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How Strong is your Pluto? Here’s the Score!

©1-16-2010, revised 5/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Would you be considered a Plutonian person?  You would if Pluto, the sign Scorpio, and the 8th house are strong in your birth chart. Below is a test to give these chart features a score and then a description of what that score says about you.  While there aren’t any scientific measurements of a planet’s strength, I’ve assigned number scores to certain chart factors, based on 40 years of doing charts professionally.

(Note: you’re not alone in your curiosity.  This test is Skywriter’s most popular post of all times, with over 50,000 people taking the test as of 1/2015.  If you check out the comments, when people post their scores, it’s hard to tell if they’re bragging or complaining!)

This test is one of a series of tests of the strength of all the planets in your astrology chart. It assigns point values to various chart features. (In order to find these elements of a chart, you’d need to be at least an intermediate student or know one who can do it for you.) In each of the categories below, add the total score of all the factors that apply to that item, and write the total on the blank. Then add all the items up to find out how your Pluto ranks.

Orbs for aspects: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction or opposition to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin research, that’s 10°. Minor aspects, for two points each, include the sextile, septile, semisextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, and sesquiquadrate.

Here’s the Test: 

Pluto In   Aspect Points Score
Pluto conjunct, square,   trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven 10 ea


Pluto conjunct, square, trine,   or opposite other planets 5 ea


Pluto in minor aspect to the   Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets 2 ea


Part of major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand   Trine 5 ea


Stellium Planets: Lead planet (first in   series) or Alpha Dog 5 ea


Pluto/8th   House Features  


Pluto in Scorpio 10


Ascendant in Scorpio 10 ea


Sun, Moon, or   Midheaven in Scorpio 5 ea


Other planets in   Scorpio 3 ea


Sun or Moon in the 8th   house 5 ea


Other planets in the 8th   house 3 ea




Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider   important, such as Pluto aspects to the Nodes or having a Node or Part of   Fortune in Scorpio or the 8th house. Specify:   ___________________________________________________ 2-5 ea






Score: 0-10 would be considered low, while 15-30 indicates a moderately strong influence. 30-60, strong, Scores as high as 70, Very strong indeed—you’re definitely a Plutonian!

(If you were born with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the 1960s, do both tests to find out which of the pair influences you most.)

What does Being a Plutonian Mean?Pluto Donna Cunningham Skywriter

Pluto has a wide range of expressions. At the unevolved level, Plutonians can engage in manipulating or coercing others, abuses of power, battles for control, resentments and grievances, failing for spite, and being a target of other people’s projections.

At the evolved level, the expressions can include transforming, healing, and empowering themselves and people and conditions they care about. Plutonians can have a natural gift for psychology, the healing arts, and understanding what makes people tick.

Pluto Issues: Power and control, trust, to discover and analyze what lies beneath the surface and eliminate the undesirable, separateness, holding on to things or feelings, revenge, death and endings, rebirth, healing, and transformation.

Worldly matters associated with Pluto/Scorpio:  healing, psychology, sexuality, wealth, uses and abuses of power, corruption and dirty dealing, secrets, exposes, occult, death and the afterlife, national and personal debt, stocks.

Examples of Plutonian occupations: psychotherapist, healer, medium, past life therapist, researcher, grief counselor, OB/GYN staff, cancer treatment, sex therapist, insurance agent, financial planner, stock broker.

Interpreting your Scores—ARE you a Plutonian?

No brief interpretation can fully explore Pluto’s status in an individual chart, but below are some qualities you might find in someone who has a strong Pluto vs. one with few supporting chart features.  (You’ll find more detailed interpretations in my hardcopy book, Healing Pluto Problems.  Kindle version at

If you had a high score, you’re an over-achiever in the matters of Pluto: You’re probably a Plutonian and therefore extremely strong in some the qualities listed above—the positive ones, the negative ones, or more likely both ends of the spectrum at once.  You may alternate between isolation and being joined at the hip in obsessive relationships; in the worst of times, you could be controlling; mistrustful; emotional intensity; bitter, vengeful. And/or you may be dedicated to healing yourself, and as you learn how to do that, can become a natural healer and catalyst in the lives of people around you.

If you had a low score, you may be an under-achiever in the matters of Pluto: If your score is down in the single digits, you may be lacking in some of the qualities listed above. You may not often look deeply within and may be missing important psychological insights that could help you change undesirable patterns. When you have a bad setback, you may take longer to mobilize yourself to come back from it.

On the bright side, you’re probably pretty easy going and not likely to carry grudges or harbor plans for revenge. Until you’re challenged by Pluto transits—like the Pluto-Uranus-Saturn cardinal t-square of 2010-12, you might not give a rat’s behind about transforming your self or your world.

Example of a Plutopalooza: Actor Matt Damon, who has 3 planets in Scorpio, 4 planets in the 8th house, and a Grand trine that involves Pluto, is a big time Plutonian with a score of 50. (See his chart, birth information, and bio here: Damon, Matt)

Plutopalooza Update: Apparently Skywriter has readers who make Matt Damon look like a punk.  One reader had a score of 73!   Check out the comments section–we had a Pluto party here today!

So, folks, how did you do?  Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones?  This is a new and simplified version of some of my older tests, so you’re my beta testers.  Tell me how it went in the comments section.

Finding out More about Pluto

 There’s much more to our frigid, distant neighbor than we can cover in one short post–in fact, it’s a recurring theme here on Skywriter.  Pluto has been one of my specialties over the years, and here are some of my books and articles that deal with it in detail:

My hard copy book, Healing Pluto Problems, may be my best-selling book of all time. It’s available through RedWheel/Weiser at 1-800-423-7087 and now is also in Kindle.

Several of my ebooks at contain chapters about Pluto. Ebooks are $15, or 3 for $35 when you order three at once:

  • There’s a chapter about Pluto in the career houses—the 2nd, 6th, and 10th—in The Outer Planets as Vocational Indicators (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.1)
  • There are separate chapters about Venus-Pluto and Mars-Pluto aspects in Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars. (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.2)
  •  Aspects between the Outer Planets: (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3) has chapters devoted to Pluto-Saturn and Pluto-Uranus aspects.
  • My classic text, An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness, completely updated in 2004, contains a long chapter about Pluto.

  This test is part of a series of similar tests about the outer planets. When you’re done with Pluto, you might also enjoy these tests:

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About the Author:  Donna Cunningham is an internationally-respected author of books, articles, and columns about astrology, flower essences and other metaphysical topics. Her insights reflect her dual background in astrology and psychotherapy. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University and over 40 years of experience in working with people. Her ebooks can be found at Moon Maven Publications ( Visit her blog at



  1. Hi Donna, thanks for another brilliant post (I read them all!). I’m a 32, so pretty Plutonian. Since transiting Pluto has been conjunct my 8th house Sun, I’ve become a little obsessed with him, though I’m doing my best, I hope, to express the healing qualities of Pluto. I’m attracting a lot of Plutonian people in my life at the moment as well, friends as well as colleagues. I’m in a relatively new job and would you believe that nearly a third of the people there are Scorpios?! Your excellent book Healing Pluto Problems is currently beside my bed (for a little light bedtime reading – LOL)
    Thanks again, Mandi

    • HI, Mandi, I’m glad you like my Pluto material. I’ve been visiting your blog, and particularly liked your post about Saturn Retrograde in Libra: relationship revision time. I was wondering if you’d permit me to reprint it here with you as a guest blogger. Donna

      • Hi Donna, thank you for reading my blog and absolutely yes please go ahead and reprint the Saturn Retrograde blog. Thank you for your support, it’s very much appreciated. Mandi

  2. Hi;

    I’m a 32 😀
    And that without counting the semisquare to the sun and the square to the North Node.

    “Until you’re challenged by Pluto transits—like the Pluto-Uranus-Saturn cardinal t-square of 2010-12, you might not give a rat’s behind about transforming your self or your world.”

    So, I’m guessing, those who are Plutonian will have an “easier” time? Oh, goody :p

    I like these little gems of astrological knowledge that you share.

    • HI, Dunya. I would surely count the semisquare to the Sun, because the Sun is such a core part of who you are, so your score is probably at least 34. I tell you, this blog has quite a community of Plutonians around it! Donna

  3. 39 here..and that works fine, goes well with my life path of 3.

    Great article Donna, thank you!

  4. Thanks for this, Donna! I scored a 48 — wowzers. Thankfully I tend to channel the higher expression of Pluto.

  5. This was a very interesting post, thanks.

    I guess I’m an uber-Plutonian with a score of 54…other house systems rate me even higher…and that’s not counting any semi-sextiles or quincunxes…you are so right when you say both ends of the spectrum at once…it’s a very deep place to swim and it can get tiring at times, as I’m always a work in progress; rebuilding, transforming…I always say, next life I want it easy. 🙂

    • My word, Katie and Julie, I had no idea scores like that were possible!! Impressive! Are you both part of the group born in the 1970s with multiple planets conjunct Neptune or Uranus in Scorpio?

      But wait, as I scan the rest of the comments, I can see you’re not alone. This isn’t a blog group, we’re a coven! A coven of superheroes and heroines, I hope. Imagine if we had an online convention? After the International Astrology Day Blog Carnival in March, that ought to be our next project. Donna

      • Hi Donna…I’m born in 1968, with no Scorpio except a Midheaven and generational Neptune. Pluto aspects and the 8th house make up the rest.

        What a great idea to have an online convention…I’d probably just lurk, but it’d be fascinating!

      • Yes, 1967-68 births would have been my next guess. There was a cats cradle of outer planet aspects between Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, Saturn and Chiron in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio shared by pretty much everyone born in those years, and then if the inner planets, Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven were tied in to those planets, the scores would be through the roof.

        LOL! Lurk indeed, that might be one of the problems–nobody would talk to each other and the name tags would all be blank. I once tried to join a Plutonians Anonymous group, but no one would tell me where they met. (Smiley face) Donna

      • I’m another of the standard issue 1968 North Americans with Pluto-conjunct Uranus [who is with Jupiter nowadays in 2011] …according to your test I have 40 pluto points due to having a strong aspect with Sun, and Moon and yet another with the Ascendant, plus minor aspects.

        Puzzled, trying to figure out what that means. ….Am I making too much of it, or not enough?

      • Welcome to Skywriter, Miriam. I’ve written quite a lot about the Pluto-Uranus complex in my book, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 3: Aspects between the Outer Planets, but you can see an excerpt about its career implications here: Regards, Donna Cunningham

  6. As always, Donna, great article! Pluto is close to my n 12th cusp affecting 11th and 12th so mea culpa here!

    Also I happily inform you that SkyWriter is a recipient of a Kreativ Blogger Award (hope i got you first!) which may be ‘picked up’ at Stars Over Washington is in today’s post (1/16/10). Donna, I hope you have a chance to participate!

    Congratulations, Jude

    ps: yes, i’d love to set up an Art Gallery @ Secret Moon Art in honor of your Astrology Blog Carnival in March, thanks for asking! jc

    • Wow on the award! Will go see it. I feel like blogging is really freeing up my creativity in a way that writing to assignment for the magazines never did. I love it. And I am so psyched that you’re going to do a gallery showing for the Blog Carnival Auntie Moon and I are hosting for International Astrology Day. Donna

  7. Important Question: Does Chiron count as a planet in this test? I have Chiron opposing Pluto, which would add 5 points to my score.

    • Another Pluto (in Virgo) opposing Chiron wondering same.

    • Yes, of course you can use Chiron. That aspect may be a generational one, though. Both Pluto and Chiron are very slow moving and hence everyone born on the planet within a month to 6 weeks of you that year would have it…millions of people, so I’d be more inclined to give it only a couple of points, like a write-in vote. Donna

      • So which score would be correct for me? It’s 32 without Chiron and 37 with Chiron.

      • 37. However, if Pluto makes aspects to the Ascendant or Midheaven, there are points for that too.

      • Also, both are in angular houses in my case–Pluto in the 4th and Chiron in the 10th.

  8. i am a total lightweight!!
    one planet sextiling Pluto.. no, two… and one planet in the 8th house. call me butterfly…. 🙂

  9. oh i had to check my scorpio son.. Eeek 25 and my husband too.

    maybe that’s why my score is so low!

    • From previous comments, you don’t strike me as Pluto-challenged, Mimi, but perhaps it’s a blessing, living with 2 Plutonians like that. Donna

  10. Wow, I scored a 40. I had no idea. But my Pluto square to Sun/Moon conjunct has always scared me.

    • That’s one hefty Pluto, Charles, I’ll agree. Even with those aspects to your Sun and Moon, you could stop right there, an automatic Plutonian.

      I learned of my strong Pluto within months of starting to take astrology classes over 40 years ago. (Nobody really knew much about what Pluto meant in those days, it was so long ago.) And I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to use it..not always well even now, but I do rein myself in pretty sharply at the first twinge of it acting up.

      Sometimes I think that despite all these years of working so hard on myself, I’m still the same person I was then. In those trying moments, I console myself that at the very least, I’ve learned not to perpetrate it on other people. Donna

      • I always thought of myself as primarily Taurus, having sun/moon/mercury in Taurus. It’s hard to reconcile my earth-of-earth nature with plutonian (and neptunian) energies in my chart. You can view it here, if you’re interested:

        I am a little disturbed to have discovered my astro program uses a rather large orb, so a lot of those aspects aren’t quite accurate.
        Anyway, I guess I never learned to deal with my plutonian energy so I am going through your saturn-pluto articles now. I read it once before, but I didn’t think it applied that much to me. Now I know better. This has been a hard time for me with this hard aspect.

      • Yes, you surely are well-grounded, and perhaps that New Moon in Taurus keeps you from going too deep into a Plutonian murk. It’s a lovely New Moon. I’m sure there are things that can override the strength of Pluto–the Sun and Moon are such central parts of our core Being. Donna

      • Thanks for your comments. There’s a lot of sun-moon action in my chart (especially that SatRx-JupRx yod to sun-moon conjunct. I suspect it counterbalances the plutonian stuff.

  11. 26…Thank you for this post. Very helpful. I have a better understanding for me obsession/passion for creating mandalas for people to color.

    When I had my art shop, I found that I provided ‘counseling’ more than I sold artwork. I should have posted Lucy’s “Psychiatric Help 5¢” sign outside my door 🙂

  12. Well well, I scored a 73! I’ve always known I was Plutonian, but to see it displayed so plainly in a score really brings it home.
    I use to live in the negative aspects, but now have swung over to cultivating the positive (hopefully with success). All I can say is, Intense!

    • A 73???? You must be the all-time, Guiness book of records holder for a Pluto score. In living your healing, you are accomplishing miracles. About my sister’s life, Plutonian in the extreme, I often console myself by saying that in choosing this lifetime, she’s taken out a karmic bill-payer’s loan, wiping out all her debt in just one life span. You must be another like her. Gutsy choice, Inaness. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. I use to wonder why everything seemed more difficult and extreme in my life as opposed to others I knew. Now it all makes sense. But by knowing why it actually eases the intensity, since part of it was the unknown factor..and second guessing myself.
        My aspects are: Moon, Mars, Saturn, Ascendant conjunct Pluto; Mercury, Venus, Midheaven square Pluto; Sun trine Pluto; Neptune sextile Pluto; Jupiter in Scorpio, and Scorpio Rising.
        Whats funny is, my Jupiter is in the first house, and I’m an Aquarius so people either see me in my light jovial mood, or as an intimidating

        Also I want to thank you for all your extensive work on Pluto, its very illuminating. I’ve ordered your Healing from Pluto Problems book, and am looking forward to reading it and digging deeper.

      • I’m glad if it helps, Inaness. I was much reassured in an odd way when I found out about my Pluto in those very early days of my studies. Kind of like finally knowing that you aren’t alone, that there are others like oneself. Donna

      • Yes, exactly Donna. Its comforting to know that the extremeness and random dramatic run in’s was not a figment of my imagination, but a manifestation of something larger that others experienced as well – that I was not alone. This knowledge has helped me get outside of myself to see the bigger picture. I believe the feelings of isolation are also intensified by my Pluto, Moon, Mars, Saturn 12th House placement.

      • That’s the hardest of it, I think, the sense of isolation we Plutonians have…and the secrets–especially family secrets–we feel compelled to keep to ourselves make that and the shame about them so much more isolating. But yes, add the 12th house in, and you’ve got some serious isolation issues. Maybe when we have that Pluto convention we’re joking about, we should vote on some sort of secret signal or emblem that would identify us to each other. Donna

      • “Maybe when we have that Pluto convention we’re joking about, we should vote on some sort of secret signal or emblem that would identify us to each other. Donna”

        Yes! A convention would be awesome. I wonder how a large gathering of Plutonians will be like 0.o Maybe we can have the Pluto symbol on a pin that we I’m daydreaming.

        “How come all you folks are so eager to amp up your Pluto scores. ”

        They can have some of mine! I’ll gladly share. 😛

      • Hi Donna and Inaness. I just found this article and counted my Pluto points. I have 78 points. Pluto is part of a stellium with my Sun and part of a Grand Trine and Grand Kite that involves many planets including my moon and AC. Wow! I think I need your book Donna.

      • Yes, Robyn, that is a high score for Pluto. quite the power house. If you’re one of the generation with Pluto in Scorpio (its own sign), you are not alone. (My book, Healing Pluto Problems, by the way, would need to be ordered from the hardcopy publisher, RedWheel/Weiser.) Donna

      • Scored 75 here, but I already knew I was extremely plutonian! 🙂

  13. Donna,
    my pluto is conjunct my MC within 20″, and my score is 35
    and I only want to make one point and that is everyone in my immediate family has similar. Both my children have have Pluto on angles (one on DSC the other on the IC) and the youngest who had Pluto on her IC actually did replace her father as he wanted me to abort her but I chose to have her and get rid of him. And she was born on his birthday 24th Oct at 0 degree Scorpio(I couldnt make this up!).
    Pluto is a Karmic planet and not so hard for me with a Scottish / Irish inheritance to deal with as we have mostly lost our addiction to Hope!
    Pema Chodron talks a lot about it,
    you in the US define yourself by hope and optimism, and we who live in the Western world may not buy into it (unless your a banker ….) but we enjoy the benefits of it.
    Pluto in Cap probably will for most US Neptunians be a big shock but surely they need it! (BTW I also have Nep in Scorpio conjunct my ASC so Im only taking from experience). However it is my view after 25 years of being in the ‘alternative’ so called new age movement it truly does need a reality check.
    yeh Im a Plutonian. Pluto / Neptune Sextile on my angle, & yes I can see clearly that so much crap needs to be cleaned out. No bad thing.
    love you Donna, your work and your blog is genius and better completely inspirational.
    best wishes

    • Hi, Lesley, Planetary emphasis does run in families, and most of all, it does seem like Plutonians begat Plutonians….or maybe just create them by default out of the experience of growing up around them. I love Pema Chodrom too. Donna

    • lol Love that comment about addiction to hope! There’s a warped Pluto sense of humor comment. It certainly seems true. There’s that place where, when one has given up all hope, then true freedom arrives.

  14. I’m a 37, so I guess I can still call myself the Plutonian Princess! LOL!!!! Nice to know there’s a bunch of us. 🙂

  15. Holy crap! A 46 – I guess I count as a “Plutopalooza” too! As a Gemini Sun/Sag Moon/Libra Asc. with heavy T-squares in 3 of my Cadent Houses (3rd,9th,12th) I welcome the depth that having a emphasized natal Pluto can give. Pluto is rx conj. my Asc. and (along with Mars) is one of the only “well-aspected” planets in a chart rife with squares and oppositions.

    I’ve always laughed about it though, and said that if it weren’t for the “stessful” aspects in my chart, I wouldn’t have any at all! The Pluto in me doesn’t mind the challenge and has used the obstacles presented in such a chart as an opportunity to build stregnth of character. Thanks for doing the quiz, Donna – it was interesting and fun to play along!

    P.S. – I LOVE your Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit! I almost peed myself laughing when I read how “Fun” and “Easy” it was going to be! Well, I’m off now to go find myself an industrial-sized tub of elbow grease….. 🙂

    • LOL, Alethea, about the tub of elbow grease! Great attitude. I always say that the two things I love most about Plutonians are:
      1) that when they find a way to heal themselves they do not flinch and do not quit until they’ve done it, and
      2) that they have this incredibly warped sense of humor. I grew up around warped, and when someone accuses me of having one myself, I introduce them to my sister.

      I ought to do a quotes page just of her goodies. Like, after one close call of the many Near Death Experiences she has had, I finally got up the nerve to ask her, “Ahem, what do you want us to do when you die?”

      She: “Are you asking me what to do with my body after I croak?”
      Me: “ummmm. Yes.”
      She: “Just shake me and bake me.”
      So, yep, that’s where I got my warped outlook on things. Donna

  16. For a very respectable Libra Sun-Moon lady with Venus in the first house, I have 35 pts. LOL Just goes to show there is usually more going on behind a pleasant, smiling face than we often realize!

    Plus over many years, Pluto has conjoined my Midheaven, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Ascendant by transit. Guess that counts for something too since I’m still here to talk about it! 🙂

    Definitely share the warped sense of humor . . . :::grin:::

    • Not too shabby, Diane. I’m starting to feel like a poseur with my piddling 29 point Pluto. Donna

      PS. After seeing some of the questions below, I realized missed my Pluto/Mercury semisquare, so my total is now 31. Maybe I should check the contraparallells and antiscia. (Joke)

  17. Too funny, the Plutonians wouldn’t speak, just lurk around the shadows and under the rocks. This is why I love hanging around with non-Plutonians…they bring me out from underground, even if it’s only for awhile.

    I’ve got a bunch of conjunctions in an 8th/9th house Virgo stellium from my September 1968 birth…all squaring a Sag Ascendant…plus an 8th house Moon/Mars in Leo…good thing for astrology, it’s been my road map to understanding myself…many a tattered book sit on my shelf (including yours). Like I said before, next life, I want it easy!

  18. Score: 23

    Hi Donna – Very interesting article! Thank you! Do you think Pluto in the 1st could also be considered in the score as well? 🙂

    • Only if it is conjunct the Ascendant within 10 degrees or less, in which case it would recieve 10 points. (Same if it squared the Midheaven) Donna

      • Thank you so much Donna! Love your blog, it’s so very helpful. 🙂

  19. i scored a 32..a bit lower than i thought, but still respectable. 😉
    i did have a couple of questions tho. does having north node in the 8th house or pluto conjunct the ic count for anything?
    thanx for the test, i’m going to pass it on to my friends.

    • I think yes to both. A conjunction to the IC is the same as an opposition to the MH, so add 10 points for that and maybe 3 points for the North Node in the 8th, which would make you 45 points–a candidate for the Pluto Hall of fame. But not quite Guiness Book of Records like our Inaness here. Donna

      • donna, thanx for your response!
        seems i did forget i have pluto oppose chiron, so that’s another two points? 47.
        inaness…that score! amazing. i’d love to watch you walk into a crowded room 😉

  20. I scored 46, but I have to say, there were times in my life when I felt like Matt Damon and then some! Pluto square ASC keeps Pluto “in my face,” and the combo of Pluto square Chiron has forced deep change and facing my inner demons from a very young age. Jupiter in Scorpio seems responsible for my love of depth research as a writer.

    Every time I think about astronomers demoting this planet, I have a big laugh. If you don’t pay homage to it, Pluto is Darth Vader. When you do, it’s Harry Potter and magic all around you.

    • “If you don’t pay homage to it, Pluto is Darth Vader. When you do, it’s Harry Potter and magic all around you.”

      Joyce, that’s a quotable quote that I’ll use when I create a page of Pluto quotations. Which come to think of it, I ought to do now while Pluto is such a hot topic on the blogs. You know, I’ve known you–well–for 25 years and I never would have pegged you for a Plutonian. I guess you are the jolliest, most even tempered Plutonian in all Creation. But you do have the strength to bear up under immense pressure and difficulties that would crush another, and that’s primetime Pluto. Donna

  21. hello, i scored 42, but i didnt find any points to add for my pluto sextile asc

    • Big score! The sextile would be scored under minor aspects, so 2 points. Donna

      • can i add the sesquiquadrate to mars as minor aspect?

      • Totally, and in fact I bet Mars would get kinda ticked off if you didn’t. BTW, I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but I have an article on the site about Mars-Pluto aspects and their manifestation mojo that you might like. It would work with the sesquadrate, too, you just might not have as much patience with the process as a conjunction would.

        Hmm, now I’m remembering that I have a semisquare between Pluto and Mercury, so my score is 31 rather than 29. Donna

      • so i add 2 points for pluto sextile asc and another 3 points for nn in 8th,thats 47 points…the problem is that i dont know where to look for my mars pluto aspect, this trioctile is acting more like a square ?

      • Well, I wouldn’t know where yours is either–you’re the one who said it was sesquiquadrate. That’s a 135 degree aspect, where Mars would be either in the zodiac ahead of Pluto or behind it. Yes, semisquares (45 degrees–half a square) and sesquiquadrates (135 degrees–a square and a half) are in the square family, but with a bit more spikey irritability because of frustration about getting the doggone things to work. Donna

      • i wrote something but is way up there on the page. i ment that i dont know where to look for the trioctile interpretation , at the square? by the way, i have a decile between pluto and uranus, i add 2 points for this too? lol

      • I answered that too, in the same reply. Yes, semisquares (45 degrees–half a square) and sesquiquadrates (135 degrees–a square and a half) are in the square family, but with a bit more spikey irritability because of frustration about getting the doggone things to work.

        That’s about the extent of what any astrologer knows (or cares) about these exceedingly minor aspects. Some things you have to figure out for yourself, observe in action. Think of what Mars is, for example, think of what Pluto is, and then think of what they’d be like in combination. Then you try to notice those particular qualities in operation in your life.

        FYI, folks, the rules here are that I don’t interpret individual charts on this blog, just points of information. Donna

      • i just wanted to explain exactly what i ment , nothing more. i didn find many clues about this trioctile aspect, so i thought you can point me some infos.thank you.
        p.s.: i am not a native english speaker, i might express myself a little weird..:)

      • I see. I mean, I finally saw once I had dragged out my hand calculator to figure out what a trioctile is. No, no, Pluto high scorers, do not get excited that there’s perhaps one more minor aspect you could add to the total. A trioctile is apparently what they call a sesquiquadrate in her country. No info, sorry. Donna

      • well, 47 is enough, with pluto on my mc, trine sun and square moon, i am pretty much a plutonian. yes,trioctile is problem, what you already have told me is great.:)

      • What about a semi-sextile? Is that of about the same significance as a sesquiquadrate?

      • HI, Raven, I do pay quite a lot of attention to semisextiles and find them more significant than semisquares and sesquiquadrates. There’s an article of mine about semisextiles somewhere on this blog that will fill you in about them. Try putting “semisextile” into the search engine, and it should show up. Donna

      • hi , donna ! i saw you have a tattoo on your right shoulder, is that a pluto effect too? i have 4

      • LOL! No that’s not me with the dyed black hair and tattoo, it’s just meant to evoke the quality of a Plutonian. I’m an old lady of 67, my hair is silver, and the only ink on my body is inkstains on my hands from writing so much. Regards, Donna

      • LOL…i saw that picture twice, so i thought is young donna. LOL

  22. Oh boy, I scored 53. Well, I already knew I was a Plutonian (life kind of taught me that since I was born) but not that much !

    Anyway, thanks for you articles and books Donna, they’re just great. 🙂

  23. Very interesting…I’ve always known I was very Plutonian (40). Have any other of you Plutonian types scored the important people in your life? I just scored 5 of my closest friends/work-mates…and the lowest score was an 18. I guess we need others who can deal with the depths!

  24. “shake and bake”- that’s pretty good. I’ll have to remember that!

    27 pointer here, but was wondering if my Scorpio Moon ruling the eighth house counted, too?

    • That’s stretching it. How come all you folks are so eager to amp up your Pluto scores. Have you no fear? (Smiley face)

      What is this, Pluto Pride Week? When we have that convention, we’ll have to send a petition to Obama about it, maybe get a postage stamp series…I can see Lon Chaney, Wolfman, Frankenstein’s monster.
      Donna, Plutonian and Proud

  25. oh,i am sorry, i know where they are in my chart, i dont know at what interpretation to look for that aspect, this is what i ment. i can add a semi-quintile too, with 2 points? i have that between pluto and uranus

  26. 56 for me ~ thanx for the validation 🙂

    love all-ways,

  27. Score of 50 if Chiron gets the full 5 points, 47 at the 2 point value. Born in 1966 so I’ve got that Pluto-Uranus conjunction which is conjunct my ascendant in the 1st and in opposition to the Saturn, Mercury, Chiron conjunction in the 7th. Neptune in Scorpio, Sun conjunct Mars in Aries in the 8th.

