Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 30, 2009

12 Famous People with 12th House Suns

(c)2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

I heard from a number of people who had a strong 12th house after the last 12th house post. (7 Secrets You May not Know about the 12th House)  Being fairly private sorts, some of the best comments weren’t on the blog but came by email. Folks, if you’re that doggone funny and wise, why hide your light under a bushel basket?  But then, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be true 12th house types, would you?

Oh, and while I’m at it, if you leave a comment that’s going to interest and enlighten the readers or even just brighten their day12romannumeral-a2d with a laugh, and if you  have a blog or website yourself, fill in the URL  on the comment box, for goodness sake. That creates a link so people can get to know you and just maybe visit your site.  I don’t care if you’re a regular, do it–this site gets a ton of first time visitors.  Sheesh!

Many 12th house natives have soaked up negative ideas about this position from things they read or were told by astrologers.  But just so you know, having a 12th house Sun does not doom you to obscurity or forever shooting yourself in the foot. You might assume that people with their Sun there would remain hidden from the world throughout much of their lives, either by choice—being somewhat reclusive—or because of some life-long physical or emotional problem.  Not so! Here are 12 well-known people who have 12th house Suns, with links to their charts and biographies online in AstroDataBank’s Birthdata Collection of Notables:

There were many more than 12, of course,  but 12 in the 12th had a nice numerological ring, so I selected only those most immediately recogizeable. If you’re a 12th house type, it’s not a curse, it’s your birthright. I’ve been a 12th house person these past 67 years–Sun and Jupiter in Cancer in that house, and I love it, have (almost) always loved it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s my comfort zone.

sunincloudsdrw-a2dWhat do I LIKE about being a 12th house Sun? I had hoped you wouldn’t ask that, because it’s so hard to describe.  It’s a long story—a lifelong story. If you’re interested, you can read bits of it in the category My Memoirs on this blog. Much of it has been about my ever-winding path to spiritual growth.  (See Fitting onto a Blank.) Most of it has been about growth, period.  The other day, I decided to attempt AARP’s challenge to write SixWord Memoirs.  Here’s mine: “Steep learning curve—my whole life.”

No matter what it looks like on the outside—even for the 12 notables in the list above—the 12th is more about your inner life than your outer life.  Tend to that, and you can count yourself a success, no matter what our status-fixated, results-oriented society thinks. The 12th house path diligently pursued leads to the kinds of accomplishments that don’t fit neatly onto a resume, but they’re no less worthy of pride.  I won’t go on with this today—it’s way past time to go contemplate my navel—but you get the picture.  My best regards to you, my 12th house family.

Skywriter’s  Complete Miniseries on the 12th house:

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  1. 12th house jupiter? maybe people think I am stingy but I am not? I for sure don’t have a secret addiction problem or grandiosity.
    Not as important a planet as 12th house sun!

  2. I have a stellium in the 12th, and although an Aries, being in the spotlight is uncomfortable. I don’t even like to do book signings for my books in a public place. I love writing my monthly newsletter (subscribe on my website: and writing alone anytime. Heaven to me would be a remote cabin in the woods.

    • we’re very much alike in that regard, being strongly 12th house, Carole. I live such a quiet life, away from the world, that when I go to a conference or lecture, it’s always a surprise and rather overwhelming when people know who I am. Donna

  3. 12th house remains a mystery. In some cases the people with loaded 12th houses are aware and highly evolved spiritually. However….I cannot assume that a client is (that way . ) When I see planets in the 12th, I wait to see what develops from our session together. Because, if a client is really unconscious, they are unaware of these 12th house aspects. And they will be defensive and self-righteous about anything you may throw their way. (How about a client with Saturn in the first in Leo, and Pluto, Sun, Moon and Mercury in the 12th – all in Leo. This person has been a world-class hypochondriac all of her life. She likes this as it sets her up on center stage and drains the world around her as she goes around and around the hamster wheel). How do you really KNOW what someone will do with their stuff? ( any of their stuff not just 12th house)

