

  31. I have been thinking about my secreats. I have there Pluto and Luna in Libra. Also Pluto its conected with red line to Sun in 9th house, also with Neptun to the second house and also in Jupiter in 9th also close its also Mercur there.
    Luna its connected also with Neptun in 2nd house, also Venus in 8th house.
    i dont understand astrology and cant write a good English. My secreats that I usually dont speak about my spirituality so much, they I am connected with the Universe so far from small, I can heal also a bit people. Also as I understand Neptun in second house with 12th house mean that I earn money – secreat money, or I did. Also that I didnt have sex untill late 30, perhaps was some aspect not good. Maybe Pluto? And something its going on with the abroad, as I earn the secreat money in the abroad. Hide love abroad perhaps Luna – Venus in 9th house. And what figure have there Jupiter, and Mercur with 12th house I dont understand 🙂

  32. What I find interesting that a few people here have different planets in the 12th house, but still I want to write books, but not to put my name, how its come this ? As someone mention here that doesnt want to know people around that is song publisher, I have also the same toughts, I want to speka about spiritualites, I know who I am, but I need to show to world. Or its just not good because of the 12th house?

    • I also have major planets in the 12th, but then the Moon is on the Midheaven in the 9th squaring them. So there’s tension between the 12th (my desire for privacy and an escape from the world) and the Midheven/9th desire to make a mark on the world. Sometimes I dream of writing an international best seller under and assumed name–that would satisfy both needs! Donna

  33. I am quite curious about the 12th house.
    My moon and Rising are in the 12th house
    and they conjunct each other.

  34. i have cancer lagna, and venus in 12 th house, rahu in 8 th house

  35. I have Leo Rising and Cancer in the 12th House
    just like the example you’ve given
    It’s true that I hide much shyness and insecurity behind my appearance
    Btw, I have Taurus Sun so security is very important to me
    I have no planet in the 12th House but I’m sure that I have many secrets
    I alse read that with Cancer in the 12th House, I tend to hide my thought and emotion
    *I have to admit that it’s damn true*
    Therefore, Taurean are good at controlling theirselves ( and always try to control everything )
    It doesn’t seem that I don’t have any major secrets

  36. One other commentator mentioned this but I think they may have misunderstood your meaning:

    “The closer a 12th house planet is to the Ascendant, the less of a secret it really is! A 12th house planet that is conjunct the Ascendant within 10° is much more apparent to people around you and the world at large than you believe. You’re probably not fooling anyone but yourself, even if they don’t call you on it. An example would be the flamboyantly gay but closeted person who believes that if they don’t talk about it no one will know.”

    Funny, did you happen to study my chart & spy on my life up until my mid-20s? 😉

    –12H begins at 0° Gemini and ends at 4° Cancer
    –Venus sits at 29°29′ Gemini and conjuncts ASC of 5° Cancer
    –Neptune opposes Venus at 22° 6H Sagittarius

    I am a gay, gender-fluid (biologically female) military veteran (6H Sadge conjures up oft-said line ‘See/Travel the world.. Join the xxxx/military!’) who didn’t have a hard time coming out to friends and chosen family members since it was such an (unbeknownst to me!) open secret.

    The biggest fear I had is that I would be outed while serving. I loved (and still do) the military life and would have given up who I was as a gay individual in order to stay an active duty soldier. However, an back injury while in the service cut short my aspirations to be a lifetime soldier.

    Probably a good thing as I needed to come out, if not for others..for myself then.. because I thought I was a horrible person for having secret crushes and “lying” to everyone around me about who I was wanting to settle down with, etc.

    Also interesting to note that this is similar “AHA” vibe from reading your “80 Qualities of 12th House Venus” posting over at

    • Thanks for your story, kD. Isn’t it a blessing to be free from the burden of keeping a secret-that-isn’t-a-secret? A burden lifted. Donna

  37. Hi Donna
    So glad I found your site! Couldn’t sleep last night, felt down down. Decided to google 12th house & don’t know if I feel better about it. I am a novice @ astrology but I do know that I have SEVEN planets in 12th house! All in Leo ie. Sun, moon, venus, mars, Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto. Should I have committed suicide by now? I sometimes wonder if ignorance is bliss? Plse shed some light!!
    Love Sharon

    • There are about 7 articles on the 12th house on this blog, so do put “12th house” into the site search engine at the top right hand corner of the home page, and you’ll find links to them. You might also look under the topic “stellium,” as that’s what that group of planets you have there is called, and it’s the subject of my booklet, The Stellium Tool Kit. I’m a 2th house Sun and Jupiter, too, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Donna

  38. This article helped me finally name something I’ve always felt. With sun, merc, venus, mars, and saturn in the 12th, my secret has always simply been that I am.