    Though I don’t have a birth time but found out this year that my mother has Sun conjunct Pluto in Leo. I have a Leo moon in the 12th and her conjunction especially her Pluto is conjunct my moon. I’m slowly beginning to understand somethings that went on in my childhood.

    Thanks Donna so much for your “Healing Pluto Problems” book and this blog. I was thrilled to find out that you had started one.

  28. “Are you both part of the group born in the 1970s with multiple planets conjunct Neptune or Uranus in Scorpio?”

    Donna, I was born in 1978. Pluto conjunct my MC, trine my DC, sextile my ASC. Three planets in Scorpio, including my Sun and Venus. One planet in the 8th house. Weak trine (9 degrees) between Pluto and my Moon. So there you go.

    • Thanks, Katie. I don’t think I’ve met many people in your generation. It sounds like an intense bunch. Donna

  29. Donna,
    My first ever chart prepared back in the 80s by a woman in Texas used the KOCH house system, and I always thought of myself with this 9th house stellium =travel, obsession with foreign cultures, strong religious issues in my life, etc. BUT in the PLACIDUS house system, I’m an 8th house stellium with Sun, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus. SO…when tallying my points, it will change depending upon which house system I use, right? What are your opinions on this? I was told that since I was born close to the Canadian border that that was why the astrologer may have chosen the KOCH house system, something about that one is used for northern latitudes??? But I never could get a definitive answer on it…..

    • Hi, Trishia, I’m a Placidus person all the way, but that’s a debate that has gone on for the entire 40 years I’ve been in astrology. In reality, what I do is that if a planet is within 5 degrees of the house cusp, I test it out to see which house it really seems to work with in the person’s life. Generally, what it feels like is that it has somewhat of an effect on both houses and often seems to pull them together in an odd way. So, ask yourself, does that stellium work in the 9th more than the 8th, or do some of them work in one house and others the other–or is it a blend. The test isn’t meant to cover all eventualities. Donna

  30. Wow Donna, this is so helpful to share a space with so many other Plutonian friends. Im am in the painful process of finishing up a relationship with a man I adore but who simply refuses point blank to have any kind of commitment, he has 51 points (Pluto conj Jupiter in leo conjunct his MC) Scorpio Asc and 8th hse sun. I have never been so fascinated by anyone in my life as I am with him. We have been together for only two and a half years and yet have been trying to part for most of that time due to the same recurring commitment issue. We have also Venus sextile Pluto in our synastry and I think I remember you once saying something like (i paraphrase so forgive me if Im wrong) Venus/Pluto relationships dont do it …or just walk away. Honestly its so hard to do. We go weeks without seeing each other but the energy doesnt diminish one iota!
    Thank you to everyone who has shared here its helping me a lot to see that Im not alone and isolated in my emotional struggles to deal with being a Pluto ruled person, there is a whole community of us intensity freaks. on friday the eclipse hit my 3rd house Saturn in Cap and I think communicating here on this forum is a part of this. Donna I already have your ebooks but will make another donation to Haiti on your behalf! Many thanks.

    • thanks, Niyati, people do seem to be sharing here open-heartedly and–unusual for Plutonians–with a good deal of comfortability. Isolation and hiding oneself is such a typical Plutonian quality. And thank you for donating to Haitian relief efforts. Donna

      • Donna I am going to use the flower essences again. I bought them ages ago when I first bought your book ‘healing Pluto Problems’ in 2005 but in my typical Plutonian cynicism (well also Saturn in Cap) I didnt use them! so they are out of date in 2010 & I’m definitely going to try and use them regularly especially reading this blog of fellow plutonians.

        And thanks Karen for the advice. My relationship troubles are mostly about me as I have Venus sextile Uranus in a Yod so I kindof (LOL!) have a recurring problem with attracting unavailable exciting men.
        And even with my friend well, I often wonder if I’d really be available if he was!

        Part of the fascination is that he isnt, & it isnt personal, we are just in different stages of life, my kids are young and his are almost all left home. Being attached to someone who isn’t available does mean I dont have to take a real risk and actually trust someone!!! Im a 37 in the plutonian scale…. trust and commitment dont come easy to me.

      • HI, Lesley, If the flower essences you bought were preserved in brandy, they might still be okay, just like a bottle of wine that ages well. If you’re serious about using them, you’d find all kinds of information online at Vibration Magazine and blog, which I’ve coedited for 11 years. Find the link under “useful sites” in the blogroll. Donna

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you’re suffering Niyati, yet I’d like to comment on “We have also Venus sextile Pluto in our synastry and I think I remember you once saying something like (i paraphrase so forgive me if Im wrong) Venus/Pluto relationships dont do it …or just walk away”.

      My husband and I have a Venus square Pluto in our synastry and we’ve been together for more than seven years now. It’s the most intense and trusting relationship I have ever had with anybody, including my parents and friends.
      He’s a Plutonian too (he scored 40) but on the very healing side. He’s helped me so much that if I could get back in time I wouldn’t be able to recognize myself.
      Yet, commitment has always been and is still frightening to him (I guess his Uranus conjunct DC doesn’t help…).

      So please, if you encounter another Plutonian don’t be afraid, let love in. He might be the right man for you. 😉

      (Am I really writing all this stuff on a blog ? Oh God, what happened to me ?)

  31. Sh..t… only 72…! I honour you, Inaness… and all of my fellow Plutonians, for that matter…

    I guess this Pluto-Uranus conjunction makes me a Uranian as much as a Plutonian, and to me that’s the very interesting part of this generational aspect. Rebellious to the bone… and so extremely inquisitive, with this Virgo position of those two, wanting – and, as it seems to me, being capable – to KNOW it ALL, especially when it’s hidden. Whether it’s about dark world politics and secret government-stuff or my neighbour’s deepest soul secrets – I’m into it… And I’m so glad to have learned to LOVE it, both my own attitude AND my neighbour, whatever his secrets are…

    I would be so very interested in all of the stories of my fellow Plutonians, so please let’s get this convention thing started…! Can’t wait to hear what all of these people, with their life’s intensity, would be finally up to, in those times of revelations and big, big, BIG change. What are we going to make out of this beautiful world of ours, folks…? (Aquarial-10th-house-with-a-Pisces-Saturn-in-it Capricorn…)

    Donna… Thanks!
    Would love to buy your e-books, all of them at once this week with regard to your Haiti-campaign, but so sorry to say I really can’t. I hope many many other people will…!

    • Hello, Ronald, I hope you get this, since there’s no email on your comment. Are you saying that your Pluto score was 71? If so, get in touch with me, because I am running a contest to see who has the highest Uranus score and giving prizes for that. So then I realized it wasn’t fair to the Plutonians not to offer a prize for the high scorers as well, so if your score is that high, you are a winner. (The prize is one of my ebooks of your choice.)

      I believe that Inaness–the other high scorer–wants to compare notes with you as well, so write to her at the email she left there. Donna

      • Sorry Donna, I didn’t see your post until now – sorry for the delay… I guess all the Plutonians thought I didn’t answer because I cheated on the score… 🙂 Inaness, hope you get this post too? This is how my score came to be (I didn’t check on Uranus, but I guess my Pluto-Uranus conjunction, with little more than one degree separating them, brings about the same score):

        Pluto trine Sun (10), square Moon (10), square Asc (10) – enough to be obscurely gifted, but there’s more – square Jupiter (5), opposite Saturn (5), opposite Chiron (5), trine Mercury (5), conjunct Uranus (5), quincunx Mars (2), quincunx MC (2) (hope that counts?), sextile Neptune (2), Neptune in Scorpio (3), Sun in 8th house (5), Mercury in 8th house (3) – makes 72, or 70 when the MC-quincunx doesn´t count. (By the way: my 8th-house Sun sextile my Scorpio Neptune is yodded by my Jupiter-Ascendant conjunction, which is squared by… Pluto…! are there any points for that? :-D)

        So… I’d like to add that I really had one hell of a time, when first transiting Pluto visited my Descendant, and shortly after that transiting Saturn and Uranus started to fool around with my Pluto/Uranus – Saturn/Chiron opposition… My life felt like being Mount St Helen in her finest hour – and it still does in o so many ways.
        I cannot say I´m really looking forward to the times where both transiting Uranus and Saturn are exactly squaring my Ascendant – still I am, because during the days that both of those aspects will, for the first of three times, be exact… my new girlfriend and I will have our baby…
        Can´t help mentioning it.

        I guess, dear Donna, that I´m going to have to take a close look on all that you wrote about the famous T-square. Until now I was often just taking a quick glance at it, very well aware that it´s simply out of fear, of not-really-wanting-to-know, that I don´t really read those posts. Astrology has hardly been able to prepare me for what happened in my life during the last two-and-a-half years (though I must say: I was just beginning to study it at the time, and surely didn´t know about you until one year ago you opened up my eyes with your Pluto-book…!) – I often wonder if I should really keep on trying to use it as a tool. Which DOESN´T mean that I wouldn´t be delighted to win such a beautiful prize – by doing absolutely nothing but just being born in a certain time and space! (Imagine the angels saying to all those souls preparing the leap: `Pick your time, choose a spot – only when you´re down there you will be told what the prize is…!´)

        Love you


      • Glad to hear from you, Ronald. It looks like you have the top score, since Inaness’ wound up to only be 70. The quincunx from Pluto to the Midheaven would count as 2 points, making the score 72. You’ve won one of my ebooks of your choice, so go to my publications site, and choose one.

        Then write to me at with your choice and your birth information, as I will verify your figures and also publish your data (not your name or email) in a post next Sunday. It’s meant as a tutorial so people can see how to know when a planet is strong in a chart. I salute you and Inaness–such a strong Pluto, you must have an amazing destiny to make some important contribution to our world. Donna

      • Donna, where can I find this data?

      • Sorry, Kelley, what data are you asking about? Donna

  32. 82 comments! Oh lord, the scorpios are all coming out from the rocks in which they were hidding!

    You should be proud, Donna 🙂

    You know what I did just for fun?
    I apllied this math formula to a composite chart between me and a famous actor – got an 53 score, lolololol!

  33. Ooof, I just tallied up my partner’s pluto score. 58 to my 48!! Like attracts like?

  34. Well since everyone else has owned up, I have to confess 45. Mostly ‘positive’ aspects though at the ripe old age of 55 I’ve seen and done most of the horrors as well. Today my body literally froze up and refused to allow me to have treatment from a dentist I don’t trust. You just have to know what you know! Love the blog Donna – its an inspiration.

    • Morvah, Trust is such an important issue for Plutonians for so many of us have had our trust betrayed as children or traumatically in adulthood, so that’s never a good idea to ignore your body’s signals. Good that you listened. Donna

      • Absolutely! I really learned a lot about this when I went through 7 surgeries and bungles of medical establishment. I always “knew” and over this two year period got a strong lesson in trusting my own intuition over the doctors’ so called expertise. We are the only expert when it comes to our own bodies and health and I learned to collect data, opinions, study, research and then make decisions based on my own intuitive knowledge and intellectual conclusions given all the data. We just walked into the medical circumstances at the time very naively, as we were raised in this society, to think the doctors know everything and should be trusted to know everything – so both me and my husband deferred to their expertise over our own intuition until we learned this lesson.

  35. Well, got a score of 53, pluto is at the very end of my 7th house so that score almost was 56. Have a stellium in libra (saturn, jupiter, mercury, pluto, sun) with the sun in the 8th…all square moon in cancer and sextile my midheaven. Pluto makes aspect to most of my planets- it’s semisquare venus in sag, sextile leo mars, so close to a semisextile with uranus in scorpio. It forms a tight square with my cancer n node as well. If we’re going to go there it’s also inconjunct my taurus chiron and sesquiquadrate my asc in pisces. My sun makes almost all of these same aspects, reinforcing these.

    Interesting what you say about career choices since these do not describe what I’ve done with my life at all- I’m an ex-environmental scientist and now do music for a living. I do have an interest/secret desire to be involved in natural health somehow, also to be an astrologer. I’ve always been interested in researching esoteric subjects. Grew up without any friends as an outcast, people tell me I can come off as very serious/intense even though I’m actually very laid-back- this plutonian madness seems to obscure my asc and sun (everyone always assumes I’m a scorpio). No relationships, I think it scares guys away. They don’t even want to go on a date, the few men who have showed a modicum of interest wanted to “hit it and quit it” as James Brown would say- want sex/physical only and I guess they thought they could get it from me. Hopefully once my saturn return comes along in my 7th house this year I’ll be able to work on this and have some better opportunities.

  36. Hi Donna, I have a question that maybe you can answer…

    In your opinion, is a Sun/Pluto conjunct person more ‘Plutonian’ than someone else who may have a higher score but minus the conjunction(s)?…

    I have my own opinion, but I’m just curious what yours is…

    • If the scores were close, you mean? Probably the Sun would weigh heavier, as the Sun is the core of you. But if the other person were say 15 points or so higher, then no, the Sun wouldn’t be. Donna

  37. Donna, this is fascinating – thank you. I scored 42 which only confirmed what I suspected since Pluto is conjunc my sun and they square my moon which is in the 8th house.
    What I discovered by looking at two charts of people the closest to me is that both of them have north nodes in the 8th house. Are there points to be added for north nodes in the 8th – sorry if I missed this answer in earlier comments.

    • HI, I thought I answered that once, but can’t find it, so here goes. This would be a minor influence, probably only 2 points. Donna

  38. Having been blessed with natal Pluto in the 12th conjunct my Ascendant, sextile and in mutual reception with my Mercury, and square my Mars and Midhaven, it’s taken me many years to realize and embrace just how this Plutonian energy has affected me and to be grateful for it. My total score was 40, which doesn’t even include my South Node in the 8th, which occasionally calls to me like an old friend, offering comfort when times are tough.

    I’m very aware of the negative potentials of misdirected Pluto energy and am happy to say that I’ve worked hard to become a person that manifests the higher qualities of that energy, at least externally!!! There are still times when I hang onto negative thoughts longer than I should (I also have Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune all conjunct in Scorpio), but that doesn’t stop me from consciously making an effort to rise above and be transformed.

    I love the insights that Pluto brings — I know what I know whether or not it’s popular or “pretty”. For me, knowing what I know isn’t enough; I want to apply that knowledge in practical ways.

    I’m really enjoying your blog. Now that I’ve found it, I’ll look forward to checking back often!
    Thanks for sharing what you know.

    • As you may have noted by reading the many comments on this article, we Plutonians are much alike, a tribe of likeminded people who don’t flinch from the work that healing our Plutonian side can bring. Donna

  39. Interesting, I have Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) and Uranus in Scorpio which is my 10th house.

    I am into research, and have been a part-time assistant insurance agent for my parents in their profession.

    • Uranus is very interesting in Scorpio…has some of the Plutonian fascination with digging deep into the unknown as well as the capacity to absorb technology. In certain ways it has some similarities to the generation born with Uranus and Pluto conjunct in the 1970s, though not quite so intensely. Donna

  40. Hi Donna!
    This is a great blog! I scored a 45, so I’m Plutonian, all right. It’s funny. People are always talking about how bad it is to be alone, and I’ve had to make a concious effort to socialize all my life. I realised early that if I didn’t, I would be this really weird lady who never spoke to anybody.
    I looked at my chart for this test, and realised Pluto is everywhere. I have stellium, (9th), with Uranus, Sun, Pluto, Moon all within 10 degrees Virgo. Jupiter is in opposition (focal in a dragon). Saturn is quinconx the Stellium (focal in a yod) and an eight house Mars. And of course Neptun in Scorpio (12t house) and to top it all of: a Scorpio asc. (It shows up in relatives and friends too – mirroreffect, I guess).
    I’ve found that the more I understand the power of Pluto and put my trust in it, there’s unlimited resources. And the way to tap into it, for me at least, was to find out what I wanted to do. So I’ve very stubbornly stuck to that. I get resentful and depressive if I don’t do that, so that’s a great way to know I’ve done the right thing. (I write horrorstories and crimenovels – that should speak for itself).
    I am wondering about the quincunx aspect – some say it’s insignificant, others that it’s a big deal.
    Thanks again for this forum – I love that!

  41. Interesting, I scored a 49 (if counting North Node in Scorpio as a point) and never really felt Plutonian or Scorpion by nature. Maybe still growing into my NN in Scorpio, although the more I own my Pluto and personal power and not give it away to others, the more I’m learning to embrace Pluto’s strength in my life…It’s true I do turn it inwards and try to self-heal and maybe I can see where I can help others as well! I have Pluto conj MC, Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Venus by wide stellium, with tight sextile to both Neptune and Saturn…Thanks for the mathematical breakdown, it helps me to see how much Pluto is a factor in my chart!

    • Amazing score, Teany. But then, there were a ton of folks with exceptionally high scores who commented. Donna

      • Lol, you’re right – I’m about average “Plutonian, if there is such a thing! 😉
        Thank you again for your amazing blog and work!

  42. My Pluto score: 32 as near as I can figure. I have a Scorp moon in the 10th square Pluto in the 8th. I vascillate between isolation, I call it rather hermit-ish at times, and obsessively attached *ha, ha* (Cancer sun).
    I’m married to a Scorpio sun, venus, ascendant… but he doesn’t fit the profile even a tiny bit. Maybe it’s his Cancer moon? At any rate, Donna… this is all fascinating. I took the Uranian quiz, and barely moved the ‘thermometer’… like almost non-existent!
    Great fun with this Donna!!!

  43. Hi Donna:

    I have loved your blog since I first came across it and want to thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. I especially appreciate your work around things Plutonian, as you have helped me understand and incorporate energies I used to be so afraid and even ashamed of.

    I scored a 38, and given my life experiences, I was surpirsed it was so low! Thanks also to all the commenters, sooooo helpful to know one is not alone (tho one lives like a hermit!) and that there are others out there struggling to deal with all the intensity of a Pluto-ruled or Pluto-heavy chart.

    Many times I have tried to mask it to make others feel comfortable around me, but it never, ever works. The only thing that’s helped is to serve up the intense feelings with a little humor. ‘A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down,’ kind of thing. Or to move into the healing/healer ‘feel’ of Pluto energy, that’s where I feel very much at home and confident.

    And I for one would love to have a convention of Plutonian types, I’d be there with bells on!

    • that’s so true, Sabut. I think many people are uncomfortable around us, because we see right into the heart of what’s really going on when everyone else is in denial. And when we try to tell them straight out, they resist it and feel uneasy. But when we cloak it in humor (not mean spirited), they have to laugh. That’s what I observe in a lot of standup comedians, especially the African American ones like Chris Rock or Whoopi Goldberg. Donna

      • I have definitely experienced others’ discomfort with my intensity and ability to cut thru the bs to the heart of matters, to see hidden agendas easily, and many things others are unconscious of…My husband and I have to laugh because of this natural psychologist tendency (to the point of psychic at times) and strong intuitive bent. It is a double edged sword because it is often painful and tiring to be attuned to this degree. At what point does this go over into paranoia Donna? I used to be such an optimist, but with accumulative PTSD, I am so much more pessimistic and fearful than I used to be. And with Mars in the first, I have to be careful what I say, not to put my foot in it….
        Like you have mentioned Donna, although I have the credentials (LCSW) to work with people, I find these days that I prefer not to do so individually for now. But I’m thinking of combining that training with my passion for astrology and becoming an astrologer in the next year or two.

      • P.S. Meant to say also that the humor works very well for me. Oh, I love to laugh and people can hear things so much easier when it’s couched in humorous terms (and not mean spirited)

  44. Hmmm, I just did the Uranus test, so popped over to do this one also. I am 48 Pluto and 45 Uranus…that explains a lot – heheheh.

    Pluto in Leo on Ascendent 10
    Pluto opposite Moon 10
    Pluto square Saturn (ouch) 10
    Pluto conjunct Jupiter 10
    Pluto sextile Venus 2
    Saturn in Scorpio in 4th 3
    Mars in Pisces in 8th house 3

    There ya go…48

  45. I scored a 57 on the Uranus test (not counting Uranus opposition Chiron since no point value assigned)

    On the Pluto test I scored a 58 (not counting my 7th house Sun that very close to the cusp on the 8th – so much so it’s in tight conjunction to Saturn which is in the 8th – Sun @ 11 Deg Pis – Saturn 18-deg) and also not counting Chiron, which is in the 8th.

    Do I get extra credit on both tests for Uranus transiting through my planet-heavy 8th house over the past couple of years? (and it’s still there lingering over Mars….arrrrgh! )

    Thanks for these tests and for this blog in general Donna…it’s been very helpful to me in expanding my novice understanding of astrology.

    • Those are two impressive scores, Jill. Not to give away the devious plot I’ve hatched, but you might want to hold onto your calculations until the Blogathon weekend on March 19-21. Even though you’re out of the running with your scores on this one, there could conceivably be a contest where the total scores for all three outer planets in the t-square counted for something. I’m just saying! Donna

    • Jill, Uranus is now transiting my husband’s eighth house, which is planet-free, as is his second, which Saturn would be transiting now (until it goes back to Virgo) What has been your experience while experiencing this Uranian transit with all those planets getting hit?

  46. I’m a 60.

    • Impressive, Togi. Not the prize winner, but still a remarkable score. Donna

  47. What a strange path I seem to be walking at the moment, and it appears to lead to Pluto. Who would have guessed, but I have a score of 42 and that’s without including the northnode conjunct asc in Scorpio, or looking for the semisq etc aspects. I don’t think I express the dark-side too much, but I don’t ‘express’ much in general!

    What do you think about it appearing in families? I suspect what I will find – it’s a shame lack of birth time will limit the detail.

    • Hi, Lizer. Plutonians definitely begat Plutonians. My mother had Pluto right on the MH; I have it on the Ascendant; my sister has it conjunct her Sun and Saturn, plus Moon in Scorpio. It definitely runs in families. I also know a family with 3 generations of Mars-Pluto conjunctions. Donna

      • What are the people in that Mars Pluto conjunctions family like? Any visible major theme?
        I dated a man with Mars Pluto conjunct in 8th and Saturn in 4th. He was a Taurus, Moon in Aquarius, Cap rising. For him, I’m pretty sure, our relationship was superficial, convenient, and vaguely amusing. For me, it was a life changer.

  48. 23 points, and it’s just the right dose!

  49. 48….your words re “failing to spite” Pluto conjunct midheaven, really it home, although it seems so unconscious…maybe the pluto sextile to a 4, 8, 12 air grand trine, the 12th focus being mars/neptune conjunction, saturn conjunct scorpio ascendant makes it seem like I am hurting myself to pay a debt of guilt Great thread, looking forward to future reads

    • HI, Mark, I paid that debt myself, long ago, but now my credit score is squeaky clean. It sounds like there are a couple of other articles on this site that you’d find helpful. One is a powerful guest blog by Kachina called Letting Go of Survivor Guilt–Learning the Limits of your Responsibility for Others and the other is • Pay-as-You-Go Karma–One Path to Peaceful Relationships. Donna

  50. only 56 🙂

  51. Great thread, looking forward to the March 19-21 event….I scored 48, perhaps up to 52….thank you for your words of “failure by spite”….it was so unconscious, which seems to be an issue for Plutionians, perhaps more for myself with a strong air grand trine in houses 4,8,12 all relating/integrating to a Pluto conjunct MC with opposing moon on the fixed cross, very close aspects, Saturn conjunct ASC in Scorpio rising heightens the karmic, unconscious sense….really frustrating for one who needs to know/intellectualize feelings deeply buried….learning to let go….thank you all for your posts and Donna for your assistance.

  52. Only 25 but Pluto is DIRECTLY conjunct my Sun in the same degree and less than a minute of arc and bound up with the Part of Fortune all in that same degree.

  53. Scored a 56 for Pluto. With Pluto “smack-dab” on my ascendant (in Virgo) conjuncting Uranus (in Libra), those making aspects with Sun, MC , Mars, Neptune, and Chiron; AND Mars and Neptune in Scorpio (whew), with Saturn at the tail-end of my 7th (counted it in 8th – feels like a double-whammy sometimes). My life has definitely had death and sudden changes as a theme from childhood. Interestingly, scored 60 for Uranus and 27 for Saturn (Sun in Cap. square Saturn). I’m a body worker, interested in astrology since childhood, but very grounded in the sciences as an engineering major in college. I’m amazed at the way people tell me their deepest secrets when they hardly know me, but somehow sense that I’m a safe person to reveal to.

    • Ah, that’s such an interesting point about people telling you their secrets with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant. I’d never thought of it, but I have exactly the same experience and have Pluto there as well. One of the reasons I was forever hiding in my room when I spoke at conferences was exactly that. Complete strangers would drag me off in a corner at cocktail parties or accost me in the hallways and dump the most horrifying tales. I learned not to talk to seatmates on planes, for they would wind up telling me every horror story in their family.

      It’s an asset in the consultation room, but fairly wearing in everyday life. I’ve learned not to reveal to casual strangers what I do for a living. Donna

  54. Hi Donna!

    Thank you for the fabulous post! as always, so interesting, entertaining and educational.

    Is writing the Neptune one in your plans? 🙂

  55. I’m a Gemini, but I scored 68 points. Always thought of myself as so airy, but my Lord….Pluto is ALL OVER my chart and explains my emotional intensity. Didn’t even realize I was that intense!

    • I tell you, Heidi, you shoulda been here when that piece was published. We had a convention of Plutonians going on in the comment section, and you wouldn’t have felt different at all. BTW, there are plenty more articles about Pluto in these categories: Planets or Healing Tools. Donna

    • That’s the thing about the Signs, and why don’t use them anymore. I have 4 personal planets in Aquarius and Gemini AC. Yet I’m passionate, deeply into psychology, intense in relationships and yes…ugh…jealous. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me.
      But with a Pluto score of 45. I feel like I have permission to be me now:))) Thanks Donna!

      • Welcome, Marina. If you read the comments on that test, you know we have quite a little Pluto collective here. I’d say 45 was strongly Plutonian without going over the top. To me, the planet, especially in conjunction, are stronger than the signs. Donna

  56. Oh geez – I’ve got 64 for Pluto, 42 for Saturn with uranus labouring on 15!

    • Hmm. Strange distribution, to have Uranus so low, Tony. Don’t know if that’s a blessing or a drawback….or, most likely, exactly who you were meant to be. You’ve probably majored in Uranus in other lifetimes! Donna

      • lol – lets hope so Donna! following your rationale my Neptune would be around the Saturn score also – Uranus is out on his own (is conjunct my Sun though)

      • Perhaps you’re right on the scores, Tony. It would depend on the presence of Capricorn vs. Pisces planets or Asc and MH. Donna

  57. Brilliant post for a Dark Goddess obsessed girl like myself. Always had a massive crush on Pluto. I thought it was because identify so strongly with Lilith, who I have conjunct Mars and trine Jupiter. I do write a Blog dedicated to her. I guess I fall under the career heading of “Sex therapist/Psychologist”
    But very pleased to find my inner Pluto. My score in the end was 45.
    Which seems like nothing after 73!! That’s actually quite scary.

  58. I thought I had posted here but I don’t see it. Only 24 for Pluto though I think I deserve extra points since he is in my 1st, though not conjunct my Asc

  59. I’m surprised that Pluto got the highest of the 3 with 31 points. I don’t consider myself very Plutonian.

  60. I’m only a moderately high Plutonian, compared to some of the people above: if the opposition and square to Jupiter and Venus count (both a 9 degree orb) i’ve got a score of 35 (not counting Scorpio NN or POF), otherwise it’s 25.
    It’s still higher than i thought: i don’t perceive myself as one. I’m more of a closet Plutonian.

    But i also took the test to see how my mother would score and she has a score of 72 (75 if Chiron counts)!
    That just blows me away.