    • These are all really good points, Molly, and a lifetime gives 12th house types a great many years and stages of life in which to evolve into the higher meanings of the 12th. In the consultation, we listen intently to the client and try to determine where they are in expressing all the planets. As you note, there is absolutely no way to know just from looking at the chart at what level of evolution they’re espressing the chart features. Donna

  4. I just came across this article today. Very interesting. I have a 12th house Sun(Sag), along with a triple conjunction (Mercury(Sag), Venus(Sag), Neptune(Sag) in the 12th. I would definitely say that I place a VERY high premiun on exploring my inner life. Meditation is a necessity for me as well as just spending time alone. Others seem to find it a bit odd(they get fooled by all that Sag !!), but I enjoy my own company more than most. I seem to alternate between times of intense social interaction and seclusion. Also, I’ve found creative visualization to be one of my most enjoyable activities. I think there’s great potential in this placement for dealing in the metaphysical world and becoming a “bridge” between the invisible and the visible.

    • Hello, Jason, I have been well impressed with the people I’ve met who were born with that multiple conjunction in Sag…wise beyond their years!! Not just Sag “know it all” wise, which tends to come from a cerebral, book-learning place, but much, much deeper than that, the Neptune/Old soul wise. I had a dear young woman who lived next door for several years with that combination, and she was an editor, so she became my private editor when I updated my first book (An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness) for the new millenium. Being a 12th house Sun myself, I can envision you in your 60s, having spent a lifetime happily engaged in contemplation. Donna

  5. One of my personal favorites is Mohandas Gandhi, a 12th house Libra sun.

  6. I wonder if many of their Suns would move into the 1st house using whole signs.

    • Wrong blog for that, but try them out and let us know. Donna

  7. Ι have sun and neptune in 12th house..
    all in scorpio…
    with regards to my experience, it is really tough to compromise with the practical side of life…
    i found my self be interested in occult, meditation, but difficult to approach them, greece community is very narrow-minded…

    • Is it the church there (Greek Orthodox?) that frowns on it? What little I know about that religion seems that it’s very different from what we know here in the US. Donna

  8. surely i am not talking about church , difficult to concetrate on God in churches..
    many old people and the priest singing….
    this is the atmosphere…..
    in Greece you must survive alone ….
    most of people are affected by economic crisis and the others, who are not, dont care…
    it is a consuming community

  9. Hi Donna
    Wish you a Happy Birthday and a year of happiness, good health, and prosperity.

  10. I have Sun in Gemini (Gemini cusp).

  11. i have a cancer sun conjunct mercury in the 12th and then venus and uranus at 5 leo with my ASC at 6 leo. I would like to know if you think the venus/uranus conjuction is ‘technically’ in the 12th house?
    i never know how to read this? I am a Leo Rising (tall, long, thick blonde hair people comment on), have nice manners & am very independently minded. I love working behind the scenes and toggle between loving some attention and hiding… very confusing for people who are close to me…

    • Hi, Paloma, when a planet is in the 12th but only a degree off the Ascendant, it would depend on how accurate the birth time is. It would only take a 4 minute error in birth time for it to shift houses, and many birth times are at least that far off. The staff in the delivery room doesn’t stand there with a stopwatch–they are focused on the mother and the baby. The important thing is that Venus and Uranus are conjunct the Ascendant and thus very apparent and striking to the person who meets you. Donna

  12. Now I am going to kill myself!
    gwbush? tony blair? rush limbaugh………………..
    ( lack of capitalization shows my disrespect!)
    I knew I didn’t like being a 12th house I really don’t like it!
    except for the Caroline Myss with whom I am not familiar………….the entire list leaves me stone singer, basket ball player ? mehh!

  13. Hello, I have my virgo sun in the 12 house, and also mercury in virgo in the 12 house, and jupiter in virgo in the 12 house, but I also have a pisces moon. I have a lot of virgo and pisces in my chart… I often feel that i’m trying to go in two different directions… and I’m trying to learn how to balance that.