    My 5th house Pluto guards that secret ferociously. Self-expression, revealing that I am, feels “Plutoniously perilous.” My 10th house moon requires that I be seen occasionally. I don’t need it often or loudly, but I do need it to be happy. It’s a bit of a pickle.

    During a phase of her spiritual path, my mother got a bit evangelical about the benefits of getting away from one’s ego. This helped me realize that my challenge has never been the tyranny of ego, my challenge has been simply having enough ego to get by on this plane.

  39. Interesting article and suggestion for healing. 🙂 I’ll take note on the issue!

    I’ve read from several sources that 12th house reveals rising sign hidden agenda. However, I’m a bit confused about my case.

    I have Uranus in Sagittarius in 12th house conjunct Sagittarius ascendant within 10 degrees. What does this mean to have both cusps of 1st and 12th house in the same sign?

    I also have Neptune and Mars in Capricorn in 1st house but only Neptune conjunct ascendant within 5 degrees. ( My 2nd house is in Pisces)
    So I have two planets from different signs and houses conjunct ascendant and other two opposite planets in the 1st house…

    I have quite hard time interpret these aspects altogether…

    • The post you read is part of a series on the 12th house, and some of the articles touch on 12th house planets conjunct the Ascendant, and specifically Uranus. I don’t recall which ones, but keep reading the series and look at the list of links to the articles at the bottom of each of the post. The comment sections also have good sharings by people with 12th house positions. Donna Cunningham

  40. Whenever you get to the point of asking yourself, “WHY, WHY, WHY do I keep doing that to myself,” that’s the time when you need someone wise and knowledgeable about astrology—and human nature—to take an unbiased look at your chart.

    I defiantly agree at that one because I am study astrology for very long time and still I don’t know how to handle my poor aspected Mars on 7 degree Taurus intercepted in 12th house. Asc =8 degree Gemini.

    I keep on asking myself WHY on so many things:

    Why can’t I just be more assertive, why am I so afraid of aggressive people and people who are shouting.. and why I am afraid to let my self go completely. Why I always think first what is good for “the other” and then agree with it and just forget about what I want. Why am I ashamed of my own needs. Why almost all men in my life want to have a sex in secret. Why I am so afraid and have so much fear of deep emotions..?

    • As a much older 12th house type, I can only say that it takes a good while to figure out why, and longer still to stop doing things like that to yourself. It helps, though to understand your 12th house and the planets in it. There are 16 articles about the 12 house here at Skywriter, and maybe some of them can give you more clarity. Use the onsite search engine to locate them. Donna

  41. Ok thanks a lot!

    I wil take a look of other 16 articles i did’t know that there are so many!

    Just one more question.

    I wonder if there are more planets in 12th house (also stelium) that person feels it much easier than when there is only one planet (intercepted) with no aspects at all. If you undestand what i mean?
    When planet (s) make some aspects and/or are part of stellium we feel it and reconise the energy much better although the planets are positioned (hidden)in 12th house ?Or is this logic?

    • If you mean is the person more conscious of several planets there than only one, most likely not, unless, let’s say those planets aspect the Midheaven or are within 10 degrees of the Ascendant. However, I’d say that if the person were working to make their 12th house planets conscious (as astrology could help them do), then the planets’ energies would be less and less unconscious as they matured. It’s like we almost need to befriend those planets and make that part ourselves feel okay rather than having to hide them. There’s one article that series that talks about Tracy Mark’s book on the 12th house–such a loving, helpful book, that I’d surely recommend it to anyone struggling with 12th house issues. Donna

    • Neptune, while you are coming into understanding and consciousness of your 12th house Mars, I would suggest that if someone is making a demand that you do something their way, you just say, “Sorry, I need to incubate ( a good 12th house word) my thinking or take a little “down time” to decide what would work best for me. It takes us 12th house Mars people a little time to figure out what might be in our best interests.
      Generally I find that my assertiveness has to come out of the silent center of my being, supported by my spiritual beliefs, or my assertiveness comes out when in service of someone else who needs support. 12th house Mars can be great advocates if conscious. In a funny way, supporting the underdog often means supporting our own inner underdog. SMILE

      • Really good suggestions, Jaqueline. Thanks! If you wrote a post about Mars in the 12th, I would be delighted to add it to my 12th house series, with you as a guest blogger. Donna

  42. Perhaps planets in 12th house are there for a reason, at least in my case. Maybe their position is why I believe this, but I just really have this ever-present sense that a series of calamitous events will manifest for me and so many others if I openly expressed all my mars and venus in Aries energy as much as I feel them.