    • Nope, Maaike, you’re not a heavy-duty Plutonian. I wouldn’t count a 9 degree square or opposition. There are orbs listed on the post now–I added them in this morning. Donna

  61. Thanks. In that case i have to revise my score all together. it’s shrunken down to 15.

  62. My boyfriend gets a 69 for Pluto: I used your orbs.

    MC, Neptune and Moon in Scorpio
    Sun, Venus and Uranus conjunct Pluto
    Mercury, Sun, Venus, Pluto and Uranus in the 8th
    Pluto opp Saturn
    Pluto trine Asc
    Pluto sextile Neptune and Moon

    His info: September 18, 1966
    New York, NY
    3:33 pm

    • He’s one big time Plutonian! I’d imagine he has plenty of star quality too, with that Sun conjunction to Venus, Pluto, Uranus, and Mercury, all trining the Ascendant. See the articles about Venus-Uranus and Venus-Pluto aspects on this blog under relationship astrology. Donna

  63. Thank you, Donna,
    I have been watching you, lo, these many years,– since 1969 when I first began my studies.
    Your Dell column remains my main motivation for buying the magazine…along with Bill Meridian and a very few other regular contributors,–(despite the increasingly alarming TYPOS and dumbed down celebrity “teasers”).
    As a double Capricorn, (Sun in 12th conjunct Asc…moon in 12th conjunct Mercury in Sag)….I am sure you can understand why I am NOT trying to amp up my “score”…or win anything…and also why it has taken me, oh,…about 40 years to write you.
    With a Cardinal Grand Cross involving a stellium of Saturn, Mars, and Neptune (9th)…all angular squares to Uranus(Decending) and the Sun on the ACS,…well, you get the picture?….
    While scoring waaaayyy high for Saturn, Uranus, AND Pluto, I really have no desire to “win” anything….as I’m sure you can understand…
    I guess I’m the REAL 12th house contestant….”You didn’t see me…I wasn’t there”…!!!
    That’s my story…and I’m sticking to it….LOL……Berta

    • That’s okay, Berta, we know you’re here. Donna

      • Thanks for your pithy response, Donna.
        At first glance my chart may look intimidating, though I assure you there is no criminal background involved–only a very brief experimentation with the common hippie drugs of the ’60’s. Yes, I wanted to be a nun, –even tho I have been married 5 times (Uranus in 7th and Venus conjunct the Scorpio MC square Pluto in 8th, etc.)—3 of those before my 25th year! … Remember when we believed that one must MARRY every man we had “slept” with?? WHEW…! I learned that men CAN be beaten off with a stick, especially when one turns 40, gains a little weight, and goes a little grey. (My husband and I have been together, most happily, for 20 years now).
        My point is…for such a “challenging” chart my life has been slam-dunk easy…Born into a well-off family, voted “prettiest eyes” in my high school class AND “most outspoken”– they hated me!!–(SAG Mercury and Moon), started college at 16–see 9th house sextiles–, has never been a problem (2nd house node) –even when we lost our home to foreclosure–mainly because my “wants” are almost nil…I don’t covet anything…and never even get into the shower without marveling at the luxury of it…”Hot water, on demand…”? We’re living like royalty only could for the last 5,000 years!!!….Anyway….
        …as Pluto joins this configuration, from a lot of boomers I read and hear so much angst and trepidation…and it’s always about HOLDING ON…when it’s time to LET GO…so, if a Saturnian like myself, with Pluto moving over my 12th Sun, etc, can do it…so can they!
        My Saturn is off the charts but my horoscope has some weird blessings for this agnostic pagan…I’m sure you can see them…
        (12-27- 51…Toledo, Ohio, 8:18 am) …best, Berta
        P.S….Of course I’m wishing there was a “private reply” option…

      • Donna,
        As for the Plutonian scoring–based on my experience– why not include??… Nodes in the 2nd/8th…Chiron angular or conjunct moon, nodes, or inner planets, especially Moon/Saturn…and MOST Of ALL…a balsalmic/dark moon placement?
        The most potent placements I’ve seen in Plutonian charts have almost always included a dark or very close aspect to the new moon, –withstanding, and/or dispositiing, another conjunction…with a sextile or trine to Pluto… as you well know, those conjunctions will tell the story.
        Never forget the MOON…it’s phase, and/or aspect.
        Lilith moon, and proud of it….(well,…sort of)…Berta

      • As I’ve mentioned a number of times, this quickie test is a much-abreviated version of a longer and more detailed, mathematically demanding test that required an Excel spread sheet and probably a degree in accounting. My correspondence students tended to drop out when they reached that lesson. It is not intended to replace chart interpretation, only to alert people to the relative strength of various planet in the chart. Donna

  64. So late, here, but I’m a 31 like Donna :)!

    I like my Pluto-Sun conjunction.

  65. Hey this is very cool! I new i had a lot, but this just confirms it. I came up with 81 (4 planets in Scorp in my 8th house) and Pluto makes aspect to basically everything except my ascendant. I’ll have to go over and do the other ones a little later. Shouldn’t there be something if your 8th house is Scorpio? Maybe there is and i missed it. Anyway, thanks again.

    • You’re scoring the planets in the 8th and also planets in Scorpio, so it’s already double points for the combination. 81 is plenty! Donna

  66. Ha! Well I’ll be darned, born in 1967 with a Pluto (and Uranus) score of 40. If Chiron and others were involved, my score would be through the roof for both conjunct planets. Nice to meet my 1967-8 kin on this forum.

    With Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio, the affects for me are somewhat amplified. One thing with all of these Plutonian and Scorpionic affects is intensity…and positive energy can be extended, consciously, just as easily and intensely as negative. So let’s join together in putting out a lot of positive energy, and see what beautiful healing and magic we can drum up, fellow Plutonians! I believe that closer to the other side = closer to the Light, and this is a gift.

    As an aside, I bet there are a lot of Kundalini people among us.

    • Welcome! Yes, there are many Plutonians and many from the mid-60s among the Skywriter regulars…and as a result, the comment sections of articles here are often quite valuable exchanges and very worthwhile reading.

      The Raven is my totem, having adopted me when I moved to the Pacific Northwest after 25 years in NYC. I’m charme34d and bemused by the idea of a white one. Donna

      • Thanks for the welcome! As you know the Raven teaches many lessons about opposites, and not judging a book by its cover – there is light and many hidden gifts that come through the jet black raven. The white raven is a more overt symbol of this. I also feel the Raven reflects well my being a Libran/Air with Mercury in Scorpio.

        I didn’t mention in my post that I have experienced the affects of Pluto entering Capricorn and all the transits affecting us Plutonians in the last 2 years…it’s been rather like a Mercury retrograde period, but marked more by everything being harder than it should be to the extreme…I have long googled this. It’s really interesting to read posts from Inaness and others noting this born around the same time. It’s worth mentioning that being born late 1967, my natal Pluto has company (in 9th) from Uranus and Ceres (conjunct) and Venus, Jupiter and Pallas. When you said there was a cat’s cradle of outer planets then, you weren’t kidding! As a footnote, with all these in 9th, I’ve been travelling the whole time so far LOL!

      • Very interesting. And, yes, there certainly is an energy with Pluto in Cap squaring Saturn of cutting us no slack, push having finally come to shove. But I think our institutions and infrastructures have gotten that bad, that’s what’s going to be required. Have you visited the category on this blog called A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit? Donna

  67. 71
    When I first took this, I was sure I’d done it incorrectly because the score was so high. But Inaness’ score made me feel more at home ;-). I’m new to your site, but very interested in exploring it more; I always figured that I had Saturn issues going on, but Pluto seems to be the answer! Looking forward to chatting more as I look at this more closely.


    • 71? OH, yeah, you’re right at home here. We collectively have more Pluto points than some smaller cities–certainly more than my home town, Onawa, Iowa, which is why I don’t live there! There are a great many articles for you to read about Pluto on this site. Try the onsite search engine. Donna

  68. how do you do this it looks so complex. 😦

    • Ann, have you had your chart done?

  69. I’m coming late to this party, but find it fascinating. A Halloween ’62 baby – I score 27 Saturn, 42 Pluto, and 44 Uranus. Interesting that I’m a Scorpio, yet Uranus scored higher. Aquarius in the 6th house, Uranus natal 1st (yes that’s been fun). Transiting Saturn trine 0 degrees Natal Saturn in 6th. Pluto and Saturn transits hit several natal planets. I guess I should be in for quite a ride during this t-square. Just wanted to give you my scores, and thank you for the insights.

    • Welcome, Rhonda, glad you enjoyed the tests. There are a couple of articles on this site abut the Pluto-Uranus conjunction that started about the time you were born, and I really should put up another one. Donna

  70. I scored 44 so I’m sort of up there as well. Scorpio Moon and Neptune conj Desc both in 6th House, Sun in 8th with Sag cusp. I’m working the “heal yourself” route.

    Hopefully I’ll get well quick enough to go back to school for a Master’s in Transpersonal Studies and then a counselling degree. I want to work with people leaving the [I mean really deeply withdrawn from society] occult world to come back to an integrated world.

    I am THRILLED to have found your site! I’m about halfway through your Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life and have found it very useful.

  71. pretty cool test, i scored 53

    moon in scorpio, ascendant in scorpio, pluto in scorpio
    sun square pluto, moon conjunct pluto, pluto conjunct ascendant, pluto square midheaven, all aspects in tight orbs using the placidus system

    feb. 7 1991, 12:19am, quezon city, im pretty much very plutonian and an egomaniac

    • HI, Emily, that IS quite a score. Welcome, I doubt that I’ve ever had a subscriber from the Phillipines. Donna

  72. hi, this is an update to my score, i recounted the criteria and included minor aspects, which is not much but its a boost. im a 55, if i strictly conform to the criteria for the placidus house system, if i use the whole sign house system its 58 (plus mars in the 8th house). i love the whole sign house system cause there im a jupiter and midheaven in the 10th house in leo while in placidus im jupiter in the 9th in leo and midheaven in leo.

    pluto square sun at 2.56 orb
    pluto conjunct moon at 1.48 orb
    pluto conjunct ascendant at 0.32 orb
    pluto square midheaven at 0.37 orb
    pluto quintile mercury at 1.10 orb

    moon in scorpio
    ascendant in scorpio
    pluto in scorpio

    however, im just wondering if i can use the asteroids cause i want to boost my score. haha.

    im an eros and ceres in scorpio too,
    chiron trine pluto at 2 degree orb
    eros conjunct pluto at 3 degree orb

    how much should i assign to these if its valid? dont i get extra brownie points for my pluto aspecting planets moon,pluto and ascendant all in scorpio? haha. just trying.

    my favorite part is im a pluto conjunct moon conjunct eros conjunct ascendant, all in scorpio so it sort of makes me really charming/magnetic. haha, i know im an egomaniac and i like to yap and yap about how good i am and im really proud of being a plutonian, im attracted to a lot of things occult but my favorite is astrology and face reading, i even fit very well into the traditional scorpio rising look, deep set dark eyes, prominent cheekbones, thick, wiry black hair, thick angled eyebrows, tanned skin, short-medium height, full body but not im not fat (breasts/butt) and of course that magnetic aura. sometimes when im in my high and mighty mood, when i walk into a room, i feel like my aura fills up the place and people part like the red sea.

    my birth details are feb. 7 1991, 12:19am, quezon city, philippines. im a sun/mercury in aquarius, moon/ascendant/pluto in scorpio, saturn/neptune/uranus in capricorn, venus in pisces, mars in gemini, jupiter/midheaven in leo.

    • Emily,
      Wow! You are one hunkin’ powerhouse of a woman! I’m many years older so will share that I wish I had known the power of my Leo Pluto/Leo Moon in Leo 8th house conjunction when I was much, much younger. There is definitely a magnetic aura, a feminine sex goddess power that conjunction brought me! When in my early thirties, an astrologer advised me, based on that Pluto/Moon conjunction, that I was sort of a, ahem, (as she put it) “femme fatale”. Well, I’ve certainly never lacked for male attention, that’s for sure!
      Now, I don’t have the Pluto conjunct ascendent power your chart gives you either, so I can only imagine the powerful aura you must project!
      It’s good that you’re aware of your charisma and power which gives you the ability to consciously use that power for good and to manifest pretty much anything for your own and others’ higher good!
      I would think you’d need to watch out for lower Plutonian types or unsavory individuals attracted to your power, but I’m just guessing. And I would encourage you to use that magnetism to attract an equally powerful mate who will enhance your life and well-being for the positive.
      Also, curious: How are your relationships with women?
      What house is your Saturn/Neptune/Uranus conjunction in?

      • wow Kelly, you do reply a lot here. and youre quite plutonian yourself. well, im quite attractive inside and out, asian-hispanic looks but the real boon is my personality and the aura. on the inside, im very ambitious,domineering,egoistic, sort of dictatorial, probably the pluto square midheaven or/and sun square pluto. im too hard on myself. but i can deal with that. what drives me really bananas is the stupid moon conjunct pluto. i have terrible mood swings, like id feel fine, then feel really bad for no apparent reason. intense emotions make me feel go crazy on the inside especially i dont have much outlet for it, i keep it bottled up. thats probably why i do crazy things (sex and manipulation, pretty common place, but if you put in my context, its pretty twisted, i dont want to elaborate cause its kinda embarassing. sometimes when i get drunk, i cry or i get mad cause i feel bad about it, but normally i just repress my feelings. i know im pragmatic and il do what i have to do but sometimes i feel bad about being so pragmatic that i do stuff i dont like because i feel i have to, though i know i really dont have to. but to me, i have to cause i expect too much from myself. haha. oh well, i just have to suck it up) by the way, i dont like boys, im into girls. although i do know im very attractive to men. its too easy for me to get men, especially im not interested in them so i can be pretty objective. while with girls, they make me feel crazy. obviously, im very obsessive when it comes to love. besides the scorpio stuff, im a venus in pisces, and i got a loose venus trine pluto. so when it comes to girls, im whipped big time. my personality is sort of masculine (domineering thing), however, my body is very feminine (curves in all the right places), my face a combination of both, masculine eyes/feminine lips. hmm, as for the mate thing, i check their charts first, im torn between someone with a venus in cancer or scorpio. i know it will be awesome cause their venus will aspect my moon, pluto and ascendant instantly. by the way, can you post your aspects? i scanned the thread and i didnt think i saw it.

  73. Love your writing. I’ve followed your columns for decades in magazines. I used your Uranian quiz some time ago myself. I was writing a tribute to Lena Horne on my blog and could see clearly she was so Plutonian. So I took the quiz for her, and she scored 39 pts. Thanks for all you do, Judy J.

    • Ah, now that’s an interesting way to use the quiz–figure out more about these iconic figures. Donna

  74. I feel like a kid in a candy store reading this blog!
    For a piscis with libra moon and virgo rising I scored 37, just like my dad with 5 planets in scorpio, 4 of them in the 12th. He’d have had a laugh!

    • Sabrina, How do you think Uranus in Pisces transiting your 7th house opposing your first impacted your life over the past years of its Pisces transit? What do you think of Uranus hitting your eighth now, which will be opposed by Saturn transiting your second in Libra? Do you have any natal planets in the eighth or in your second?

      • Also, Sabrina, how have you experienced the Saturn transit of your first in Virgo the past couple years?

        Hope I don’t sound nosy! Just very interested.

      • Hi Kelli, I just saw your post.
        Actually uranus recently entered my 7th, and it’s being interesting (I’m thankful my husband and I have strong points in aquarius!) we need more space to ‘do our thing’ but we’ve grown together in other areas: i.e he’s more open to astrology now. I’ve being meeting creative and interesting people that bring lots of fresh air and growth. His work is more and more related to science and technology.
        I’ve felt saturn most of the time! but especially this year.

        Have you had similar transits?

  75. Hmmmm…..last time I check this page, I got a 41. I have mercury/moon conjunct in taurus opposite pluto in scorpio…..

    I’m also a Taurus with Saturn in Scorpio.

    • How’s that Saturn in Scorpio working for you LaKeshia? I’ve got that too…and in my tenth house conjunct Neptune in Libra….

      It’s funny. I became interested in astrology at age 11, and have had my chart “done”, read, etc. off and on over many years – also have a lot of astrology books and do a lot of astrology reading, but it’s only in the past five years or so that I’ve begun to see or realize how loaded my chart is and how difficult. Oh, I’ve had a very interesting life, to say the least, with many challenges but only now seeming to comprehend the extent of effect of so many of the aspects, placements, and transits in my chart.

      I have been almost obsessed, well – cross out “almost” – I’ve become increasingly obsessed with the Pluto aspects to my chart over the past twelve years, as well as with others, such as Saturn transiting my eighth thus conjuncting my natal Pluto/Moon conjunction. That aspect, thank the gods, is passed with Saturn in Virgo, moving into Libra. But Libra rules my tenth house, so it will next be hitting my Libra Neptune/Saturn Scorpio conjunction in the tenth opposed by Uranus transiting my 4th house ruled by Aries. I’m less concerned about that than I am about Pluto transiting my intercepted Capricorn 1st house, thus conjuncting my natal Mars in Capricorn Rx and opposing my natal Venus, Uranus, Mercury, and Jupiter in Cancer in my intercepted 7th house ruled by Cancer.

      I’ve been real worried about Mars in Leo transiting my 8th house ruled by Leo and hitting that natal Leo Pluto/Leo Moon conjunction of mine also. Does anyone know for sure if Mars has moved on to transit Virgo now and will it still effect that eight house Pluto/Moon of mine for a while? Just seems very intense to have Mars hitting Pluto (and Moon) by transit and Pluto hitting Mars by transit and I was frankly terrified. Somehow I had the date May 10th to watch out for and, believe me, I did not leave the house that week. But I was fearful that it wouldn’t matter if I left the house or not, because either way, something could happen while I was in the house, or somewhere else, know what I mean?

      I’ve heard lots of clients are worried about the current transits. Well, I sure am! How do others, especially Plutonians, handle this fear?

  76. Hi, my name is Kelly and I’m a Plutonian…and the only reason I just admitted it is because all of you are as “f”ed up as me! lol So that helps a lot….

    Pluto score is 56 but didn’t do any of the semi/quintile/sex-tile (hehe) aspects so I could be higher. NOT volunteering though!

    Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone though hell if I really care!

    • P.S. Meant to be funny here, folks! If I couldn’t laugh, I’d cry…

  77. hi donna,i was born in 22nd july 1986 i have my chart at astrodienist so u will be able to see it i scored 43 in pluto test,and pluto is in my midheaven ,square to my sun,mercury and ascendant,i am having career problems,any advise for that?

    • There are many articles on Skywriter about the Pluto-Saturn square and other transits, as well as about careers and astrology. Have a look at the index in the new post about the download of articles on this site. Donna

  78. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for this quickie quiz. I do have your book and it helps.
    I scored someplace between 47 (no Chiron) and 52 (with Chiron opposition)

  79. I had no idea I would take a test today! Did not know about the other tests either until today.
    Born in 52 I scored 50 on the Uranus test.
    33 for Saturn.
    24 for Pluto, and
    20 for Neptune.
    Uranus and Saturn are involved in a Grand Cardinal cross involving the Sun and all of the Cardinal points.
    For the high score I would say Uranus is the dormant rocket booster when Saturn gets bogged down.
    Thanks Donna!

    • Glad you enjoyed, John. I’m familiar with your generation, lots of cardinal squares, but crosses, not so much. Donna

  80. 35 I just wrote this is reponse to how Lilith conj Neptune opp Mars was doing me. I have Athene conj Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio conj Lilith. Scorpio MidH and Grand fire trine between Mars , Venus, Pluto and a few minor things.

    aaahh. It’s ( The current Neptune/ Lilith conj) Squares my 28 Scorpio MidHeaven. Did I tell you the whole politic of Philadelphia wants me ‘gone” because I’ve been discovering all kinds of corruption. Corruption that goes all the way to the District Attorney himself. It started with the illegally digging up of illegally dumped chemicals near my house and went downhill from there. My witchy psychic detective self followed the trail into hell. They are so used to being corrupt and getting away with it – that I found out a lot more than just toxic chemicals. Their last ploy to shut me up was to try to get me committed- not kidding- political abuse of psychaitry. I didn’t fall for it. My therapist laughed and then said they must have pulled strings to get me into that system. I feel like I’m in the movie “The Changling.” Just wrote to another lawyer and been making contact with the Feds and want to turn it over to them. I just wanna get out of here and go back home to California. I’m sick from the toxic exposure and don’t eaxctly feel safe.

    • Oh my. The corporate world is such a slime pit any more, and these chemicals are going to really reach an unfixable level while Pluto is in Capricorn…well, the combination of Pluto in Cap is really about corporate corruption coming to a head and being outed. You are brave, and maybe not so safe. There’s a blog where you might find some kindred spirits who are struggling with the effects of toxins. Look for Vardo for Two and a woman named Mokihanna. Donna

  81. *sigh* I read and follow directions. I read and follow directions. I read and follow directions. *repeating 47 more times*

    Ok, using the correct orbs (blush), I score 31 here and not 44.

    Redoing all the outer planet tests to see how badly I messed all them up too! XD

    • Hi, Parin, oh, it’s complicated stuff and people seem to create their own rules (and, between you and me, I think some of the scores are a tad exaggerated). A score is just a number, and the important thing is, if it talks like a Plutonian, if it walks like a Plutonian, if it thinks like a Plutonian, and if it wants to be a Plutonian, then by gosh it IS a Plutonian. Donna

      PS You shoulda seen the original test it was based on. Excel spread sheets for pity sake!

  82. Okay, I re-did it according to your allowed orbs. I believe I did it correctly, using the numbers that are in each box in my natal chart? At 9, I couldn’t use my Mars/Pluto conjunction, darn! lol. I know, Astro uses wide orbs. Anyway, If I did it correctly I have actually 74, not 81 as I originally posted.
    And I promise I didn’t count anything twice!

  83. Oops I lied, I did count one twice, and an aspect to the NN which you haven’t mentioned so I’m guessing it doesn’t count. Redone my score is 70.

  84. Does Pluto conjunct Lilith count?? just wondering

    • Nope. Nor do any of the other hundreds of miscellaneous bodies in the solar system. Donna

  85. ok thank you

    then my score is 54 using all the orbs you suggested.. 🙂

  86. Thank you for connecting with us Donna! I’ve always had the feeling of wanting to be part of a collective movement to bring about important changes in society, it feels like my whole life has been leading up to this. By the way, I’m 45, an Aries and my score was 48 for Pluto, 36 for Uranus and 28 for Saturn. I’ve been living outside the U.S for over 20 years. My chosen life path has been so different from everyone else. All I can think sometimes is why did I have to make everything so hard on myself! I found an explanation for that today and a renewed sense of faith in myself.

    • Hi, Patti, welcome. For many Plutonian issues, I’ve found the flower essences (aka flower remedies) to be a great adjunct to our healing work. There are a number of articles in the category “Healing Tools,” but one that really pertains to what you’re saying is the Bach Flower Remedy, Rock Water, for people who are too hard on themselves in many ways. Donna

  87. Just found out about the Pluto test so took it today and scored a 37. Yes, pretty strong indeed.
    Thank you for yet another interesting experiment.

  88. I scored an 80.

  89. Yowzers, have you seen actor Bruce Lee’s chart? He scores 69 but that does not come close to giving points for the t-square of 4 personal planets in Scorpio opp Saturn-Jupiter, square Pluto in 8th.

    It’s hard to imagine what his world must have felt like – what power! No wonder that was controversy and mystery over his death.

    27 Nov 1940, 07:12 (15.12) San Fran

  90. vesta in scorpio and ceres in 8th house how much counts?and i have pluto trine MC but the orb si +6.13 does that count?without all this my score is 36.

    • The only one of the bajillion asteroids I count is Chiron. I’d count the Pluto trine to the midheaven. Donna

      • that give’s me a total of 46, pretty plutonian and with my sun and moon in pisces gives me intense feelings.

  91. I scored a 68.
    Pluto in 1st House of Scorpio (5), Scorpio Asc (5) Mars in Scorpio (3)
    Conjunct Scorpio Mars(5)
    Conjunct Scorpio Asc(10)
    Square Leo MC(10)
    Square Jupiter(5)
    Trine Pisces Moon (10)
    Opposed Taurus North Node (5) (not sure if this counts, if not I scored a 63)
    Biquincunx Gemini Chiron (2)
    Sextile Capricorn Neptune (2)
    Semisquare Sagittarius Uranus (2)
    Semisextile Sagittarius Saturn (2)
    Semisextile Sagittarius Mercury (2)

    I’ve had an interesting life so far. Lots of death and transformation. Many hard lessons learned at a young age, too. My parents threw me in therapy as a kid, most therapists thought I was a psychopath that would only grow up to be a serial killer. Do most Plutonian people have trouble expressing outwards emotion? I just thought that no one really understood my intensity and interest in death and the occult. Glad there are people out there like myself. I’m probably one of the most stoic Sagittarians out there. 🙂 Wish I knew more people with strong Plutos. Seems strange that most of my friends are Geminis, Librans and Aquarians, all air signs, that are all bubbly, talktative and eccentric.

    Thanks for posting this Donna!

  92. Late to the party, but very plutonian:

    Total = 59

    Pluto conjunct moon = 10
    Pluto square sun = 10
    Pluto square merc, jup, trine saturn, sextile neptune = 20
    Pluto biquintile AC = 2
    MC in Scorpio = 5
    Mars and Neptune in Scorpio = 6
    Mars and Neptune in 8th house = 6

    Loved your description of a plutonian; I’ve been all those things, but now I’m focused on healing myself in all ways and helping to heal others within my circle.

    I have your book Healing Pluto Problems; should probably reread it!!

    • LOL! You think? Donna

    • In redoing the scoring to stay in ‘orb bounds,’ I realized that I miscounted the sextile (think this was the first test I took and didn’t realize it was considered a minor).

      Anyway, new total is 56 … still pretty high:)

      So my recalculated totals are as follows:

      Sun = 58, Moon = 45, Mercury = 50, Mars = 35, Saturn = 48, Uranus = 33, Neptune = 19, Pluto = 56 and Chiron = 59. (So I’m not a PUNC, but a PC … LOL)

      If I had to guess before doing these tests, I would have said Mars, Pluto and Saturn dominated my chart. In reality, Chiron, (who I was paying no attention to at all before finding your blog and these tests), ranks the highest, followed by the Sun, Pluto, Mercury and my feared Saturn coming in 5th.

      Looks like we only have Venus and Jupiter to go; my Venus sadly will come in low and Jupiter will probably be low 40’s.

      These tests have really been eye opening and educational Donna; I’ve learned so much from your (and others’) comments!! Thank you very much 🙂

  93. Hi Donna,
    Quickly for now. Please add a Retweet / Facebook Like Plugin so I can quickly inform readers of your great work.
    Jucy, the Plutonian… 🙂

    • Hi, Jucy, thanks for the thought, but I don’t belong to Facebook and don’t know how to do that. Pass the word along however you can, though. Donna

  94. Oh and I scored 66… <— Oops, quite the Plutonian number… *meeps* 🙂 I'm a psychic for a living, natural depth psychologist and plan to get a formal degree in psychology. 🙂

  95. ___0_ Pluto conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.
    __0__ Pluto conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.
    _12___ Pluto in minor aspect (sextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate) to the Sun, Moon, or other planets, 2 points each.
    __5__ Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Scorpio, 5 points each.
    __0__BONUS POINTS: Pluto in Scorpio or the 8th, Scorpio on the cusp of the 8th, 5 points each
    __9__ Other planets in Scorpio, 3 points each.
    __0__ Sun or Moon in the 8th house, 5 points each.
    __0__ Other 8th house planets, 3 points each.

    T=26 More than 25? Very strong indeed!

    My Pluto is a singleton in libra.
    Would that have an influence on the points?

    Plutonians can have a natural gift for psychology, the healing arts, and understanding what makes people tick.

    (I’m working on it)…..

    At the evolved level, the expressions can include transforming, healing, and empowering themselves and people and conditions they care about.

    • “My Pluto is a singleton in libra.” No, I can’t see how it would. Donna

      • Ok. Thank you! =-D

      • No, I understand, I was just curious, that’s all. 80]

        Thank you very much for taking the time to explain. 80]

    • Do mutual receptions involving Pluto count?

      Like a Mercury-Pluto mutual reception?

      • There are tons of ways a planet can be strengthened. I’ve just hit the main ones to keep the test as simple as possible and to have some sort of standard way of reporting the scores. Donna

  96. Scored 69!
    I knew that I am a Plutonian, but now that I read about it I understand many things about my behaviour that don’t fit the Gemini stereotype (Gemini Sun/Mercury). The more I read, the more I understand!
    Thanks for that!!

    P conjunct AC < 2 degrees
    P square Sun < 1 deg.
    P trine Moon < 1 deg.
    P square MC < 3 deg.
    P conj. Jupiter < 4 deg.
    P conj. Uranus < 7
    Venus in the 8th
    Saturn in the 8th
    Neptune in Scorpio.

  97. Alright, this is all very confusing. I’m too weak in math (or lazy, as the case may be) to mess around with any minor aspects besides sextiles and quincunxes, but there are several scores that are so high, I’m not sure who I am anymore!

    My mercury is a 48, saturn at 45, uranus at 39, and neptune at 39. Surprisingly, my moon was only a 19 and pluto just a weenie 13. So I’m a brainiac half-outer planet person? With the weak pluto and moon, you’d think I’d be a chattering superficial emotionless loon. What is going on here?

    I don’t see a sun/jupiter/venus/chiron, which is probably good since I don’t need any more rival planet-‘tudes. Yikes.

  98. Pluto
    sesq Sun
    sq Venus
    opp Mars
    semisquare Uranus
    sextile Neptune

    Pluto in Scorpio in 8th house

    pluto involved in a t-square with venus and mars.