    • Hi, Malia, welcome to Skywriter. You might want to look into the writings of psychologist/astrologer Dr. Zipporah Dobyns, another Virgo/Pisces combination who wrote a great deal about what she called “the mutable dilemma.” Donna

  14. Thanks so much, I will look into that. What’s funny is my moon is also in the 6th house, lol. I have venus in cancer in the 10 house, so it seems everything I have is in the polar house. Well a lot of it anyways, I have mercury conjunct my sun, and some other aspects… I have been into astrology since I was a teenager, and am very spiritual, and I’ve had a lot spiritual experiences with the other side. I was wondering if you think that has something to do with my 12 house…=)

    • Absolutely. The higher side of the 12th is spirituality. There is a whole miniseries of articles about the 12th house on Skywriter. Use the search engine on the top right hand side of the blog, and type in “12th house” and you’ll find the links to them. Donna Cunningham

  15. Thank you for this article and reassurance that a 12th house sun is not a curse! My daughter’s 12th house sun is in Scorpio so i always felt sorry for her because my 10th house sun in Aquarius wished for her to be more outgoing and assertive!
    I must have burst a dozen blood vessels in my brain trying to raise her grow up with more courage in public and with personal relationships! After 24 years, I finally learned to appreciate her reserved way of living her gentle and loving life. I stopped doing for her what she could do for herself (but she chose not to do the those things I wanted her to do!).
    Five months ago my daughter had a beautiful baby girl. I love my granddaughter with ALL my heart and soul. She has revitalized my life and our family. She is a precious – You guessed it – 12th house sun in Sagittarius!
    Those two have not left their cozy apartment for 5 months! Thank God my daughter doesn’t have to go back to work because all they do all day is eat and sleep and grow! Two happy little snug-as-two-bugs-in-a-rug!
    Some day I’m gonna have to quit my job and move over there to teach my granddaughter how to be more assertive and outgoing! If only I could let go of the obsession I have with my own career!

  16. I have Gemini sun in the 12th house and the Mid-heaven on Pisces Cusp.
    I am very indecisive and moody. I enjoy being with my friends (Venus in the first house), but I need my seclusion almost everyday. I like astrology, symbolism, tarot cards and visual arts (specially renaissance and romanticism art).

    I am studying Art History and I enjoy it a lot but I want something else like police, traveler even artist.

    I enjoy to re-invent myself, listen to music a lot (specially old tracks) and trick people.

    Almost every night I stay awake while everyone sleeps. =D

    • Hi rasv-sanz,

      I am also Gemini Sun in the 12th. And I am also very indecisive and moody. My moon is in libra which I think also contributes to my indecisiveness. My venus is in Leo in the 1st house. I love being with friends as long as I feel a soul connection with them– which these days I have to admit are very few people 😦 So I spend most of my time alone, sometimes to recharge and refocus and center myself, although I feel like I need to be alone sometimes I am still lonely. There is no one I can trust with my inner life(12th house secrets? I like art and tricking people too Ha ha!

  17. I haven’t read all of these comments, but have had my chart done numerous times and all but one astrologer comments on all of the negative aspects of being in the 12th. Houses have negative and positive aspects, it is our choice as to which one we go with. I had one astrologist say it was evil to be in the 12th. I had to google Hitler and Dahmer to see if they were in the 12th. Guess what, no and no, but that evil M. Ghandi is!! (sarcasm) I have my sun and mercury in Libra in the 12th and agree that it is about spiritual awakening and enlightenment, and feel very blessed to be in the 12th house!!

  18. Hi,
    All really interesting. The mystery of the 12th! Leo sun in the 12th house, Leo rising, Libra moon in the 3rd and Venus in Virgo. Love painting, teaching but not the spotlight on me..especially unexpected!
    Also, have a simian left and a sydney right. Oh, some days I just do know what direction to take???

