Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 2, 2009

Jupiter in the 12th—When Does Good Luck Turn Bad?

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 I’m supposed to be writing my Dell advice column—it’s due in just a couple of days—but here I am, writing to you, and it’s not even 5:00 AM. I woke up writing this piece in my head, as I so often do, and know that if I don’t get up and write it, if I turn over and go back to sleep, it will disappear and never be written. My muse has no patience, and I have the retention of a flea.

Our topic, of late, has been the 12th house. With Jupiter and the Sun conjunct there, I’ve resided there my whole life and do know quite a lot about it but seldom write about it. Jupiter is supposed to be well-placed in the 12th, lucky even. It’s luck that comes from unexpected places, just at the moment you need it the most. I’ve been so very lucky in my life, so blessed, in so many ways.

Others, if my life story were told, might not see all the hard things that have happened as lucky. They might say that I worked my tush off for everything I got and that I came from serious poverty and an extremely difficult background that generations of alcohol-addicted relatives were never able to overcome. And that I made it, despite all that, with copious amounts of good old Iowa GRIT.

sign-silverlining-a2d All true, but I don’t view anything that happened as hard luck. I think I’ve been exceedingly lucky throughout my life.  Here’s how I define luck:

  •  Luck is a frame of mind, a capacity to discern the silver lining behind those looming clouds.
  •  Luck is a philosophy of life.
  • Luck is when you do stupid things and a) you get away with it, and b) you learn not to do that any more.
  • Luck is growth and wisdom gained from experience.
  •  Luck is Grace and all those other good, Jupiterian things.

It’s said that Jupiter in the 12th confers last minute rescues—the kind where the cavalry arrives in the knick of time, just when you’ve given up and are prepared to meet your maker. And, sure, I’ve been lucky like that—waaaaaaay too many times.

There came a point, however—during one of the more memorable outer planet transits to natal Jupiter—when I had to ask myself why the cavalry was such a fixture in my life. Why did they even know my name? “It’s her again, troops. Saddle up!”

 My conclusion, reluctantly reached, was that the cavalry HAD to be called again because I was pushing my luck.

So, yes, some people with Jupiter in the 12th do push their luck. They arrogantly eat up several lifetimes’ worth of good karma, secure in the belief that God will provide.  Bailed out all too often from the consequences of their unwise actions, they don’t learn from their experience until maybe their 4th or 5th Jupiter return. Then their luck runs out and a big, bad experience is staring them in the face.

sign-timesrunningout-a2dOne major way they run into trouble is by excess, often to the point of addiction.  They lack a mental/emotional appestat that tells them when Enough is Enough.

Jupiter IS associated with gambling, and some 12th house types are compulsive gamblers, but money isn’t the only thing they gamble on. They can be compulsive risk takers who get high on getting away with things.

They may eat, drink, overspend, or whatever—depending on their Jupiter’s sign and aspects—until they’ve nearly ruined their lives and maybe the lives of some of their loved ones. They go so far past excess for such a long time that they reach a tipping point where their luck turns on them.

Absolute worst case scenario, the 12th can represent chronic illness, hospitalization, even prison, and so the most blindly, stubbornly Jupiterian of them may push their luck that far.

But those are exactly the kinds of environments where a block-headed Jupiterian DOES learn from experience. “Saved” from ruination, they may even dedicate their lives to saving others—like the recovering alcoholic who then becomes committed to helping others who’ve gone down that same path.

“Amazing Grace” is the theme song of the 12th house Jupiterian.  “There but for the grace of God,” is their mantra.

Service to others is one of the saving graces of 12th house positions, but especially when it’s Jupiter.

As a social worker in New York City before becoming a full-time astrologer, I specialized in 12th house settings–hospitals, psychiatric clinics,  homes and schools for the severely retarded, and even a shelter for homeless women.

With Jupiter in the 12th, I’ve found, infallibly, that whenever I do a service to others, I gain as much or more than they do. The things I learn, the growth, the joy are mine to keep the more I try to give them away.

The other day, I was struggling to explain why I love having my Sun/Jupiter conjunction in the 12th, and this is the biggest reason why. A great deal of the “luck” I’ve experienced has come from that—the kind of luck where people say, “You must be living right.”  I never lose from serving.

No, let me qualify that by saying that when you’re serving foolishly—rescuing, desperately scrambling to save people who haven’t the slightest interest in saving themselves—you lose and so does the person you believe you’re saving.

People with 12th house planets can become addicted to saving others as much as to any mood-altering substance. The crash from that addiction can be as agonizing as the withdrawal from a drug. Been there, done that, got smarter.

That’s  all I have to say on the 12th house for now. More will doubtlessly occur to me later, but that’s the neat thing about blogging isn’t it?  It’s never really done—we can add to it. And we have an instant audience for what we write, rather than waiting months or years for publication. And, especially, that we can get feedback so we can all learn from it.

sign-worthlookingat-a2d  How about you, Reader?  Have you consistently pushed your luck, how is it related to your natal Jupiter, and how did you finally learn your lesson? If you feel you can share, leave it in the comments section.