    • Oh, I absolutely agree, Brad. I have a Sun-Jupiter conjunction there and wouldn’t have it any other place. There are 16 articles about the 12th house here, so do read more. Donna

  43. For the first one- that isn’t always true since you can have the 12th and 1st houses in the same sign. I have both of those in Scorpio.

  44. I’ve been on here, reading about the 12th house for two hours now…….. And id like too say! – from someone who has! –

    “Mars – saturn – pluto – and Dark moon Lilith – all in the 12th” W.T.F. seriously could you make someone feel any more horrible, this would make me never want too be around any “12th house people! – ever!” – makes sense why I’ve been FcKd over and over again – by everyone and all my closest friends…….. oh, Chiron is in the 7th as well, if i wouldn’t have – or have had Jesus in my life! – well i think you get my point.
    My moms side has some dark family history, and I’ve come too the convulsion of conclusion, that i got stuck – hit, with all their sick twisted family history sick Sh/t! – i am paying – suffering for their actions, their karmic dept.
    ” if you wanna call it that….?” – Ive been the black sheep blamed looked upon for never event doing anything, from the time of a child…. And i hold so much anger and Resentment, for which i try and try over the years too release, but seems – or some of it seems to always sneak back in..? oh well thats enough, i had become a “recluse alcoholic – valium addicted addict at the age of 23, and for the three years before that, i worked third shift by myself… 33 now, have been clean over two years for the first time ever! – have lost trust and faith in just about every person i would – have or will ever meet,
    is the downside….. and somehow i have people envious – jealous of me…? which is beyond any comprehension too me! – if these same dumb dumbs had any clue! – okay – good day now.

  45. i have pluto and mars conjunct the ascendant all in libra. (virgo is the 12th ruler tho)

    so, while i’m not sure what it means to have those planets in the 12th, what you were saying in the article… whatever i’m hiding regarding those planets is only invisible to me?

    how do i make it more visible to me?

    • Hi, MP. Well, it would have to do with getting to know more about what is written or known about Mars and Pluto and then examine yourself to see how you might be disowning those qualities and projecting them onto others or only claiming the positive qualities.

      An example of projecting your Mars qualities would be saying something like, “I’m not competitive–in fact, I despise competitive people, but somehow I keep attracting people who are competitive with me. And I never get angry, at least I don’t show it when I am, but people are always getting pissed off at me.” Something like that, regarding the qualities of Mars. Mars in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant COULD be what’s called passive aggressive (read up on that online, in case it applies to you.)

      It’s kind of strange that, as long ago as this article was posted, you should ask this question today, as I do have Mars and Pluto conjunct the Ascendant (in the 1st), and right now I’m having a big problem with a friend whose Mars-Pluto conjunction is in the 12th. She is definitely passive-aggressive and in denial about her competitiveness, and I have had it with that.

      As for the positive qualities of a Mars-Pluto conjunction, read the article about Manifestation Mojo elsewhere on Skywriter. (Use the onsite search engine to find it.) And read the posts about Johnny Depp, as he has the conjunction in Virgo in the 1st. In the 12th, it might mean the power to manifest positive growth and healing for others who are suffering. Donna

      • i am sincerely hoping that i can be helpful to people in this life. (in a way that’s meaningful to me too… gotta admit, i want it to work both ways 🙂 )

        i have noticed passive/aggressive tendencies particularly with my artwork. a lot of people seem to ask me to work on a project, but then they refuse to bring the project to light. so i do a lot of work that goes nowhere, which makes me very angry.
        then i see someone who i’m working with lately, and it seems like this work will actually see light, but their direction is so crazy off… i feel like the work will be wasted again, so i start dragging my own feet. (if this work is going nowhere it’s because i pull the plug dammit!)

        anyhoo. note to self, get on with/over that. must just keep working. something will go somewhere eventually. but not if i destroy it because i cannot see the end. (i’m not a temperamental artist, until i am. that would be a mars denial for sure 🙂 )

        an offering for your friend. and perhaps for you 🙂
        i do not view myself as a competitive person. not because i do not compete, and not because i do not want to win.

        i want both.
        but i do not want both so much that i would cut a competitor to get it. i dont want to win so much that i would hurt others to grab that goal, or hurt others after i’ve grabbed it.

        and i’ve often viewed the “highly competitive” people as such. which is why i dissociate from them.

        i could be grasping the proverbial straw, but, perhaps your friend has a definition problem such as i? and therefore a dissociation problem?

        you could let her know there are many ways to be competitive?