    Total: 31

    Not very high but people who know me do say I’m vindictive and manipulative. I thought it might be due to my third decan Pisces rising?
    I’m attracted to men with lots of pluto influence though.

    • btw, my current interest has a score of 52 (he did give me his birthtime). kinda scary but intriguing to me 😀

      • Roxcerise ~ manipulative and vindictive sounds like lower octave of Pluto in Scorpio, and then add in the 8th house on top of it. And with it squaring / opposing your Venus and Mars (the two love planets), it’s not surprising you’re attracting Plutonian types.

        My best wishes in getting to the ‘dove’ level of pluto (others call the eagle): At the evolved level, the expressions can include transforming, healing, and empowering themselves and people and conditions they care about. Plutonians can have a natural gift for psychology, the healing arts, and understanding what makes people tick.

        This would be particularly true for you … the psychology, healing, understanding what makes people tick with it in your 8th house.

        Pisces rising would show you as compassionate and empathetic to others and even merging easily with others. Much more gentle and dreamy than manipulative and vindictive.

  99. i got 52 ! OMG

  100. sorry not 52 its 72 score

    does ascendant trine to sun count
    im a scorpio asc

    • No, the trine doesn’t count, but it’s quite an impressive score nonetheless. You’d go into the Plutonian Hall of Fame. Donna

  101. nope 76 ! correct score
    so much l0l

  102. I thought I get more points, but I only have 15. I think I’m more Plutonian than that:
    I have:
    -Pluto trine sun – orb almost 9 degrees
    -Moon in scorpio conjunct by 9 degrees pluto in scorpio
    And that not counts, same with almost 8 degrees square to Saturn

  103. 56…dang!

  104. I believe im a 50 to a 54. I have a Leo sun and scorpio rising toddler crawling on me so excuse my horrible math skills 🙂
    Pluto conjunct sun, mercury and saturn
    Pluto square ascendent
    Pluto in Libra ( 29. 27′. 1″ might as well be in scorpio, sun too!)
    Pluto sextile neptune
    Pluto opposite Juno
    Lilith in the 8th House.
    i always said that if it wasnt for my Sun and Pluto at the butt end of Libra (about 12 hours away from Scorpio) then I would probably spontaniously combust. Instead i’m just passionately and intensely indecisive!. Lol.

  105. Oh and my hubby has
    Sun, mercury, venus, uranus and mars in Scorpio ( 10th house : He works like the devil!) . Saturn, Moon and true node in the 8th ( virgo)
    He does not have many Pluto aspects except Pluto square ascendent, like me. Shoot, he doesnt need many aspects with his chart. He is definately a pluto!

  106. I scored 59.

    Pluto is currently conjunct my midheaven…oy! As I said in a helpful conversation with my coach today, there’s a bomb that needs to be detonated, which he, thankfully, helped me to do. Just so I don’t do it in front of my current boss and get catapulted to the next chapter. I’ve done that in past, less conscious encounters with Plutonian transformations.

    How’s this for ‘Transformations-R-Us’? I’m legally changing my name…in November this name, Grace, will become my new name. Have changed first, middle, and last. Took me a year to agonize over it.

    Oh, and did I mention it’s also my Chiron return? Nothing like having all kinds of muck to clear out. Fun, fun, fun…sigh…

    Thanks for the quiz and the comments. Sometimes I feel like such a freak with all this Plutonian stuff. Just always transforming somehow, feeling all this internal change, peeking at my life around me and seeing things don’t match anymore. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all!

  107. Ooo I got 42 on this one.

    Will use that energy out on the Bike tomorrow. LOL

  108. score of 61!

  109. Dear Donna,
    I just wanted you to know

    I bought your Book Healing PLuto Problems back in the 90’s I liked it very much.

    I was in Portland Oregon back in 94 and bought your Book about Moon Signs there.

    To this day, I admire your work tremendously.


    Peter (Wales UK)

  110. Scored 50…yeah I could come off intense , threatening and obsessive . Been told I’m a Semi Truck trying to ACT like a Volkswagen. People sense my power and some are intimidated but others like it. Some seek me out…. others avoid. One Pluto author said Pluto in the 10th house means; in the most immediate past life one was the opposite sex. This is true for me. I remember WWII, what I did and how I died. Now I’m female but still had some duties to perform for culture that are usually the calling for male warriors. I have done them. Now I am a contented Grand Mother. Its been harder to be a Woman than a Man.

  111. Re done and according to your specs we are at 52. But if I count the 4 major Asteroids/ 2 of which are in Scorpio . Ceres squares Pluto from the 2nd house which could help account for my starvation childhood experiences.This would bring the score to 61.

    Sorry for being a bothersome retro- mercury person; but I am taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity to spotlight the power of the planets. Its good to pay attention to the details …so thanks! I am impressed by your dedication to Astrology and this amazing web site!

  112. HI, Donna,
    Is this ever neat. Recently I’ve been exploring more deeply my Plutonian self, so this was helpful. My score is not that high, 46, but I struggle so with Plutonian stuff. It seems something is always being “transformed”. Guess the fact that Pluto conjoined my stellium in Scorpio a little over 20 yrs. ago and everything went to “hell”, you might say. I survived but am just now feeling brave enough to have a second look at what actually happened. (Pluto passing over my stellium coincided with my Uranus oppostion to my Sun. which resulted in a profoundly difficult Kundalini experience. I’ve only studied astrology since 2006, so 20 yrs ago I had no idea what was happening to me. I understand a lot more now and it really helps. I guess you’d say I’m an astrology “convert” because for me it points endlessly to the divine.

    Anyway, here’s my “data”:

    Sun conj. Merc. conj. Chiron + S. Node, all in Scorpio.
    Pluto conj. Mars conj. Saturn, all sq. Sun in Scorpio
    N. Node in 8th House

    Thanks for your generous site! It’s so gracious.

    Best to you,


  113. I am a little Plutonion. But I know what it means to be Plutonion, as I have recently been an innocent victim of a pure Plutonion and her spite, battle for control, resentment and a lot more. It could have been anybody, but it was me. Just my luck.

  114. Hi I was born sep/2/1954 in Amityville, NY (no joke!) @ 3:14:45 PM (mars rectified). I scored 43 on your pluto strength rating system.As to how close it comes? Well I can give some time and space event oriented discourse on the subject and leave it to you to interpret. I am too close to the mirror to focus on the face, even more so in that I am far sighted (Sag rising).

    I was drawn to tarot and astrology at an early age and studied from cover to cover Nicolas Devore’s Encyclopedia by the time I was 15. I had the same Rider/Waite deck and book for decades before they disintegrated (I still have the Devore). I also absorbed some books on witchcraft and freemasonry but they seemed like the bullies of the pack. My parents had a mail order occult bookstore where I pilfered the books from.

    I was a solitary child and these were the perches from which I studied and interpreted the passing world like a crow or starling. I was after a way to definitively and neatly regarding reality thereby mitigating or dodging any number of surprise attacks, heartaches and above all to understand the mystery I was unto myself. I grew out of the desire to wrap everything into neat packages of predictability as it did not work well and I was after effective means after all
    . I wandered through in my 20s rather than strode, engaging in a lot of casual sex with strangers and near strangers and friends and told people, when they asked me what I wanted to become, that I just wanted them to mail me the check and leave me be.

    I did many “readings” on request for people back then. astrology was one of the tools in my tool chest but I also just saw things just by being near or on the phone even with the person involved. I scared people with the things I said and learned that it did them no good to hear them and so shut up for awhile and came to realization by not talking that the “future” was amorphous and malleable. This was liberating and freed me to explore things with a greater sense of wonder and less of dread. I reached 28 and went to Art college.

    I also audited (snuck into) Anthro classes at Harvard and bought all the anthro 2nd hand texts I could find in the square. My interest in these was still an attempt to understand myself as they discussed shamanism and trance which I had 1st hand and innate experience with and wanted, thereby, to understand myself better. That led me to Jungian psychology. I learned and used creative visualization to great result and moved to NYC as an experimental filmmaker.

    It was around then that I began to slip into what the doc later called fugue (and other) states and I took abrupt dives into hades (the details of which I can give you if you really want them privately). I went into Reichian therapy which was the the single most constructive thing I ever did for myself and learned how to talk to people without causing them any unease or stress. I learned to enjoy people and the messages I receive now from non corporeal sources are clear, helpful, loving and bright. I reached 40 able to maintain a loving and lasting relation with another person and with people in general. Shifting between activities, people and interest is smooth now and the underlying terror and fear that haunted my childhood years has moved on to other environs and no longer belongs to me.

    I have still non corporeal friends too that have been with me since those teen years who also help me to avoid the pitfalls of isolation and share hours of solitude with me in wordless blissful. I reached my 50s in strength and the firm conviction that, as Abraham-Hicks says, “you can’t get it wrong, and you never get it done”. aloha, Uhane

  115. Thanks for all the posts! I took all the tests and scored over 25 points in everyone of them. 35 points for Pluto which is the lowest. It’d be great to know what being a Mercurian/Saturnian/Neptunian/Plutonian means. 😉
    I’m glad I found this blog! 🙂

  116. I am a Capricorn. I got a 31 on the pluto test. I have only a jupiter in 8th house, but my pluto aspects my sun(square orb<1), moon, mars(square orb 50 on the uranus test …. so weired!

  117. My scores from your quizzes:
    Mercury 52
    Pluto 51
    Moon 35
    Saturn 28
    Nep 25
    And poor ole Uranus was only 19
    Where is Mars and Venus?

    I am an late April 1968 baby who has been introduced by colleagues to others as a “Force of Nature”. Given that I rarely step down in a show down, but instead stay very calm but forceful, I figured that I had a lot of Pluto.

    Thanks for the quizzes.

  118. I have only just come across this Pluto test and have to say that i was surprised by my score – 35. I always thought i was more Uranian…right i’m off to check.

    Thanks Donna for an interesting exercise!

  119. Total score : 68 or 76

    opposite MC (10)
    square moon(10)
    conjunction IC (10)
    conjunction mercury (5)
    conjunction mars (5)
    square saturn (5)
    sextile neptune (2)
    sextile uranus (2)
    pluto in scorpio(5)
    sun in scorpio (5)
    IC in scorpio (5) Would that count?
    mercury in scorpio (3)
    mars in scorpio (3)
    proserpina in scorpio (3) Would that count?
    lilith in 8th house (3)

    Thank you for such an useful article and great great book (Healing Pluto Problems), which I cannot finish to read. This book will really help in my personal transformations.

  120. A score of 30… so midrange plutonian, I guess… 😉

  121. would you give points for Pluto conjunct the IC and square Descendant?

    • A conjunction to the IC counts as an opposition to the Midheaven, just as a conjunction to the Descendant counts as an opposition to the Ascendant. Donna

  122. I get it now, thank you.

  123. “Here are the orbs I use for aspects: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin system, that is 10°.”

    At the risk of sounding like a complete moron, did you just post that to tell us what you consider aspects? Or do we abide by that criteria while “sorting” our Pluto aspects? I scored a 45, but now I’m not even sure.

    Sun (Virgo), Mercury (Virgo), Venus (Leo) & Jupiter (Virgo) = 8th House
    Moon (Scorpio) & Pluto (Scorpio) = 10th House

    Sun Sextile Pluto = Orb -1°22′
    Moon Conjunct Pluto = Orb +3°51′
    Venus Square Pluto = Orb -2°51′
    Saturn Quintile Pluto = Orb +0°27′
    Neptune Sextile Pluto = Orb -4°06′
    Pluto SemiSquare AS = Orb -0°48′

    Feedback would be appreciated.

    • I posted it so people would know the standard orbs for aspects used in scoring the tests. Donna

  124. A light has gone off after reading and scoring my Pluto. Yesterday I set out to find my power planet and it was Pluto. Today I scored a 46 on this site. I called my friend who is an astrologer to talk about this. She never told me about my plutonian problem.
    Oh and it has been. Now it looks like I have some work to do.
    Looked up my sons power planet and it looks like his is Pluto also. Darn.
    I feel a sense of responsibility for that.
    I also have major planets in 12th house.
    My inability to express my true feelings have sometimes lead me to get really angry.
    And turn it inward. Mars in 12 has a hand in that.
    Pluto in 6th would make my health crap?
    Virgo would make me fanatical about said health?
    Just a novice.
    But I am a true isolator in every sense of the word. When I come out of it and into a relationship . Heaven help the poor soul that has to take me on. I feel they should make up for my lack of human connection big time. And if I trust them they has better not mess that up.
    I hope and pray my sun in Aries in the 1st house helps me a tiny bit. But I sometimes think it just confuses people who like that side of me and then the plutonian thing just confounds them.I attract them with my sun and repeal them with my strong Pluto.
    My need for space and lack of trust has been a life long problem. As far as one on one relationships.
    I look forward to reading your book.
    Old habits die hard.

  125. Hi Donna,

    Extremely useful and eye opening information to say the least. I scored a 40 . well appears decent. doesnt it? my birth chart is down here

    Planets & Houses

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Aquarius 16.06 Ascendant Pisces 26.28
    Moon Cancer 4.27 II house Taurus 4.51
    Mercury Aquarius 7.10 R III house Gemini 3.41
    Venus Capricorn 24.01 R IV house Gemini 27.45
    Mars Libra 17.48 V house Cancer 21.31
    Jupiter Scorpio 9.46 VI house Leo 19.22
    Saturn Libra 22.14 R VII house Virgo 26.28
    Uranus Sagittarius 4.09 VIII house Scorpio 4.51
    Neptune Sagittarius 26.19 IX house Sagittarius 3.41
    Pluto Libra 26.55 R Midheaven Sagittarius 27.45
    Lilith Sagittarius 14.51 XI house Capricorn 21.31
    Asc node Cancer 22.26 XII house Aquarius 19.22


    Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value
    Sun Conjunction Mercury 8.56 53
    Sun Trine Mars 1.42 62
    Sun Trine Saturn 6.07 30
    Moon Trine Jupiter 5.19 70
    Moon Opposition Neptune 8.08 -32
    Moon Trine Pluto 7.31 9
    Moon Opposition Midheaven 6.42 -69
    Mercury Square Jupiter 2.36 -74
    Mercury Sextile Uranus 3.00 55
    Venus Square Saturn 1.48 -100
    Venus Square Pluto 2.54 -41
    Venus Sextile Ascendant 2.26 55
    Mars Conjunction Saturn 4.26 61
    Mars Conjunction Pluto 9.08 17
    Saturn Conjunction Pluto 4.42 138
    Uranus Trine Ascendant 7.41 1
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 0.36 51
    Neptune Square Ascendant 0.09 -20
    Neptune Conjunction Midheaven 1.26 68
    Pluto Sextile Midheaven 0.50 16

    Also jupiter is in scorpio in the eigth house and the presence of scorpio in the eight thouse kind of bothers me. is it really bad? Basically I find myself to be quite determined, probing and extremely investigative about things that are tick my antenna off. I usually try to see what is hidden behind the calm and joyous exterior people project and sometimes even analyse them using astrology and sometimes even numerology. I always feel that nothing is what it appears to be and by nature suspicious and cynical. At the same time I dont forget slights and past hurts very easily. I am also quite introverted and prefer staying alone than with peopleAre these the repercussions of the strong pluto aspect in my chart?

    Some insights about this chart would be really appreciated Donna.. Thank you and have a great day 🙂

    (NB:I will take the other tests and post my score here soon.)

  126. Hi Donna,

    My other scores are as follows

    Mercury -17

    So what am I finallY? I feel that the moon score is a bit blown outta proportion lols..

    Your valuable insights would be dely valued Donna 🙂

    Awaiting your inputs

    Kindly yours,

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the tests, Pearlson. My regular readers know that I am completely retired from doing charts and do not intepret readers’ charts on this blog. Donna

  127. I am sorry about that Donna. I wasnt aware of that. I just wanted to know which planet dominates my chart to a great extent probably on a normalised basis. That planet which predominantly shows up on how I relate to the world outside.Thats all. Cos I am quite confused about that.Hope its not a trouble. Thank you very much

    Kindly Yours,

  128. In my chart Pluto in Virgo is in the 12th house,part of a grand trine with Mars in Taurus inthe 8th and Jupiter out-of-sign in Sagittarius in the 4th.It also sextiles my Sun/Venus conjunction in the 10th. It sextiles Neptune and opposes Chiron. I think there is added intensity with Pluto operating out of the 12th house–

  129. Like someone said here, I too am late to the party but I took the test(s) and was a little surprised with a Plutonian score of 59. I understand a comment a friend made in high school – “people are afraid of you.” With an Aquarius ascendant and Uranus “casting rays” from my sixth house I thought of myself as more Uranian than Plutonian. So, I took that test and again was a little surprised with a score of 49 on the Uranian test. Heh – quirky and intense. What a combo 🙂

  130. Hi Donna,

    I didn’t look too much at the minor aspects, but my score was a 41. Much of my Pluto relations are with mars and sun (both squares, and both in my 8th house). So, obviously my sun and mars are conjunct. Pluto is in my 5th house. I also have a pluto trine ascendant (fire), which I guess is a good trait.

    I feel I have definitely felt pluto in my life (kind of repetitive there huh). However, I have no Scorpio in my chart. I was wondering just how much of a scorpion aspect you would have to your chart, life or personality with a strong pluto, but no scorpio. Or perhaps vice*versa even. Would you say there is or isn’t a scorpio energy evident? Only curious. Otherwise, how useful do think the above may be, and/or how so, (whadda ya think, more plainly)? Thanks.

    PS: Both of my grandmothers were named Donna… oh, uh– oops! That isn’t a crack about your age or anything. Thnx…

    • To me, the planet is always stronger than the sign, whatever the planet, but especially Pluto/Scorpio and especially when the Sun, Moon or Ascendant is involved. So your square from Pluto to the Sun counts high. When people guess your Sun Sign, do they sometimes guess you as Scorpio? Donna

  131. Another thing. My Moon and Pluto are in fact Quincunx, but i do not know how to interpret that. For some reason my personal planets are very close together in degrees, making for a lot of Pluto aspects too. I am unsure about the Scorpio. The following is mostly an assessment of myself that I think might be found in Scorpio, so feel free to just scan through and tell me what you think.

    ***Physically, my eyes are one of my more prominent features I have been complimented on, and I often wear black. When I don’t weightlift, I am still of slim but strong and sturdy build.

    In relationships, the oppostie sex (girls) have described me as sort of mysterious, which for some odd reason they find attracts them to me. In public, I am often calm and controlled, in fact I am very deliberate and exact in how I express myself and feel I have perfect control over my public expression. I am polite, but not afraid of conflict, as I have a sort of independant mind. I feel I read people well. They do not always read me well, and some I have heard are intimidated by me, while I have no idea why (actually, I always have ideas why, I am just not sure why). I always make good eye contact. I do not like expressing much emotion in public. I believe in strong honesty. When younger I often did, perhaps subconsciously, try to manipulate people, but i try to stay honest and free now. I am alright at steering conversations and responses though, I think.

    In private, my emotions run far more wild at times. I have high standards of both myself, people and relationships. I am ambitious and have ethical standards, and only really get pissed if I fail myself or I feel someone is trying to hold me back (that is not often their conscious intention, but an effect of what that is i think). I do not like expressing emotions, but I still express myself well, though I had a lot of trouble with that as a child. Night is my favorite time, as I feel more alive and recharged. Still, I really do care about people. I don’t want to give off the impression I don’t, ’cause i do. I have a strong physical constitution and sharp mind, I suppose. Never get sick, remember everything. Still, I love performance arts, I have strong clear beliefs but like debate. I love deeper things like philosophy, theology, or the occult, not really a superficial person.

    I don’t like to share my emotional experiences with others often, but rather reflect on things myself. I have had a lot of trouble with emotional control and expression when really young, but I feel in many ways now i am supurb at it all. I hate hypocrisy, and people don’t like me pointing it out. They also don’t seem to agree with how I always push for more rather than settling for less.***

    Great, thanks. You don’t have to read all of it, but I was wondering if any or much of the above is strongly associated with Scorpio. A wise man once said “know thyself”, so why not? Or if it is rather repulsively long say so. i like the dark, but don’t like being left in the dark. Thanks.

    • Yes, Greg, you do sound very Plutonian, though I couldn’t comment on your chart at any length because I’m retired from doing charts. You might look for a copy of my book Healing Pluto Problems online for more insight. Donna

  132. I got a score of 55. I’m definitely Plutonian. When I first started studying astrology, and I read the descriptions for Moon in Scorpio and Moon conjunct Pluto, I immediately identified with them. Every description you wrote on here applies (or has applied in the past) to me:

    “manipulating or coercing others” check (I’ve manipulated and coerced, and I’ve been manipulated and coerced)
    “abuses of power” check (mostly on the receiving end of this)
    “battles for control” double check
    “resentments and grievances” check (took a long time to be able to forgive. I’m now really good at it 😉
    “failing for spite” yeah I’ve sabotaged myself before
    “being a target of other people’s projections” hello. double check.

    “transforming” yup yup. Check, check, and check.
    “healing and empowering themselves and people and conditions they care about” I’ve healed myself, and now I’m focusing on learning to help others heal.
    “Plutonians can have a natural gift for psychology” Oh yeah.
    “the healing arts” I want to heal people’s souls. That’s what makes me tick.
    “understanding what makes people tick.” yup.

    I am an extremely intense person. Probably one of the most intense Taureans most people will meet. My dark, penetrating eyes I think are due to Scorpio being in my first house, because all my siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc all have lighter eyes than I do.

    I can look back over my life and distinguish 4 very clear stages in my life, and after each, I underwent a complete transformation, becoming almost unrecognizable to those who had known me in the prior stage. The longest period was 18 years (childhood), and the shortest period was just over a month. Being a Libra Ascendant, I can mark each of these stages by the beginning (and corresponding ending) of a very significant relationship.

    When I was younger, I used to get scared of the ideas that would pop into my head, like “she’s being abused” or “he just cheated on his wife”. Later, when these intuitions would be confirmed, I realized that, for some reason, I can see quickly and easily straight to the core.

    I’m also very survivalist. I know that, if I ever needed to make decisions to defend home and family (Mars in Cancer trine Pluto in Scorpio), there wouldn’t be a moment’s hesitation to do whatever I could to save them.

    • Yup, Brandon, you are definitely a Plutonian, in so many of the ways you describe. Welcome to the tribe! Donna Cunningham

  133. “If my calculations are right…”

    ..Pluto scores a whopping 70 points. I thought Neptune would take the PUNCake but it was the lowest of the group at 57.

    • LOL! A 57 point Neptune is nothing to sneeze at (except during allergy season!) but 70 for Pluto is amazing! Donna

  134. now at a quick glance my number was not that high like 15 or so….. but i have pluto in my first house, square my moon in taurus, and a mars in scorpio in fourth square to my ascendant in leo….. and lots of t squares, my life is about self transformation and the transformation of individuals and groups so feel very plutonian

  135. Welcome to Skywriter–and back into the world of astrology. You’ll find the blogosphere replete with new talent and new applications. As for Yods, we have a series of articles about quincunxes here on Skywriter, starting here: . No articles on Yods–it would take a book chapter to analyze even one Yod. My recommendation would be The Yod Book by Karen Hamaker-Zondag.

    There are over 500 articles on this site, so you might find it helpful to download the index by topic under the tab marked FREE. Donna

  136. Oh my! Yep I got a score of 35 for Pluto. Do I love Psychology?! Absolutey! Do I love astrology for in depth analyses? YEP{! Is it in my 7th house…yikes!.. yes it is…ahahah I have been married for 11 years and can get in a fight at the drop of a hat. Do I own the sacred bible by DC “Healing Pluto problems” yet?!!!

    (sheepisahly) no
    Let the healing begin 🙂

    • LOL! The sacred Pluto Bible is still available, and it’s not written in stone (the shipping would cost more than the book.) You can order it at or 1-800-423-7087 Donna

  137. I scored 68 on your Pluto test and yes, I’m an extremely intense and a secretive person. I’m a law unto myself and the fact of it was frequently pointed out to me even by my bosses… I have Pluto Closely conjunct with my ascendant (nearly 3 degrees) and moon (1.5 degrees) and many of whom I have come into close contact belong to the sign of Scorpio – either Sun or Moon. Some of them are quite afraid of me and I do take a cruel pleasure in taunting them (That gives me a reputation of T-Rex isn’t it? To make Scorpio afraid of somebody takes something much more powerful – and I think Pluto in tight conjunction with Ascendant and Moon in my natal gives me some kind of raw power which is unrivaled even by the deadliest sign of the zodiac.) I consider myself as “Transcended Scorpio” and I have shed many bad qualities of the sign (though certain important ones remain ha ha) to be a better individual…

    • I’ll give you a run for your money haha.

  138. just barely on the “strong indeed” border of 26 yet this is my lowest score.

    71 Sun
    57 Moon
    78 Mercury
    42 Mars
    59 Jupiter
    53 Saturn
    71 Uranus
    26 Pluto

  139. I have a tight conjunction of Pluto/moon conjunct descendant. I was extremely close to my mother and was obsessed with my relationships. I read both “Healing Pluto Problems” and “The Moon in Your Life” when they first came out. I am currently rereading them. A number of years ago I told Dr. Mitchell Gibson I was extremely Plutonian. He laughed and said, “Who told you that?”. Doubting my Plutonian feelings for many years, I took the test and got a 66! Enough said!

  140. With, or maybe despite a score of 42 I have identified with Scorpio for four decades. I guess a Scorpio Ascendant with an 8th house stellium can do that.
    I certainly have been the recipient of projections, hard lessons, not sure I have yet learned. Owning my own power, learning about the effects of power differentials, say in relation with clients, and in particular riding those tidal waves of primal emotion to name some. I love the intensity of being on the edge, only psychologically though or physically as my healing hands touch on another’s limit.

  141. Hmm… Let me try this out. I have no planets in the 8th house and only 1 planet in Scorpio (Uranus). Pff… no problem. Just need to check those Pluto angles and my score came up as…

    45!! 0.o

    1st House Pluto near Ascendant
    (Cap) Sun Square Pluto
    (Cap) Moon Square Pluto
    (Cap) Mercury Square Pluto
    Neptune Sextile Pluto
    and a few smaller ones.

    Combined that with having gone through 5 Pluto Square Transits (Venus, Jupiter, NN, Mars and Saturn) in the last 14 years and now Pluto Squaring my Ascendant. Yeah, this little planet and I have become best friends forever.

  142. 32 — Pluto’s the reason I stopped by today, just to express my gratitude for “Healing Pluto Problems,” my cherished personal bible. I was able to ask my mother to forgive me for the pain I had caused her, and she gasped and said, “But that’s what I want from you!” I was able to seek out my father and shake his hand. I was able to see my part in the most painfully compulsive relationship pattern — at long last! — and do something different. And I think especially this: I was able to die without killing myself. I’m pretty sure Plutonians know what I mean here. Anyhow, “Healing Pluto Problems” is a life-saver. Thank you.

    • Wonderful story, Pete–you did a beautiful thing! Donna

    • Wow on two counts. That you were able to do this and that Donna’s book was the source. Amazing stuff.

  143. I got 75.

  144. My Uranus was 34 points and my Pluto was only 13 . I always thought Pluto was strong in my chart because i have Leo raising with Sun in Scorpio in the 4th. My year 1952 So far my Moon seems to be the strongest at 67.

  145. Love this. 43. Not counting sun a mere 3 degrees shy of 8th house.

    People have always told me I have “intense eyebrows”. I have always thought this is a silly attribute and that they are rather unimpressive and garden variety, average sized/shaped, darkish blonde. So I was delighted to see an earlier comment regarding the eyebrow issue. I have plucked, threaded, shaped, penciled, etc over the years in attempts to alleviate this issue but to no avail. Who knew.

    People have told me since I can remember that I’m too intense and to “tone it down”. I hear versions and iterations of this constantly. With asc and four planets in Libra and taurus sun in 7th, I crave relationships, and struggle with the repellent properties this intensity can produce. I do well with Scorpios, but, tragically, continue to find myself magnetically drawn to Aquarians. Must be my plutonian thrill of “challenge” …if only they felt the same 😉

    Thanks again, this was fantastic. xxo

  146. I have a 31 score on Pluto.I feel Pluto very much and even though it can be quite difficult I ve turned to after life themes and spirituality so my very strong Pluto serves me well actually.I ve learned to deal with it on a higher level.
    Question:why didn’t you include other angles into the calculations?Like IC and Descendant?I find that ALL angles are equally important.Just wondering.
    IF I d use all the angles I d have a little bit higher score of 36.
    Im so happy you have all these calculations on the net!I calculated them all.Thank you for that.Keep up the good work and God bless!
    Ana from Croatia

    • The Ascendant is opposite the Descendant, and the MC is opposite the IC, so planets conjunct the Dsc are scored as oppositions to the Ascendant. etc. In the research by Francoise & Michel Gauqeline, the ASC and MC brought far stronger statistical results than the Dsc & IC. Donna

  147. Oh I see!!Thank you,its been bugging me.


  148. Pluto, 53 points, Saturn 48. ;0

  149. Dearest Donna!
    I was wondering if a hard aspect Pluto semi-square Asc counts like you said it does in your book Healing Pluto problems???I have 31 score of Pluto strength.IF this does count how much would it be in that case?

