Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 15, 2010

Mayan Calendar Jokes: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the End of the World

I’m pretty much a skeptic about the Mayan Calendar being the end of the world at this point, although there are days while watching the news, that I wish it were true.   This past week one of my best blogging buddies, C. J. Wright of Auntie Moon sent me two really funny takes on the subject.  Could you use a laugh, too? If so, click on the links below.  I won’t cut and paste the materials because that would be flagrant plagiarism of the work of two especially creative artists who deserve to be treated well.

I wound up subscribing to both of their daily posts, because unlike the various Joke of the Day sites and emails, these guys are brilliant and poke fun at the stupidity that’s running rampant just now. Uranians, both of them, I’m sure.

The first is a hilarious cartoon with a perfectly logical explanation of the Mayan Calendar’s sudden end:

The second is from Duhism – The Impractical Wisdumb of Bob Tzu–a really funny site with frequent posts under the title of The Daily Duh.  See the post at:

Bob Tzu is  a funny guy altogether, and has a free ebook on his site too:  “The Duh of Success.”  The tongue-inChris Brennan Mayan Calendar humor-cheek blurb for the book reads: “How to Bend the Universe to Your Will, Get Everything You’ve Ever Wanted, and Become Permanently Happy, Forever and Ever. Really.”

( I added the emphasis on tongue-in-cheek because there are far too many gullible folks out there seriously trolling the net for a book or workshop that would do precisely that.)

After this was posted, astrologer Chris Brennan of The Horoscopic Astrology Blog  sent me this funny photo of his girfriend that he took at a Barnes and Noble bookstore and challenged me to come up with a caption for it.  When I and my stellium in Gemini were only too glad to oblige, he agreed to let me use it here.  Thanks, Chris!

Finally, how about a piece I wrote about the Mayan Calendar: 10 Impossible Things—Do You Believe?  On the Not So Funny side, be advised that fearmongers will use the end of the calendar as still another way to spook you and get you to do what they want. The closer we get to the date, the greater the hype will be.  Read Catastrophobia: What Causes it and How to Heal it and  People who Misuse Pluto and Saturn—Don’t be Fooled by Scare Tactics!

And here are some more astrological and metaphysical maunderings on Skywriter here:

Still looking for fun?  Auntie Moon has lots of funny things too, as well as a steady diet of homey advice about how to work with the daily and monthly lunar events.   And Joyce Mason of  The Radical Virgo is always good for a chuckle and a steady stream of puns.  Let’s lead a movement to get more humor into astrology blogs–with all these grim aspects, we’re gonna need it.

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  1. The Duh people follow me on Twitter, so they maybe Uranians after all. And I agree, they’re very funny 🙂

  2. My girlfriend and I took this picture last year of a wall of 2012 books at a Barnes & Noble that we thought was pretty funny. We’re still trying to come up with some decent captions to round it out though:

    Any suggestions?

    • It’s priceless, Chris! I’ve sent you back a captioned version, and I hope you’ll let me put it on the Mayan Calendar Page as still another Mayan funny–with a link to your site, of course. Donna

  3. Ha ha ha! Nice! Love the caption, DC. And the picture, Chris.

  4. Thank you Donna. Very funny. I always thought that the guy who did the calendar passed away, and no one else knew how to finish it.
    Thank you for your practical, realistic take on life.

  5. Your style is really unique compared to other
    folks I’ve read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you’ve got
    the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this site.

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