  19. I myself have an empty 12th house,but am a professional Astrologer and see 12th house planetary folks a lot. My husband has Jupiter and his North Node both in PIsces in his 12th. It made me cry when I first saw Jupiter in his 12th because to me that is what I call the BODHISATTVA atribute. A Bodhisattva is someone who, according to Buddhist teachings, has achieved enlightenment and volunatary gives it up to help others.He is an incredibly talented artists who has achiened INternational fame and a very compassionate person.

    • Amazing how well and how strongly you express the 12th when it’s empty. I’d have to wonder whether you also had some positive Neptune or Pisces placements. Donna PS, I only found your message months later. In the interval, we had a long series of articles on the 12th house here on skywriter that your clients might like to know about.

  20. Having Sun 8° Leo, Uranus 11° Leo, Ascendant 12° Leo. Is there any hope of accessing the creative, ‘genius’ within and bringing it into the world and benefiting from it?

    • Hi, Myke, so you’re saying the Sun and Uranus are in the 12th? As a 12th house Sun and Jupiter myself with Leo Rising, I can assure you that there is a rich creative potential there….I’ve written and had published something like 15 books, with no signs of stopping. However, the creativity is expressed in a 12th house way, in service to others on the spiritual path and/or who are suffering due to self-defeating patterns, not for fame, fortune, or glory or to fluff up a big ego. And it’s deeply satisfying. I wouldn’t trade anybody. onna

      • Hi Donna, thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I have Sun & Uranus in 12th house conjunct Leo ascendant. I have read some of your books and how you describe your creativity is just where I am coming from – ‘service to others on the spiritual path’. But it all seems blocked with lack of confidence and self doubt. Maybe other aspects cause this? The sun squares Neptune in Scorpio 4th house and Mars in Taurus 10th house forming the t-square. Could it be this and is there any resolution? Many thanks

      • So good to hear we’re on the same page, Myke. Yes, surely the square to Neptune in Scorpio could show some blockages. Here’s what I’d wonder, with the Neptune in Scorpio, is whether there are some trust issues or feelings that self-revelation (for that’s what creativity inevitably does) isn’t safe, that it would set you up for exposure or as a target or something like that. (I too long hesitated to write personally revealing things, but now at 70, ***’em if they can’t take a joke!)

        I’ve had good results from different healing tools aimed at releasing blockages from the solar plexus chakra (the Sun, self-worth) and the throat chakra (speaking your truth openly). Also very helpful were the Flower Essence Society flower essences for the Sun: Sunflower, amazingly helpful for self-confidence, Buttercup to help value your gifts, and Cerato to heal self-doubt. You can find them on the net or in some metaphysical book stores. Here’s to loving yourself! Donna

      • Thank you for sharing your wisdom Donna. I hadn’t looked at Neptune in Scorpio in that way – I just assumed it was the 12th house Sun keeping me hidden! But I can see what you say about trust and self revelation issues are true.
        I will try those flower essences. I have had a long association with the Bach Flower Remedies here in the UK and have a full set so I can take Cerato immediately. Larch is the remedy for confidence in that set though I will have to search out Sunflower and Buttercup. Many thanks

      • I love the Bach remedies too and am glad you’re using them. I’ve been using them myself and with astrology clients since about 1980. I coedited an online journal about the remedies called Vibration Magazine. The magazine itself is inactive now, but there are over 500 articles in the archives, and an onsite search engine that will list all the articles on a particular remedy or healing issue. Donna

      • I have been experiencing some emotional pain and feeling blocked on many levels – creatively, socially, work etc. and I was exploring the meaning of the Uranus Saturn trine I have although the orb is too far for Sun Saturn trine Saturn is in Sag in the 5th! With my searches this feed came up with its 12th house associations.

        Saturn and Uranus are an interesting combination and not always easy with the restrictions imposed by Saturn fighting the freedom loving Uranus but I thought the trine would make it easier. Apparently not for me at the moment. Saturn is currently squaring natal Uranus!

