Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 26, 2009

Updates— the Mystery Girl and Bitterness

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

I was just having a discussion this ayem with my Vibration Blog partner, Dr. Deborah Bier about the high-quality comments I’m getting to posts here and those on Vibration Magazine — educational journal on flower essences, our flower essence blog. I said a blog post is never done and that when really good questions stimulate me to write something more about the topic, I cut and paste an update into the original post. 

So then the very sensible Deb asked me, “What about the readers who’ve already seen the post—how do they get to read the addition? It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop.” I shrugged, or whatever the email equivalent is. 

So then the logical, the ever-practical Deb suggested, “Why not make a separate post of it so it will go out to your subscriber list?”

ps-small10Hmm. I couldn’t really think of any good reason why not, so here are updates to three recent articles that brought very fine comments and questions and stimulated me to write more:  the mystery girl, bitterness and birth times.  So without further meandering, here are the additions:


UPDATE:  In the evening on October 24, CNN began reporting that the girl had been identified.  Someone in Pennsylvania had recognized her photo and got in touch with the family, who were quickly on their way from Washington State to New York City to get her.  Here’s the most up-to-date information I could find on the internet as of this morning:

“A woman found in Manhattan has been identified as 18-year-old Kacie Aleece Peterson of Hansville, Washington. Her father went to New York City on Sunday to pick her up. He reported her missing Oct. 1. Peterson is originally from Colville in eastern Washington State. She had been living with a friend in Hansville and was attending Kingston High School, according to the Kitsap County sheriff’s office.  A viewer who saw her in a television news report recognized Peterson’s photo and contacted authorities with information. It’s still unknown how the woman made her way from Washington State to Manhattan. More answers should come after her family helps her connect the dots.”

In the comments section, there were a range of opinions, but then it would be unusual for astrologers to agree on anything!  I’d withheld my opinion in order to leave space for free discussion, but here’s what I saw in the chart. What happens when I am looking for answers through astrology is that I begin with a visual survey.  Then quite quickly, certain features of the chart will leap out at me.  I don’t think it’s primarily intuition, but rather high speed data processing (Uranus) based on working with thousands of clients’ charts for over 40 years. There were two things about this one that struck me immediately. 


First, the conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron straddling the 8th house cusp suggested that she was a victim of someone deceptive (Neptune) who wanted to use her for sexual purposes (8th house)–maybe even though the internet (Uranus).  This supposition deepened as I noted Mars conjunct the Ascendant but in the 12th house, which is similar to Neptune and Pisces–and that Mars was trined by Uranus in Pisces and quincunx to Neptune in Aquarius. 

The Mars-Neptune quincunx, it quickly became apparent, was part of a Yod (aka Eye of God, aka Finger of Fate) with Neptune and Chiron in the 8th as the peak. The other leg was Venus, Saturn, and Mercury in Virgo in the 3rd (communication). 

The second pattern that my eyes tripped over was the Grand Trine in Air of Moon in Gemini in the 11th with Jupiter in Aquarius and the Sun in the 4th.  On the one hand, the Grand Trine can be a “greased slide,” in which the person can be led astray by how easy it all is.  (Here it would be easy for someone fluent with words to lead the girl astray by first establishing a  friendship.) On the other hand, Moon in Gemini (news media, publicity) in the trine suggested to me that the publicity would quickly bring an identification of the girl so she could be identified and brought home to her family. 

A fascinating story, folks, and quite a stimulating debate!   Donna


signnew2-a2dPS.  After I post a piece, I often follow the links to see the reaction on the net.  The morning after this was posted, I followed a link to an article in the LA Times’ health section article on May 25, 2009 about the annual American Psychiatric Association meeting. They’re having a serious discussion about whether to declare morbid bitterness as a mental illness. 

 They link it to post-traumatic stress and propose to call it Post-Traumatic Embitterness Disorder.   One of the things they say about it is that embittered people are extremely resistant to treatment, for they feel they don’t need to change, the world needs to change.   And they note that these are often good, hardworking people who turn bitter after a terrible event. See: Bitterness the newest mental illness?

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That’s all for today, folks.moonbkltcvr

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