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  1. What a bonus of 12th house musings from you–I feel quite blessed. With 6 planets in the 12th, including Jupiter (cuddling with Saturn, or at least very close to) I very much appreciate your thoughts here. I probably pushed my luck, if I believed I had any. It seemed I never had much luck, or that was the story I told myself. Now I am feeling quite open to the beneficence of the universe and the luck it certainly is throwing my way, in whatever guise. I welcome good fortune.

    • I’m so glad if it helped put a different spin on things, Gaea and Patricia. I’ve observed that LIFE is all in the attitude, and in how we interpret our experience. Two people could have the exact same event, and for one it could seem like the end of the world and for another, it could seem like a beginning. Donna

    • SIX planets in the 12th house?! wow, that is very interesting.

  2. This is interesting. It sounds much like my sort of luck. I have jupiter retrograde in the 4th house but I have sun trine jupiter. I seem to find luck when I need it.

    This article was an interesting take on Jupiter in the 12th. I am just starting to learn about aspects and houses and what they mean so I was glad to read this post.

  3. This came to me in an email today while i was translating one of my favorite adventure stories from English to Italian for the Italian Language class I am in. It’s a story about how I ended up walking 12 kilometers down a road in a foreign country with no idea of how to get back to being with friends. i have Jupiter in the 12th house,so when I saw the subject, I stopped translating and started reading. Anyway; if you want to read how far I pushed MY luck, click on my link and go to SUNDAY, because that was the day of my adventure. Honestly, I’ve never felt I was lucky before.

    • What a saga! And great for the future, to have written it all down. Donna

  4. Yes, this is familiar territory (Jupiter in Scorpio in the 12th). Having Saturn square my Jupiter saved my butt more times than I care to think on.

    It was right around my first Saturn Return when I was involved with an alcoholic and ended up in counseling, I was introduced to the concept of “rescue missions”. She asked me what my ideal partner would be . . . light bulbs went off everywhere!

    Still took roughly seven more years (part of a Saturn cycle) before I was able get enough of a handle on my codependent issues to end up in a reasonably equitable relationship.

  5. I have a tight Sun/Jupiter conjunction in the 12th, too. Alas, mine is in Virgo, and I get away with absolutely nothing. But I’m lucky, especially with having things fall into place when I’m ready for them. It still amazes me, really.

    I think the big lesson I’ve had to learn with Jupiter in the 12th is about learning when to let go, and when to hold on. When I was younger, I erred on the side of letting go, assuming that something else would always come up. As you get older, you learn to take advantage of your opportunities, because they don’t always come again.

  6. I have Jupiter in the 12th conjunct the ascendant.
    This post reminded me of this time when I was 19 and living in Vancouver. I was working as a Personal Care Aide and would often take the Oak street bus home from the Main street skytrain station. A sketchy part of town, for sure. So this one night at about 1:30 in the morning I’m waiting for the bus and there’s this guy who bums a cigarette from me and we start talking and he asks me if I want to smoke up with him and I say “sure,” thinking this guy wants to smoke some weed. But after watching him load the pipe I realize it’s not weed at all but what I realized later was crack. In that moment I was so terrified and suddenly mistrustful that I didn’t know what to do. So I went along with the whole thing and then, on top of everything, missed the last bus home. I ended up having to walk home which took me a good two hours. I’m a little embarrassed sharing this story. I was so naive. So foolish. When I think of what might have happened… I definitely learned my lesson. And I definitely thank Jupiter for bringing me the luck to survive my own foolishness.
    Another incident this post made me think of was this time walking in the woods with my mom when we were on a family vacation in New York state. We went walking in the woods and I was playing lead dog. I accidentally lead us down a deer trail and instead of turning back, I foolishly decided that the trail would naturally lead us to where we wanted to go. As it turned out, it did lead us to the lakefront – some seven or so hours later! Lol. Oddly I had complete faith it would all work out. So yes. Jupiter in the 12th seems to equate to foolish luck and at times blind faith.
    Does that sound about right?

    • LOL! They say that God protects fools and drunks–to that I’d have to add Jupiterians. Being one myself (Sun conjunct Jupiter), I can relate. Ev. However, it took about one year of living in NYC to get street smart, and I was there 25 years. Donna

      • i have jupiter retrograde conjunct the ascendant, in leo. when i was around 12 i was on a plane from california back home, and we started experiencing some major turbulence. i was scared, and scared that everyone seemed so unphased by it all (probably since i was a kid, everyone just tried to comfort you) anyway the plane was shakng around horribly.. i started crying, and then the plane just started free falling! i saw in my 12 yr old mind the plane breaking in half and thought, oh god, please, why, no,.. and then after a few seconds it just stopped. needless to say there is a plane load of people that where there too feeling the same thing, but its the closest thing i have to this jupiter 12th house “in the nick of time” experience. quite literally i felt saved by some divine being 🙂

      • Interesting story, Vah. Jupiter in the 12th is like that–a sense of divine intervention and being rescued are common, and I’ve been through it several times in my life. Donna

  7. i have jupiter in sag in the 12th…i always think it is like a good luck charm in my astro pocket..i have often thought of changing my name to either happy or lucky and this surely comes from my 12th house sag jupiter Not from my heavy cappie rising/saturn first house sun in virgo!!!!!
    i am lucky!! and i have a lucky outlook even with all my saturn pragmatism..i am lucky in spirt i believe which is what i think sums up jup in sag in the 12..yes??

