Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 8, 2010

Transits to the Vocational Houses–Temp Job or Career Departure?

Donna Cunningham Skywriter vocational astrology©2007, 2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW, reprinted from  The Mountain Astrologer

If your work situation is changing and you need to figure out what’s happening, where in the chart would you look for answers? You would, of course, consider the three vocational houses — the 2nd, 6th, and 10th — as well as the Midheaven (10th house cusp). Rather than looking exclusively at natal placements, pencil in the current positions of the planets from Jupiter on out. Any that are now transiting — or are about to enter — one of the vocational houses would have the most direct and potentially longest-lasting influence. These transits create new trends and working conditions that color your career potential for anywhere from one year to 15 or 20, depending on the planet’s speed and the number of degrees covered by that house. (A house can cover any where from 25-45 degrees, depending on the season and latitude of birth).  Let’s look at some ways your career  may be affected by the planets’ current positions.  transits 2009-2012 Donna Cunningham Skywriter

Processes You May Experience During an Outer Planet Transit

The table below gives you an overview of what goes on during outer planet transits, regardless of the houses involved. These aren’t the only possible expressions by any means. However, they show typical processes, distilled to the essence. You might not experience the steps in the order given. You might repeat a step several times due to retrograde and direct motion, or  you may stall in the process for long periods. By seeking insight and being willing to grow, you gain a great deal.

 During a Saturn transit, in some areas of life, you are:

  • Confronting lack or loss
  • Taking responsibility
  • Eliminating dead wood
  • Getting your act together
  • Raising the bar
  • Performing at peak
  • Waiting for the right time
  • Reaping what you have sown
 During a Uranus transit, in some areas of life, you are:

  • Feeling stifled and restless
  • Questioning the status quo
  • Discovering like-minded souls
  • Experimenting with possibility
  • Straining at bonds
  • Bursting out of confinement
  • Reinventing yourself
  • Reconfiguring your life
During a Neptune transit, in some areas  of life, you are:

  • discontented or  lost
  • Realizing you’re stuck
  • Seeking a savior
  • Fooling yourself you’ve found it
  • Submerging The Self in it
  • Finding out you’ve been had
  • Turning to Spirit for peace
During a Pluto transit, in some areas of life,  you are:

  • Brooding on wrongs
  • Delving into causes of pain
  • Unearthing the suppressed
  • Reacting to your discoveries
  • Accepting your part in it
  • Healing the wounds
  • Reclaiming your power
  • experiencing a rebirth

We’re in a time when several conflicting urges, desires, and sets of events are happening at once. Part of the challenge in turbulent times like these is resolving these conflicts.

 How do Outer Planet Transits Affect your Vocational Houses?

Suppose that one or more of these planets is currently transiting the 2nd, 6th, or 10th houses of your birth chart. Your job situation and career path may change during a transit to a planet in one of those houses or to the Midheaven. Briefly, here are some ways your work can be affected by an infusion of new energies into any of those three houses.

During a Jupiter transit, you could be itching to grow and expand, feeling optimistic about your chances, believing that you have wisdom to offer others, seeking opportunity, feeling lucky, and spending more than you earn. (Jupiter finishes its stay in Aquarius in January, 2010, and moves into Pisces for a one-year stay.)

During a Saturn transit, you could be taking on greater responsibility at work, getting your act together, raising the bar, performing at peak, waiting for the right time, and reaping what you’ve sown.

During a Uranus transit, you could be feeling stifled and restless, questioning the status quo, discovering like-minded souls, experimenting with possibilities, straining at bonds, bursting out of confinement, reinventing yourself, learning new technology, and reconfiguring your career path.

During a Neptune transit, you could be feeling discontented at work or that you’ve lost your life purpose, realizing you’re stuck, seeking a magical escape or a soul’s dream, fooling yourself that you’ve found it, finding out it was all an illusion, and turning to spirit for peace.

During a Pluto transit, you could be dealing with rich and powerful people, inclined to get involved in office politics, brooding on wrongs, unearthing what has been suppressed, reacting to your discoveries, healing your wounds, and reclaiming your inner power.  What I’m describing here are the early, back-to-the-drawing-board expressions of transiting planets — how they spur us to grow into new, healthier ways of using each planet’s strengths, like the spirituality and creativity of Neptune or the transformational power of Pluto. None of these processes is continual during the whole interval, just when the transiting planet forms aspects to a natal planet.

 Career Challenges of 2010-11 OPIL v1-2014 sm

During these two years, as Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter form a transiting t-square, our lives are likely to change in many important ways.  In a very short time, we’ve already seen far-reaching changes to the global economy and the ways we earn a living.
If one or more corners of the transiting t-square in early degrees of the cardinal signs falls into your 2nd, 6th, or 10th house or aspects your Midheaven, it is likely that your career will be affected over the next several years. The most profound impact would occur if you have natal planets or the Midheaven in early Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. If so, you could benefit from a chart consultation by an experienced astrologer who can help you sort out the ways this complex astrological picture could affect you personally.  Although I’m retired from doing chart consultations, you can find my insights into the outer planets and their  career patterns in my ebook, The Outer Planets as Career Indicators  (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume one)  It’s available at

Skywriter’s Mission in the Months to Come

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  1. Would Eclipses — either Lunar or Solar — on the cusp of the 2nd, 6th or 10th act like an Outer Planet transit? Or perhaps in aspect (conjunct, square or opposition) to the ruler of one of these Houses from the 2nd, 6th or 10th — eg. Solar Eclipse on the 6th cusp square Mercury in the 3rd?