    PS Love the book!!!

  150. Wow, thank you for helping us Plutoniuns with these years. Pluto is transiting my second house soon, will conjunct Saturn at some point in the next years. I scored 71 in your Pluto test, btw. born in 1959, so the pluto issues are deep here. I’ve done years of therapy and other healing, and have recently been initiated as a healer, too. I have been releasing the past for a long time now, but really on a deeper level than before. I have a few creative projects that I’m finishing and hope to rise out the ashes once again. Thank you again for this.

  151. __10__ A whole bunch of minor aspects.
    __5__ Ascendant in Scorpio.
    __3__ Uranus in Scorpio.
    __3__ Mars in the 8th house.
    TOTAL = 21
    Not so Plutonian… I do have trust issues, though… 😦 And even if I’m not controling with others, I am so scared of losing control over my own body and mind that I never got drunk or high. :))

  152. Hi everyone! Well,my score is: 77!!! Oh,God. 🙂 😀
    Pl120 Sun- 10
    Pl120 Ve-5
    semisextile Ne-2
    semisextile Ur-2
    planet Mo in Sco-5
    planet Pl in Sco-3

  153. My total score is 62.

  154. this is utter crap. I only score an 8 and am one of the most Plutonic people I know.

    Then again, the truth is I have undergone a Pluto conj. to every blessed thing on my chart since the age of 8 or so – the last one’s coming up soon, now (mars in Cap) —- so maybe then… I WILL BE FREE!!! 😀 😀 😀

  155. I got a 72. I’ve been a depressed Pluto person lately because I haven’t had the opportunity to have sex, dance, attend births or participate in kink lately. Oh well.

  156. 20 pts pluto opposite my sun, pluto trine my MC

    5 pts pluto opposite mercury

    18 pts pluto quincunx north node, pluto semisquare chiron, pluto semisextile AC, pluto sextile neptune, pluto quintile uranus, pluto quincux jupiter

    5 pts pluto in scorpio

    6 pts mars and saturn in scorpio

    5 pts sun in 8th house

    3 pts mercury in 8th house

    total= 62

    whoops, my math is wrong!!

  157. Haha! I’m a natal sun Taurus, and I’ll admit I’m much more of a holy terror than I should be, but I wasn’t aware of how Plutonian I am technically speaking, I’ve always known I was intense and I’ve been known to be more than obsessive and dark but I hadn’t really investigated my chart. For all I’m about to list note how all my involved planets are in opposing houses, my chart is almost completely polar.
    Sun,moon,merc in Taurus H8
    Pluto and Lilith in Scorpio in H2
    Venus/mars conj in Pisces (trine Pluto in Scorpio) in H6
    Jupiter and chiron in cancer (trine Pluto in Scorpio) in H4

  158. I tried to submit a comment previously, yet it has not shown up. I believe your spam filter may be broken?

  159. i scored 42. i noticed that according to these tests i am “off the charts” for every planet (Sun – 83, Moon – 73, Mercury – 41, Uranus – 60, Neptune – 43, Pluto – 42, and then there’s my Saturn…I scored a 5 lol ) Donna, can you or can anyone else tell me what this means if anything? I usually feel like I’m different, unusual, think on different levels than the people around me. I’m often misunderstood too I think. I imagine some of you have the same situation. Any help, insights or opinions would be much appreciated! 🙂

    • Hi, BL. With those kinds of scores you’d be what I call an Outer Planet Person–lots of unusual abilities, lots going on, but not easy to fit into the mainstream. Donna

    • blue lady, i’m also an outer planet person. i have a strong pluto and neptune. don’t worry and embrace it! you are an interesting and dynamic individual. 🙂

  160. Hi Donna. I scored 47 on the test. I’m not sure if I should count the South Node as a planet because mine is in Scorpio and in the 8th house. Also, my birth time is about 95% accurate and this puts Pluto on my 8th house cusp. I’m having difficulty distinguishing the effect of Pluto in the 7th and Pluto in the 8th. I should be 99% certain of my birth time if I can tell the difference. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  161. Wow it’s me again. I just finished calculating my planets. I am very surprise to see that Pluto in my chart ranks third, the Sun 81, Moon 80, Pluto 69, Venus 56, Neptune 50. I did not realise that Pluto was so strong in my chart. However, I did think it had some influence since it is in the first house 7 degrees Leo and conjunct the Ascendant 27 Cancer 59 within 9 degrees. Is that too far? If yes tg. But I find myself so mousy sometimes. I can defend others but when it comes to defending myself I give in. Thank you for this informative journey.

    • Yes, that’s very high. Planets within 10 degrees of one of the four angles are very strong, as peer the research by Francoise and Michel Gauquelin. If you haven’t read it, my book Healing Pluto Problems is still in print with RedWheel/ Regards, Donna

  162. Pluto really is the least dwarf planet, because it receives so much attention

  163. Is a URL for copyrighted web content also covered by the copyright?

    • It’s not copyright, no, but the URL is protected by your ownership of the domain name, which you have to renew periodically. Donna

  164. My Pluto score came to 53. This seems to manifest in a playful (although very strong, mind) stubbornness. I actually enjoy having power struggles sometimes, particularly with three year olds since they seem to match my ridiculous stubbornness well. Exhausting but oh god. They are so thrilling to me for some reason.

    I’m not mean. I just don’t give into the temper tantrums. The more tantrum you throw, the stronger my resolve becomes, and you will not get that dinosaur until we’ve all calmed down.

    Life transformations are on a huge scale and my family tend to break up my lifetime based on huge transformational events. I ran away to Florida when I was a teenager – wild and rebellious – and came back smoothed out. My relationships with my mother and step-father did complete 180s.

    Luckily, as I get older, my higher Plutonic personality aspects have been coming out and refining themselves. The intensity is still there but it seems more acceptable to be an intense 25 year old than an intense 8 year old.

    • Hi, Essie, I thoroughly enjoyed your description and appreciated your capacity for self understanding. Great use of Pluto and I thoroughly agree that we can refine those Pluto traits with maturity and self-awareness. Donna

      • I agree with Donna, it’s a great way and creative outlet for all that Pluto energy. Your children must really respect you and feel your deep love for them. I hope I’ll be a mom like that someday as well 🙂

  165. I don’t know how to calculate the last ‘question’ but i scored 74!!!

    Pluto, Ascendent, and the 12th house are in scorpio. Sun opposition pluto. Venus trine pluto. Mars trine pluto. Neptune sextile pluto. Pluto conjunct ascendent (do i add this?) pluto sextile midheaven (do i add this?) moon in 8th house. venus in 8th house. Mars in 8th house. Jupiter in 8th house. 8th house in cancer(?) although my venus is in cancer does my pluto influence mean i’m more likely to be like a scorpio in love? thanks!

    • Huge Pluto score! Yes, with Pluto trine both Venus and Mars (two relationship planets) AND with Mars and Venus in the 8th, you are very much like a Scorpio in love. Donna

  166. This is a fascinating revelation. I just counted up my stuff and it is about 45 (if i include the node as a five). I have pluto starting the transit of my 8th house as well…plus Neptune doing the transit of my 10th house Pisces wherein I have sun, venus, mercury. I have natal pluto conjunct moon and square mars, amongst other stuff, so it is good to get this information, as I can see that my hidden pluto stuff has got to come out to be dealt with. It shows how useful astrology as a counselling tool can be. Thank goodness for moon in virgo, which I always wanted to not have. I think it may be of valued assistance here. Thanks for your great insights.

  167. I scored 91…

  168. Whoa, Donna! I got a 60! How do you like this one?
    Midheaven in Scorpio, Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto conjunct Saturn, Pluto conjunct Midheaven, Pluto opposition Moon, Pluto semi-sextile Sun, Pluto quintile Ascendant, Neptune sextile Pluto, Venus sextile Pluto, Mars sextile Pluto.

    Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in the 8th House.

    My first Saturn Return occurs on October 30th to the exact degree! I have my sights set on pursuing medical school in my 30s, and I really hope that this is what the stars have in mind for me!!! Guess what branch? Pathology (the diagnosis of disease and autopsy work).

  169. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for providing this test. I have taken all of them and Pluto is by far my highest (60+ points). However, you made mention in another test (I think it is the Uranus one) that heaven help a person wtih Scorpio and Aquarius influences. My Sun is Conjunct and Moon Opposite Uranus as well as the 11th house ruled by Aquarius with Uranus in my 7th and 8th houses. I feel that with heavy Scorpio influences, perhaps, this level of detachment is a blessing. This is my positive thinking at play.

  170. I scored 55. I’m a cancer sun, capricorn rising, pluto/moon/saturn/midheaven/south node scorpio.

    I feel validated after reading through this page since I’ve always been waaaay more intense than anyone else in my family, (notoriously so, naturally).

    So, I’m so happy to find my plutonian family!!

    Here’s to more Harry Potter and less Darth Vader. :):)

  171. I scored 72… I dislike the attributes people assign to Pluto on the ASC (I have this placement in Scorpio.) I’ve read a great deal of information which unabashedly portrays people with this aspect (and Scorpio people, Plutonian etc) as being total control freaks. For me nothing could be further from the truth. I could care less what anyone else does, so long as they let me do my thing! Don’t get in my way, I don’t care what you do though. My husband and all other men I’ve been with have observed I am the least controlling woman they’ve ever been with. I’ve never been called manipulative by a single person in my life. I’ve been called dark, mysterious, sexual, explicit, taboo, strange, weird, bizarre, interesting; I’ve accepted all of that is true. No matter how much I think I’m being discreet and normal, apparently everyone else sees a freak when they see me. I have learned not to care. I just want to find myself in this life, and then escape her. I sense everything, and I mean everything. Sometimes I hate knowing exactly what people think of me. I walk out of a room, and I know what they say; I can say this, because later I’ll ask, did so and so say such and such (insert specific bit of completely fabricated gossip) about me? And I’m always right. If I know someone well I will tell them what they’re thinking, just by glancing at them, or by thinking about them. I’m never wrong. It’s good and bad I guess. I sometimes don’t want to know. I feel like people pay way too much attention to me. I don’t know why. Everyone notices me, remembers me. I never get to just be a face in the crowd. It’s flattering I guess, but I don’t understand, is it my energy? I want to be all of the things a person of higher Plutonian energy achieves, as you describe them; I feel a massive desire to transform, to push, to become, to let go of myself utterly. I don’t think my purpose is for me; I’m nothing, a total nothing. I want to get out of myself and channel whatever I’ve got here into the world about me, but I get hung up sometimes. Life is hard, I can’t explain myself to be people. I get so much attention, I’ve learned to just shut up. No one who knows me would ever hear me talk like this. I can’t tell anyone. Only myself.

    • Ladyofnow: I think you have have things pretty much under control. Well, maybe not pretty much. More like deeply, intensely, and passionately under control.

      • Anita, thanks, I think maybe too much so! I’m looking for something, but it’s all outside of me. How desperately I want to get out of my self. South node in first house of self, in Scorpio. How desperately I want to submit all of it to the world around me; there is so much inside, and I am overwhelmed. I am trying but it isn’t easy, it requires a great deal of organization to channel out of yourself. Other people may need to come into themselves, stand in their own power. I realize I do not need this lesson at all, for I have already learned it far too many times; I need the opposite. What is mine doesn’t belong to me and I do not matter. Only what I have to channel out matters. If only I can get it out and give in… I don’t know if that makes sense but it is how I feel now. So intensely tormented by the excess of self energy and I am only just coming to realize that is my demon. Other people are beautiful and have so much within, while I’ll never be beautiful until I am no longer me. I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh I see that a schizophrenic has a computer and found this website,” no I’m not a schizophrenic, just a little nuts.

      • “I’m looking for something, but it’s all outside of me. How desperately I want to get out of my self.”

        That’s your North Node in the 7th House of Others talking, not your South Node 1st House :). My guess is that by nature, you were extremely selfish in the past, and now in this lifetime, you are being called to get out of your self and into others. Alternatively, you probably have a great amount of self-control. Use that to your advantage while dealing with others!

        I have South Node in Sagittarius in the 12th House (North Node in Gemini in the 6th House). By nature, I am a hermit and I’m brilliant in the academic, collegiate environment. That’s where I feel “safe”. In this lifetime, I’m being called to be of service. My entire life rests on becoming a doctor, so that’s what I intend on doing….no amount of debt will phase me (and lord knows, I have 4 planets in the 8th House!). Thankfully, all those planets in the 8th are making beneficial aspects to others, so that makes me think that I’ll get every single penny I need for my medical education through loans, and I eventually will pay them back….one day lol.

    • Wow ladyofnow you’re inspirational! Especially since apparentely have so much power stored and you don’t wish to use it for bad deeds like manipulating other or trying to dominate them. I admire you all the more so coz in a way I feel the same as you since my North Node is in the 7th house as well (in Aquarius) and I do feel that I have to help people around me, give myself to them, heal them etc.. But personally speaking, my ego tends to get in the way, I’m still not mature enough to completely discard ym own selfish needs; even if I do help people, I require a great amount of gratitude in return.. which one wouldn’t really call ˝a selfless being˝ ah well life is life and we’re all learning our lessons, either way 😉 I hope though for your sake ladyofnow that your gift isn’t being used by the people around you and despite your admiring passionate writing you aren’t expecting too much of yourself.. Though I myself am a perfectionist so who am I to talk here.. anyway take care of yourself and I sincerely hope you achieve your goals! 😀

    • HI ladyofnow I know exactly what you mean. I got 74 and I don’t believe I have a fixation with having power over people and controlling them. I understand that you can’t control people, they can do what they want. Manipulation has never been in my capacity either…it’s just wrong. But I do know two scorpios (born on the same day,month, year) and they were both manipulative and intense in friendships, very possessive.

      But after thinking about the power and control attribute of pluto I realised that I am a control freak…..of myself!!! I can control my desires, my emotions, my thought process. I have power over myself. I can stop myself from doing things, block out emotions and mine are very powerful but you’d never assume that when talking to me. I want to understand myself more, how my mind works and manipulate it to benefit myself. So for me the desire for power and control is never of other people but myself.

      The only time I want to influence people is for their benefit like when i give advice I hope the person will listen and take it on because I know it will help them a lot. It’s never malicious or for my own gain. Maybe it’s the way I’ve been brought up that I’m not selfish and power hungry and want to rule the world lol

  172. I (informally) scored 61 on the plutonian scale, primarily due to having Pluto at MC. Web page link points to my birth chart. I love to joke “*BE AFRAID*” (with regard to my chart). One interesting (computer) interpretation said “This could be the birth chart of a world leader or a crime boss.” I have a lot of cusps as well. With Pluto in Capricorn in my 2nd house, I hope this means that I’m succesfully re-inventing my career (I really am attempting to do this on multiple levels) and NOT doomed to failure or financial ruin in the process.

  173. pluto opposite venus—————————–5
    pluto trine mercury——————————–5
    pluto square mars——————————–5
    pluto square saturn——————————5

    pluto semisquare jupiter————————2
    pluto semisquare ascendant——————-2

    pluto in scorpio————————————5

    mars in 8th house——————————–3

  174. Since this is a topic about how strong your Pluto is, I’ll put my personal two cents here as well 🙂 First I have to say I still a big rookie when it comes to astrology, I only read articles now and then for fun, I’ll get round to it more seriously when I have more time available (lame excuse I know..). Eventhough I think I calculated my score pretty accurately, according to Donna’s instruction, I included Chiron in my calculation as well, adding two points for it coz I feel it’s influence well in my life, being located in Cancer and in 11th house. I’ve been dealing with issues of feelings of acceptance, security and trust and just plain ˝belonging˝ between my friends and peers all my life.. anyway so much for my lengthy intro.. Oh and I also added 5 points since Pluto in my chart is part of a Grand Cross including the Ascendant and Midheaven conjunct Moon involved.. since there aren’t any planets on each angle, just the IC/MC axis it could be regarded debatable so I leave this aspect to your own personal opinion, whether I calculated accuraretly or not 😉
    Anyway I scored a total 58 and even if I substract the 7 points I still get a 51 which is off the charts so to speak 🙂 What can I say about this? Right now I’m pretty much more on the negative side of Pluto, desperately trying to control my selfdestructive and destructive impulses, anger outbursts etc but since I moved away from my parents things have slowly, slowy started to change for the better. I’ve read on the net that people with Pluto conjunct IC tend to have certain issues, mysteries, transormational energies regarding their home, roots, heritage etc. Well that pretty much defines my lifestory, power struggles at home have shaped my outlook on life and now I’m dealing with all sorts of subconscious patterns that need to be resolved.. Like other people stated here before, I too have a great amount of insight, though intuition itselft can be wrong as well, if you ignore reason and logic (this is my Mercury square Neptune speaking.. oh boy..). In the end like I said we’re all still learning so I hope for the best for myself and everybody 🙂

  175. I got a 71!!!!!!!! Only 9 points below the guy who got 80!!!!!!

  176. So great to see so many fellow Plutonians. I scored a 55 if you include the Chiron opposition.

    Donna, what if Pluto is retrograde? Would you detract points? Or would you simply consider the energy a more internal manifestation first?

    With the exception of the Moon (54) my outer planets score higher than the personal planets. No wonder I’ve always felt different. And ever since my Chiron return, I’ve felt even more in tune with the transpersonal.

    If you look back on the photos over my 53 years you can see a very physical difference at key stages of my life. I don’t look anything like I did when I was 20, 30 or 40. Talk about transformation!

    • Hi,Jerry, no I wouldn’t detract points, as I don’t think it’s weaker–just that such an inward planet is even more inward and perhaps less apt to confide in others. Who’s really fantastic on retrogrades in Erin Sullivan ( –wrote the only book on it. Donna

  177. Fantastic goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely magnificent. I really like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it smart. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is really a wonderful site.

  178. My wife and i have been so delighted when Michael could finish up his investigation out of the precious recommendations he received from your web page. It is now and again perplexing to simply find yourself making a gift of steps that the rest may have been making money from. We figure out we’ve got you to be grateful to because of that. The type of illustrations you have made, the straightforward blog menu, the relationships you can make it possible to engender – it’s got everything extraordinary, and it is leading our son in addition to our family know that the theme is fun, which is exceedingly mandatory. Thank you for all!

  179. I scored 41 with just aspects under 3 degree’s.
    I have a question about something.
    I have a yod that point to pluto in the 12th house.
    My Pluto conjuncts my moon within 3 degrees.
    My moon and pluto are in the 12th house.
    The yod connects to mercury on the top and venus on the bottom.
    My mercury is in aries in the 5th house.
    My Venus is the 7th house Gemini.

    Can someone please tell me what this Yod could mean.

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Taurus In house 6
    Moon Scorpio 22.20 End of house 12
    Mercury Aries 18.05 In house 5
    Venus Gemini In house 7
    Mars Cancer 14.47 In house 8
    Jupiter Leo 4.58 In house 9
    Saturn Aquarius 6.36 In house 3
    Uranus Capricorn 13.45 R In house 2
    Neptune Capricorn 16.44 R In house 2
    Pluto Scorpio 19.17 R In house 12
    True Node Capricorn In house 2

    Ascendant: Scorpio
    2nd House: Sagittarius
    3rd House: Capricorn
    Imum Coeli: Pisces
    5th House: Aries
    6th House: Taurus
    Descendant: Taurus
    8th House: Gemini
    9th House: Cancer
    Medium Coeli: Virgo
    11th House: Libra
    12th House: Scorpio

    • Hi, Trent, I don’t comment on individual charts on this blog, but you’ll find several article on Yods here that may asnwer some of your questions. Donna

  180. I scored a 58. 😀

  181. 61! As a leo by sun sign, its interesting that people can perceive me as a sweet girl. Little do they know 😉

    Although its true I’ve committed to engaging my pluto power for positive things in this world, and tried to move away from the power games and control that were very tempting for a while.

  182. I simply had to appreciate you again. I’m not certain the things I would’ve created without the type of secrets documented by you regarding that problem. Previously it was a very distressing difficulty for me personally, but understanding the expert manner you solved that made me to leap over happiness. I am thankful for your support as well as have high hopes you recognize what a powerful job that you’re getting into teaching other individuals thru your webblog. I’m certain you have never met all of us.

  183. 63! I was always wondering how much of a Plutonian I was, since I’m more in tune with that side of my personality than any other. Apart from Pluto in Scorpio I have no other planets in this sign, but I have Sun, Mercury and Venus trine Pluto, Mars and MC square Pluto and Neptune sextile Pluto. Can someone explain me what does having 4 personal planets in strong aspects with Pluto mean? For example in comparison to Pluto in aspect with outer planets.

    • Marita, to answer that question would take pages and pages, as it’s very complicated. My hardcover book, Healing Pluto Problems, is dedicated to exploring it, and is avilable from the publisher RedWheel/Weiser, and also as an ebook. Donna

  184. 66…. !

    I totally knew this already- the universe has a tendency to like to punch me in the heart on a regular basis. Hahaha. FML.

    Basically, I’ve come to the consensus in my life – Nothing lasts forever, not the good, and not the bad. This in effect, gives you freedom! Painful, passionate, happy freedom!

    In addition, finding the ironic humour in life and its massive “fuck you’s” makes me – as my friends tell me- one of the funniest people they know. But I’m never sarcastic, mostly because I have Pisces ascending and that shit goes over my head anyways, lol.

    On a last note, find a good psychiatrist, and try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to work out all those strong feelings and life events. You can thank me later. LOL


  185. 81 I think after many recalculations due to reading all the comments. Pluto with Saturn on MH, square Moon/Asc, opposite Venus, trine Jupiter, quincunx Sun and Mercury, sextile Neptune, Moon on Scorpio Asc, Uranus in 8th, Pluto T-Square, those I’m sure count. Then there is Chiron in Scorpio in the 1st House (3pts?) and South Node in Scorpio with Chiron exactly conjunct the South Node (4pts?). Just found this blog, and all my fellow Plutonians, thank you so much for all the posts which have had my mind excited, disturbed, inspired, and filled with so much information that I had to go off and digest what I read before continuing,
    I have been channeling my Plutonian energy for a long time, and living, as one psychic told me “on a level high above, and down on the ground, at the same time”. Just like the eagle/scorpion energies.
    Donna, if you are reading this, I have been a follower of your columns in Dell Horoscope and then your artices in The Mountain Astrologer for a long time, and always went to your writing first, thank you for so many insights, especially when the Saturn/Neptune opposition came around in 2006-7 and aspected that T-Square. I first learned astrology from Press Roberts at the Arcane Book Store in Portland in 1971, and have used it to guide myself and others many times. That is one way I channel the Pluto and Uranus energies. Even though Uranus is almost not aspected, it is the Handle of my Eastern Bucket, in Gemini in the 8th House, and seems to time many of the large themes that I’m playing out in this life. I am intuitive and psychic, and can “read” people, which was very useful in helping my High School students (of course, with all the Scorpio influence, I taught Chemistry, but I was really teaching the students about a lot of other knowledge as well).
    I’ve had a wild and varied life, including lots of lovers, as well as long periods of monogamy. I believe I am doing a lot of work with many individuals, clearing up many associations from other lifetimes, so we all can live with more freedom and less negativity. I often have a private life very different from my public life, since some of my lifetimes recently were much too public and were very difficult because of unwanted attention and the consequences. That’s very Plutonian, isn’t it? I have been doing dreamwork, meditation and yoga since my early 20’s and have always felt very different from most other people, and missing “the other side”, my true home, yet I’ve always had many, many friends to share my many interests. I think the Venus in Aquarius lets me love people wholistically, and help them in areas which need attention and growth. I do have a problem with the way people misuse resources and harm the planet, I have a deep connection to animals, plants, and the Earth in general, and sometimes in group meditations I go above the earth and park my energy on one of the energy grids to help heal the planet.

    So do I have some negative Plutonian energy? Oh yeah. I hate drama, it’s such a waste of energy, but there are times in my life where I have been so hurt, and jealous, and wanting to be in control to protect myself or get my own way. And I will pursue my own agenda if I think it’s the right thing to do, despite the dislike or discomfort of others. My birth family had a LOT of secrets, and was dysfunctional, the horoscope certainly shows those aspects. One of my transformations was to finally do private counseling and group work where I experienced the roots of the anger and emotional abuse in my family, and was able to see my parents with understanding and compassion. Growing up in such a difficult household made me a very conscious parent, always examining my parenting to be a positive influence instead of heaping negativity on my two kids. I actually had a lot of fun being a parent, like another post here, I found dealing with kids at home and in the classroom constantly challenged me in a good way; to find win-win solutions and how to use humor to help them “get that dinosaur”.

    Whew, I feel a bit transformed just from getting all this out in a public way. Looking forward to input from more Plutonians. Wish I’d found this in 2010!
    I’m off to sail to Mexico in August, but will have some occasional internet connection and will definitely check Sky Writer. Thanks to Donna and everyone who posted!

    • Hi, Janet, well, you came to the right place–see all the fellow Plutonians, and many have shared their stories as courageously as you. What you say about working hard not to be like your parents and raising your kids in a wholesome way is so great to hear–I do think consciousness of Plutonian pitfalls helps us to avoid falling into them–it surely helped me. It sounds like you’ve read most of my books, but if you haven’t read Healing Pluto Problems, it’s out now in Kindle format. (See it on Amazon, or look for the publisher RedWheel/Weiser for the priint version. Donna

      • Donna, thanks for your quick reply! I ordered Healing Pluto Problems about a week ago, it is fascinating reading so far (hmmm… Freud’s Scorpio Asc and mine are almost the same degree, but I resonate with Jung’s ideas of archetypes and his astrology investigations into compatibility much more than with Freud’s sexual imagery and emphasis on the Id and Ego, avoidance, perhaps?) My dreams do have me in the basement with red and black symbols sometimes:) I am very much looking forward to the healing chapters, and will have time before we sail to work with them. I also really appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your journey of healing. The blog about your friend’s illness, your inability to be with her at the hospital, and your 11th House moved me very much.

  186. Knowing that I am not simply a Capricorn but a Plutonian (read your book in the late 80s) helped me so much in understanding myself better and coping with the difficulties I had in my life. I got the feeling that I am o.k. and started to see the transformational processes.
    Today, having come a long way, I want to say thank you for all the knowledge and help I got through your book.

    • P.S. in fact I am an OPP – very transpersonal

      • Uranus conjunct AC, Neptune opposite MC, Pluto conjunct North Node in the 1st house

    • Thank you, AMA, that’s very moving. What’s strange to me is that Healing Pluto Problems is still in print 25 years later (now also available on Kindle), and I’m still getting mail about it from readers like you. Donna

  187. Uranus 13
    Saturn 25
    Pluto 32
    Neptune 49

    I would have guessed more Pluto because I’m so broody, but there’s probably a lot of overlap as I have moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 12 th conjunct asc in Scorpio. My sun is in Leo and gets drowned out. Somewhere inside I am fun loving. Lol. I’m glad what you said about later life development. I’m 44 and just beginning to function after going through so much heavy stuff! Thank you, Donna, I’ve read your books and love them. They helped me understand myself in college and med school.

  188. Wait, correction!
    Saturn 60 (!) and Neptune 51.
    Saturn, I had no idea ! Wow, maybe there really is hope for me in the second half of life! Probably explains why I’m still here. And why I like goats.

  189. If I calculated right I have a 71 or around that

  190. I got a score of 93, but idk if I’m doing it right lol. My moon, mercury, venus, jupiter, and pluto are in scorpio and the 8th house. My north node is also in scorpio. My asc and mars trines pluto, and my moon, venus and jupiter conj. pluto. My neptune and uranus sextile pluto. Did I calculate it right, lol?!

    • Yes, it sounds correct. Lots of high scores reported here. Donna

  191. I have absolutely thoroughly enjoyed all of these tests. I have wrote a little self analysis on each of the other tests but I don’t feel the need to analyze my own Plutonian traits because I am so obviously Plutonian.