    • Yes, indeed. No argument there–I think it’s one of the best placements in my chart. Donna

  8. Ha, this thread starts again with Jupiter ALMOST moving into Aries (my natal placement is 4 degrees Aries). What does it all mean?

  9. Hi Donna

    I don’t have Jupiter in the 12th but I am curious about the doom and gloom some astrologers are preaching about Jupiter at 29 degrees Taurus (retrograde). I love and respect the honesty in your down to earth writing and wondered what your take is on what has been called an unfortunate place to have any planet. It is in the 8th house of the chart. If the prognosis is not good is there a way to counteract the effects? Should I brace myself? Many thanks

    • Hi, Jennifer. That teaching about planets in the last few degrees of Taurus (the fixed stars in the Pleiades) is a very old one, and it’s hard to say if it’s true or a self-fulfilling prophecy. I honestly don’t know. A lot of astrology writers love to create doomsday dramas around transits in order to make themselves more important.

      I will say this, that Jupiter will be in 29 Taurus only a short time, and it’s not enough in and of itself to create anything of major impact. It would have to be mixed in with other major transits to actual planets in your own chart.

      If you’re worried that you might die, the 8th house has MANY meanings, and we die only once (in a particular lifetime), so I’d say look at other meanings of the 8th.

      For instance, Jupiter transiting the 8th can bring financial windfalls (unearned benefits) like winning something, getting a settlement, getting royalty payments (as an author), or gifts/legacies/grants. The one and only time I ever collected unemployment benefits was during a period when Jupiter was traveling through my 8th house. I hope that helps. Donna

  10. Thanks Donna, I currently have Jupiter and Uranus transiting my 8th house so I look foward to seeing what that brings.

    It’s actually my son who has Jupiter at 29 deg Taurus in the 8th house of his natal chart. So he’s stuck with it and I wondered what that meant for him!! Best wishes

  11. I am looking for posts on Uranus and Mars in the 12th. I am hoping to get some insight from others who have this placement. Any plans to explore these planets in the 12th? Love the series on the 12th.

    • The series is done for now, but it’s a theme I love, so we’re sure to get back to it at some distant point. As for articles about Mars in the 12th, the article on Ancient vs. Modern perspectives on the 12th has an excellent case study of Mars, and at the bottom of Jeremy Neal’s article here about the Sun in the 12th is a link to an excellent article he wrote on that topic.

      For Uranus, there’s just a snippet about that 12th house placement in the “New Insights” piece, but that’s all. You’ll find scads of articles about Uranus on this site, and the one about the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Pisces should have some information you’d resonate with. Oh, and there are a couple of recent articles summarizing Uranus in Pisces that might give you some ideas. Use the search engine at the top righthand corner of the blog.

      Still, Uranus is about independence, so I’d imagine you’re fully able to DIY the rest of the interpretation. this is kind of a DIY (do it yourself) site anyhow–I never promise to write all there is about a topic, just to demonstrate how it’s done. For the DIY template, read the post about Mercury-Uranus apsects. Donna

  12. i have to agree with ur” there but for the grace of god..” ! its amazing how astrology connects us all with these lil things …like a key that unlocks us bit by bit…

  13. I have the sun, mercury, venus, jupiter, vesta, lilith, pallas and chiron, all in the 12th house. I would have drove off a cliff by now if I didn’t have kids………

    • Feb. 15th, 2011
      This a reply to the earlier post (Sept. 15th 2010) from Sam.
      I also have Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all conjunct in the 12th house.
      Sam made the statement that “I would have driven off a cliff if I didn’t have kids.”
      My bi-polar father, DID try to drive off a cliff with me in the car when I was a child!
      (Pluto in the 4th) ..”Luck” intervened in the form of his second wife.. She was in the car. Saved us all…

      • I wrote that in September of 2010, now it is 2012, and I feel so blessed. Jupiter in the 12th is a blessing and so are all of my other planets there! I wouldn’t have it anyother way. It’s funny how time changes your perspective on things. I have come to love my 12th house and it has transformed my life for the better. I don’t feel tourtured (as much, lol) anymore and now I am able to share blessing and compassion with others, and have a deep appreciation of kindness, beauty in the world, and serenity.

      • It’s wonderful to hear how your perspective has changed–and with the change in perspective, your reality willo follow suit. Donna Cunningham

  14. This article really resonated with me. I think I’ve also been more successful when the work involved institutions. I’ve worked on several school projects as an architect. One however was destroyed on 9/11 when Bldg #7 toppled over onto it- 4 years of work gone in a single moment. But here’s the weird thing- at the firm where I was working at the time, in Texas, they gave me the design for a large community college, I think partly after seeing how distraught I was over the loss. I was given almost total control over the design and it was built following my drawings very closely. It was a roaring success. I guess this is luck of a sort, though I wish I’d never had to go through it.

