Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 9, 2009

Pluto-Saturn Roundup–What Other Bloggers are Saying

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The blogosphere is a delicious, startling labyrinth of self-expression in which you encounter fabulous fables and the art of life in its vast, infinite diversity. It’s the repository of an impressive array of talent in the field of astrology—gifted practitioners who on the whole have remained undiscovered by “mainstream” astrology conferences and publications. I set out at daybreak today to discover who else out there is posting helpful or inspiring materials on the Pluto-Saturn square. Here are some that I found.

ElsaElsa always has a good exchange of information and experiences going among her regular followers.  Currently she’s featurantique postcard from ing a discussion about the Pluto-Saturn square here: Pluto Square Saturn transit « ElsaElsa Boards

Node-o-rama is an astrology forum, and currently members are sharing their experiences on this aspect here: Node-o-rama / Pluto square saturn

I hadn’t thought about the influence the Pluto-Saturn square would have on electional charts—that is, charts you choose for the date you start something, like a business or marriage.  I do know a couple of electional astrologers who have bailed out and aren’t doing any of that work for clients for the duration.  Saturn in Libra in and of itself might speak to thinking carefully about your commitment choices.

Read what Karen Christino, an astrologer who specializes in wedding charts and the author of YourWedding Astrologer—How to Plan a Marriage Made in Heaven, has to say: Saturn Square Pluto » Wedding Outlook »

One of my astrological colleagues, Jeff Jawer has always been excellent on Pluto throughout the 40 years that I know him.  Long a fixture at astrology conferences internationally, he’s co-founder with Rick Levine of that invaluable source of astrology information, StarIq. Jeff can be counted on for honest, sage advice.  Here’s a bit of what he had to say on this transit:

“Both Saturn and Pluto are about contraction and a square is arguably the most difficult aspect, so we can expect some tough sledding ahead. As a humanistic astrologer I believe that every pattern has a positive purpose and meaning yet some, like this one, are bound to test us before yielding desirable results…Instead of freezing with fear or panicking, slow-moving Saturn in logical Libra is a reminder to stay cool and think our way through the crises we face.”   Read the rest of his article here:  Saturn Square Pluto: Reshaping the World

Another article I liked was at Julie Demboski’s Astrology.  I will quote a bit of it here, and then you can read the rest at The Saturn-Pluto Square.

“Saturn will require the utmost seriousness and honesty–as Pluto will rile the depths until truth be told. No wonder many people are worried about this! But, not to fear–it’s an excellent long-term opportunity to make significant, down-to-the-roots changes that can immensely better your world.

“Will it take work? Yes, Saturn’s involved; Will it be dramatic and messy? Yup, Pluto can bring forward the secrets and question the theatrics that have been protecting them like no other. Is this bad? Only if you don’t want to do the hard work–but this doesn’t have to be especially hard, with the difference between difficult and relatively smooth being one’s willingness to address what comes forward. It’s that simple. Parsing out the effects of this square over time is best done in two ways: an inspection of the ways it contacts the natal chart, naturally, and in watching what through transit touches the square.”antique postcard from

One of the interesting places I landed was radiantwoman, an abandoned blog by a woman named Miriam who wrote reams of perceptive observations and excellent suggestions about the midlife square between transiting and natal Pluto. Those of you who are having it right now would have Saturn in the picture as well, making it an even more intense period of pondering your life and evaluating what works.  Here are links to some of her articles:

An Alternative to Gloom and Doom–Action!

Many of the other posts I encountered were heavy on the gloom and doom scenarios. I won’t kid you—if you have planets, the Ascendant, or Midheaven in the first few degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you may well face some real challenges in the next year. The more specific information you can get about your own chart and the potential stresses—and gains—this passage represents, the less vague dread you’ll feel and the more concrete, effective action you can begin to take.

I approach tough transits like these through the lens of my social work training, and social work is not archetypal, mythical, theoretical or symbolic. It’s a practical application of psychology and sociology with a problem-solving focus. One productive problem-solving process consists of helping people examine four key questions:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. What is your contribution to the problem?
  3. What strengths do you bring in dealing with the situation?
  4. What are your options?
  5. Where can you turn for help?

I’m creating this ongoing series–The Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit–to lead you through an exploration of what the issues are and what you can do to help yourself.  I surely don’t have all the answers but hopefully can point you toward some resources where you can turn for help if you need it. I’m retired from direct client work now, so I can’t answer questions about your individual charts.  If you need an astrology consultation from someone who’s sane and grounded, I’ll be glad to give you a list of people whose work I know and admire.

One Immutable Truth–Pluto and Saturn are NOT out to Get Us

One thought I will leave you with. In the last century alone, our world has been through three major Pluto-Saturn-Uranus configurations. We are immortal, indestructible souls. In our endless lifetimes, we have lived through a great many Pluto-Saturn-Uranus transits. We’re still here, and we’ll get through whatever the cosmos has in store this time. 

Keep in mind that the planets don’t actually CAUSE anything to happen to us. Their positions in our birth chart and by transit are just mirrors of what is going on in our lives.  They don’t cause our difficulties, any more than the mirror causes us to age or sag.  Pluto and Saturn are not out to get us, and to demonize them only adds to the generalized panic. 

And, no, I don’t believe the world will end in 2012.  To tell you the truth, I’m fr#/g SICK of the end of the world–it’s already ended three times during my 40 years in astrology—and I’m just not biting on the BS this time around.  BRING IT ON!!!

More Posts for your Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit:

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 Art credit:  The charming antique postcards were supplied by Skywriter subscriber, Trish Jacobs, who sells cards like these at: Visit and prepare to stay a while!


  1. Donna, I echo your sentiments about the 2012 ‘end of the world’ forecast. I grew up as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, so I know all about ‘end of the world’ predictions that never come true. I was the only one of the top 10 grads at my high school who didn’t get a university scholarship — because the world was supposed to end in 1973 and I had no need to go to college!ha! Believing in the ‘end of the world’ is like a reverse Cinderlla complex. We can’t get rescued so we wanna believe it’s all just gonna go away in a big bang. It’s just another cop out on facing what we need to learn:) That’s my philosophy.

    • What a story, Trishia. I did not know that about the Witnesses. Donna

  2. Donna, the Witnesses have a long line of unfullfilled ‘prophecy’ dates of when the end of was coming. 1914 or 1918 was one of the first. Many in the ’30s and ’40s even put off having children because ‘the end was near.’ No children on Noah’s ark, you know — that was the comparison they were given, to encourage staying childless. Unfortunately, many came to realize when they were past the child-bearing age that the end wasn’t coming after all. I left the JWs during my FIRST Saturn return when I was 28-29.

    • It goes to show you that a Apocalypse has come and gone as long as humans have been on this planet. The JWs are probably freaked out about 2012 as well. By the way, folks, Trishia is the one who contributed the delightful antique postcards on this post. You can see more of them at Donna

  3. thanks for gathering and sharing all these links! I think i finally found an astro forum that I like.

  4. Hi Donna,

    Thanks very much for the mention–it’s much appreciated!

    Julie Demboski

    PS I’m a big fan of your work–‘Moon Signs’ was the first book of yours I read, and one of the first serious and truly multi-dimensional treatments of the Moon nature I ever saw–you were a strong influence on shaping me as an astrologer, and still a source of wisdom today–Thank you for everything!

    • Thanks, Julie, I thought your post was excellent. Donna

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