Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 30, 2009

Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit #7: Projects for a Safer Future

©11-30-2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 We all know that excessive worry can sap our strength and weaken our capacity to cope with challenge. I do believe, however, that there’s such a thing as productive worry. That’s the kind based on realistic perceptions of danger and backed by solid, effective action. With the transiting Pluto-Saturn square, there are real-world dangers worth paying attention to and then doing something about.  Take a clear-eyed look at the world around you.

Now, don’t get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from constantly wringing your hands. I’m not inviting you to meet me at the corner of Gloom and Doom. I’m just saying. If there’s a pothole on the road ahead, get the road crew out on it while there’s still time.

 SHOULD You Be Worried by this Transit?

Skywriter Donna Cunningham Pluto-SaturnIf you’ve been following this series, skip to the next section. If not, look at the ephemeris for 2010 and 2011. Note all the activity clustered from 0-5° of various signs. That’s where Saturn and Pluto are now and for the next year. It’s also where Uranus will be, off and on through 2011, starting in the spring.

Then look at your charts and those of your loved ones. Do any of them contain planets, the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven (10th house cusp) in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn? If so, then this rare trio of slow-moving outer planets is forming significant aspects to the chart in question.

Figuring out the realistic dangers you face and taking effective action now rather than later would be a wise bit of damage control. Earlier posts in this series listed at the end will help you find any potential trouble spots in an individual chart. If the picture you come up with is too complex for your level of studies—or if you’ve scared yourself into needing a second opinion—this would be a good time to consult a seasoned professional astrologer.

At this juncture, you need one who doesn’t wear either rose-colored glasses or dark, mirrored shades. One who can suggest practical, problem-solving actions and useful resources. I’m retired, but will give you a list of well-qualified people I recommend if you write to me at   

7 Steps toward a Safer LifestyleDonna Cunningham Skywriter Pluto-Saturn

Today I want us to look at several much-needed projects that would make us all safer, but that we haven’t paid attention to or wanted to face. This is where Pluto and Saturn come in handy. Both of them worry, but for different reasons.

Saturn looks far ahead and sees the things that could go wrong. Pluto looks deep within and sees the secrets and forbidden needs that drive people’s behavior.

Pay attention to what Pluto and Saturn are telling you. Make friends with them, heed their wise counsel, and they’ll guide you into a safer place. Now’s not the time to dismiss their concerns with, “Oh, you worry too much. They wouldn’t do THAT!”

With a boost from these current planetary energies, here are 7 crucial projects that would make your home and loved ones more secure. Each of them requires research, planning, time, many stages, and commitment to gradual improvement. Each specific undertaking will make you feel more secure and solidly prepared for whatever the future holds.

At first glance, the list may seem like a humongous set of To-Dos. However, you don’t have to do them all at once, and, knowing the zodiac as I do, I have perfect trust that all will unfold in its own right time. If this transit affects you, however, I would respectfully suggest you get a move on and make major headway before any transiting aspects to your chart are exact. That way you’ll be calmer and better prepared for whatever comes your way.

 The houses Pluto and Saturn are placed in, transiting, or rule will tell you which tasks should have the highest priority. For instance, if the 2nd or 8th is affected, then identity-theft protection should go high on your to-do list.  If the 5th is affected, you’d want to focus on teaching your kids safety precautions for the street, home, and internet. (To find out which of your houses is affected, see The Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit—Part 1 (Houses and Areas of Life Affected). For more detail on areas of life the 12 houses represent, download this file: AGSA ch13-houses.)

 Here are  7 needs you could address to be more prepared for tough sailing during this transit:   

  1. Assemble an emergency preparedness kit.
  2. Store enough non-perishable food and bottled water to last a week or longer.
  3. Set up fire drills, evacuation plans, and crime prevention provisions.
  4. Secure your finances against identity theft.
  5. Make a living will.
  6. Make an estate plan and draw up your will.
  7. Clear your garage, attic, and closets of clutter.

  Here are my thoughts on the first project in this list.