    I have Jupiter in the 12th conjunct the AC (6 degrees) and square Mars/MC. Just did your Jupiter test and was quite surprised at my score- 46. I’d have thought it would be much lower.

    I appreciate how you’ve personalized this blog so bravely and honestly- very encouraging (Jupiterian?)! Coincidentally, when I worked in NYC years ago I designed a Battered Women’s Shelter in East New York (an extremely dangerous neighborhood at the time). Wonder if you’d know anything of it?

    • I was Director of Social Service at St. Mary’s–on the cusp of ENY/Bed-Stuy for a couple of years while it was still the decrepit old building, but no, I wasn’t aware of ther Battered Women’s Shelter. Much needed, I am sure. Donna

  15. happy jupiter return to me!!
    I have Jupiter in Aries in the 12th house. We’ve talked about all this stuff before, but I am actually celebrating my Jupiter return this week/month and I want to tell you guys about my latest adventure. 12th house besides “rescues” also rules large animals.
    So there I was on a friday afternoon, driving home from work when I saw a sign “Estate Sale” I go to Estate sales occasionally, but this one was irresistible, on my way home! I drove one block and there it was, a huge yard full of statuary and all sorts of strange things, like giant chains, large ceramic pots, a 6 foot long pair of scissors.. And Laying in a corner of the yard, under the tree, was a LION! I checked the price, it was way too much, but the sign said “50% off large items saturday” so I went home and let my husband know I was going to buy this thing.
    Saturday morning I woke very early, and found myself chatting on facebook with a nephew who lives 60 miles away. “I’m buying a lion” I told him, and sent him a link to the sale from craigslist. He shoots back, is that rototiller still there? Well, honestly, i had no idea. i never saw it, i told him. His wife controls the purse strings, and he had no money, but he was tired of borrowing his neighbor’s rototiller… so he said “Well, let me know” so at 7:40AM I was standing in a short line in the rain with 5 antique dealers ahead of me. None of them wanted the lion. YAY! it was mine! and the rototiller was right in front of me, so i snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to my nephew. $15.00!!! Yes, he would come down after his wife got up, he wanted that rototiller. at 8am I bought both items and they asked how I was going to get the lion home. I told them it would fit into my Honda fit. they sort of rolled their eyes at me, how would i get it in there? I could pay a man to get it into my car, but how would I get it out? Oh, that’s easy, I’m going to get my son to help.. and I then drove to my son’s house to get him. Meanwhile, my nephew was speeding south like shot, and he got back to the sale before I did. He loaded his rototiller and asked, did I want him to pick up my lion too? He said it weighed about 250 pounds!!! He and 3 other men hefted it into his truck. we got to my house, and this lion now looks huge for my small yard, but he’s beautiful! So my totally unexpected encounter with my nephew (who works in a warehouse and moves heavy stuff all day) leads him to out of the blue help me move this lion. I watched as he masterfully unloaded that huge cat out of his truck into precisely the right place in my yard with a little help from my son.
    If my nephew had not been available, that cat would still be stuck in my car!!!!!!

  16. ps both nephew and son are Scorpios and my son has an Aries ascendant and my Nephew, a Libra ascendant.

  17. oh yeah! and how did I miss it! This was in the moon cycle for the full moon in LEO!

  18. i’m amazed by your article and it is really helpful since i’m experiencing a depression period. I have Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in 12th house and Moon and Pluto in 6th. I understand now why some things happened the way they happened in my life. Thank you.

  19. Jupiter , Chiron , Neptune conjunct in the 12th. Yes I have always been protected at the last moment from situations , others or myself. This protection not only comes from earthly life but the unseen as well and I am very grateful…otherwise I would have been a dead duck in childhood. Sometimes I wonder if this same protection will follow me into my next life since I have become so use to it.
    I liked your rescue message and will give this serious consideration concerning my youngest son. He seems to need more than the average rescuing and I am his only consistent person to do this.

  20. I agree,..this last minute ‘rescue’, and yes i have pushed my luck to the last line for so many times..Jupiter in Leo in 12th(cusp in Crab). square Chiron in Taurus and trine to MC in Aries..

  21. Great stuff! I was hoping to see a little more on the opposite house (6th) where my Jupiter/Moon and Neptune are in Scorpio. I was initially interested with Jupiter in the 12th cause that’s where my Jupiter is transiting now and was thirsty in understanding what other’s were saying and what their experiences were and to gain some new perspective. I’m also due for the calvary to show up…. (ROFL) 2much! (tuesdaysgirl0811)

  22. I’ve got Jupiter retrograde conjunct my Ascendant in the 12th both in Aquarius, conjunct Saturn retrograde at 28.33° Capricorn. I’ve found that everytime something really awful happens in my life, there is some sort of unexpected good luck that comes along with it. A lot of growth for starters, but also, a safety net to catch me if things get too desperate.

