Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 23, 2009

What Can Astrology Tell Us about the Mystery Girl?

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

A young girl approximately 14-17 turned up outside a youth shelter in Manhattan, NY at around 12:30 AM on October 9, 2009.   She claims not to know who she is, where she came from, or how she got there. From the tone of the CNN article about her, it would appear she isn’t the typical runaway who comes to Covenant House and that authorities are taking her story seriously.  The article makes no mention of drug abuse, and in the picture given at CNN, she looks healthy and well-nourished.   You can see the full story here:

mysterygirlfoundOct9 I’m also reprinting the picture of her from CNN on the slight chance someone can recognize her—or even guess her Ascendant.    New York City Administration for Children’s Services and police are asking anyone with information about the young woman or her family to contact the NYPD Missing Persons Squad at 212-694-7781 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

Readers, what do you see in the chart shown below, based on the time she appeared? Can we tell whether this is a genuine case of amnesia or a hoax? Is she running away or trying to avoid punishment for something she did?  Or, did some sort of head trauma or traumatic event wipe out her memories?

 Would the chart give us any hints about her origins or her life up to the time she showed up?   I invite you to comment and to speculate.   Donna 



UPDATE:  In the evening on October 24, CNN began reporting that the girl had been identified.  Someone in Pennsylvania had recognized her photo and got in touch with the parents, who were quickly on their way from Washington State to New York City to get her.  No further information was being released as of this morning. 

In the comments section, there were a range of opinions, but then it would be unusual for astrologers to agree on anything!  I’d withheld my opinion in order to leave space for free discussion, but here’s what I saw in the chart. What happens when I am looking for answers through astrology is that I begin with a visual survey.  Then quite quickly, certain features of the chart will leap out at me.  I don’t think it’s primarily intuition, but rather high speed data processing (Uranus) based on working with thousands of clients’ charts for over 40 years. There were two things about this one that struck me immediately.

First, the conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron straddling the 8th house cusp suggested that she was a victim of someone deceptive (Neptune) who wanted to use her for sexual purposes (8th house)–maybe even though the internet (Uranus).  This supposition deepened as I noted Mars conjunct the Ascendant but in the 12th house, which is similar to Neptune and Pisces–and that Mars was trined by Uranus in Pisces and quincunx to Neptune in Aquarius. 

The Mars-Neptune quincunx, it quickly became apparent, was part of a Yod (aka Eye of God, aka Finger of Fate) with Neptune and Chiron in the 8th as the peak. The other leg was Venus, Saturn, and Mercury in Virgo in the 3rd (communication). 

The second pattern that my eyes tripped over was the Grand Trine in Air of Moon in Gemini in the 11th with Jupiter in Aquarius and the Sun in the 4th.  On the one hand, the Grand Trine can be a “greased slide,” in which the person can be led astray by how easy it all is.  (Here it would be easy for someone fluent with words to lead the girl astray by first establishing a  friendship.) On the other hand, Moon in Gemini (news media, publicity) in the trine suggested to me that the publicity would quickly bring an identification of the girl so she could be identified and brought home to her family. 

A fascinating story, folks, and quite a stimulating debate!   Donna



  1. I think she’s telling tales and that’s not the first time she’s run away. My understanding of astrology is limited, however here’s what I “see”:
    – Mars on Rising Sign – very assertive young lady. South Node conjunct Mars in exact degree – which makes me consider the “not the first time” she pulls that one.

    – Mars being ruled by Moon in Gemini: the “telling tales” aspect. I would think it would be very easy for her to lie and say whatever others would like to ear. Also Moon on the 11th: a possible politician on the making? This Moon is in a Trine with Clouding Neptune on the 8th (I keep thinking, liar liar, sorry lol).
    – Moon also involved in a T-Square in mutable signs with Uranus (9th house) and a Virgo Stellium in the 3rd. Did she run away from her family home because they imposed too many restrictions (older females, even: Saturn Conjunct Venus), did not allow her what she considered to be “free-speach”? (Saturn conjunt Mercury: “you’re Better know what you’re talking about, young lady” Or: Study Harder!. Plus this Saturn opposes Uranus. Maybe she wants to Blabber all out – and faced ristrictions. Again – this makes me think that she’s a pathological liar and the family is well aware of it.)

    Then again – my interpretation might be all wrong… :/

    • Hi, Dunya, anybody’s free to give their guesses about this chart. People may disagree with you and with each other–in fact, I’d be a bit disappointed if they didn’t because astrologers love to wrangle about interpretations! A healthy if sometimes acrimonious debate is the highlight of any astrology conference or forum. I’m deliberately refraining from chiming in with my opinion until I just cannot restrain myself! Have fun folks, but just keep it civil. Donna

  2. In a crime chart, Venus often signifies a victim and in this chart there a many connections from Venus to other planets.

    Venus is part of a conjunction of Saturn and Mercury, two people involved in the incident. In the company of these two people, she suffered trauma (Stellium opposite Uranus, Uranus trine Mars, Mars sextile Venus, Uranus, Mercury stellium.

