Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 11, 2010

Fun and Easy Ways to Use the Pluto-Saturn Square

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You know that I’m joking, right?  If you look at keyword lists for Pluto and Saturn, you won’t find FUN or EASY on either of them.

 A textbook Saturnian never heard of EASY, and his idea of FUN is a 60-hour work week, going in on Sundays, and never seeing his kids so he can maybe get a promotion some day. Gals, if a Plutonian calls you FUN and EASY, don’t count on meeting his Mama any time soon.

As for the transiting Pluto-Saturn square that’s within a 5° range from early October 2009 until the end of September, 2010, if it’s affecting you, you probably haven’t found your life FUN or EASY any time in the last few months. This article is to help you get a jump start on handling your transits during 2010.

What some astrologers are calling the Cardinal Crisis–a series of aspects between Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus–is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase hard times for people all over the world.Donna Cunningham astrology blog Skywriter

Ask the folks with foreclosure signs on their lawns about FUN and EASY.

Ask the 55-year-olds on the unemployment lines how FUN and EASY looking for work is now. 

Ask the woman who’s caretaking some senile old hellion who won’t die for spite how EASY that is and whether she can remember the last time she had FUN. (Changing the hellion’s Depends doesn’t count.) 

 The Shadow Side of FUN and EASY

 I firmly believe that the FUN and EASY mentality is a large part of what got us into this mess to begin with.

Donna Cunningham astrology blog Skywriter It’s the main way advertising entices you to spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need. 

 It’s the way they sell you expensive exercise equipment you won’t use except to hang designer label outfits that don’t fit any more because of all the fast food they sold you to make your life EASY

 It’s the way they hype books, programs, and newscasts that influence your mindset on the Good Life.

 It’s the way they brainwash our kids into believing that if schoolwork isn’t FUN and EASY, it’s okay to spend their school hours texting friends to figure out what kind of FUN to have later.  Donna Cunningham astrology blog Skywriter

And the way we’re all programmed to think that our love life ought to be FUN and EASY, too, or else we can get an EASY divorce so we can have FUN with someone new. 

 Saturnian values like self-discipline, quality work, reliability, responsibility, accountability and making sacrifices today for a better, more solid tomorrow have gone out of style.

With Pluto being in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn and squaring Saturn in Libra, let’s hope we remember how to live those values again, because the heyday of FUN and EASY has passed, only we’re just now noticing it. And not liking it. What FUN! What FUN? 

Are YOU having FUN Yet?

Are you one of those affected by the Pluto-Saturn square? That would include people whose birth charts contain planets, the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven (10th house cusp) in the first 5° or so of the Cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Donna Cunningham astrology blog Skywriter

Two more groups are receiving trines from Pluto or Saturn, yet may be better able to capitalize on their strengths and abilities during this economic downswing. That would include those with planets in the first 5° or so of Taurus and Virgo—who are receiving trines from Pluto in Capricorn—and those with planets in the first 5° or so of Gemini and Aquarius—who are receiving trines from Saturn in Libra. 

Donna Cunningham astrology blog Skywriter If you’re affected, my series called A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit on this blog is designed to help you sort through what’s going on and make the best use of those energies.  (See individual links to those articles later.) In the instructions to the Kit, you won’t find the words FUN or EASY anywhere, but you’ll find sound and do-able projects to help you sort these pressures out.

 We’ve taken a break from this series of how-to articles  during the holidays, but now I’m giving you who are affected this not-overly gentle reminder that there are important reasons to get out of denial and stop avoiding the issues this transit is likely to stir up.

You’ll find a complete list of links to this series later, but here’s an overview. These early months of 2010 are a crucial window for addressing toxic circumstances that have been building for a very long time. It’s a key interval for strengthening yourself and changing things that aren’t working for you.


The reason I’m asking you to take a closer look at your life right now is because in no time at all—at the end of May—transiting Uranus will move into Aries and into alignment with Saturn and Pluto for many months to come. And that’s bound to be… 

 Donna Cunningham Skywriter exciting

 Yes, Uranus CAN be exciting, as it brings new and unexpected elements into play in a situation that has grown stagnant. But it can also provide quite a shakeup, especially if you’ve resisted an inevitable ending with all your might these past few months.  My experience over the years with Uranus transits has been that when we need to make a much-needed change but refuse to do it, then outside events and circumstances take over and give us a boot in the butt.

And yet those changes that seem to come from the outside are matched by an inner pressure to break free of the confinement of the past choices that have slowly become unworkable. A relationship breakup, for instance, can make us grieve, but there may also be a strong element of relief that it’s over. 