  23. well, I pushed my luck too far several times, and now, by my 2nd Jupiter’s Return (05°TAU), I’ve pushed it the last time. I found out I’m HIV positive. Jupiter in Taurus, lord of the 8th (sag), either the death and sexual behavior, in this case, I took too much risks in bed. I’m a Taurus Ascendant (19°) with Taurus Venus in it (26°, conjunct Algol) and lady of the 6th (lib). I always knew I’d have some sexually tranmitted disease, and I actually had several, from sifilis to hpv, but discovering myself with aids really knocked me out. I can’t even remember how many times i pushed my luck, and got out well from the stupid situations I’ve put myself in. Anyway, now, i had to stop smoking, both cigarrettes and weed, stop drinking any kind of alcoholic beverage, my life, from day to night turned into a serious, boring, tedious and predictable life, pretty Taurus Life. The worse, Jupiter has retrograded a few dregrees apart from my return degree, and now he is gonna hit it again and then again… My health situation is loose, and if my next exams don’t show any improvement, I’ll have to start taking cocktail pills, and once you start it, you can never stop.
    I loved your article, and I’ve come here to say that, and to testify for 12th Jupiter people to do not overpush their luck, because one day the “on the nick” help won’t be there and you will find yourself in total misfortune, isn’t misfortune another trait of the 12th house?

    • You ARE somebody, and nobody deserves to get HIV. When I think of how loose we all were back in the 1970s-80s when HIV was first spreading, it’s a wonder half the single people of that era didn’t come down with it, myself included. Now, at least, there are medications that can help over the long haul. May the angels watch over you. Donna

      • thank you for your support. the bad effects of aids in modern days are mostly social effects. Actually, from the day I wrote the first comment I experienced some improvement both in my health and in my will to keep on living normally. the worse problem I face now is to hide the truth from everyone else, but at the same time explain why I’m having nutrional restrictions, why I stopped drinking, why I stopped smoking, why I started sleeping earlier, etc. To admit the disease is catastrophic, socially I mean. It sucks to hide it either. I made up a story that I have severe anaemia, and that they don’t know the cause yet. That explains the symptoms, and the immune condittion, but not forever… Again, thank you. Aids is no death sentence, but it is still better not to have, children.

      • You could always tell them you’ve turned into a health food nut–very credible these days, and they tend not to ask further questions, as they’re afraid you’ll try to convert them. I’m glad you got some healing from writing it out on this blog–and I forgot to say thanks for sharing your story, as it could help others to wake up to the danger. Best regards, Donna

  24. Love your posts, Donna!

    As a Pisces Jupiter in 12th House (+ a Pisces Moon in between 11th and 12th House), yeah, can totally identify with “last minute luck” and “turning something negative into something positive” T_T

  25. Hi Donna , I am Virgo Ascendant and have my Jupitor (tight orb)conjunct here in Virgo , 12th house .

    I find myself not really attracted to LUCK . But I feel all the time that I have a guadian angel protect me . And everytime I prey , I can feel they hear that too.

    In my real life , I work hard to get my social standard eveythings in hand, never had any luck of gambling .

    Let’s say , jupitor here does not bring luck but it bring me deep in subconscious that I want some part of me “spritualy” which I didn’t know now… But I just discovered when Mars transit in my 12th house , bring the action from 12th House of Jupitor to surface that “I always want to understand Astrology” and I keep this feeling inside my mind all the time . When I ‘m ready , I will learn it 🙂

    And apart from the spiritual Jupitor , it definitly protect you when you were harmed and also last minute helper 🙂
    Last time I remembered, I was in a Taxi , and we were at front row ,waiting for the green light. As the green light appeared almost 3 minutes, the driver want to speed up through the intersection but suddenly I don’t know why my head turned the other ways and discovered that there are a van that run through the red light :(. And I screamed to the driver to stop the car .
    That’s so horrible story I ‘ve benn through , and if I didn’t turn my head , I wouln’nt seen the van .

    Thanks for let me share.

  26. Hi Donna, I have a question.. it’s a tiny bit off topic from this post, but still related to Jupiter/the 12th House. Okay so, from what I understand, the AC tells about the physical appearance.. but what if planets from the 12th House conjunct the AC? Do they still influence the physical appearance, or is that reserved only for planets in the 1st House? I have Sun, Mercury & Jupiter in the 12th (Virgo) conjunct the AC. I also have Venus in the 1st but it is not conjunct the AC.

    • I like that question too. My son has neptune a degree away from his ascendant in the 12th house too. i don’t think he looks like the god of the sea, though, he doesn’t even like swimming much.

    • Both a first house conjunction and a 12th house conjunction are strongly noticeable to other people–something they remark on right away when the meet you.
      However, the 12th house is often either repressed or denied by the person himself/herself, so the person does not realize that that is what they project to other people. (A 12th house conjunction does lend itself to the Shadow Side.) As for the appearance or outward demeanor, yes I think a 12th house conjunction affects it, possibly in somewhat off-kilter way, as it’s less under the person’s consciousness. So, Jupiter/Asc in the twelfth might be tall or possibly overweight. Donna

  27. Hi…these past two ascendant questions crack me up. I am laughing at the effects my appearance has on some people,
    What with Neptune close to my asc and followed on the heels by Amour , Chiron and Jupiter . Its weird to think what I must look like.Only once in my life I was told I had bedroom eyes?
    I have noticed people see what they expect to see or only see one part of me and thats usually to do with what they are or a past life connection. I feel like a mirrior.
    I am crafty enough to see this situation as a boon because it helps me understand them better.
    Another effect which can over ride this depending on the circumstances is that people see my effects as a catalyst and person of power. They love it or fear it. It seems they are responding to my force field more than any physical characteristic. Again thats because of where they are coming from….could be my pluto in the 10th sextile the ascendant. This is specially so if I am in the public Dance Arena ( Indian Pow Wows) or involved with Groups.