    • HI, Duse. I tend to see eclipses as kind of a cosmic highlighter pen, putting an emphasis on the house matters or planets they conjunct for a number of months after the eclipse, not as creating a specific effect. I don’t see events “happening” with an eclipse that can’t be accounted for by transits.

      In any case, degrees of the intermediate house cusps like the 2nd and 3rd or the 5th and 6th can vary considerably according to the house system used, as the cusps of the 2nd and 6th might be quite different in Koch than Placidus or Equal House. The very fact that they DO vary keeps me from paying much attention to the actual degrees of those cusps in terms of events. I just see them as markers for shifts of planetary focus from one area of life to another, but with considerable gray areas where they shift back and forth. Events tend not to happen, in any case, until there’s an actual transit to a planet.

      The exceptions are the 4 angular house cusps/aka chart ANGLES–the MH (10th), Asc (1st), IC (4th) and DSC (7th) because these are actual points in the sky and are strongly activated by transits. The 10th/MH is especially powerful and often correlates with life-changing events, changes in roles and status, and major career moves. But I still wouldn’t expect an eclipse to the MH to correlate with any major event that transits couldn’t account for.

      Hope that clarifies things for you. (I get the impression you’re hoping for something to happen! Or not happen.) Regards, Donna

      • Ah, we’re in agreement, Donna. I, too, see Eclipses — and the subsequent “trigger point” the Eclipse degree becomes — as a “highlighter” which can become an event due to transits or, as I said, that trigger point being, well, triggered by Mars, the Sun, Venus or Mercury. And sometimes even the Moon.

        Thank you so much for the response and the clarification. :^)

  2. Hi, Donna.

    This is a post that’s a “printer,” meaning I will actually print it out on paper and keep it handy as I look carefully at these transits. Mr. Moon and I both have big changes at hand. Thanks for this great tool.

    • Glad you like it, CJ. Just don’t lose track of your “printer” file when you move. Donna

  3. Hi, Donna. Like CJ above, this is a post I will print and keep handy as I write my blog and do readings exploring astrology and business. Especially the chart “During an xxx transit, in some area of life you are…” Very, very handy! Thanks. And since you invited us to do so, my blog site is Thanks for your generosity.


  4. Some of my Freinds are asking me to tell when will they change there Job for better prospects. To introduce myself as an Astrologer of 10 years of experience in Studying Charts. But still I feel there is still a lot to learn, and I feel I am am still a student.

    Can You tell me How You proceed to find when one will change there job, for a better prospects?

    Blog :

    • Hello, Sreenivas, welcome. We’re all astrology students here–for a lifetime, because there’s always more to learn! For job changes, you would look for transits to the 6th or 10th house or planets in those houses, but particularly aspects to the Midheaven for highly significant career events. Often the best prospects would come about through Jupiter transits to those places or transiting trines.

      Also, since Saturn is related to Capricorn and to the 10th naturally, sometimes a Saturn transit to any of the houses of the chart will bring work related to the areas of life it represents. For instance, I’ve seen Saturn transting the 3rd bring work in the communications field, or Saturn transiting the 5th opening up a job working with children.

      You’ll find more articles about careers under the category Vocational Astrology on the side of this blog. Also, two of my ebooks can teach you more: The Outer Planets as Career Indicators (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 1) and Counseling Principles for Astrologers. There is a tab at the top of the blog where you can go to find out more about my ebooks and how to order them. Donna

  5. Hi Donna,
    Just not sure about this!
    As we see an extended chart of progressions and transits, we see the AC (and DC, MC, IC) move away from natal AC and likewise houses (span of degree and signs) also change positions.

    When we say, “Transits of these outer planets to Vocational houses of 2nd, 6th and 10th and MC”, do we mean the natal ones or the present ones?
    Kindly explain and why is it so?

    Thanks and Regards

    • When you’re doing transits, you use the aspects the transiting planets form to the the natal chart–the natal chart continues to be the same throughout life.

      Where the angles and planets change positions is the progressed chart, which I don’t ever use and really am not talking about in this article. What you’re looking at with progressions would be new aspects that the progressed planets form to the progressed angles or that the progressed angles form to to progressed planets. Or that the progressed planets form to the natal chart. And then there are several kinds of progressions. As I say, I get the answers I need from going in deeply to the natal chart and transits. If you want to know about progressions, find an astrologer online who specializes in that. Donna

  6. Uranus was already in my career house, but then it made oppositions to my Sun and Mercury in the 4th house. During that time, I moved across the country for a new job, lost weight, had my dental braces removed, and a few other things… It was a very energizing time, but also quite unsettling. I wish I knew about the remedies for moves & such challenging transits!!

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