    I would like to mention that I scored high on all of these tests.
    Sun = 35
    Moon = 47
    Mercury = 36
    Venus = 17
    Mars = 35
    Jupiter = 74
    Saturn = 90
    Uranus = 49
    Neptune = 56
    Pluto = 65

    I’m going to assume that Venus is weak in my chart because it is compared to the other planets. I have had commitment issues in most of my relationships and I find it difficult to express closeness in friendship and romantic relationships. My mother and sister and Taurus and Libra and very much Venus types and I always felt like I couldn’t relate to them. They like little pretty ornaments and plants and flowers and things like that but I’ve never been that way inclined. I also don’t spend more than like 10 or 20 minutes getting ready ever even if I’m going on a night out. I also have anger problems and issues with aggression which may be because of my lack of Venus influence.

    Thank you for these tests they have been really insightful 🙂

    • I have a pisces stellium in the 8th with sun, moon, and mercury. Pluto makes a hard aspect to every planet in my chart and is conj saturn in scorp

  192. Hello! I also need to thank you for these tests. ♥
    It gave me some thoughts.
    For example – It’s interesting that all my planets are strong except pluto, which is the only stationary planet in my chart and it’s on 0°(of Sagittarius) in my 12th house(scorpio cusp).. that’s very confusing for me. I don’t know how to interpret that.

    • The old rule was that anything was significant in a chart, you’d see it 3 ways (the rule of three). that’s true of your Pluto–1) least strong by score,2) at 0 Sag–having just emerged from Pluto’s sign Scorpio, and 3) standing still, with no forward or backward movement. This leads me to suspect you don’t have any big lessons left to learn about Pluto in this lifetime. Mazel tov! Donna

      • Thank you. c: That’s funny, because I’m mostly interested in Pluto.

  193. Boy, Pluto is doing a real job on me. Pluto is now in my 2nd house, and I score a 71 or more on the Pluto scale. Plus, I have had Saturn in my Sun Sign and now 10th house for more than 4 years. Prior to that, Pluto was in my first house for over 10 years. I have had it rough. If I survive this, I can survive anything. Today, Mars is conjunct my natal Saturn and only degrees from transiting Pluto. I have never felt so jittery in my life. I am hanging on to my tourmaline to help me through this.

  194. Must the orbs for aspects be exactly 8 degrees for a conjunction or opposition? or up to 8 degrees? I have three personal planets in opposition to Pluto, but the orbs are all 3 degrees.

    • Yes, Jen, it means UP to 8 degrees. The closer together, the stronger. Donna

  195. A score of 37 for this. Not high at all, but significant enough for me , to register that Pluto is an important part of my chart. I have that uranus/pluto conjunction, but I have always suspected Uranus would be a stronger influence . I counted 55 for the Uranus test ( (when I included some asteroids into the equation).

    Being part of a conjunction, my Pluto will aspect a lot of what my Uranus contacts with. For my part, I can relate to a lot of Plutonian issues and I am interested in transformation ( improving myself and not resting on my laurels, be it work, health, relationships etc) an interest in different branches of psychology (especially Jungian) and alternative therapies and healing. Having Saturn in the 8th perhaps helps me to put necessary boundaries and discipline, where needed.

    I enjoy researching and analysing, writing about/ probing what is under the surface; I love to write and talk in depth, when appropriate. I have a great interest in 8th house matters: the art and practice of astrology, tarot, metaphysics, also gender and sexuality/spirituality issue.

    . I can be very, very focused to the point of obsession, sometimes, but that’s not a bad thing, since I have many mutable signs in my chart: Sun , moon, mercury in Sagittarius, but mars in Capricorn.

  196. Hi ! tnx for this nice test!! I always wondered how strong my Pluto really is and as I tought I scored 70points 🙂 off charts in my opinion 2 since i didn’t even count in minor aspects or that i have stellium in 8th house (Mo, Me & Ju, no Pluto here, he’s in 1st hs)

  197. Ever consider playing the lottery, or suggest that your spouse plays?

  198. 69 (or even more).

  199. I ended up with a 78! Sun conjunct Pluto and N. Node in the 8th, Venus and Mercury also in the 8th, Pluto trine Moon, square Mars and Jupiter, MC in Scorpio, and a bunch of minor aspects… I love your mention of Plutonians as the potential object of other’s projections… This was very very true and very painful for me as a young adult… I really thought there was something wrong with me. I was convinced I was a lightening rod of “bad-ness”– that no matter how hard I tried to be a “good person”, I was always perceived as shadowy.
    Now, as I get worked by Pluto (my Sun, Pluto and N. Node are in Libra, squaring Pluto over the course of a number of years and with my Ascendant is in Capricorn nearing conjunction) I am learning surrender and to work with the transformational energy that is a bit off the charts right now. I have begun to learn how to channel this uber Plutonian energy-gift by deepening, opening, letting go of, owning my particular power and relationship to power, sexuality, magic, intensity. I have become a psychotherapist and focus on working with clients who present with concerns around sexuality and intimacy and am beginning an astrology practice. As a 35 year old, I know my Plutonian journey has just begun and am grateful for this resource!

  200. Pluto opp MC = 10
    Pluto con Venus = 5
    Pluto trine Mars, Jupiter = 10
    Pluto sex Neptun = 2
    Pluto semisex Mercury = 2
    Pluto incon Moon = 2
    Pluto semisq Sun, Uranus = 4
    Pluto quin ASC = 2

    Pluto in Scorpio = 5
    Venus in Scorpio = 3

    Jupiter in 8th = 3

    Pluto = 48 🙂

  201. Sun trine Pluto, Moon square Pluto, Mercury square Pluto, Venus trine Pluto, Neptune sextile Pluto, Sun in 8th house, Venus in 8th house, Scorpio ascendant = very Plutonic? : ) Probably a blessing I’m a Gemini sun to bring some light-heartedness to this intense mix! : )

  202. I *knew* there was another Scorpio link – Uranus in Scorpio. Ok I am done I think – that’s all my Pluto stuff : )

  203. Um. I’m mildly freaked out right now….my score was 72. Mostly all squares…pretty fascinating 😉

  204. SATURN= 60
    MOON= 58

    I scored a 55 . I have pluto in scorp with many hard aspects, pluto square sun pluto trine MC and AC , sextiles to almost every planet, merc, saturn, nep, opp too mars. this is beyond accurate. I have a sun in leo. which is key to my personality but i have been mistake time and time for a scorpio and tend to attract them.

    I have been told i have an unmistaken ‘aurua’ of both intensity intimidation and attractiveness. I have always felt ‘power’ issues and control issues throughout my life. and have often felt the impact i can have on others. WIth cancer rising in my chart i have the gift of sensing and reading what people are thinking before they even speak. I have also learned i can use my gifts to be good or just plain bad!!

    I feel this is the plutonian energy working in my chart. I have been called “male manipulator” “heartbreaker” and hard to read. I no more about the opposite then they do lol i am working heard to no use my energies in a negative way but after reading about the sun – sqaure pluto aspects it explains everything!!1

    i also have venus in cancer and in the first house making me appear likable to others and also i have 53 points in mercury meaning i love to debate and talk. Thats me!! as I am a communication major. I love this stuff. i think everyone should look into it, its very revealing , and astonishing. I like to get to the bottom of every subject and know all the facts, and with astrology its work but it is very rewarding 😉

  205. I found the test very interesting, but was surprised to score at 86, and that’s without considering nodes, Part of Fortune, and other minor items.

    (Halloween 1959 if you want to run the chart. ASC in Aries <1 degree; MC in Cap <1; stellium of Sun, Moon, Mars in Neptune in the 8th (Koch) then a conj of merc and Jup in 8th at the other end of the house.)

    I am Plutonian, no doubt, but find the whole mystique about the dark side a bit much. My life has been ordinary, a yawner in fact. No addiction, no prison, no crime, no mayhem, no jealous rages… Saturn in Cap conjunct MC rules my chart and is an accurate descriptor of my life thus far.

    When I started doing charts in my teens, I had old texts with archane language. After reading those descriptions of Scorpio and Pluto, I really wondered what my life would be. I envisioned the villagers reacting to Frankenstein having a tea party with the little girl–with me as Frankenstein!

    A better analogy are all the towns that quietly thrive next to nuclear power plants. Yes, there is potential downside, serious downside. But it does not mean it will be bad and it doesn't mean that life needs to be any harder than putting one foot in front of the other, day after day. Like all of the other people in the world.

    Ooooo, 86 on the Pluto test, must be bad! No, I'm just your friendly government bureaucrat that lives next door! How much more dull can you get.

  206. Score of 21. My Pluto is in Scorpio, It is Sextile to my Ascendant, I have a 3rd house in Scorpio and my lilth is in Scorpio. I thought I may be lower due to having hardly any Scorpio in my chart so surprised.

  207. I scored either a 77 or a 82, depending on whether I count twice for the Pluto Stellium and the T-Square…

  208. I scored a 70 with Pluto, and a 74 with Neptune.
    I must’ve done something wrong…
    I have no Scorpio in my chart, nor any planets in the 8th house (except Chiron being in Scorpio and in my 8th house). However, my Pluto is in two grad trines and my Neptune is in a T-Cross and my ascendant is in Pisces. Very interesting stuff. Would probably explain why I feel so dark and why I wind up in dark situations so often, despite my three personal planets in both Leo and the 5th house, and my Jupiter conjunct my ascendant.

  209. This article is really interesting Donna! I’ve always wondered if I were neptunian or Plutonian, with my sun in scorpio and pisces rising. Surprisingly, I’ve scored 36 on the neptunian test and 61 on this. I’ve never really felt Plutonian though, even with a close Pluto conjunction with mercury, moon trine Pluto, Pluto square ascendant, and sun, Venus, part of fortune, Chiron, Lilith and Juno all in scorpio.
    However I’m still new to astrology and I have no idea how to identify a grand trine or T-square in my natal chart. Could somebody please instruct me on this as I may possibly have one in my natal chart and would like to know more about it.
    Many thanks again to Donna for these amazing self-tests!

    • I have been traveling in Mexico and just returned to a marina, so just learned that Donna is taking a break, and I’ll try to answer your question about the grand trine and T-square. A grand trine involves planets being approximately 120 degrees apart, which translates almost always to them being four signs apart (example: Sun in Leo, Moon in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries). The example shows the planets all in Fire signs. If the planets are close to the cusps (at the beginning or end of a sign), they may not all be in the same element, like Fire, but still be within the orb of up to 6 degrees apart.
      A grand cross involves at least four planets close to 90 degrees apart, with two oppositions and four squares, making a cross in the horoscope. The orb for these aspects is up to 8 degrees. My son has a grand cross with Sun in Pisces, Moon opposite in Virgo, Neptune in Sagittarius, and Saturn in Gemini. A T- square is like a grand cross missing one planet, which focuses energy on the missing place, as well as providing one opposition and two squares. There can be more than one planet in each “place” of these aspects.

  210. I scored 31 overall! Not bad for a Mercurian!

    I have Pluto in 8th in Scorpio, Scorpio being on the cusp of the 8th house. It’s also trine my ascendant/north node in Pisces and trine Venus (wide). Sextile Sun – also wide.

    Perhaps the most annoying aspect is the uncomfortable quincunx from my 8th house Pluto to my 1st house Retrograde Mars in Aries. It is one I have focused on to try to get the energies to flow a little easier – but knowing more about this Pluto placement and the issues that come with it have helped me greatly. I have learned that I was afraid of my own power and still struggle with this dynamic within.

  211. 75 🙂

    • Scorpio rising and sun, Pluto conjunct Ascendant, Mars in the 8th house. Moon square Pluto. Pluto trine Mars. Pluto sextile Neptune. And more but wooohhwee that’s enough I feel like hehe

  212. Hello my name is trent. I’m also into astrology and I have WAY TOO MANY pluto aspects. Here is a list of aspects that I have. All are mainly within 3 degrees. I mainly go by magi astrology standards.

    I have these aspects in my Helio Chart

    My Pluto is a apex in a yod. It quincunxs mercury and venus.
    My Pluto conjuncts my moon and Asc.

    I also have another yod that points to venus.
    Neptune and pluto are the legs.
    My Neptune conjucts my Uranus.

    My Moon, Pluto and Asc are in Scorpio in the 12th house.

    I have never seen anyone with as many pluto aspects as I do and as complex they all relate to each other.
    I have been wondering for quite sometime what does it all mean.
    I feel like there is a reason why I have all these aspects.
    My life in the past was really difficult.
    I have always been different than most people.

    If anyone has any info about my chart please reply.
    Here is my info if you want to take a look at my chart.
    April 29th 1991 Cullman Alabama 8:38pm

    • Hi, Trent, you don’t mention what score you came up with–a shame since you may well have the top Pluto score of all time. You certainly qualify as a Plutonian type. It’s too complicated to explain simply, but you’d get a lot out of reading books on Pluto–my book, Healing Pluto Problems, and books by Erin Sullivan, Liz Greene and Jeffry Wolf Green. Donna Cunningham

  213. Wonderful article, I have 45 years. I have a strong pluton with 38 points, I am a scorpion, with upward scorpion. With a stelium in my house 12 (Sun, Mercury and Neptune), when Pluto transit to my house one (Sagittarius) made ​​a radical change in my life and now in my house 2 Pluto (Capricorn) you can imagine what has happened, soon I’ll have to pluton in trine with my natal Pluto, I am aware of the new direction that will give my professional life. I used to work for a multinational company and they generated enough profit, it is time to harness the skills that gave me life for the good of others.

  214. I came up with at least 60 points (I didn’t add major configs because I’m not sure what they are/how to find them. I also didn’t add minor aspects because I don’t know what those are exactly or how to find them vs other aspects.)

    I have: a Scorpio ascendant, Cancer moon in the 8th house, moon trine Pluto, moon trine scorp ascendant, mercury square Pluto, venus square pluto, venus square scorp ascendant, Mars opposition scorp ascendant, saturn square pluto, Neptune sextile pluto, and FINALLY pluto conjuct scorp ascendant. (I have Pluto in the 12th house, which I know Pisces rules. I don’t know if that would add more of a water-like influence to it?)

    I was born on July 28, 1992, 2:06pm, Tucson, AZ. I guess I was born during a very Pluto-influenced time of day or something?

    After reading more into pluto and plutonian types, I find I fit more into that description than anything else I’ve come across thus far.

    Thank you for the quiz, Donna.

    • You are surely in the upper echelons of Plutonians with that score, Sierra! Pluto in its own sign, Scorpio, ought to get bonus points. If you can get your hands on my book, Healing Pluto Problems, I think you’d have much to identify with. The best place is the publisher RedWheel Weiser, in print or kindle versions. Donna

  215. Hmm, what confused me is that sextile is supposed to be a major aspect not a minor (at least from what i’ve read a lot before). But counting it as a minor , I scored 40. If it were counted as a major I’d have scored 50. I also didn’t know what major configurations were so I sorta skipped that part, and didn’t know what to add for north node in Scorpio or for 4th house in Scorpio either. Regarldess though, I guess I’m a pretty strong Plutonian(: I think that’s a good thing though in some ways and I always figured I probably had quite a bit in me, although my sun sign is a Cancer (score of 43) so maybe I confused Scorpio tendencies and thoughts with those of a Cancer.

    What’s weird though is apparently a person’s “north node” is what they aren’t comfortable with. But I feel like I’m comfortable with a lot of things Scorpio related. I have a friend too, who has Scorpio in both north node and rising sign, which would contradict wouldn’t it? Ahhh birth charts confuse me a bit, wish i could understand them better:/

    • Oh i figured out the configurations thing now, yay:)
      I have a grand trine connecting Scorpio Cancer and Pieces

    • Hi, Megan, in my long experience as an astrologer, the sextile’s effect seems quite minor compared to major aspects like a conjunction or trine. When I describe them to clients, a frequent reply is, “oh, that,” and a shrug. I even find quincunxes more impactful in people’s life experiences, as difficult to work with as a square. Donna

      • Ahh okay, thanks for clearing that up!

  216. I believe I also have a T Square in Scorpio Leo and Taurus.
    If so my calculation changes to 50 (if sextile counts as minor) or 60 (if sextile counts a major)

  217. I have 56 points I guess?

    Sun in Scorpio and 6th House
    Venus in Scorpio and 7th House
    Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio and 7th House
    Pluto in Scorpio and 7th House

    Uranus in Sagittarius and 8th House
    Moon in Sagittarius and 8th House
    Saturn in Sagittarius and 8th House

    Sun Conjunct Pluto
    Mercury Conjunct Pluto
    Venus Conjunct Pluto
    Neptune Sextile Pluto

    Stellium with Sun: 1Sco26’20” and Mer: 7Sco59’17” and Plu: 9Sco33’39”

  218. Great article! My Moon, Pluto & Rising are conjunct from the 12th house, Sun & Mercury in 8th house, Uranus & North Node conjunct in Scorpio, and Pluto trine Mercury & sextile Neptune. And I am quite intense!

  219. 10 Very PLUTONIAN Natal Chart:
    Pluto ruling Ascendant (Scorpio Rising)
    10 Pluto in Scorpio conjunct Scorpio Ascendant (1.9 degree conjunction)
    10 Scorpio Pluto square Leo Midheaven (1.5 degree square)
    5 South Node in Scorpio in 1st house
    5 Pluto in Scorpio in 1st house (2 degrees from cusp, retrograde)
    5 Gemini Sun in 8th house (24 degrees from cusp)
    5 Pluto trine Mercury (2.5 degree trine)
    5 Pluto trine Mars (2.2 degree trine)
    3 Saturn in Scorpio in 1st house (22 degree, retrograde)
    2 Chiron in Gemini in 8th house (10 degrees from cusp)
    2 Pluto sextile Neptune (0.3 degree sextile)
    2 Pluto trine Ceres (0.4 degree trine)
    1 Pluto opposite Pholus (2.5 degree opposition)
    2 Pluto in 1st house inconjunct Chariklo in 8th house (0.5 degrees)
    1 Pluto sextile MakeMake (3.5 degrees)
    1 Chariklo in 8th house (1 degree from cusp)
    Total Score: 69
    No wonder I am so intense!!!!!

  220. 82……….

  221. Wow. I have a score of 79. I honestly don’t know whether to cry, crawl in a hole, or go on a rampage…lol. No wonder I’m so intense and unlike any other person I have ever known. I am only 33, but I already feel like I’ve lived many lifetimes. Thank you for creating all these tests, I think. 😉

  222. And also, I’ll offer the rundown of my score and my natal chart:

    1–Libra Sun Conjunct Pluto in the 8th house
    2–Pluto opposition Moon in Aries
    3–Pluto Conjunct Venus in the 8th
    4–Pluto Quintile Mars in Leo, semi-sextile Saturn in Virgo, semi sextile Uranus, and Sextile Neptune in Sag
    5–MC in Scorpio and my Aquarian ASC Uranus Conjunct my MC in Scorpio
    6–Pluto is in my 8th House; and Scorpio is on the cusp of my 8th house
    7–Uranus in Scorpio C my MC in the 9th
    8–Libra Sun in the 8th house
    9–Mercury and Venus in the 8th house as well
    10–Pluto is apart of my 8th house Stellium Conjunct my Sun & Venus w/Mercury on the 29th degree of Libra.

    If I did my math right, this all equals 79.

    I already have your book, I think I might start reading it now.
    Best Wishes– xoxo

  223. I scored at least strong in 7 planets: Pluto 54, Jupiter 52, Neptune 45, Uranus 45, Venus 37, Saturn 36, and Mars 27. In browsing thru the comments I haven’t noticed anyone who has mentioned something like that. My life has been very difficult – a new crisis pops up every few years. I have a grand cross in a critical degree (21 degrees fixed) and 9 planets or angles total in critical degrees (1 degree orb).

    • So did I: Pluto 48, Uranus, Saturn and Venus 46, Mercury 42, Moon 36, Neptune 30. I have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the North Node in Sagittarius, with Capricorn rising. My (love)life changed dramatically when Pluto transited my 12th-house Venus. With Pluto approaching my ascendant I wonder what’ll happen next…

  224. Ooops…I forgot: Sun 44. That makes 6 planets “off the score”. Mars scored a low 25 (it’s exactly conjunct Neptune in the 9th house at 29°34′ Libra).

    • I’m surprised Jupiter doesn’t score higher for you with all those planets in Sagittarius. If your ascendant is conjunct one of the upcoming Uranus – Pluto squares the transit should be more dramatic. My M.C. is 13 Libra and that will exactly conjunct one axis of the Grand Cross of 4/22/2014 (with Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars).

  225. I score 58 , i sometimes feel paralyzed with overflown emotion, and there were times when i cannot control myself and did foolish things, for example running around the room without knowing why, or sit still for hours and feel imensely melancholy, i even used violence to remove my emotion (my Mars isn’t trong, but it conjuncts Mid heaven and Aries at the same time.) I fear that one day i might go insane.
    is there any solution for me?
    my Sun scores 55 and Moon 52, does that help any?

    • Hi, Pluto problems DO take a lot of healing–I spent years on mine, working intensely with one method after another (years of psychotherapy, a variety of types of body work, flower essences, energy work of various kinds, homeopathy, light work) and often despaired, but I have to say now that I am free of much of it…only occasionally brooding or resentful.

      A strong Pluto represents such deep wounding from family issues and other traumas, and they don’t lift off so easily. My insights and healing suggestions can be found in my book, Healing Pluto Problems, which is available from the publisher, RedWheel/Weiser in hard copy and Kindle. Donna

  226. Member of Generation Pluto conj. Uranus in Virgo reporting for duty. I took both tests and scored 40 on this one and 41 on Uranus. (Before I saw your comments re: Chiron, I gave more weight to its opposition on both tests, but adjusted my math accordingly.) I think the most Plutonian aspects of my personality are trust issues (I will admit I have them) and wanting to be financially secure. I am the one *everyone* comes to for counsel on virtually everything (including things I’m no expert on by any means)! I am Uranian in the sense that I cherish my autonomy (I also have Chiron in the 8th and have felt suppressed by my family of origin, rightly or wrongly). I also don’t like to be weighed down by a lot of material objects. I value the experience of travel far over bringing home a souvenir of it to collect dust on the shelf. I’d call both of those Uranian. I guess I’m balanced in this regard. With both being placed in the second house (a placement I believe I share with Messrs. Depp and Downey, Jr.), I know they play a role in my values.

    I want to thank you for these tests because while I know we’re more than our astrology, I’ve had so many “aha” moments from doing these. It’s a great exercise in this “everything-is-transiting-my-12th-house” Inner Work I feel called to do. Blessings.

    • LMA, don’t get me started on a rant! I hate that astrologers are afraid to talk about money and the second because of their own hang ups about money. So instead they just talk about values and self-worth. If you have a conjunction of Pluto and Uranus in the 2nd, it would be worthwhile to look at money and how you handle it and the significant effects that has on your life. There’s a whole series of posts on the 2nd house/8th house axis on Skywriter. Also check out the article on the Pluto/Uranus generation and their struggle to find Right Livelihood. Donna

  227. conjunct ASC = always opposed to descending and squaring MC and IC?

    • The Ascendant and Descendant are always opposite each other, and the MC and IC are always opposite one another, because each house cusp is always the same degree as that of the opposite house. The squares only happen between Ascendant and MC/IC and the squares between DSC and MC/IC at certain lattitudes or certain times of the day. Hope that’s clear? Donna

      • OK

    • The MC/IC and Asc/DSC are always opposite one another because the degrees on the cusps of opposite houses are always the same. The Asc and DSC are not always square the MC and IC except at certain latitudes or times of the day. Therefore, you’d have to check whether the degree of the planet conjunct the Asc, for instance, was within orb of a square to the MC. Donna

      • coincidentally, ASC are the initials of my name …

  228. but, for example, who has the Sun in the 1st house will leonine features although the sun was in Scorpio, because the sun governs lion?
    excuse the mistakes, I am from another country and used the translator …

    • No, I think that what gets projected is the Scorpio part. Donna

      • I understood…

  229. aspects with planets do not “personal” would not count less?

    • No, because those so-called impersonal planets can kick your butt when tied in with the personal planets. They are very powerful. (hope the translator doesn’t mangle that!)

      • The second strongest is Uranus, linked to “personal” (that includes strong opposition to Mars)
        This rather think it has kicked my ass …

      • LOL! Yes, and when Uranus kicks, it packs quite a punch. Donna

  230. by the way, 60 points …

  231. I realized that people who have gone through my life and “marked” in some way, also have strong Pluto in their charts … does this happen with all that are like that?

  232. another question, if anyone has or opposite Pluto squaring the ascendant it actually would create a “difficult” for her to express the ASC?

    • The Ascendant would be strongly modified by the aspect from Pluto, meaning Pluto’s characteristics would express themselves as part of the impression she leaves people with.

  233. if a planet has no aspects, is “weaker” even if in own sign and a house “angle”?

    • An unaspected planet is complicated–check out the article about that on the blog. But check out the test–you are given points for it being in its own sign and on one of the 4 chart angles (NOT the other house cusps.)

  234. and if, as a mere example, Mars is in Scorpio (sign of Pluto) and another planet in Aries (sign of mars), that another planet would also be “available” to Pluto because of it?

    • No, that’s stretching it too far. You get points for Mars being in Scorpio, that’s all.

  235. People are investigative pluto, so a person who has this deadpan planet map not seek to know about it and do not come to this site …
    why just by doing the test should already be “Plutonian”? it is “self-consistency”?

  236. the conjunction is the strongest aspect of all?

    • my score on the test is not super high but i have mar in scopio in fourth house, and pluto in leo in first house square to my taurus moon, i feel very plutonian, work with survivor of ritual abuse…. go deep with myself and others…… etc……

    • Yes.

  237. Who is the woman in the picture in the article?

    • Nobody. It was just a picture from a clip art site that seemed to epitomize a boss/employer kind of Pluto thing.

  238. Pluto score of 84 (which I surprised to find beat my Sun – Leo – score of 73).

    Pluto in Scorpio is square Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, opposite Jupiter, semi-square Uranus, sextile neptune and forms a grand trine with my AC and MC.

    As a Leo with an Aquarius Moon my strong moral feelings about interfering with others freedom prevents me (mostly – consciously at least) from coercing and manipulating people (thank goodness); but damn if I’m not obsessively skeptical and pondering peoples’ motives.

    • Ah, well Caleb, the best we Pluto types can do is to do our best to use that energy consciously, as you are doing. It gets better, easier the longer you work on that. I find that, yes, I still get some of those yucky urges and feelings from time to time, but that my tolerance for indulging in them is practically nil. Donna

  239. Why isn’t Mars in Scorpio worth more?

    • Because I don’t believe for a minute that Mars rules Scorpio (or that Saturn rules Aquarius or that Jupiter rules Pisces.) That was a teaching from centuries ago when they didn’t know that Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto existed, so they had to stretch a point and make each planet rule two signs. Donna

      • Does’nt it still generate a lot of Plutonian energy though?

      • 50 is a strong score, so yes, there’s a lot of Plutonian energy. Donna

      • My aspects by the way:

        Pluto Aspects
        Uranus conjunction Pluto orb +0°17′ = 5
        Venus sextile Pluto orb +0°38′ =2
        Saturn opposite Pluto orb -4°35′ =5
        Neptune sextile Pluto orb +1°23′ =2
        Pluto trine Midheaven orb -6°41′ = 10
        Moon sextile Pluto orb +5°28′ = 2

        Other planets in Scorpio

        Moon in Scorpio=5
        Venus in Scorpio=3
        Mars in Scorpio=3
        Neptune in Scorpio=3

        Part of stellium=5

        Pluto opp Chiron = 5

        = 50

  240. I got 44. High! I don’t consider myself intense, no one would call me that. I am an odd Scorpio with strong Pluto LOL. I have Venus (Sagittarius) close to my ASC and I think people see that Venusian quality (I am small, soft spoken, good manners and attractive), my Plutonian nature is hidden! I think I like it that way.

  241. My score was 45. NOT surprised at all… I am a Gemini with Libra rising…pretty easygoing right? Nope…have Pluto conjunct my ascendant, trine my Sun/Jupiter conjunction, and sextile both Saturn and Neptune (11th and 3rd).

  242. I believe I scored a 101!
    Moon conj Pluto
    ASC conj Pluto
    Mars trine Pluto
    Chiron trine Pluto
    Pluto quincunx Venus
    Pluto quincunx Mercury
    Pluto sextile Neptune
    Pluto sextile Uranus
    Pluto in Scorpio
    Pluto is involved in three yods
    Chiron and Mars are in the 8th house.
    Pluto sextiles N.Node
    Pluto trine S.Node
    Moon, Pluto & Asc in Scorpio

    My Pluto is apart of a Conjuncted Trine.
    Pluto trine Mars
    Pluto trine Jupiter

    • Oh I forgot to add the conjuncted trine is in my helio chart.