  28. hey..i have my asc in libra and jupiter in libra 12 house conjuct my asc..i often wondered as 2 why i never really fitted the libra physical description, (physic and structure).. I remember looking into this, and came across a site about jupiter conj asc..its pretty obvious what influence it has on my asc.. Jupiter = excessive…the author of the article was dead on about how people with this aspect will have a larger (body) frame than normal..i am quite the large, big boned, 5″9 also a binge eater and excessive drinker yes, that makes me abit more on the heavy side..i notice thats one thing people notice about me when they first meet me = fatty pumbah..oh so wise and charming..but why so large and also have my 1st house ruler opposite asc in my 7th house..what influence woiuld that have on my appearance? Would it make me more masculine looking? My mars in cancer and its ruler MOON= mother….i look like my mother?

  29. please explain me the jupiter in 12 th ie in pisces .Every body saying that 12 house jupiter is lucky .But for I am not lucky .Can u explain why this is

  30. Hi Donna! I also have jupiter in the 12th in leo (1st degree) but besides being retrograde it makes no aspect to other planets. I also have the moon in my 12th house (18th degree). Does this means less ‘luck’ then a 12th house jupiter in direct motion and aspected to other planets? I have faith in the Universe I must say… How can I best deal with it? Thank you very much 🙂

    • That sounds like a mystery. My youngest son has an apparently unaspected Jupiter. Check for the other little used aspects like Quintiles. septile etc and Midpoints and do notforget to check and see the progressed Jupiter and how old you will be when it goes direct.

  31. At age 25/26 I drank myself into a lost world of pain. Leaving my husband then drinking for 8 months straight, I caused myself a car crash which included alcohol. I sustained a Traumatic head injury, broke neck, scull, jaw, shoulder and ruptured my spleen. Lots of rehab and hospitalization while Saturn transited my Jupiter in 12 house. I got so depressed I tried killing myself 3 times until they locked me up in a hospital ward. I said to what I thought might be a god or universe listening “is that all you got?” I was at the bottom of bottom I didn’t care. Then one day I looked up at the sun and there was a ring around it, something just woke me up. I always loved looking up into the sky.

    By age 28/29, saturn return 2nd H, I joined AA, I am now 6 yrs sober and married to a sober man. My sponsor introduced me to astrology and now I do readings as a side job. All I do is read astrology, look at charts. I am the happiest I have ever been. I sure did have to fall so hard to wake up. Unfortunately I still see doctors lots for pain, but I can handle that.

    I wasted my luck by drinking, but never again!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Jennifer. I do believe both the addictions and the recovery through the 12-step programs are aligned with the principles of the 12th house–you gain your own healing through helping others who suffer. Donna

    • i suffer similar problems in the past during a saturn 12 house transit i recovered from post traumatic stress disorder…and met devine love in the process…after considering suicide from ages 12-18 .. Most stressful and amazing time…thanx for your post…

  32. Thank you so much for writing this. As someone with Jupiter in the 12th house, I’ve experienced most of what you mentioned. Now I know or at the very least have an idea of how I can improve my life. I’m gonna be a doctor.

  33. i have jupiter on the cusp between 11 and 12 house within 2 degrees of 12th. Ive nearly been murdered twice and obducted once and always a lightning strike of angelic fate has saved me…Once when i was 8 my mentally ill brother attempted to cut my throat and i froze solid and prayed for god to come get me before he sliced in..Just happpened that as he started the cut to my throat my mother woke from a nightmare and started screaming the house down. It frightened my insane brother who dropped the knife and ran. cant get closer than that!

  34. i have jupiter on the cusp of 12th house and 11 th…Saturn on cusp with 12th and 1st and mercury in 12th house…so does that make me extra lucky? or extra unlucky coming july 2014 when jupiter enters 12th house and saturn enters 4th…the both represent prisons and hospitals…getting a bit

    • You are extra-lucky, your mother saved you from her sleep, if that is not love and awareness… Did you ever ask her what her nightmare was about?

  35. I have retrograde Jupiter in my twelfth house, with Cancer in 12. Any advice?

    • Yeah, I have it too. Live out the good qualities of Jupiter and avoid the bad. read the other articles on Jupiter on this blog. Donna

  36. I have Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 12th sitting on the Galacting Centre, conjunct my Cappy Sun.