      • Hi, Monkey Painter, I can see you’re working hard to understand and deal with your 12th house energies, and I commend you for that. Sometimes I wish a friend who is acting out their repressed negative qualities could see a videotape of themselves in action, because they so rarely have insight into those unconscious motives. But if they knew they were being taped, they’d rein in those qualities. Lacking a videotape of yourself in competitive mode, simply observe it and be conscious of what you’re thinking and doing, tone of voice, etc. You’re such a self-analyzing person that I know you’ll get a handle on it.

        If you haven’t gotten through the series of articles (16?) on the 12th here on Skywriter, look for the book review of Tracy Marks’insightful and compassionate book on the 12th house. Donna

  46. Donna, this is super, excellent advice on 12th house matters!

    Thank you! I only have one planet in the 12th but reading this helped me understand my Neptune in Libra much better. This helps with self-forgiveness and self-forgiveness is so very, very important.

    • Elisabeth’s comment reminds me of the beauty of Astrology, and the main reason I have continued to learn and teach others who are open-minded on the subject… it’s enormous potential for self-understanding, and thus the understanding of others, which ultimately leads to more loving relationships and a non-judgmental world. Awesome! Love from Brigitte

      • Thanks so much, Brigitte! When we can completely forgive ourselves, we can spread out so much more forgiveness to others. After all is said and done, we are all one.

    • So glad it helped, Elisabeth. I know the 12th house can be difficult, but there IS a good and important purpose for planets being there. Donna

      • You are entirely right, Donna. I was born to be the person that I am and as I get older, I can see all the goodness and all the rewards for being me! I have always promised myself that I would use all of my blessings to bless others.

  47. Thanks, Donna, this blog has been very helpful. I’m curious how the House of Secrets might operate in someone’s relocated chart. A friend of mine born half a world away moved when he was a toddler to his current location where he has three planets in Sag in the 12th house: sun, mercury, venus.

    He’s extroverted and doesn’t seem to have the environmental sensitivities of a 12th house person, but has to work at asserting himself, claims not to get angry or have other negative emotions, and is very attuned to others’ needs. Given that he’s lived most of his life here, would the 12th house have a greater influence than his natal chart placement? Or would it be an even mix?

    • An interesting question, Aleisha. I’m a certified Astro*Carto*Graphy practitioner, and, although I’m retired from doing that sort of work now, I did a lot of it over the years. What seems to be true is that the relocated chart DOES NOT replace the natal chart.

      For instance, if your natal chart is Leo Rising and the relocated chart has Virgo Rising, you do not become a Virgo Ascendant.

      What really makes a change is the planets that move onto the 4 chart angles (Ascendant, IC, Descendant, and MidHeaven) ARE strongly emphasized, even if they’re tucked away in the birth chart. And so when a practitioner is looking for a place for a client to move or travel, what they’re watching for is whether the planets that move onto the angles are helpful or detrimental to what the person is trying to achieve.

      And then it’s not just the nature of the planet itself that they’re looking at. It’s how that planet works in the natal chart–e.g. its sign and aspects. For example, Venus squared closely by Pluto or Neptune in the birth chart will not react as positively on the angles as Venus in a sign or aspect that are more suited to its nature.


      • Thanks, I’m not remembering his birth time, so don’t know for sure whether these are near the ASC in the 12th. (Turns out his Saturn conjuncts mercury in the 12th relocated as well.) At any rate, seems like an astrocartography scenario more than a 12th house question. Being a Neptunian person myself, though, I certainly resonate with what you’ve written about 12th house orientation–It does get easier with age…

  48. Thanks Donna for sharing this..I found it exactly as the photocopy of my life so far..I am 27 years old and have been suffering a lot due to my own self-destruction..I have Mars in 12th house and thus you know I was used to waste all my “energy” – virility fluids from my body, resulting in severe injury to myself, tough to reverse..Now I am in the Path of Spirituality and The Atman – the Soul is my goal..

    • I’m so glad it’s helpful, Vimal. There’s a whole series of articles about the 12th house on Skywriter. I would especially recommend Tracy Mark’s book on the 12th house, which you can read here:

  49. Could you please explain – what about both the asc and 12th house being scorpio with pluto in 12th house? Thank you very much.

