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Common Issues of Pluto and Saturn—and Flower Essences that Help

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You’ll find flower essences mentioned often on this blog because they’re a potent healer that can help us get through this transit.  They’re natural substances that catalyze a change of attitude and awareness or allow a release of emotional backlogs related to difficult events and issues. Also known as flower remedies, these liquids are based on the energy fields of plants and are taken by mouth. Please understand that essence aren’t magic bullets that cure depression or anxiety—what they do is to catalyze emotionDonna Cunningham Skywriter Pluto-Saturnal release and help you gain awareness of any of your patterns that might be contributing to the problem. Today we’ll be looking at some essences that can help you work through issues related to Pluto and Saturn.

Note: For those of you who aren’t familiar with flower essences, I’ve uploaded the introductory chapter of my ebook, Flower Remedies—How Plants’ Energies Can Heal Us here: flower essence information-ch1.They are not to be confused with essential oils, the main component of aromatherapy. Be sure to read the instructions given there before starting to use them. Because many people experience an emotional catharsis as part of the healing process, you may also wish to read Understanding Healing Reactions or Healing Crises.

The Bach remedies are generally available at health food and metaphysical bookstores. Healing Herbs essences are a very strong and pure version of the same preparations and are available in the US through FES.  Links to websites for companies that make these essences are given at the end of this post. Flower essences are a potent healer that can support us in not only getting through this transit in one piece, but also promote real and lasting change in how we handle vital issues and patterns in our lives that brought us to this fork in the collective road.  

 Remedies for Saturn Issues:Donna Cunningham Skywriter Pluto-Saturn

 During a Saturn transit, in some areas of life, you are:  Confronting lack or loss; taking responsibility; eliminating dead wood; getting your act together; raising the bar; performing at peak; waiting for the right time; and reaping what you have sown—whether rewards or consequences. Here are some patterns related to Saturn and essences to help you learn to handle them differently: 

FEAR VS COURAGE: ROCK ROSE: (Bach/Healing Herbs) Overcoming panic or terror when faced with a serious situation. BORAGE: (FES) Courage, facing challenges with a cheerful attitude. PENSTEMON: (FES) Inner strength to meet times of hardship, especially tough world conditions. MIMULUS (Bach/Healing Herbs) helps with timidity and specific fears.

DISCOURAGEMENT: GENTIAN for those who give up easily due to a history of failures.  GORSE to overcome deep despair and hopelessness. MUSTARD: (Bach/Healing Herbs) Overcoming a pattern of dark despair and black moods that descend suddenly.  OAK (Bach/Healing Herbs) for those who are tired and discouraged after a long, hard struggle.  SWEET CHESTNUT (Bach/Healing Herbs) to lift the dark night of the soul.

Donna Cunningham Skywriter Pluto-Saturn Remedies for Pluto:

 Under a Pluto transit you are:  Brooding on wrongs; delving into causes of pain; unearthing the suppressed or the secret; reacting to your discoveries; accepting your part in it; healing the wounds; and reclaiming your power.  Here are some patterns related to Pluto and essences to help you learn to handle them differently:

RESENTMENT/SELF-HATE/FORGIVENESS: WILLOW (Bach/Healing Herbs) for those who hold onto resentment or grievances. HOLLY (Bach/Healing Herbs) for hate, self-hate, envy, jealousy, spitefulness. SALAL (Pacific Essences) forgiving the self and others.  MOUNTAIN WORMWOOD (Alaska Flower Essences) Forgiveness.

GUILT/SHAME:  PINE (Bach/Healing Herbs) for guilt on the hoof, a neurotic guilt that eats away at self-esteem.  HYSSOP (FES) for actual transgressions.  CRAB APPLE (Bach/Healing Herbs) shame, the sense that you are unclean or somehow disgusting to others. CENTUARY (Bach/Healing Herbs) for those who have trouble saying no, and thus are easily exploited or taken advantage of.

WANT PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF THAT THE ESSENCES WORK?  See   by Deborah Bier, PhD These photos of an experiment conducted by Deborah and her students were lost for several years. They show clearly the positive effect an essence mixture has on germinating and growing plants. These photos have never been published anywhere before!

Here’s a good general remedy for emotional clearing that was suggested by Stephanie Gailing of in her post Scorpio New Moon:

Pink Monkeyflower flower essence (FES): As the Scorpio energy allows us to probe deeply, this New Moon can be an auspicious time to go within and find the aspects of ourselves that we have been hiding, likely because of fear of being vulnerable or concern that if we show who we truly are we may be abandoned.

“This emotional armoring—usually accompanied by an inherited sense of shame–keeps us from sharing ourselves truly with others (and sometimes even with ourselves) and restricts us from living more freely. Pink Monkeyflower essence can help fortify our hearts, helping us to take risks emotionally so that we can let our selves—and love—more fluidly flow through.”

Company Websites:

More Articles about Flower Remedies on this Blog:

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Donna Cunningham Skywriter Pluto-SaturnNote: Donna says: You’re welcome to download the introductory chapter of my ebook about essences, Flower Remedies—How Plants’ Energies Can Heal Us here: flower essence information-ch1

The ebook itself—which includes a chapter about using these essences in astrological practice—is available at this link: regular readers know, I’m also co-editor for Vibration, the free educational journal and blog for flower essences/aka remedies. For a wealth of articles and information about flower essences, visit Vibration Magazine’s blog at  

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  1. I make some essences, because I am a person in recovery.. but at this time of year, I run short of ingredients ! What Flower Essence Companies make them Without brandy ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi, Belle. I spent several years working with a great many people in recovery in a healing practice. There were several “workarounds,” and I was able to use them in ongoing work without difficulty for them. First, the concentrates (stock bottles) from almost all the essence companies are preserved in brandy–about 1/3 of the stock bottle was brandy, 2/3 water. (Only the Flower Essence Society (FES) had another option, gylcerine, which was sort of icky and did spoil much sooner than the brandy).

      However, you don’t take the concentrate (aka stock) directly, you dilute it and use only a fewdrops of concentrate to a one-ounce bottle which is called the dosage bottle. The rest of that bottle you fill with spring water, then shake it 100 times to completely diffuse it in the water. For preservative, most practitioners will add a tablespoon of brandy unless you explain that you can’t use it.

      I used apple cider vinegar as a preservative for those clients. You take a few drops of the dosage mixture a few times a day–perhaps starting with just a dose or two a day until you see how you’re tolerating it. In all, then, there are only a couple drops of alcohol to a one-ounce bottle that you take over a period of a month or so. My clients in recovery did not have adverse reactions. (Read Deborah Bier’s article on the healing reaction.) Since you’re making your own (mother) essences, you can preserve them in apple cider vinegar, and that way they last almost as well as the ones made by regular companies and aren’t dependent on the seasons.

      There are several other ways to take the remedies without ingesting them. Put a dropful in a tub while the water is running and swirl it around thoroughly. This gives you an amazing feeling of clean-ness, as though your aura had a good scrubbing. You can mix it into some nice massage oil and apply it to your chakra points. You can put a dropperful into a spray bottle and mist the room and/or yourself. periodically. I hope this helps. Donna

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