    Venus inconjunct Neptune and this Neptune is inconjunct Mars indicates confusion about the events, and so she may have blanked out the event. I do not believe the amnesia is faked.

    Mars in the twelfth so she may have been some sort of prisoner. The grand trine between Moon, Sun and Jupiter indicated her opportunity to escape.

    Of course I could be wrong too.

  3. Mars rules Aries which -physically – is the head. Mars in the 12th is (some kind of a ) secret -on the Asc. .This could represent some head trauma and /or amnesia. With the Neptune aspects, things are hazy and covert.
    Mars is running the appearance of the action.

    Also could she be ‘forgetting’, or keeping herself a secret from herself , because of some past harm or injustice done her?

    Chart seems to have alot of Uranus aspects…could her actions be for her freedom?

    BUT, Her South Node is on her ascendent- being a victim is a past pattern, along with confusion,,extremism,oversensitivity,…avoidance of responsibility and extreme dependence…..could be a teenager over reacting to troubles at home and skipping out. She might have actually run into trouble while she was ‘on the run’.

    Fun to guess.

  4. Hello…

    First, the South Node always represents loss. Well, what she had lost? Identity (Mars being on Asc), self (Mars rules 5th) and power or strength (Mars also rules 10th).

    Second, the Moon is her significatrix. Being in Gemini is a bad place to “live” (because it’s 12th sign from her own). Besides, she’s separated from a trine (a very close one) with Jupiter, ruler of 6th (disease[s]) and 9th (a foreign, stranger? or simply the fact she’s very far away from her home).

    Third, Jupiter being in an angle (and the close trine) might mean that the disease didn’t fade away, but she’s on the process of getting rid of it, perhaps unconsciously? I don’t know here…

    Fourth, Moon is applying to Venus, ruler of 11th and 4th. I guess she’ll be coming back home by the help of her protectors or new friends…

    • 8:30 PM, Pacific. CNN is saying that someone recognized her from her picture on CNN and got in touch with her family. They’re from Washington State and are on their way to bring her home. No identifying information as yet. the Grand Air trine in the chart–get the info out there and it’s resolved. Will follow up as more info becomes available. Donna

  5. She looks like an Aries Rising to me.
    Did you finally get her birth data?


    • Fire sign cutie, for sure–she looks quite wholesome but on the naive side. No, nothing more about her story has come out yet, and I doubt that we’ll ever get her date of birth. Those halcyon days of free access to birth data are gone–most state laws very tight to prevent identity theft, you have to prove you’re the person or a relative. Donna

  6. There are a remarkable number of biquintiles in this chart, most of them waning, which relate to the will to uncover hidden truths – but carry a caution to move slowly and carefully so as not to learn too much, too soon, which can be overwhelming. Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in Virgo and House 3, indicating constraints on communication, and these are biquintile a conjunction between Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius and House 8. Chiron in this position indicates feelings of vulnerability and sensitivity around the issue of whether one may be too different from others to belong, and Neptune’s energy can indicate deception or confusion.

    A waning quintile from the Sun (in Libra and House 4) to Pluto suggests that this young woman may have been expected to assume family responsibilities that were simply too much for her, and also that she did not feel able to communicate this – perhaps she tried and her family didn’t listen, or perhaps she is very shy and feels unable to speak up about her needs. I wonder whether she may have been expected to take on greater responsibilities in caring for younger siblings than a girl of her age can reasonably be expected to carry out. Whether or not this was a genuine case of amnesia, it may have served as her way of escaping a situation that she felt was just too burdensome for her to cope with.

    All teens need to grow up and accept more responsibility (North Node in Chiron, South Node in Cancer), but it can be counter-productive if too much is demanded of them all of a sudden. Better to encourage them to take on new responsibilities more gradually, a few at a time, so they can experience a feeling of success in mastering them.

    • This is excellent material, Margaret! So little is written about quintiles and biquintiles. Though of course I know what mine are and see them working (Mars q. Uranus; Sun q. Neptune), I’d surely like to see more in writing. Why don’t you give it a try? Donna

  7. That Mars quintile Uranus aspect sounds like fun!

    • I think the Mars-Uranus quintile accounts for what I say my role is in the field of astrology–I’m a trailblazer/trouble maker. I’m always bringing up subjects people don’t want to talk about.

      I visited your site, and you’re developing a good suite of articles. Try The Mountain Astrologer with the quintile/biquintile material, but do that in depth rather than the five or six aspects you’re juggling in one article there. That’s what I really love about them, they provide a venue for me to go into depth with a piece of astrology at a time. Donna

  8. And you do your trailblazing in a way that gives people a very concrete understanding of what they can do to change their lives for the better – a great manifestation of the quintile energy.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will follow up on it! I subscribe to the Mountain Astrologer. It’s a great magazine, and I always enjoy your articles.

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