        I have always associated my 12th house Sun Uranus conjunction as karmic although it does give a rich and vibrant inner life. I find there are always difficulties socializing which is difficult as the Leo (and maybe the Uranus near the ascendant) in me makes me want to party. Well not so much party these days but have a good circle of friends. I’m not sure if I am an introvert or extrovert?

        Thank you for the information on the magazine. I think I have found the blog posts so that will make for some interesting reading. I became a Bach Remedy Practitioner back in the 90’s so your insights into how you combined them with astrology will be fascinating. Many thanks

      • Social contacts do get better as we come to love ourselves, Myke–best wishes! Donna: Uranus, Saturn, and Venus conjunct.

      • Myke, I don’t know if you happened on this article by accident or if you’ve seeen the series of articles about the 12th that I wrote a couple of months back–if not, you might find some useful information there. A couple of the pieces are reviews of amazing books. One, a nonastrological book, is on the secret power of being an introvert, which many of us 12th house types are. And the other, Tracy Marks’ book on the 12th, Your Secret Self, absolutely humbled me, because it is written in such a wise and loving way.

        You know, I honestly would not have my Sun anywhere other than the 12th. There was a learning curve, no doubt about it, but a contemplative life can be a joyous one. Donna

  21. My daughter has venus saturn and mars in her 12th house, in virgo
    so what it says, while in my 12th house there is mercury in sagittarius.

    • Hi, Anjita, I don’t do individual interpretations on this blog, but there are about a dozen articles on Skywriter about the 12th house, as I did a miniseries on it. Go to the search engine at the top right hand corner of the blog and type in “12th house” and you’ll find links to all of them. Donna Cunningham

  22. I have a 12th house moon at 19 degrees Scorpio that’s 7 degrees off my Scorpio asc. I’ve been baffled by and afraid of the 12th house all my life. Now with Saturn transiting I am quaking in my shoes. I know it’s silly but I just can’t help it. I’m fascinated with your interpretation of this subject Donna. 🙂 Best, JB

    • Hi, Jean, yes there is a lot of negative material out there about the 12th house, but I truly love having my Sun and Jupiter there. There are about a dozen articles in the Skywriter series on the 12th, so keep reading them for a more complete understanding. Donna

  23. Donna, astrologers need to change the title of the 12th house, I cannot tell you how not so wonderful it was to find out I was in the house of secrets and self-undoing. It is the only house that has a negative title. Change it to the house of spiritual enlightenment. Just a thought.

    • The next time there’s a world-wide congress of pathologically negative astrologers, I’ll bring it up. The 12th is many, many things…some spiritual and wonderful like service and enlightenment and spiritual practice, but other people do also get involved in self-defeating behaviors AND have secrets and some people do go to prison. Some people learn the hard way, others are fortunate enough to work toward enlightenment. We realistically can’t just declare that no one will ever misuse the energies of the 12th house any more. We can’t just ignore the misuses of the 12th house, nor can we focus on the negative to the exclusion of the positive ones–we need a balanced descrption. Donna

  24. Hello, Donna. I am seeking to understand my Sun conjunct Mars in virgo, 12th house. I have read your articles related to it, about the need to assert oneself and acknowledge some kind of resentment, anger.
    My 12th house cusp is in leo. And Mars rules my 8th house.
    Being forty one, I have never worked and it is such a challenge to have no social status. I still live with my family today.
    I feel there is a deep apprehension about directing and taking action in my life and being of service to others. I don’t know what auspicious direction to take. Even though I should.
    Considering that Pluto and Uranus are in my first house.
    Would please give me some piece of advice that would be of help?
    Thank you so much.

    • Hello, Rebecca, have you gone through all 15 of the articles on the 12th house here on Skywriter? If not, you’ll find plenty of insights into the 12th house and how to use the energies of 12th house planets. You might also want to get Karen Hamaker-Zondag’s loving book on the 12th house. If you don’t find the links, use the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page.