  243. I have so many Pluto aspects that’s aligned in a complex pattern. My Pluto Asc and Moon are in the 12th house. The house of the Past life. It has been so hard to deal with these aspects my whole life. I wonder why I recarinated in this lifetime? What did I do in my past life? What was I like? What do I need to do in this life? I feel like I was brought here for some reason. I have had so many psychic experiences happen to me. I also have been going through some terrible transits which have taught me a lot but has also brought me down a good bit. I have a t-square in my birthchart. Natal Saturn in Aquarius 3rd House opposes Jupiter in Leo 9th House and Sun in Taurus in the 6th House. Transiting Saturn formed a Grand Cross right on my Natal T-square three times. It hit my t-square then it went retrograde and went direct again. So that is three times I am going through this intense transit. I’m currently going through a rebirthing process. Apart of me is dying and a new me is being born. Transiting Pluto is about to conjunct my Uranus and Neptune in the 2nd House. So either I will gain a lot of money or loss a lot of money.

  244. I was reading online about sacred geometry and I found out that I also have another super rare geometry pattern involving Pluto. My Pluto Conjuncts Moon in Scorpio quincunx Mercury in Aries. Mercury squares Chiron in Cancer. Chiron trines Pluto. This forms an Romantic Mystic Triangle. Since the Moon is involved that makes two Romantic Mystic Triangles. So add another 10 points to my score.

  245. Wow I’ve got 64 =O actually I guess it is because of my stellium in Scorpio (Mercury,Jupiter,Pluto,Venus)

    • Hi, other Donna. Hmmm-I know that Pluto was in Scorpio (it’s own sign) for a number of years, so there would be a lot of you out there with Scorpio stelliums born in the fall months. I hadn’t thought of that. Donna C.

  246. I discovered I was plutonian when I died the 3rd time. I was born jan 6 1981.

    • You had 3 Near Death Experiences? Have you read the writings of P. M. H. Atwater, an everyday person who had several NDE’s and then started collecting experiences of people who had them and how they changed afterwards and how it affected their relationships? It’s not just the standard thing you read about how glorious it all was, but documents a number of different patterns. Donna Cunningham

  247. Wow so many Plutonian people. I think being highly Plutonian is not rare at all. Common I think! What is the most rarest planet people score high on??? Is it Uranus? I did this test for my friends and family, Moon and Pluto scored highest for them, and no one I know personally scored very high on Uranus.

    • Well, Erika, we don’t know how the people took the Pluto test actually scored (It’s the most popular test–at last count, there were over 40,00 who took it), we just know the scores of people who reported their scores. While they’d be more apt to comment if it was high, there have been many who reported scores in the 70s. Donna

  248. Scored 62! I’m 18. Guess I’m in for some transforming changes.

  249. Scored 29, included many Asteroids and minor aspects. However, it seems that Pluto mainly involve with relationship planets: conjunct Scorpio Venus, Square Eros and Nessus and Psyche in the 8th house.

  250. I scored 42. I think I’ve lost a great deal of my “healing abilities” because my imagination used to tend towards the darker side of mind. I don’t know, I think, once, out of great anger for my abusive older brother, I lashed out upon him a kind of “spiritual thunderbolt” (because I read about it in one of Anna Kingsford’s biographies) which eventually depleted his vitality (Or so it seemed. He was already sick when I did it, and it seemed to have made him more so till he was gone). I don’t understand why I feel surrounded by very abusive people, why I have to deal with them, and why I have to pay (in terms of great pain and distress) for dealing with people whose pastime anyway is to abuse others.

  251. Just did the test for my 3 year old son…and it’s 76…maybe even more. Just trying to figure out a way how to raise him well so any suggestions for books on the subject would be appreciated. He makes me sooo tired all the time and I don’t know why is that as he is the sweetest kid but so energetic and never stops. Thanks!

    • Hi, Kate. The books on Pluto–mine included–would probably only make you more anxious, as they’re about grownups with grownup problems. Read child-rearing books that have a loving slant and wise advice for exhausted parents.

      I wish people wouldn’t do these tests for children’s charts. I wish astrologers wouldn’t do charts for children under 5. It just makes the parents anxious and taints the parent’s way of looking at the child. I used to get parents writing to my advice column all the time about things astrologers had told them that freaked them out.

      • Thank you Donna for your comment. All I am doing here is to try to understand my child better so I can respond to his needs the best I can. I already have one 25 year old son and only now after reading his charts was I able to understand some things about him or accept some traits I never liked. Raising him as a single parent in foreign land I went through many problems but today he is well educated, successful young man. My young child has been different from the birth. He is amazing kid, so energetic, positive, enthusiastic and social, kids of all ages follow him and do what he wants them to do. I want him stay that way all happy and positive but I also understand that I need to prepare better how to handle that lively spirit or I will burn out. I am more on quiet side and so is my husband. He does not have much patience for him, I do. I am not going to be more anxious reading more about Pluto but maybe learn how to handle better his strong Plutonian side. That’s all. I also know that the worst obstacles in life come from within and learning about his chart I want to prepare him better for live ahead of him. Thank you Donna! I love your site.

  252. Although Pluto’s score is very low compared to other planets that i have (bundle charthere) he is, aboveother aspects, the cutting planet, conjuncts 3 asteroids, is in his own Scorpio House in the 10th, and makes 2 interesting tight parallels to POF and Saturn.
    But on top of everything, it has been trasniting my 12th House for the past 12 years, and I’m 18, and it conjuncted my Sun and Jupiter there, so i’ve always experienced a lot of Plutonian things until now and this is the image i had created about myself ^^ Now that it started conjuncting my ASC and switching to the 1st House where i have a huge stellium… it seems weird. well, Pluto will always be a big part of me until 32 or so.

    Yet I obtained a score of 37 points based on the aspects it makes, i hope it’s correct 😀

    I must say i like Pluto. It makes you everything but superficial, and i love giving a sense and meaning to everything, and being able to heal myself. I think it plays an interesting role in my life, because in the past years i delved into astrology & co although the amount of earth in my chart and other aspects do not indicate such a big tendency towards the spiritual side of life, which actually is a big deal for me, and i kept my beliefs and morals always no matter how adverse the situation or society would have been, indirectly of course (and sometimes directly, like attacking you at the core, with stuff like stop being so kind or follow that dream because it will be hard for you an etc, which only made me wish more to show them the contrary). Oh, well…

  253. I did the tests and here’s what showed up:

    Saturn 53
    Uranus 60
    Neptune 73
    Pluto 60

    Makes perfect sense to me..

  254. Both my Pluto and Uranus scores, using these suggestions here, are in the 30’s. So yes, pretty ‘strong’. Thnx Donna.

  255. Does having pluto in the 1st house count for any points?

    • Having it conjunct the Ascendant is very strong, so you get 15 points for that. Donna

  256. my score:60
    my sisters score:51 or 65 -she has a stellium in 8th so that along with other factors made 51. However, if other planets in the 8th such as the sun, an 3 other planets were added independently (plus with 5 stellium points & other factors/aspects) 65 would be the score- not sure if that is stretching.

    I really feel Scorpio and Pluto are two different topics. My sister is very 8th house that’s for sure.She is more into horror movies and staying up late (like a zombie). she transforms by having lots of children, has in-law problems and other people give her money. She feels cursed by something and I keep telling her to study her 8th house but she is not interested, maybe digging deep will come soon (Pluto is in her 9th house and Uranus is in Scorpio in 10th- I think she would make a good astrologer or medium).

    I bought the Pluto book advertised last week- very good but I wish it would have gone deeper lol. …I have Pluto right on the ascendant in very very late degrees of Libra 12th house. So late I only really listen to Scorpio yearly/monthly forecasts as all my planets match Scorpio ascendant trasits (although I am and consider myself to be Libra rising :). My Pluto on the ascendant is part of a t-square with the Moon (mother) Mars (men) -domestic abuse of my mother. With Pluto in 12th you can only image what else has gone on… Although, I struggle a lot I have found astrology and other practices helped me to find my direction ( also have Jupiter and Saturn conjuncted in 12th) . Thanks for book and site x

  257. Hi Donna,
    I loved your text “fisherman” about your pisces dad. He was a beautiful man by the picture. I’m very piscean and neptunian myself, but first and foremost I have Pluto and Saturn in aspect to ALL my planets and points, so basically, I have survived by being neptunian I think. Which is an escape strategy, it doesn’t resolve anything. However, having Pluto/NN in Virgo, I have been forced to deal with my issues for the last ten years, but only recently did I find out that part of my problem is PTSD, so in a sense I’m back at square one. I don’t think you can prepare for a plutonian life. It burns away everything, especially when there’s other hard planets involved by aspect as well. I think I am in surviving mode most of the time, and it’s become natural for me to hide and guard against people. I love being with kids though, and lately I’ve had the opportunity to work with kids 1-2 years old, and it’s been delicious! I get to use all my fire planets and my water grand trine/ pisces planets, they are otherwise so difficult to combine, and my leo moon is having such a lovely time. I realise this is something I need so I have to find a way to do this more, but I do suffer by my colleges, even though I actively try to use my Pluto in Virgo (in a kite to Mercury in pisces and my water grand trine) to rationalise my oversensitivity. The thing is, I’ve tried to blend in with the wallpaper all my life, but this is not possible with Pluto all over my chart. People love me or hate me, but they are never indifferent. Working with babies and toddlers is an escape from that, but in a good way. And best of all, this is what I am qualified for, even though I’ve never worked in this field before. All my best to you and your work, Donna, from Vendla.

    • Thanks, Vendla. As a fellow Plutonian (conjunct Ascendant), I do understand both the desire to blend into the wallpaper and the inability to do so. If you haven’t read my book, Healing Pluto Problems, you might find plenty there to relate to and lots of new insights. It’s in hardcopy and Kindle from RedWheel/Weiser. Donna

  258. How many points should I count for my sextile between MC in Scorpio and Mercury in the 8th house? 2-3?

    • Since there is a 2x connection between Scorpio and the 8th house, you might want to use the bonus points option and give it 3-5. Donna

  259. So let’s see…
    MC in conjunction with Pluto. 10p.
    Pluto in square with Venus. 5.
    Pluto in sextile with Saturn and Neptune. 2 p. each
    Pluto in Scorpio. 10p.
    MC in Scorpio. 5p.
    Mercury in the 8th house. 3p.
    MC in Scorpio in sextile with Mercury in the 8th house. maybe 2 p.

    Total: 39

  260. Sounds right, Spyros. Donna

  261. Hi Donna, I am so glad that I found this test! I have an 81 on my Pluto score! I have had some pretty traumatic things happen in 2008, which actually lined up with the Pluto transit into Capricorn! It all makes sense now!

    • Hi, Wings. That’s just about the all-time high in Pluto scores! I see that you’re a Tarot reader, so with a Pluto score like that, your Tarot readings must go very deep, with powerful insights for the people. Donna

  262. I had to stop counting at 55 because of the complexity of my aspects relating to Pluto.
    I am a Scorpio Ascendant with Mars and Jupiter conjuncted in scorpio and conjunct Asc
    Pluto conjunct Sat in Libra and is strongly aspected by sun, moon, midheaven, neptune, and venus
    Prime vertex and North node in 8th house
    Sun sq ASC
    plus Mars and Jupiter (in scorpio ASC) aspecting every planet including sun
    Pluto in 12 house

  263. Hello Donna, Thank you so much for this test! I always wondered about why I felt many of the Scorpio traits in me when I only had one measly planet (Uranus) in Scorpio. Then I discovered your test and realized why. I scored 68 not counting any T-squares and a few others that you mentioned because I am not sure what those are and how to find them. I do, however, have my Descendent, North Node along with Uranus in Scorpio. Also 2 planets in the 8th house (Venus and Neptune), and 9 angles to Pluto all together.
    This totally explains everything! Thank you again!

    • I recalculated my score because I noticed that I add them up wrong and this time I counted 60, still without any T-squares, Alpha Dog or any of those because I don’t know what they are and how to find them.

      • Hi Donna,
        So sorry for replying this many times, I am just getting acquainted with T-squares and so on…so there’s some confusion.
        I am not sure if I am counting things right so I thought I just post everything and let you judge it. Also I googled T-squares and Grand Trines and if I am not mistaken I have one each aspecting Pluto in my chart. This is what it appears to have for Grand Trine: Mars trine Mercury trine Pluto. For T-Square: Pluto opposite Jupiter both squaring Sun. If these count.
        Also do you add any points for Descendant in Scorpio? Thanks so much! I think these should clear things up once and for all! 🙂

      • You’d add points for the major configurations (t-square and grand trine) as noted on the test, but not for Scorpio on the Descendant. So your score is quite high, making you a Plutonian type. (You might want to read books by myself, Liz Greene, and Jeffrey Wolfe Green about Pluto.) Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you Donna! I will for sure. Actually just ordered your book a few days ago and can’t wait to receive it.

  264. 49! Its tough but I wouldnt trade it. My fate is largely pushed into the depths by a grand trine vetween pluto sun and moon. It forces me to always be aware ofy deep raging instincts which makes me unfut for normal life and social customs but fit for all sorts of adventures no one without such madness would embark on…

  265. I got 102 but I think I might have calculated it wrong.
    40 = 4 x 10 ea: Pluto Conj Moon, Sun. Pluto Trine MC, Asc.
    5 = 1 x 5 ea: Pluto conj Mars.
    4 = 2 x 2 ea: Pluto sextile neptune, pluto Q (?) saturn.
    15 = 3 x 5 ea: Part of Tsquare, Stellium, Grand Trine (is this possible? I looked up each example and they resemble my chart)
    15= 3 x 5 ea: stellium planets alpha dogs?: sun moon and mars and pluto in same house?
    10 = 1 x 10 : pluto in scorpio
    10 = 2 x 5 : pluto in sun and moon
    3 = 1 x 3 : pluto in Mars

    My birthday Nov. 7th, 1991 I have cancer ascendant at 21 degree :).

    • Hi, I don’t do the calculations for readers, or I’d be doing thousands of them and not get any writing done, but from the looks of it, with that stellium in Scorpio including Pluto, you would have an exceptionally high score. Donna

  266. Hi Donna, the first astrology book I red was one you wrote, it could be red even for people without astrological studies. I loved that book. Don´t remember the name right know I should search for it in my library.
    I got 37 points. Pluto conj MH (2°), Pluto trine ASC (7°), Pluto cuadratura Mars (1°), Pluto sextil Neptuno (2°), Pluto semi sextil Sun (1°30´), Mars in Scorpio, Uranus in 8, Fortune Part in Scorpio cuadratura Pluto, Pluto trine Kiron.
    I was not a plutonian but this changed when Pluto and Kiron both together entered to my ASC. I can´t say I consider myself as a plutonian but have to live plutonian experiences and be myself a bit plutonian too in order to don´t let certain people to control my life. I was so strong to handle them…
    This is what I¨d apprecciate an opinion … Have 1 planet in 4, 1 planet in 8 and the rest of them all in 4th cuadrante and Pluto in MH so I have had many Pluto transits and there will be many more. Hate it ! I have no peace at all !
    So glad to have found you Donna. 😀

    • Thanks, Carmen, you may be talking about Healing Pluto Problems, and, yes, it ought to help during Pluto transits, even in looking back and processing what happened during those years. Donna

  267. Hello, new here. I just recently joined the fun with these planet tests and I did them all. So… for this one, I got 71. I’m not even a Scorpio nor is my ascendant or moon. Honestly, it’s just the north node, and the fact that I have so many aspects with this planet including a T-square. I’m not sure if I exhibit these qualities or not. I’m not denying them but I don’t want to delude myself either. I didn’t include any bonuses like decanates; sun and ascendant are both in Pluto decanates.

    Besides that random thought, I just wanted to say that this is definitely fun. I think it would be a great idea for these to be printed out for astrology classes for the fun!

    • Nice thought that–if I were still teaching aspects and chart interpretation, I’d do it. Donna Cunningham

  268. 63 for me. Scorpio rising with pluto conjunct in the 1st house. My sun in cancer 9th house trines pluto. My midheaven, leo squares pluto. Mercury in cancer trine pluto and neptune sextile pluto. Chiron conjunct venus in 8th house.

    Intensity, a deep yearning to dive to the depths of myself, transmuting , rebirthing, becoming i am always shedding. I am also very gentel, compassionate and nurchering, open an expressive of love. I feel a call to be of service to humanity by exploring my own inner self to offer guidance or at least perspective to cultivating an intimate relationship with the self. I experience a lit of emotional fluctuations and pain, often a sence of tourment with my own emotions. I do feel isolated and often very out of place unable to relate in a light hearted manor touchibg serface topics and uncinscious ways of livibng alot of social settings entail. I wouldnt trade it, life is deeply rich and interconnected with magic for me.
    Thank you for all your information, always provides me a sence of belongibg to read the pluto archetype energy

    • “life is deeply rich and interconnected with magic”, nice 😉

  269. 74 Here. Plus i have a 46 as Uranus Score, If one doesn’t get me the other does phew! I have two stelliums one in Cap (Sun-Uranus-Neptune), Another in Scorp( Pluto-Moon-Venus). Ascendant in Scorp conj Pluto, Leo MC square Pluto, Sun semisquare pluto, mars semisquare pluto.

    Intense. Definitely, but i know i wouldn’t enjoy life if it wasn’t.

  270. Wow everybody, only a 37 here, and I thought I was pretty Plutonian. I always seem to arrive somewhere just before it undergoes a radical transformation, especially physical, sometimes I am the one that initiates it- and I get to observe this over and over again. I sometimes think my life mission when I incarnated was just to observe and take note of all things and happenings. I currently have Pluto transiting my 8th house and it will soon oppose my Uranus and right after conjunct my moon so I’m looking up possible scenarios that could take place. During which time it will also square my Saturn, Neptune, Mercury and Venus. I have a grand cross in Cardinal signs which involves 6 planets. It’s going to be there in the 8th for the next 10 years so I should have quite a ride! I can only hope that I will be a non-smoker (and still alive, lol) when it’s over.

    • 37 is a perfectly respectable score, Andrew, and your description sounds very Plutonian in the most positive way. You shoulda had bonus points for Pluto transiting the 8th, which is the house associated with Pluto and Scorpio. Donna

  271. I’m 60 🙂 , Cancer Sun & Mercury (Midheaven Ruler) H8, Moon Scorpio H12 Conjunct Pluto Scorpio H1 & AS Scorpio + a few other aspects. I’ve been reluctant to accept that these transformative energies are my only constant in this life (the irony). With these energies I feel that I attract a lot of betrayal and harmful people into my life, and anything I form attachment to instantly is ripped away from me. Yet I still hope for love & get the most happiness out of helping others, usually without recirprocation.I know these forces are my dominating influences, I guess my question is: How does a Scorpionic Plutonian find happiness & trust in the world/others when it feels that astrologically I’m set up for constant disappointment? Thanks 🙂

    • As a fellow Plutonian, I can only say that it’s a lifelong process, and particularly difficult now with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Cap, both inclined to huge cut no one any slack toughness. I did write a book called Healing Pluto Problems that distilled all I knew about how to heal. You can find it at the publisher, RedWheelWeiser. Donna

      • thanks so much for the quick reply, i’ll be sure to check it out 🙂

  272. I scored 37. Pluto and Moon in the 8th in Scorpio. I have a Pluto trine Venus. A sextile to Saturn and Neptune…I felt identified with descriptions of the plutonian personality way before I took the test. My chart has also a strong Saturn in Capricorn (and quite a few major aspects). People always told I didn’t act like a Gemini! Go figure…

  273. All the planets for me Saturn onwards are 30+ and except mercury, all are in strong or off the charts. And I haven’t counted Chiron or the nodes.
    What am I?

    Saturn 68 — Pluto 50 — Neptune 48 — Sun 46 — Uranus 38

    Moon 33 — Jupiter 28 — Mars 28 –Venus 26 –Mercury 5?(unaspected)

    Saturn is conj midheaven in Leo and aspects pretty much every other planet. I also have a fire grand trine Saturn-Neptune-moon, Uranus conj ascendant (barely) and sun conj Jupiter opp Neptune. Sun in 8th Gemini. Pluto opp moon. And a mystic rectangle- sun/jup-Pluto-Neptune-moon

  274. Anyone trying to correct relationship issues? Stemming from seemingly intractable projections from half-siblings, to being disliked by others (and previous constant attempts to please them in order to be “liked”) and unable to manifest/sustain close friendships? My Pluto score is 65, but I think my Cancer moon at 29 degrees in 5th house–square Neptune, sextile Venus, trine Jupiter, quincunx saturn, semisquare ascendant, biquintile midheaven is a contributing factor…). It’s so nice to see I’m not the only person, but my relationship issues are really getting me down. Whether it’s siblings (I’m the only “full” child) or other relationships. I do have good relationships with my adult children, although the relationship with my only daughter is difficult… All the other relatives that “loved” me have died. Finding this group is so helpful. I’m just now beginning to understand that my Pluto has contributed more to my life than I realized. I’m also Virgo Sun, Pisces rising, with Saturn in Capricorn at 0 degrees Sagittarius midheaven… I appreciate input. I’m a female in mid-50’s and just now starting to understand some of this.

    • I understand were you’re coming from. The people I loved the most in my family died when I was too young to process the pain properly. My love relationships tend to get nasty after a while. Some people just instantaneously dislike me albeit I try to be a decent person *sigh* I wan’t to show some people I like them but I have an hard time expressing my feelings. I think I live mostly in my head. But I don’t care, I like it anyway. Being focused is important

  275. Pluto conjunct Asc & Moon = 20. Pluto Trine Mars = 25. Pluto sextiles Netune = 27 Pluto quincunx Mercury & Venus = 31. Mystic Triangle Involving Pluto, Chiron, and Mercury = 36. Yod involving Pluto, Mercury & Venus = 41. Yod Involving Pluto, Neptune, & Venus = 46. Pluto in Scorpio 56. ASC in Scorpio 66. Moon in Scorpio = 71. Mars in the 8th = 74. Pluto Trines South Node = 79. Pluto Trine Chiron = 84. Pluto Quincunx Vesta = 89

  276. I scored a 67. Not surprising, I guess. Pluto in Scorpio in 1st, conjunct moon in Scorpio in 1st…squaring my sun, etc. I hate it! I wish I could lighten up sometimes. Even when I’m being goofy and silly, I still tend to take things very seriously (although I never let on that I’m so easily offended and always plotting).

  277. I scored a 64. Seems about right. I’ve got Pluto in Scorpio conjunct Sun in Scorpio,with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. Moon in the 8th and Pluto square Mars. Definitely explains all of the intensity.

    • You probably could give yourself bonus points, for Pluto being in the sign it rules (Scorpio) and thus strong in its connection to the other Scorpio planets. With four planets in that sign, you have what is called a stellium. (If all four were in the same house as well, it would be extra points for being twice a stellium: first by sign and second by house. Pluto is about triple strength in Scorpio, by my observations.

      You’re not alone. People born under a Scorpio Sun in the several years around yours could very well have Mercury and Venus there too, creating the kind of 4-planet stellium that you have. Awesome generation! Check out the info on the tab on my front page marked “Stellium Information.”

      Two book recommendations: my ebook, The Stellium Handbook, which would help you put together the pieces of this powerhouse combination. And two: my hardcopy/Kindle book, Healing Pluto problems, from the publisher, RedWheel/Weiser. Regards, Donna Cunningham

      • Hello Donna and all. Thanks for the welcome! Can you explain how the Pluto intensity relates as far as the progressed chart? My progressed chart has a Scorpio stellium in the 8th (which has Scorpio on the cusp natally). Progressed planets there are: Sun-0 degrees; Mars-2 degrees; Neptune 6 degrees; Juno13 degrees; Mercury22 degrees; Pallas -22 degrees]. Does one look at the progressed chart as being as “heavy” and influential, since it’s different than the natal chart?
        Thanks, Vero

      • No, Vero, I don’t work with progressions at all, so wouldn’t be using them for a Pluto score. Pluto transits to natal positions would intensify it. Donna

  278. I think my score is 51. However, I’m still a little new to reading charts and when scoring my SO’s natal chart, I got a score of 52. Both seem pretty high so I might be counting something I shouldn’t.

    My SO has pluto in the middle of a T-square with his moon and saturn and also in an air grand trine with his MH and jupiter. To top it off, neptune and his sun are sextile to pluto, in his 8th house are mars and chiron and in scorpio is mercury! He has seen the destructive force of pluto up close many times and had a number of close calls with death including being shot in a home invasion. His chart has been very interesting learning material but I am still a way off understanding all of it’s complexities.

    My pluto is in scorpio and it’s aspects are trine with my moon (in the 8th house) and mars, opposition with venus and MH and minor aspects to mercury, uranus, neptune and chiron. I feel extremely lucky as I have mostly felt pluto as a positive transformational influence. When my taurus sun stubbonly refuses to move from the comfort of my safety zone or when my precious cancer asc. retreats to have a big, long sulk, having pluto chuck me in the deep end while screaming “tough cookies” can be a blessing in disguise.

    Donna, thank you for all the work you have put into this blog. You have helped me to start putting together all the pieces of the puzzle of understanding natal charts. Its like you have given me all the corner and edge pieces. Many thanks 🙂

    • I’ve seen Pluto scores as high as 75, so the 50s are just a good, strong Pluto. Sounds like you’re ahead of the game in feeling so much of the positive side of Pluto. Donna

  279. pluto trine midheaven 10p
    pluto conj mars 5p
    pluto quincunx moon 2p
    pluto semisq venus 2p
    pluto sextile mercury, neptune, jupiter 6p
    pluto in scorpio 10p
    saturn – mars in scorpio 6p
    sun in 8th house 5p
    I was wondering if you could answer to some of my questions..
    i also have lilth trine pluto, south node semisq pluto do i get any points gor this ?
    Does Yod count as amajor aspect i have 6 yods one top of the other (all quincunxes are under 1,5degr) mars,pluto conj sextile neptune,jupiter ,mercury conj and all of them quincunx my moon, my pluto participates in three of them, does that add 15 more points ? The truth is i am really intrested in everything secret,death,sex,thuth,psycoclogy,mysticism and i’d like to thing for myself that i am a really subtle manipulator,but always targeting to the complete destruction of other peoples ego, as well as my own
    p.s. do you know where i ccould possibly found more information about the yod aspect ?
    Please forgive my english they are not my mother language.

    • Yes, a Yod is a major configuration, and it’s very uncommon to have several as you do. To understand them, first analyze each individual quincunx. (You’ll find a number of articles on the quincunx and yod on this blog by using the onsite search engine box on the top right hand corner of the front page.) Karen Hammaker-Zondag has written an excellent book on Yods, called, I believe, the Yod Book. Look for it on Donna

  280. 65 WOWZA!!! I have 3 planets in my Scorpio Ascendent Saturn, Mars and Pluto (although Pluto is in my 12th house all by itself!)
    -Pluto conjunct my Scorpio Ascendent
    -Pluto square moon in Aquarius
    -Pluto Quintile MC in Leo
    -Pluto trine Mercury (in my 4th house Pisces–also my Sun Sign)
    -Pluto Sextile Neptune (in my 2nd House Capricorn)
    -Pluto Sextile Jupiter (I’m my 2nd house Capricorn)

  281. Donna – so fun to do this quiz!! From your book, “How to Read Your Astrological Chart” (which I love) I knew I was Plutonian. I sort of hoped I was Pluto/Neptune, but now that I’ve taken your tests, I see I can’t quite call myself a Starseed. My Neptune score is only 22 but my Pluto=65!! Despite the tough early years, it’s so exciting to see that as I grow and age that my path is one of healing. Healing both myself and others. I was recently diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer but through your work and others, I am enormously optimistic that I will heal whatever this beast is inside me. I suppose my retrograde Chiron in Aquarius in my 6th house will certainly help in that regard!! Just wanted to say thank you for all your amazing work. Your books actually helped put me on the path of taking up astrology as an energy healing modality to use with others. So, thank you very, very much indeed!!

    • Hoping for the cure, Ismania. A strong Pluto like your should help, as it’s the planet of healing and regeneration. Donna

      • How brilliant!! Thanks so much, Donna.

  282. Reading all this comments make me a little bit shy about this… Oh well. I have a score of 77… which is, uhm… way too much! I keep getting all this crazy high scores on all this tests… Am I doing soemething wrong?!

    • Hi, Laura. The most common reason for someone to get several high scores like in the 70s is if there is a major configuration like a T-square or stellium that connects several planets together, or with outer planets in conjunction with each other plus some other feature, and then perhaps parts of the configuration also aspects other important points in the chart like the Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun or Moon. High scores are not rare when outer planets are conjunct one another–like the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in the 1960s. Donna

      • Yes! I have most of my planets in 2 big stelliums. In Scorpio in the 5th house lilith, mars, pluto, sun, mercury and another one in capricorn, in the 7th house uranus, venus, neptuno, saturno vesta. I also have jupiter and chiron in the ascendant, in cancer.