Skywriter, Donna CunninghamLet’s say you’re in a job you hate. You’ve been coming in later and later because you just can’t face the day, and you’re dragging your feet and resisting the work you’ve grown to detest. And so the boss fires you, and of course you’re worried about the bills, but there’s also excitement because now you’re forced to look at some other alternatives.

The people who’ll probably be most relieved—and excited—by those out-of-the blue events are the ones who have key placements in the first few degrees of the fire signs, Aires, Leo, and Sagittarius.  They’ve got the get up and go factor, the daring, the pizzazz to make the Uranus transit work for them.  So, if you’re one of them, this is a great chance to grab the comet’s tail and ride, ride, ride!

 Need more convincing to get moving? Read  Pluto-Saturn Kit #6: The Train is Coming. Are You Stalled on the Tracks?

Posts for your Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit:Donna Cunningham Skywriter Mars

 Relationship issues got you going? You’ll find good tools to work with in the Relationship Help and Relationship Astrology categories on this blog.

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  1. ROFL!!! I LOVE this one, Donna! Good reminders for the days ahead.

    These are “99% perspiration, 1% inspiration” days, IMO. No easy fixes or shortcuts anymore. 🙂

  2. Wow! Donna! Extreme cudos! Your deep sense of humor, acceptance, suggestions for surrender are great! Gave me quite a chuckle despite the knowing that FUN………AND EASY WILL NOT BE EASY.
    THANKS AS ALWAYS. Your “take” and help is so much more uplifting than some other astrologers, perhaps including “self”

  3. lol indeed. It is tense here at Bellestead, at least our lucky Oregonian son with that early Leo Sun will maybe catch a break ?

    Meanwhile my two early cardinal xy’s are in that deep self pity place.

    What caused it ? A cell phone bill. I am So glad I don’t own one.

    Anyhow, I am going to put this in my Find More Fun Things To Do list at 43 things.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    You blog really is a wonderful gift ! And it’s fun !

    • Glad you liked it, Belle and Wanda. I’m glad it was funny–there’s a lot about this combination that isn’t fun at all, so it’s a gift to be able to laugh about it. Donna

  4. Donna,
    Saturn likely isn’t through with me yet, but I’ve got Uranus at 4 degrees Leo and my True Node at 3 degrees Sag. SO I’m hoping to be one of those you’re talking about who get to ride the comet and have some fun! My Sun is at 6 degrees Virgo, so I’m catching the trine, too, if I’m understanding correctly. I do feel I’ve paid a lot of dues and I’ve been under Saturn’s thumb. But even when things are fun — they aren’t necessarily easy. Fun stuff requires work too. Saturn should be proud of me:)hehehe

    • Yes, you are getting a lot of good trine action. Well, look at it this way, trines from Pluto and Saturn are still likely to involve some hard work but can mean considerable progress achieved with solid support.

      Myself, I have some fairly odd ideas of what constitutes fun….Saturn-based entertainment that I call Serious Fun gives me great joy. Donna

  5. I love Winston Churchill and I found one quote of his that fits with what is going on now in the world:
    “This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.”

    My personal favourite of him is this: “Never, never, never give up!”

  6. Dear Donna,

    Somewhere I read that people born in 1956 have a constant sense of angst. Husband has Saturn 26SC and Pluto 27LE, trust me, this is true, I have been part of this for years.

    We are wading through a difficult time. My 4CN Sun squared by Saturn and Pluto and Pluto squaring his 2AR Moon while Saturn opposing.

    Fun, what is that?

    Thank you for your articles and
    for your “Healing Pluto Problems”, fascinating.

    • Hi, Paula, thanks. Most of the people born in the mid-1950s have Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Libra, and it’s true that Saturn-Neptune combinations are quite often painful. On the other hand, it is a major signature in the charts of self-help gurus born in that era like Caroline Myss and John Gray (Men are from Mars…women are from Venus.) I have a chapter on that aspect in The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3 (The Outer Planets in Aspect). Donna

  7. I thought I might share a little about my story since I hadn’t thought about this transit until it touched me of course. I recently have had several experiences with my friends or family at home and at work where I have been misperceived or misjudged by others when my conscious intent was to help them. Well Saturn has just crossed my Ascendant at 0* Libra and Pluto just transited my IC. My take on that is to work on my image and the way I come across to people and not allow my subconscious to distort my intent.

    Funny that you mentioned assistive trines in Taurus too because my Saturn is at 9* Tau in my 8th and my boyfriend has been instrumental in assisting me to work on how I respond when a problem occurs to get better results.

    I wanted to thank you for the preparedness kit series because it is way better for me to fix myself and after reading through your kit I realized that several of the problems I am having are boundary issues. I already started the meditation so hopefully all is well that ends well. 🙂

    • thank you, Therry. It’s good to see how you’re working with thes materials and with the energies of these planets. Thanks for sharing. Donna

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