    The thing is I always felt protected in some way, and every decision i took brought me good results in the end, after i have passed all the initial diffiulties. I always believed in a higher power and in the “magic around us” and been a very understanding child, though it definetly wasn’t in my favour all the time. When i first started studying astrology and reading my own aspects i was like “what the… how can it be, this thing is so accurate actually o.o” and it is lovely getting to know that even when we talk about such abstract things (luck, spirituality, divine power) there are some lines that help ypu shape the road though life in your mind, provided by astrology.

    This domicile and dignified Jupiter saved my butt more times than i can imagine, but yeah, they give ma a big ego deep inside which i’ve always seen as more a form of respect of oneself and my personal values rather than that “i’m the best so i deserve the best” kind of attitude.

    I talked more generally because the situations i nearly went through are plenty: saved in the last second from being crushed by cars 2 times by friends, escaped from strange people following me, successfully escaped from getting to close to a drug dealer, escaped from fights betwen people, but i also win things (at the lotery, a camera, etc), and i get very lucky with gambling too :)) with friends as a means of fun only, though!

  37. Somehow no matter how much I read about the 12th house it is the house that intrigues me the most, it is “the one that got away” of my understanding, maybe that’s its essence… It is amazing how the 12th house is full of contradictions, what is bad turns good, what is good turns bad…

    Luck is so hard to define, and the comments above say how tricky it can be… I’m lucky with material things and money, (pisces 2nd house empty, Jupiter in Capricorn in the 12th, Stellium in the jupiterian 9th house, Neptune gauquelin MC). I’m extremely lucky at gambling. If it is a Bingo, I always win the best prize of the night. Sports betting I’m fairly good at, using intuition. Everytime I step in a casino, in one hour I win 10 times my initial bet in roulette tables. Everytime. Thing is, I look at the table, a certain sector “shines” to my eyes, I place my bet and win 80% of the time.

    Yet, I feel guilty/bad of using my intuition to that. And it creeps me off the idea of getting addicted to gambling, so I try to avoid. The ironic part of this combo is that having almost the whole solar system in cadent houses, material stuff is not my thing. Maybe that’s Capricorn in the 12th…. People call me ragged philosopher, commie, I don’t care.

    Although I have a decent lifestyle at the moment, I’ve had my bad financial days. Once I remember I was unemployed and had like 10 dollars, and I had to decide about having a last meal or buy a pack of cigarettes (before calling someone to borrow money, how embarrassing!). Instead, I decided to use it to gamble. I won about 300 dollars, and on my way back home bought the cigarettes and all the groceries I needed for 2 weeks. Haha! (Maybe that’s how the capricornian cavalry works!!).

    But I think my Jupiter in the 12th also means something else: escapism. I have 2 good friends that share the same Jupiter as me, and we are equally prone to turn off that god-damn-cell-phone, hide at home with curtains closed, just to read, watch tv, play videogames and stay far far away from the world.

    • With my Jupiter in the 12th too, Ayra, I have had many experiences like those you describe. I was in school in NYC during the 1960s, and I marched for darned near everything (Peace, civil rights, women’s rights, you name it.) MY mother went around my home town, including all my friends’ families and told them not to have anything to do with me, that I was a communist. We’re here to have Jupiter in the 12th and do some good in the world, and the rest of the manifestations don’t matter over the long run. We haven’t starved yet. Donna

  38. I have Jupiter, Mercury & Sun in 12th house in Pisces (Aries Asc). Here I would like to mention that I am getting Loans easily & getting under Debts. In this way I am lucky?

    • It depends on whether you use those funds wisely and responsibly and make it a priority to pay it back quickly. If you’re overly optimistic (Jupiter) and think that God will always provide, then the debt–and interest–could become ruinous. Then Jupiter is like gambling. Donna, who also has Sun-Jupiter in the 12th also.

  39. I think the protection of a twelve house Jupiter is real, can save you from very bad situations (of which you are often not even aware), but can only operate within the saturnian limits. It can grant you some favors, but can never give you what you are not supposed to have. There is a hierarchy in heavens, and Saturn seems to have a heavier word to say.
    I never quite thought about the protection this placement is supposed to offer against violent situations. Now I realise maybe I can relate to that. My Jupter is in twelve in Pisces conjunct Venus in 1ºAries. When I was two years old I survived a 7,4º Richter earthquake: the wall near my bed was pushed by a carrier of the nearby building, fell on me but my father somehow stopped it and then went downstairs the eight stores with me in his arms.
    I feel I am lucky in little things, or things I believe I don’t value (but maybe I would if I lacked them), like money. I don’t know if I pushed my luck, anyway not with gambling or alcohol or drugs, nothing like that, but maybe I owe that little control freak tendency to Mars ruler of the ascendant in Capricorn and most elevated planet.
    I totally agree about the escapism and closing the curtains and don’t feel bad about that. I love closeted dusted places, like old non-renovated natural history museums, anonymous and forgotten places like oil stations, they make me happy and at home. Maybe the lack of bugging socialites in those environments helps too.
    I do have very left-wing convictions and I observed a lot of people with Saggy or Pisces Jupiter do. Of course a more active house placement gives some of them a real push in politics. In fact astrology made me realise to what extent socialism was nothing but the modern organised expression of Christianity. The same planetary positions are at stake, the jupiterian and neptunian strong placements in Pisces or Sagittarius, plus the Aquarius input, witch presided to socialism’s birth.