Donna Cunningham Skywriter Pluto-SaturnProject #1: An Emergency Preparedness Kit

How many of you already have kits at home and in the car for an emergency? How many have a basic first aid kit? 

When was the last time you changed the batteries on your smoke alarm or tested your fire extinguisher?

How many of you stash away enough cash for a few days? In a major power outage, the computers at the bank will be down.

I live in Portland, Oregon, a city that has experienced severe flooding, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions in recent history. Yesterday we were told that e coli bacteria had gotten into one of the main reservoirs and people in that district shouldn’t drink the water without boiling it,  and shouldn’t use it for showers, dishwashing, or laundry until further notice.  And yet, I’d bet not 1 in 3 Portland residences had a disaster and first aid kit or bottled water on hand. (I only have them because when my sister visited, we had a rare blizzard and a 2-day power outage. She’s way smarter about survival than I am, and she spent the rest of her trip making sure I got what I needed.)

Here are some articles on WikiHow that can help you start assembling kits for home and work. As always with WikiHow pieces, be advised that people who write them are not necessarily experts, so use your judgment in deciding which suggestions to follow.

Accomplishing the steps of important tasks like these will pay dividends in giving you confidence in your ability to respond to future crisis periods. Don’t try to do it all at once, but do take a few steps daily. It boosts your readiness to face any and all challenges. It also eases the diffuse anxiety that’s plaguing your Inner Worrywart, because you’re doing something specific to take care of yourself.

Readers, if you have any tips, links or resources to share that apply to any of these projects, please do share them with all of us.

More Posts in the  Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Series:

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  1. Thank you, Donna.

    My emergency kit is a little more symbolic than this, but there is a lot of symbolism in this article if we read between the lines.

    This weekend, I heard from an “anonymous” commenter who frequently appeared on my blog to torment me in the past. I haven’t heard from this person in, I wanna say, a year and a half? So it was a surprise (not a HUGE surprise, though) to hear from her, again.

    Saturday reminded me all over again of how mean some can be with mind games. Only this time, I was equipped with an appropriate response.

    I like to think that we understand each other now … because I’m not about to take crap from anyone. I’ve grown a lot in the past two years, since her last attempt at manipulating me, and she’s not going to get past my shield.

    • A cautionary tale, that one. I don’t mind comments and suggestions–like everyone else, I make mistakes and who couldn’t stand to improve–but outright nastiness is another matter. Setting firm boundaries is a good Saturn in Libra lesson.

      What I find ironic about those who are mad because Obama is not the Messiah of Money after all is that they never read the fine print. He said in every single speech during the campaign that solving our serious social, economic, and environmental problems was going to require many sacrifices and personal responsibility on the part of everybody in the country. WE created the problems or allowed them to build to a crisis point, and we are all responsible for fixing them. Donna

  2. Donna, do you think that the house ruled by the planet Pluto is transiting counts? And the planets in that house?

    • That’s stretching it a lot. In diminishing order, here’s what I’d pay attention to:
      Any planets being directly transited by Pluto and Saturn.
      The houses Pluto and Saturn are transiting.
      The houses occupied by the planets being transited.
      And to a certain extent, a transiting planet carries its natal meaning with it, because that’s how we are accustomed to using it. So, a natal 12th house Saturn is the way we percieve Saturn as working, and thus a Saturn transit is going to be experienced as somewhat 12th house-ish and we are likely to react to it that way. Donna

  3. As I was getting reading updates on your blog, a few key themes seemed to emerge with the cardinal square:

    **own up for your actions.
    **nothing in life is free.
    **be prepared; it may be the difference between survival and disaster.

    • Yup, I couldn’t have summarized my take on it any more neatly than that. Will have to look into Worst Case Scenario Handbook, thanx. Donna

  4. P.S. It reminds me of the series, “Worst Case Scenario Handbook”. They have installments available from traveling to dating!! 😀 Hey, at least throw in a little practical (albeit ‘dark’) humor into the mix!

  5. This is THE most helpful blog I’ve ever seen! I am going to run w/this info. hopefully it will help during these troubled times.

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