Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 27, 2009

Cash in on the Hidden Gold Beneath Your Fears

©2009 by guest blogger, Tom Volkar, of

Donna says, “As Saturn makes its last stop in Virgo and quickly moves on to square Pluto in Capricorn, fears about the future of our jobs, lifework, and financial survival seem overwhelming to so many of us.  I’m nominating Tom Volkar’s site, as my Internet Find of the Week because of his dedication to helping self-employed people reach their fullest potential. I don’t know of any full-time astrologers who aren’t self-employed, so when I ran across his site, I asked his permission to reprint this post. Though he doesn’t know much about Saturn, he surely addressed key current issues in the article below. Let’s hear what he has to say.”

hiddenfears1-a2dFor every entrepreneur who has already seized the freedom of self-employment, there are at least 10 who want to but hesitate to take the leap. As a coach, it’s obvious to me that these folks are looking at what they fear – rather than what they want. But how can we encourage them? How can we help them to take action in spite of their fears?

Here’s one way. As a card-carrying member of the Eternal Optimists’ Club, I often ask this question when faced with an unexpected challenge. What’s good about it?

This morning I began pondering what’s good about my fears? What’s the value of fears? Fears arise for a reason. Behind every fear is a path that leads to greater freedom and fulfillment. So one could reasonably argue that fears point to a value that we cannot see until we face the fear.

In order to bring forth our pure and fearless selves, we need to face and examine the fears that are coming up for us in the present moment. We won’t find the gold by being afraid to look, and we won’t find it by looking in the wrong place.

Often a coaching client will share that he or she is in a funk and doesn’t know what it is, or what has caused it. Then the client will begin an ineffective pursuit to find out why. Why do I feel this way? When struggling, do not seek to understand why it is that you struggle. You’ll seldom be able to find the truth from that perspective.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.hiddenfears2-a2d
Albert Einstein

Instead, try making the assumption that you are fearful of something that needs further exploration. Instead of asking the judgment-laden question: What’s wrong with me? Or: Why am I feeling this way? Ask: What do I fear? If you are the kind of person who avoids facing your fears, you may have more than one fear. No sweat, just write them all down until the most demanding culprit reveals is itself. Then inquire internally to find one or more things that are good about the specific fear.

There is hidden gold waiting to be mined just beneath the surface of your fears. You just need an approach that will help you to see the gold. Below, I’ve offered five approaches to uncover it. First read the approach and then answer the accompanying fear identifier.

Fears point to decisions that need to be made.

What decision(s) have I been putting off?

Fears show us that greater truths need to be realized.

Since fears are imagined and not real, they are there to help us to transition to what is real. What greater truth am I not seeing because I’ve been afraid to look?

Fears alert us to potential danger.

What signs am I misreading or not seeing that could cause me harm?

Fears expose our erroneous self-judgments.

Where have I been doubting and judging myself without any proof that it’s true?

Fears show us what is stopping us by revealing our excuses.

What stories have I been telling myself in the form of excuses that stop me from taking action?

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. Dale Carnegie.hiddenfears3-a2d

In order to be fearless, we need to face our fears as they arise. That way there is no build-up and nothing lying in wait that comes back to get us.

Your fears are your friends. They exist to show you value that you haven’t yet seen. Don’t allow them to determine your destiny by fearing. Instead, allow them to shine a light on your optimum path by courageously facing them.

If you’ve read this far and still have fears, then you have yet to answer the questions above. Answer them and become the fearless creator you were meant to be.

Donna recommends:  Visit Tom’s site for a wealth of articles for the self-employed. is my Internet Find of the Week.

About Tom Volkar: Tom Volkar has been career coaching full time since 1998; go to to read about his coaching. Tom Blogs on issues facing the self-employed at and is currently helping hundreds reconnect their link between authenticity and abundance through; go there for a FREE True Calling Guidebook.


  1. Thanks Donna for spreading this message to your readers. Since writing this I’ve gotten an even greater understanding of the gold behind our fears. Excellent value is always there waiting for our understanding. It’s all good indeed and often requires just a small change in perception to see.

    • That’s the truth, Tom, and thank you again for sharing your perceptions with my readers. You may not talk astrologese, but you’ve got Saturn down pat! I hope you’ll share some of your tips for self-employed people with us somewhere down the line. Donna

  2. Oh, I love this:

    “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

  3. Oh, Donna, this was exactly what I needed this evening! Saturn is approaching an opposition to my Sun…I awoke this cold, cloudy Oklahoma morning with pain in my head and fear in my heart. Both haunted me throughout the day but a little chocolate and this article have returned my natural optimism and determination. Thank you.

    • I’m glad if it helped, Laura. Tom’s messages are strong and positive ones. Donna

  4. Donna – longtime fan of your books & Mountain Astrologer articles, first time contributor on your blog. And with Saturn about to conjunct my moon at 0.38 Libra and then move into my 5th house at 0.56 Libra I am so feeling the depression/fear continuum. This was very timely. I’m going to print it out and journal on when i write in the morning. Thank y ou and thank Tom.

  5. Dear Donna:
    I discovered your website this morning and it is now afternoon. I like your compassion and the clarity of your thinking and analysis; a refreshing day, as I deal with Pluto on my Mercury, nearing Mars (5) and Ascendant, which is perched at (7’27).

    I began a new career last June out of necessity. Oddly enough, it is what I have always really wanted to do, but said wait. I do feel a surge of energy and creativity. Thanks for the wonderful advice you have given me!

    • Glad if it helps. Actually as someone who gives her heart and soul to writing, Pluto to Mercury sounds like a fabulous transit in terms of deepening the mind and capacity to think. (In fact it WAS, though I didn’t have Saturn to contend with on top of it. Donna

  6. Donna says, “As Saturn makes its last stop in Virgo and quickly moves on to square Pluto in Capricorn, fears about the future of our jobs, lifework, and financial survival seem overwhelming to so many of us. I’m nominating Tom Volkar’s site, as my Internet Find of the Week because of his dedication to

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