  40. Jupiter, Chiron conjunction in Aries in the 12th house dancing with a companion Mars in Taurus in the same house. I’ve survived several near catastrophic traffic accidents without a mark. I too, have come from generations of alcohol abusive relatives. I seem to have a knack for attracting people who need help whether friend or family extending my entire life. Neptune and Pisces influence in my 7th and 11th houses probably doesn’t help this that much. I can’t help but think that if mine and other kindred people’s longings, to help the underprivileged, extended to all humans on the earth, that we might be in much better shape as a species.

  41. can you explain more of what you mean when you say that 12th house jupiters’ eat up good karma in their future lives? really interesting

  42. Hi, Donna

    I have Jupiter in 12th house Aries. I’ve always felt like I have an guardian angel. When times get tough I have a feeling that everything is going to be okay. On the other hand, I know sometimes I dedicate too much of myself to my family and those who need some help, even if it means only a shoulder to cry on. Maybe because of the opposition of Mercury in Libra (6th house)? I am always there for them but sometimes it’s tiring and I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts.

    It’s odd because I never really put too much thought of my 12th house Jupiter but I totally relate.

    Thanks for your amazing articles 🙂

    • Bless you, Maria, I know just how you feel. In some ways, I think my 12th house Jupiter-Sun conjunction is the best feature in my chart. I have been so lucky in my life, and that luck seems always to be especially strong when I am engaged in service work. And, yes, I too need lots of solitude in order to stay centered, as I soak up so much from others who are troubled. Donna

  43. It’s exactly like that 🙂
    Thanks again for the articles and also for keep answering to all of us. That’s something special!

  44. Jupiter 12th house can be about leaving your country/home and expanding outside your country/home (as in my case). In the writer’s case, Sun Jupiter conjunction is supposed to be combustible and reduce the effects of the “expansion” Jupiter. I think, luck is coming from somewhere else.

    • Well, my Sun Jupiter conjunction is in the 12th and I have been incredibly lucky all my life-not in terms of money, but of an excellent education all on scholarships, 18 books published, and wonderful trips around the world to teach about astrology. And of course, joy and growth from working in service fields all my life. I would not trade this conjunction in the 12th for anything. Donna Cunningham

  45. I have Jupiter in the 12th in Capricorn. All you say is true!

  46. I also have Jupiter, retrograde, in the 12th. With a wide conjuction to asc.
    I spent years hitch hiking around Western Canada, living out of a backpack. Definitely pushed my luck in more than one way, many times. Although Ive read consistently that jupiter in the 12th can represent a “guardian angel” or as you put it, the calvery, swooping in to save the day, more often than not Ive found that it’s listening to my intiution that saves my ass. Maybe thats the retrograde effect: the ‘saving grace’ coming from within rather than without. (maybe my moon on the dc chiming in) Its the times I dont listen to my “inner knowing” that the ‘hard lessons’ come around, as a result of pushing my luck too far.
    The 8 degree conjunction to my asc occassionally shows up in experiences where I spontaneously (not alot of conscious thought involved) share, but more often recieve, some expression of vulnerability or love from a stranger and they project their idea of an ‘angel’ or ‘light being’ or ‘enlightened’ person (their own ‘potential to shine’ shadow) onto my character.
    One example: one year before Christmas I was handing out ‘gratitude rocks’ I had made, at the mall in the city. Rocks from the beach meant to be put in a pocket or work desk etc, and associated with gratitude; when you look at or feel it, you think of something you’re greatful for. Most people thought I was selling something and wouldnt accept them. One lady became immediately convinced I was a flesh and blood angel.
    Interestingly, in hitch hiking: travelling in that ‘throw it all to the winds of fate’ mentality, taking risks by entering into strangers vulnerable zones, thus making myself vulnerable (getting into their cars, sleeping on their couches, getting into the nitty gritty pyschological depths with them etc) is ultimately what opened the doors to the experiences where people percieved me as some sort of divine archetype.
    Something else I associated to the 12th house jupiter: I often with very little effort can pinpoint the subconscious message of peoples dreams when they tell me about them. My own dreams are much harder for me to distill personal “psychological” context. They often either feel like
    ‘power dreams’ speaking in a greater mythic quality in which the message is very clear and should be shared;
    literal experiences travelling through other dimensions/states of consciousness
    or hazy and completely indistinguishable.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences with how your Jupiter in the 12th is expressed, Kaylee. I agree that Jupiter so close to the
      Ascendant, people do often see those qualities in you and react to them, often strongly. (Actually, any planet in the 12th but within 10 degrees of
      the Ascendant is no secret to others–though it may be one of those secrets we hide from ourselves.

      Incidentally, Folks, there is a series of about 15 posts on this blog about the 12th house. To find them, go to the search engine for this blog, at the top right hand column of the front page, and type in “12th house.” You will be taken to a list of those articles, and click on the ones in the list that interest you.


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