      Also look into the articles about the Bach flower remedies, such as the ones for discouragement (Gorse, Gentian), fear of failure that keeps you from trying (Larch) or resignation (Wild Rose). They can help shift a stagnant pattern and get you started moving forward. Donna

  25. Hi Donna,

    I love your work! So much! And your career path. 🙂 thank you.

    I’m a 12th house sun conj chiron, mercury and mars conj Ceres (all in gemini) with a scorpio moon conjunct saturn.

    I have a few questions about career path of you wouldn’t mind helping someone younger who admires your path and work!

    I have a history of one on one helping from hospice volunteering to yoga teaching. I’ve studied astrology thru a 1 year course with nightlight/Adam Elenbaas and there met Eric Meyers (have you read his work? you’d probably really like him. he studied transpersonal counseling at naropa). I then apprenticed with him for 2 years and have done lots of readings, with repeats and recs. But I struggle with confidence. It icks me out to charge money but I need to eat, and I believe in this and the catharsis/acceptance/self-love/inspiration it can give.

    Self promotion on internets and things make me feel weird. But it’s my soul calling. An Ecuadorean shaman I did a reading for today was so blown away he wants me to work at his metaphysical shop now. So thanks universe. 🙂

    The problem is a deep seated fear around not having enough and of abandoning the system completely (sun uranus opposition vs. that saturn crushing my moon need for security.)

    I wanted to get my MA but after loans from ba (despite receiving scholarships and going to the cheapest one), it just seems kind of crazy. There seem to be a lot of hoops to jump through, not enough jobs and doesn’t pay enough with loans.

    So I’m considering doing psych np bc I can practice within the system, or independently in many states. I would make enough to fund my larger dreams of retreat center in another country for addictions. I could offer free yoga classes or other things to patients. I am not against medicine but I do have much more unorthodox views overall on healing, from experience, including yoga/exercise/breathwork, adaptogenic herbs, ayahuasca, shamanism and nutrition changes that changed my world.

    Any thoughts on these separate paths? On what you’ve seen within the field?

    Thank you so so much for the 12th house resources. Heartfelt gratitude.

    • Hi, Cait, it sounds like you have a number of possible paths to go with your astrology career and that you’d do a good job, whichever of these paths you took. It seems to be a time of thinking through and exploring those various exciting possibilities–a transit to your career indicators, perhaps-and though it’s a time of uncertainty, it will all sort itself out. Over time, perhaps you will–as I did–incorporate several of those skills into your background.

      Since financial concerns are pressing, the one thing you could learn that would ease your way is how to get comfortable with marketing and how to do it well without turning potential clients off who could benefit from what you have to offer—a delicate balance for one on the spiritual path. You might start by looking on the internet for information about spiritual marketing. I hope that helps.

      Oh, one thing that helped me was to write 70 times a day for 7 days the following: “I release all vows of poverty that I have ever taken.” Because often we have taken such vows in past lives as nuns or priests of various religions. Hope that helps! Donna

  26. Hi Donna, I’m still struggling with my 12th house Sun, conjunct Uranus both conjunct Leo ascendant, all square mars in Taurus in 10th and Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th forming a t-square. Pluto 2nd conj Merc in Virgo opp Moon in 7th Aq. Saturn in Sag in 5th, Ven in Cancer in 11th.

    I have made some decisions regarding career direction and started my own property business but it it proving very difficult and I now questioning whether I continue with my chosen path and ‘hope’ for the breakthrough I need or abandon the plan? I feel very isolated and not getting the team around me or suitable people to work with which I think will make it easier. I may be mistaken about this, however, as I might just be destined to work alone on this? When Saturn went retrograde in early March everything stopped in the business. If that happens every time Saturn goes retrograde and for the whole time it is in retrograde motion the business and I will not survive!!

    Any help and guidance gratefully received.