    • The three factors–Scorpio Ascendant, and Pluto–the ruler of Scorpio–in Scorpio in the 12th makes Pluto a very strong influence, and directed toward 12th house pursuits. You’d need to look at both the positive and the less positive uses of Pluto/Scorpio and then determine how the individual is currently expressing them. It would take me about 10 pages to explain all that, but you might read my book Healing Pluto Problems to get some perspective on how to use it. Donna

  50. I was suggested this website by way of my cousin.
    I’m not positive whether or not this publish is written by means of him
    as nobody else know such specific about my trouble. You
    are incredible! Thanks!

    • I wrote this, not your cousin. Glad it was helpful. There are a total of 15 articles on this site about the 12th house, so follow the links in the post, and no doubt you’ll learn a great deal more about it. Donna Cunningham

  51. I’m curious if there are other transits that would trigger the coming out of secrets. I have pluto transiting my 12th house and it’s about to conjunct my ASC. I have a secret nobody should ever know except for a few friends -not something evil or illegal etc, but it IS a secret-; but my feeling is that it will be on TV or something, and it’s causing me so much stress nowadays.

    So, I’d like to have an idea when Pluto is in my 1st and no secret of mine came out, should I feel safe?- or are there other transits (of planets or to other houses) I should be careful about?

    God… this thing is going to cause me soooo much trouble…I should have never done it. I guess I should build an underground house to hide!

    • I’m sorry you are struggling so. The chart can’t tell if or when or to what extent a secret will be revealed, but that transit does sound like it will. Pluto, however, can bring transformation, and very often, bringing a secret out into the open makes it lose its power over your life. In the 12-step programs, they say, “You’re only as sick as your secrets.”

      I’d like to see you have a session in complete confidentiality with a professional. Revealing it in a perfectly safe session like that may help diffuse its power. A few years ago I found out an incredibly sick secret in my family, and there was nobody in the world I could talk to about it, but it just ate away at my gut. And so I called a therapist I saw just a few times in NYC, though I don’t live there anymore, and just talking to her that once over the phone released the sick feeling.

      I will send you the name of an astrologer/therapist I have immense respect for, and she works by phone and could help you both with the chart aspects you’re worrying about and with the emotions that go along with the secret. She is very wise and kind and grounded. Donna

  52. Mars & Venus in the 12th house here. I have always been approached by secret love offers and had 2 major hidden enemies turn my life upside down. They hate me even though I have never ever done anything to me. One accused me of keeping things from her, which I never did. Many people label me as sneaky. But I’m not. I’m just private and prudent. I think before I act and I share what I have done after it’s over. But I don’t feel I’m hiding. I just don’t like interference. Oh! Also, I never announce that I’m really seriously seeing someone unless I feel like it is necessary or I trust it totally. I have been involved with mates for years and never told people about it. Weird.

  53. In reading Mercurygirl’s experience of the 12th house I noted her thoughtful discernment before disclosing or acting. For me discernment is associated with a 6th house function, opposite the 12th house. Mercurygirl certainly seemed to me to be balancing 6th/12th house energies rather than being “sneaky” or unsocial. There is a “danger” in being non disclosing as it can create isolation, but I would rather think that 12th house individuals just are careful in choosing confidants.

    • 12th house types also are more likely to be introverts. See the post in this 12th house series that talks about the power of introverts–a book. Donna

  54. Please let me know the impact when Jupiter in 12th house?

    • Hi, Mike. There are a series of 15 articles about the 12th house on Skywriter, and one of them is abut Jupiter. Use the one site search engine. Donna

  55. Okay-
    I have a question, more of a concern, honestly, anyone with moon (and Pluto) in the 12th house- I have a nearly newborn son with his moon and Pluto in the 12th. Everything I’ve read about this placement suggest an abusive, or at least absentee Mother. Has this been your experience? I am a Cancer, sun, moon and mercury. I am having a bit of a mental breakdown from the onslaught of negative information I am coming across. Does anyone have a different story to tell of their relationship with their mother and a 12th house moon? I might also mention that my babe has his sun, moon, and ascendant in Capricorn and 5 planets in his 1st house. Maybe this has something to do with hidden or restricted emotions more than my possible utter failure as a Mother? Someone help me out.