    • Hi, Myke, For important business decisions like these, you really need a complete session with a professional astrologer who would take a detailed look at your vocational indicators in your birth chart and transits. It would preferably be one with a business background, like Georgia Stathis. I am retired from doing chart sessions. Donna

      • Ok, thanks Donna.

  27. I have combination of 4 planets sun,jupiter,venus and mercury in 12 house and saturn and moon in 5th and mars in 1st
    rahu at 4 and ketu at 10 and i am a virgo acendant.
    can you please tell is it wrong to have all planets together in 12 house…?
    Will i be able to become successful and will be able to attain higher education in life..,can ever go to foreign places and if u can tell plz tell this one most important that my married life will be good or not.

    • There are more than a dozen articles about the 12th house on Skywriter, and I think that if you read the series, you’ll find lots of answers and feel much better about your 12th house planets. As for your very questions about success, educational foreign travel, and marriage, you’d need to have a real sit-down appointment with a good professional astrologer with the full natal chart based on your date, time, and place of birth. I am retired from doing consultations. Donna

  28. Yes i have read all your articles and even liked them.
    Thank you for your reply.
    If you can suggest, just tell if i can do research work ,will be able to post graduation with good grades or not as my 9 house lord is sitting in 12 house.

    • Shia, I’m trying to explain that questions like those can only be answered by examining the full natal chart and transits, a very-time consuming process, and I DO NOT do consultations any more. Donna

  29. I read a book on the 12th house saw some examples of “A crowded house” but when I had my chart drawn mine was very very crowded… all the inner planets plus…
    Uranus and Pluto… 7/3/59 South Gate California. 10:30am

    Could you please recommend another good book on 12th house placements…???

    The one I read was from a Dutch Author female…

    Guy Bryan Bookout 951 514-6141.

    • Hi, Guy. Two books that would help you get more depth on your 12th house group of planets, which would be called a stellium:

      First Tracy Marks’ beautiful book, Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Mysteries of the Twelfth House, Ibis Press, Lake Worth, FL, 2010, covers each planet placement in the 12th in depth. Read about it here:

      And secondly, my own book on stelliums will help you analyze each planet in the group as well as to learn more about how to manage a group like that. Download a sample file here: Stellium Handbook Sampler. Read more about the book and how to order it here: Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!

      Also there is a series of 15 articles about the 12th house here on Skywriter, so use the search engine at the top right hand corner of my front page. Donna Cunningham

  30. What about Gordon Brown? His blinding accident, confining him to his room, his horrible losses, his very old relationship with roommate and lifelong ally Tony Blair, also a twelve houser.
    About George W, I would never have guessed. I always thought twelve housers to be interesting people, but this one really knew to hide his game: that’s very typical, but then, I really hope people don’t see us, twelve housers, as everybody sees W, because then we’re really doomed: they don’t come any duller…
    Jodie Foster’s twelve house is understandable, would have to see progressions for the Oscars last year.
    Very beautiful list (with the un-notable exception of W).

  31. I have a 12th house sun in leo, with venus and mercury in the 12th in virgo. I don’t mind my 12th house sun, but I have really been struggling with venus in this placement. Perhaps because it is in opposition to transiting neptune at the moment. Aii… life’s way of refining us into diamonds I suppose.

  32. Thank you for writing this piece!. I only have the Part of Fortune in the 12th house & I know I’m supposed to use the house placement and sign (Gemini, 5 deg. for me) to it’s best advantage where POF is concerned. This is a tough one to figure out because 12th house is so isolationist and Gemini is a social, gad-about sign. I do talk to myself on occasion, though! 🙂

    • LOL!! Is that why my best conversations are always with myself? Donna

  33. Donna!! You are my favorite! Please be my mentor 😊. Thank you for this article, I was having a had time finding other people with sun in libra in the 12th house and am happy to know that Gandhi had the same placement 7 degrees from my sun. What’s interesting is that we also have Saturn about 7 degrees away also. Thanks again!

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