  56. Sorry about your worries Meg. Being that you are actually questioning things is very positive in my opinion. I am not an astrologer, but I use someone who is…..Elsa, at She has a big big heart and might be able to alive some of your worries. Not sure if Donna is available for consults these days.
    Hope it is okay, I wrote this. Best wishes to you.

  57. Whatever I do or undo it comes straight back at me.
    Saggitarius on 11th and 12th- jupiter intercepted in 8th, square sun.
    Still, jupiter is such a wild card in my chart, it’s so troublesome to ”get” it.
    I don’t see exactly what harm I do to myself, but I notice lots of betrayals of friends and crushed hopes.

  58. I haven’t a thing in my 12 house, nor 4th, 5th or 6th, and Lilith and north node in my sagitarion 3rd but assigned astrological planets,No! I am trying to see the “whole”,not holes of my chart, with those empty as maybe already accomplished though maybe learning to balece when a foot of five toes is missing 4, you still have to learn to get around with one! I’m a May 17th Taurus 26 degrees, with a moon in Aries, 1degrees, and Libra rising 7 degrees. If you are done with this subject and don’t answer, I understand, it may also be only myself that is suppose to figure it out, that too I understand! Just hoping for a little help. 😀

  59. Explains a lot I have no secrets my mercury is 12th cancer with Leo rising and Jupiter Mars and Venus in the first house Leo.

  60. I have Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon, Cancer Ascendant. The most dominant element in my natal chart is fire, which is followed by earth, water, and air. My Gemini Mars is in the 12th house. It makes a good aspect (a sextile) to my Leo Moon. Still, I feel the effect of my Mars in the 12th house very strongly. First of all, I have been a pushover ever since I was little. I have a hard time to speak up and standing up for myself. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I often have negative, dark thoughts. I am a very private person. I am the biggest procrastinator I have ever known. It is so hard for me to start things. On the other hand, I have amazing spiritual abilities, I am into astrology, dream interpretation, reincarnation, meditation, feng shui, etc. I wish Mars was in a stronger position in my natal chart. I envy Aries/Mars type of people. Aries is my favorite sign of the zodiac, because I so want to be like one.

  61. I have a 12th house cenus in aquarius conjunct the asc. This might appear benevolent and loving to the group but capricorn is also there and saturn is conjunct the south node in the 5th house which feels like past life love karma that has been nothing less than agonizing. I always go to the aquarian venus for relief and offer selfless service where needed. Its helpful and slows down my pitty party of love pain and loss.

    • It sounds rough, Kj. Selfless service is a good use of 12th house planets. Donna

  62. I thought Jupiter would “slide” into Libra and all would be peachy for me for a year. I am 9/29/47 @ 7:10. Instead it felt more like a heavy piece of metal changing gears at the back of my neck and I felt dizzy all day. Still trying to recover. Fortunately, I have a scholarly, old friend who in renewing our friendship is helping me to study my chart.

    • Sharon, what you’re describing doesn’t sound like a transit from Jupiter at all, more like Uranus or Neptune. Also, Jupiter benefits don’t come to us the entire time it’s in a sign, just for the periods when it forms an aspect to another natal planet in the chart. Donna

  63. I have Moon and Pluto in 12th House in Scorpio. I’m a bit worried about their influence. Can you please give me an honest opinion? P.s. I also have Scorpio Asc.
    All the best,

    • Lilly, Pluto was in Scorpio –the sign it rules–for about 12 years, so you’re part of a whole generation of millions of people born with this very strong and intense placement. Our world is in a crisis state, with problems like pollution, climate change, and a decaying infrastructure in urgent need of being addressed. I believe that your generation is here to reverse these trends and also to help heal those who are harmed or physically impacted by these conditions.

      You will find a series of about 15 articles on the 12th house on this blog, including one about the kinds of careers a 12th house placement might signify. With the Moon and Pluto there, you could develop a great deal of healing ability, and might be drawn to work with children or with women’s health concerns. To find the series on the 12th house, go to the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page and type in “12th house.”

      You might also want to read my hardcopy book, Healing Pluto Problems, published by RedWheel/Weiser.

      Donna Cunningham

  64. Hello Dona,
    Very interesting and great article. I am a Virgo sign (ascendant: Libra) in the twelve house i have sun,Virgo and Rahu. What do you think this combination brings? Thankyou

    • Hi, Alma, you’ll find a series of 15 articles about the 12th house here, including several about a 12th house Sun. Use the search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page, and “type in “12th house” for the links. Donna

  65. dear Donna,
    my scorpio Dark moon is in 12th house, I never get what it means.. 😦

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