        It’s really difficult for me to understand, as I’m just starting to learn astrology, but all of yor articles have been a great help! Thanks 🙂

      • My ebook, The Stellium Handbook, would help you put together all the pieces of those stelliums. However, I don’t include the asteroids in the picture. Donna

  283. My moon, ascendant, and Pluto are all conjunct in Scorpio. They are in a T-square with my Midheaven in Leo and my IC/Saturn in Aquarius.
    Meanwhile, Neptune and Uranus are half a degree apart in Capricorn (sextile to Pluto and the others), and Mars is in Pisces (trine to the Pluto conjunction).

    • A very strong Pluto, Mary, especially with Pluto in its own sign, Scorpio. Donna

      • Yeah… your test scored me as 60s-70s, depending on the exact time of my birth, about which I’m not sure because there was some chaos at the hospital when I was born (one copy of my birth certificate even says I was born a year later than I was…). My Saturn is also very strong, around 40-50, as is my Moon. I have an overwhelming amount of water energy and almost no air energy except for that fixed Aquarian Saturn. My Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all spread across fiery Aries, though! Martial.

        I absorb a lot from my environment… I don’t always know how I know things, which means I have to spend a lot of time organizing all the information I am picking up on into ‘subjective’ (where it just says something about me or about human nature) and ‘objective’ (where I am picking up on an actual pattern or signal existing outside of my limited sense of self or awareness). I think that is why I find astrology such a useful tool; it gives me a frame of reference from which to view all the little vibrations I sense in myself, in others, compounded across groups, and in the environment itself. Yay! :’D

        Of course, you must hear a lot of stories, as an astrologer. That’s quite a lot to absorb! Thank you for giving me an outlet for my ramblings and sorting-out. I know it might just seem like a throw-away line, but I really do mean: thank you. Getting all this energy and information thrown at yourself can be quite overwhelming!
        You are a very cool person for putting this all together, in such an accessible way, and for pursuing this life path. As you can see from everyone’s comments, you are helping connect the dots for a lot of people! I hope you take heart, and keep being amazing, keeping this information alive!

      • Thanks, Mary. I’m pretty watery, myself, though with only two planets in a water sign (Cancer), it wouldn’t look like that on a test score. But when you take in the strength of the watery planets (Moon, Neptune, Pluto) and of the watery houses (4th, 8th, 12th), you get a very sensitive, emotional person. We watery people aren’t much valued in a world that most values fire and air traits. We often need times of retreat from the world. Donna

      • I can assure you, I find the insight and information that you have provided very valuable! I am sure many other people have felt the same, and I am sure that your watery nature has enriched your relationships. Water represents intuition. The logic of air and the will of fire only help get you so far. Intuition is the method by which brilliant leaps and discoveries are made. Very important. And of course, earth, by which all those things can be made manifest, stabilized, and grounded in the physical world.
        The societal standards of success may not acknowledge all of those things, but society is shifting and changing; its standards are reflective of the past, and of the loudest and most domineering voices, not of the future, and the true collective. Currently, it is very much in flux with the fast-paced technological advances and global clashing and blending of cultures. Priorities are being shifted. Things will come back into balance. The important thing is to get in touch with the other elements, to balance the water energy which is the source of beautiful dreams, healing, and wisdom. Regardless of the prevailing social values, water energy is a very important component of psychological wholeness! And your water energy is important to the balance of our planet at large!

      • Thank you, Mary. I agree with your observations and hope, as you do, that watery/intuitive/introspective traits will once more be valued. With Neptune in Pisces–it own sign–for the first time in 168 years, this may well be the timing for these qualities to “come back in style” Donna

      • I second your thoughts maryblaise. Now I wish this group of folks could get together as “soul’mates”, but then I fear that we wouldn’t get along either–because of our “peculiar” sensitivities, etc!!!! And we are all at different levels of consciousness anyway, and that makes such a difference…

      • I think we’re already soul-mates! Not even just the people here in this group of Plutonians (although to have such a strong relationship with this planet, I’m sure that we all share a common calling or purpose!), but all the creatures on this planet! After all, we all have evolved and developed to exist in this environment together; we’re all here, for a reason. Sometimes these reasons seem at cross purposes, but I have a feeling that they aren’t, not really. It’s just that contradictions are what makes the world go round. 🙂 I have plenty of people I just don’t quite get along with, no matter how much I want to. But I love them from a distance, because I know that they, too, are supporting an entire universe of their own, and that even if that universe can’t accept my universe, they both are existing.

      • A good way of thinking about it. Would that we all knew to be that tolerant of differences. Donna

  284. Wow… I scored 59, I think?
    12th house Pluto in 9 * Scorpio,
    conjunct my 10* Scorpio ascendant,
    (sharing the twelfth with 27* libra sun and 26* libra p.fort)
    Mingling with first house retrograde Mercury in Scorpio at 11*,
    and first house Venus – ruler of my Libra Sun/Moon/Mars/p.fort – joins the party in Scorpio at 13* –
    Chiron is hiding in the smoke and veils of Pluto’s house).
    Pluto not only rules my chart, but is noted as the Sole Dispositor, a term I’m not too familiar with…

    The obvious Pluto tone of my chart struck me quite intensely when I first began more in depth astrology study. The first esoteric art I studied was the tarot, and I cannot even tell you how often Persephone/The High Priestess would appear. The influence of that interaction led me to engulf myself in the mythic/symbolic study of the relationships between Venus-Aphrodite, Persephone, and Hades-Pluto, as well as Demeter/Persephone/Hades, and Uranus/Cronus/Venus. All of which enriched my self knowledge ten fold!

    ‘Furious Love’ is my current definition of Pluto’s complex interaction with my chart. This concept of Pluto unfolded for me after reading into a theory of C.G. Jung’s, the ‘unreasoning instinct’ in the psyche, “the secret is…only that which can destroy itself is truly alive…”

    I’m still learning to deal with the unusual way I tend to interact with others, which is typically people flinching away from my staring problem… Made worse due to the intensity of my gaze (Scorpio rising eyes – defined as ‘disarming’ by my peers…) and keen observation… Or people having no grasp/perception of me, as I’m delving into to depths of my brain and practically absent to all above Pluto level. My goal is to be of help/service to others as much as I’m able… However, since I frequently miss the “NOW” I have seriously got to learn how to stop freaking them out…!

  285. 49 here! I have Sun & Moon in the 8th house, Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction with my ascendant and Uranus in Scorpio in the 2nd house. I do feel pretty “heavy” all the time…but I have recently discovered how much I love astrology and decided to become an astrologer myself! I feel a real calling to it 🙂

    Do you offer online courses? I would be very interested to study with you!

    • Astrology is a wonderful study, with a lifetime of new insights into yourself and others. I don’t teach any more, but have a look at Kepler online courses in astrology.

      You might start with two of my books that pertain to your chart. The Stellium Handbook also covers triple conjunctions like yours, and Healing Pluto Problems, which is published by RedWheelWeiser. Donna

  286. Wow – 68! My Virgo Sun conjuncts Pluto in the 8th house and Uranus is there, too. My Venus, Neptune, Jupiter and MC are all in Scorpio plus I have a lot of major and minor Pluto aspects. It’s good to finally be able to define the source of the heaviness and intensity I have always felt – now maybe I can lighten up and enjoy life a little more. Just for fun, I used my progressed chart for the test and scored 66. My natal chart is very Virgo so I took the Mercurial test and scored 59 – I guess all of my strength lies in my head.

    I’ve always felt very Scorpio, minus the revenge and sex stuff – maybe my large dose of Mercury tempered those tendencies? I’ve never understood the point of revenge and when it comes to sex, I crave the emotional, spiritual and mental bond it symbolizes much more than the act itself. For example, I was celibate for nine years after my divorce until I met a partner whose (I later discovered) Venus and Mars were conjunct in Scorpio, both of which conjunct my Venus and sextile my Mars; his Mercury was also in Scorpio. He is the reason I’m learning more about exactly what it means to be Plutonic/Scorpionic.

    Had I better understood my intensity and issues I have with trust and power, I may have understood what I had while I had it. Instead of embracing the instant oneness we shared, I was suspicious of his motives; out of fear of losing my power over my own life, I put up walls between us; fearing the emotional pain he could wield should he discover my vulnerabilities, I didn’t let him in. I wouldn’t let myself love him and I wouldn’t accept his love because I knew how much it would hurt if/when it was over. It’s over. It hurts. I don’t know which is worse: the pain of the loss or beating myself up over and over again for pushing it away.

  287. Scored 80
    Ive been that power crazed manipulative unconcious plutonian.

    The phoenix rising from the ashes is a the perfect descriptin for me.

    Ive transmuted all that negative energy
    Through the help of knowledge and self real eyes ion (realization) & experience,
    Im now im into healing myselfs & healing others.

    Im into fitness (pluto trine mars)
    Into metaphysics
    Strictlyv egetarian
    I like to ground & earth often
    Having jupiter in libra eases the way of balance…

    Just my feedback.
    Thank you all for sharing & thank you for taking time to creating this

    • Good going on your Pluto expression, Alan! Donna Cunningham

  288. Hy there,

    i got a 56 Pluto.
    What`s interesting for me is that i took other tests as well and got 48 moon, 57 saturn, 63 sun and 50+ Jupiter.

    They are all high scores (over 40, as you said), how is that possible? Shouldnt it be balanced? or is it all in hyperdrive with me? i wish i could put the chart in.

    • It’s not at all unusual for people to have several high scores. It happens with people who have lots of aspects, especially several conjunctions, as that means the two planets have many aspects in common. They’re often very complex people with lots going for them. Donna

      • I get that. But what i dont understand is how is this affecting an individual? More high scores mean what, and few high scores mean what.
        I`ve read that “squared” charts are difficult, but they give lots of good things LATER in life. What do you say?
        i am stil before the “later” part of my life 😀

      • Lots of aspects–which is one factor that tends to give several high scores–usually indicates a very complex individual with a variety of interests and goals that they strive to pursue and achieve. So they can be driven. If the majority of aspects are hard ones (squares, semisquares, oppositions), then these goals and interests may compete for the person’s time and energy. Over time, as they mature, they learn to give each of the conflicting interests their time and work, so they can make substantial progress in the conflicting areas. If there are many soft aspects (trine, sextile, quintile), it signifies that the varied interests and goals don’t conflict so much and in fact the goals and areas of life represented can be supportive of the other.

        I couldn’t be more specific without looking at your chart, and I retired from doing consultations long ago. If you want a consultation, I can send you a list of astrologers whose work I know and respect. Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you for your answer in such a short time, i appreciate it very much.
        What you said is enough for me, thanks again.

  289. I’m a 70. Thats kind of scary. Pluto on a less than 1 degree opposition to my taurus ascendant.

    • Hi, Isaac, a strong Pluto has both positive and negative potential. I have Pluto on my Ascendant and have worked a lifetime to use it in positive ways like seeing deeply into what is wrong and working to heal it. I’ve also worked hard to let go of–and mostly overcome–the negative uses like brooding and resentment and getting even. If you feel you are operating mostly in the negative ways…or, with it in the 7th, are strongly attracted to relationships with people who do…then read books about Pluto like my Healing Pluto Problems or books by Erin Sullivan and Jeffrey Wolf Green to understand Pluto’s energies better. Donna Cunningham

  290. So, if I understood correctly, I’m supposed to count each one of the aspects plus the signs, right? …

    So… my Moon/MC/Pluto conjunct in Scorpio, plus Saturn, South Node, Part of Fortune in Scorpio, and Pluto sextile Neptune, and septile Mercury scores around 51.

    Yap, tendency towards resentment and never forgetting, and wanting to get even is present. But, I do have a Sag Sun and Mercury, Jupiter in the 1st, Mars and Venus in Aqua, which I believe sort of smooths those tendencies. I struggle though, to have meaningful experiences: I’m feeling bored and dead, if I’m not living experiences that trigger intense emotional responses, and I’m in panic when I do (which tends to make me run, and never truly experience anything in a satisfactorily way, which frustrates me immensely). When passion is triggered, there is also a bit of obsession, even if it is under wraps. I yearn to let go of self defense and dive in a passionate relationship, but I only feel comfortable doing so, if I feel I have enough power over that person’s emotions. If not, I believe it’s very risky, and I’ll end up feeling heart broken, used, humiliated and what not.

    Thanks for the article 🙂

    • Hi, S.L., thanks for sharing. I think, as a person with Pluto conjunct a variety of things, that the powerful energy of such combinations takes rather a long time to master, but with conscious work on avoiding the less positive expressions and on working toward the positive ones, we grow into it. I think you’d identify with lots of the insights in my hard copy book, Healing Pluto Problems, which you can find with the Publisher, RedWheelWeiser. Donna


    makes sense (I’m ambitious as all hell) but also weird because my Neptune influence is 36 and it feels like its actually stronger than my pluto influence when its not. I mean I’m hella dreamy, I can hardly concentrate on anything…ever. If I do its trance-like. Like right now. I’ve been calculating all my planet influences for 2-3 hours now when I should be doing college work. When I DO do work I also have to get myself into a trance…fyi I haven’t failed out of college yet. Don’t ask me how that’s possible.

  292. Hi, I score 22. How strong is my Pluto?

    • Not very strong. In the mid-40s and beyond is strong. Donna

  293. Really cool, I got a 98 and I have no planets in Planets in Scorpio. I have a lot of aspects with Pluto.

    • I think that may be the highest score of all time, Erica. Most of the high ones are in the 70s. Donna

  294. This was a great article and I loved the quiz. I knew I was quite Plutonian but did not expect to get 55! And only included all about Pluto (I also have mars in Scorpio on my descendant aspecting all my Virgo stellium biz as well – where Pluto sits smack in the middle of).
    What a volcanic ride Pluto has taken me on over my life. People are either really enamoured and magnetised by me or intimated by and loath me. There is no middle ground. It’s taken many years to realise the effect I have on people, without even realising. And it’s taken many years to cool the volcano and put that energy into more constructive areas.
    Love it!

  295. I got a really high score, a 55. Which is not surprising: Pluto in Scorpio, Scorpio rising, Pluto aspects my sun, moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars and Midheaven.

    The major theme of my life: lots of energy. Pluto energizes almost all my personal planets (being the ruling planet itself). I’m a taurus sun with a Cap moon natally so the dark pluto energy is very subtle but quite powerful. I like it to be honest.

  296. Ok I’m impressed. I have Sun, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio and some few centaurs, TNOs and asteroids. Sun is the lonely one in this place (peculiarly with asteroid Summanus, epithet of God Pluto, few minutes close in conjunction), while most part of the others are gathered together in the end of Scorpio (I was born in 1995’s Halloween LOL). I must say that I breath my Scorpio energy, even having other influences in my chart.

    Pluto trine Ascendant 10
    Pluto Conjunct Venus 5
    Pluto sextile Uranus 2
    Pluto Sextile Descendant 2
    ~ Pluto Binovile Moon 2 (It is so close and I feel it explains a lot of my spiritual connection so I find it relevant)
    Pluto is in a YOD with Uranus and IC 5 *that I just don’t know the meaning rolf
    ~ Pluto is in Stellium with Venus and MANY objects 5 (Quaoar, Ixion, Valentine, Thereus, Nessus to list some)
    Subtotal: 24 – 31

    House Features
    Pluto in Scorpio 10
    Sun in Scorpio 5
    Venus in Scorpio 3
    Sun in 8th House 5
    Venus in 8th House 3
    ~ I have Pluto in 8th House as well, but rather conjunct 9th house, still I feel that Pluto may influence 9th house, pluto in 8th house feels 100% of me – Strong visions, occultism, transmutation of the soul and stuff. I don’t think of myself a seer, but I think that I can connect to my inner darkness in a very natural way, maybe 10 points?
    Subtotal: 26 – 36

    Total: 50 – 67
    Oh yeah, Pluto always were my favorite Planet so, lol, it’s so wonderful to get this result. I can clearly say I’m Scorpio so. I’m just worried with the Pluto-Venus thing, will I ever find someone to handle that?

    • Hi, I’m Martin from Hong Kong.
      I scored ~91 in this test.
      I’m not sure if I was marking it right or not.
      Please give feedbacks if any of them should be adjusted. Thanks.

      Pluto trine Sun 10
      Pluto square moon 10
      Pluto conjunct Asc 10
      Pluto square Midheaven 10
      Pluto square Mars 5
      Pluto square Venus 5
      Pluto sextile Neptune 2
      Pluto sextile Saturn 2
      Pluto in Scorpio 10
      ASC in Scorpio 10
      Sun in 8th house 5
      Mercury in 8th house 3
      Jupiter in 8th house 3
      Chiron in 8th house 2
      Pluto trine Chiron 2
      Chiron trine ScorpioASC 2


      • It looks correct, all legitimate scores. It’s one of the highest scores I’ve seen. You have a stellium in the 8th house as well as many, many Pluto aspects. Two of my books might be very useful in understanding your chart: The Stellium Handbook and Healing Pluto Problems. You can find out more about them on my website, Donna Cunningham

      • The two books you recommended above seems inspirational to me.
        I guess “How to read your astrological chart” is also a book that’s helpful to me.
        Thank you very much Donna!
        Besides, would you mind showing me how you would score my pluto in your perspective?
        I was born in 5th July,1989 14:52 in Hong Kong.
        Thanks again!

      • Dear me, Martin. If I calculated scores for the hundreds of readers who want me to do their planetary scores, I’d be working 12 hour days and never get a moment to write the book I’m working on–much less have a life of my own. Donna (also born July 5th)

      • oh what a coincidence!
        You are the 18th person I know that have a same birthday!
        I tried to re-calculate my scores and hope I did not misunderstand any English terms.
        This is my new result:

        Pluto trine Sun 10
        Pluto square moon 10
        Pluto conjunct Asc 10
        Pluto square Midheaven 10
        Pluto square Mars 5
        Pluto square Venus 5
        Pluto sextile Neptune 2
        Pluto sextile Saturn 2
        Pluto in Scorpio 10
        ASC in Scorpio 10
        Sun in 8th house 5
        Mercury in 8th house 3
        Jupiter in 8th house 3
        Chiron in 8th house 2
        Pluto trine Chiron 2
        Chiron trine ScorpioAsc2
        ScorpioAsc square Midheaven 5
        Mars square ScorpioAsc 2
        Stellium in 8th house 5
        Saturn sextile ScorpioAsc 2
        Sun trine ScorpioAsc 5
        Neptune sextile Asc 2
        Neptune + Chiron + Asc 5
        Saturn + Chiron + Asc 5
        Neptune + Sun + Asc 5
        Neptune + Sun + pluto 5
        Saturn + Sun + Asc 5
        Saturn + Sun + pluto 5
        Neptune + Chiron + pluto 5
        Saturn + Chiron + pluto 5

        Total = 152

        Personally, I love Pluto/Scorpio personalities.
        But honestly speaking, my life has never been easy….yet
        Not that I am suffering with starvation or having serious financial issues, but nothing in my life has gone really smooth
        It sometimes seem like a message telling me no matter how hard I work or try, I still won’t get anywhere.
        Thankfully, I haven’t given up yet either, but not too far away.

      • Amazing score, Martin! The highest I’ve ever seen were scores in the 70s. No, it isn’t easy being a Plutonian. One big reason is that the world is full of people who lie to themselves and to others, and we see beneath all that.

        Nor does anyone really want to deal with emotions (their own or ours) and we’re intensely emotional. I dunno, I just learned that it’s a lot better if we keep our mouths shut.

        Jeez. I hope nobody sees this besides you and me! You just caught me on a day when I felt like telling some truths.

      • by not smooth, i mean really hard
        it took me 8 different schools to complete grade 7-13
        and this is only a tiny little part….

  297. got an 84!!

    Well, I am not surprised… people always have an immediate reaction towards me mostly in a hateful aspect due to my stellium in 4thhouse involving pluto square the ascendant. I feel very misunderstood. But, I also sense how I unknowingly manage to trigger people and empower them to get things done and become better in life. I am a person with a great insight, but people usually find me quite intimidating. I am quite isolated or love my solitude and spend most of my time reading about the deepest truths of life. Being a woman, I also feel some of the things that I have not yet been able to accept in myself, I always encounter them in my external world in my bosses, peers, which is something i don’t like at all. Well, this plutonian is evolving each day with the only purpose of achieving peace in life.

  298. My plutonic score is 100! — feeling peachy!

  299. My Ascendant is in Scorpio (9 degrees Orb), so I’ve also calculated the aspects to the Ascendant.

    I’ve also made an effective-consideration to the fact that I have Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st house — and that Pluto is the closest planet to the midpoint of the chart within the Ascendant’s angle… I’ve estimated that to equal 8-10 points.

    I have Ceres in Scorpio in the 1st house; being conjunct Pluto and conjunct the Ascendant too — within a 2-degrees Orb, so I’ve given Ceres a credit of 5-6 points. If I happen to calculate Ceres to begin with, I have believed that it has an effective-role in a chart if strongly aspect-ed…. We’re speaking about the ‘nurturing type of energy’ here that Ceres delivers.

    I have Ixion in Scorpio in the 1st house, and I’ve given it 2 points.

    Another fact which I’ve considered but did NOT calculate is having my Moon in Sagittarius in the 1st house — 3 degrees Orb, which has the fixed stars Acrab (Beta Scorpius) and Dschubba (Delta Scorpius) — both are aspecting my Moon in a 0-degree Conjunction and both are rising. I have my Moon being the nearest planet to Pluto — both being the nearest planets within the range of the Ascendant’s angle; the midpoint of the chart.

    Just a side-question, does that make me have common traits of the Moon in Scorpio-placement? — just a streak of curiosity; going by the rules of the ‘tropical-astrology’.

    Plus, I have my Vedic Moon in Scorpio in the 1st house.

  300. There’s another factor which I’ve kept in the back of my head, but did not attach directly to the score.

    Having Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Lilith, and the Nodes in the 3rd house — which is ruled by Gemini…

    And speaking of the Gemini-energy, I have Gemini in the 8th house — owing to the fact that I am a Scorpio-Ascendant.

    So, the reflection of the Gemini energy in that manner shall put an emphasis on the 8th house energy — indirectly.

    But I keep this factor in the back of my head, without directly calculating it in accordance with the test.

    And speaking of the Mercurian energy in general, Mercury is one of my planetary dominants… So yes, the communication of Mercury provides a ‘method’ to the ‘madness’ of Pluto, lol.

  301. Hi Donna,

    Just finished reading the “Healing Pluto problems”. Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for at this time and I stumbled onto your site and got to read the book.

    Pluto is currently transiting my 6th house and I have lots of issues at work with my bosses and colleagues, even though it forms mostly sextiles with most of my natal planets, it is opp jupiter and conjunct saturn and neptune.

    The transit Uranus squaring pluto for past few years has
    stirred me up completely in lot f ways, including the sudden interest in studying astrology, though I am only an amateur and only read for self-awareness.

    I am trying to work on myself so that I break the old patterns of power struggles in every circle I end up with, especially when it comes to work, because I love my work, but the people around are not very honest or does not seem to come with good intentions and this is somehow turning into a self fulfilling prophecy and I think it’s time for me to rise above all this.

    Any form of suggestion from you would be really helpful.

    • Hi, Sonia, I’m glad you found Healing Pluto Problems helpful–the book was written over 30 years ago, but seems to still be relevant today.

      You seem to be handling this years-long Pluto-Uranus square well, but yes, it’s very difficult and mixes in often with other transiting Planets to form a t-square. Someday, it will be history! Donna

  302. Hello Donna, your astrological-insights are quite interesting! I’m looking forward to reading one of your ‘Pluto-Oriented Books’.

    I was wondering if my hypothesis is true…

    Which is a consideration to Ceres being in Scorpio in the 1st house — conjuncting Pluto and the Ascendant in a 0-degree conjunction.

    As I’ve stated above in previous comments, I have considered my Moon in Sagittarius 3-degrees Orb; featuring scorpionic fixed-stars — as well consisting of a decent scorpionic-energy in general.

    And my Vedic Moon is in Scorpio in the 1st house.

    Plus, having Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st house.

    I have Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Lilith, and the Nodes in the 3rd house — reflecting the Gemini-energy — which indirectly puts an emphasis on the 8th house (in Gemini) of my Ascendant in Scorpio.

    I’m wondering about the number of points that I would add to my score; going by an ‘astrological-intuition’.

    How many points do you assume I should consider as a bonus, if I am to calculate the aforementioned factors?


  303. Wow…. I knew I was Plutonian, but I got a score of 86!
    (I added 5 bonus points for North Node in Scorpio, and 5 points for North Node conjunct Pluto.)

    I have Scorpio Ascendent, Pluto is Scorpio conjunct ascendent. I have been told I have that “Plutonian gaze” lol.

  304. There should be points for Pluto in Libra, or Pluto in Saggitarius, where it is very strong, and also the biggest points for Pluto in 1st house obviously.

    • Hi, for chart features not listed on the test, you would use the option at the bottom of the test, of bonus points awarded at your discretion. If your Pluto is conjunct the Ascendant, there are already big points for that–whether it’s in the first or 12th. Donna

  305. I got 70 at minimum, I’m Gemini sun and Mercury in 8th house, Scorpio moon, Jupiter, Pluto, NN and Ascendant in 1st house
    Now This explains why I never felt like a Gemini!

  306. My score is 33. It seems that I’m moderately Plutonian.

  307. I scored a 103 and I’m not at all surprised. I’ve always been fascinated with ancient conquerors, death, depth psychology and words simply torture me because I can instinctually sense how they are weaponized and used against me. Hence, I tend to keep my own company.

  308. Yikes, I got a minimum of 64, it’s more like 80. I’m not surprised since Pluto is exactly conjunct north node. Funny that I’m a Pisces ASC, the pluto doesn’t show up much in my daily life.

  309. I got a score of 94… Pluto in my chart is in scorpio and aspects all but two planets in my chart. It’s also part of 2 T-squares, a grand trine and a grand cross. My life’s definitely been difficult. I’ve dealt with all kinds of abuse and power struggles throughout my whole life. People always seem to have a strong reaction to me, either they really love me right away and are drawn to me, almost obsessed with me, or I somehow rub them the wrong way and people are confrontational towards me without me even doing anything to them! I guess I’m definitely meant understand Pluto energies in this lifetime.

  310. wow! I had A very high score.
    I scored 83! and everything you said is just like me.
    can anyone tell me what does my score means to me? is it good or bad thing?

    • It is neither a good nor a bad thing, it just depends on how you are using it and whether you are misusing its less desirable qualities. Here are some of the qualities:

      Pluto’s roles: psychologist, healer, occultist, magician, renovator, analyst, hospice worker, genealogist, banker, financier, medium, magician, shaman, seer, researcher, detective.
      Possible Constructive traits: deep, perceptive, psychologically astute, insightful, empathic, transformative, persevering, resilient. Possible Difficult Traits: suspicious, mistrustful, loner, resentful, vengeful, unforgiving, possessive, obsessive, compulsive, spiteful, enmeshed in power struggles, manipulative.

      Donna Cunningham

  311. Do asteroids and fixed stars count? My sun is exactly conjunct Acrab and my Pluto is closely conjunct Unukalhai.. I also have a bunch of asteroids, (one of them being Kaali) and Vertex in Scorpio..

    • Those are awfully minor. I never heard of them and wouldn’t begin to be able to interpret them. Donna

  312. Hey, Donna, thank you so much for all this wonderful material on Plutonian individuals.

    Turns out I am one, and I am not surprised. However, other people don’t really consider me such an individual, because I am by no means dark in how I present myself. Actually, I guess the fact that Jupiter is my second strongest planet balances this Plutonian dominance of 46 points. Jupiter is 42, followed by Venus (41) and Moon (40). The other planets and the Sun start from 27 points down, so I won’t list them here.

    My question to you is, since I really love the depths of psychology and anything hidden, private investigation and such, and I even majored in psychology… how can I start interpreting the dominance of both Pluto and Jupiter/Venus/Moon in my chart? It’s hard for me to make sense of it holistically, because the Plutonian thing I feel very deep inside, and it shows in my interests – heavy music, dark and occult topics, mysticism… but on the other hand, my demeanor is very sunny, I am also a singer, even though I graduated in psychology *and still haven’t found a job in that sphere*… I actually moved away from the psychoanalitic psychology and majored in social/organizational psychology. I guess I didn’t want to feel too much… even though I am very strong at knowing how people tick… I guess I didn’t want to make it a profession. Throwing oil in fire, so to speak…

    Can you help me with deciphering a bit that combination of influences together? They seem quite contradictory to me.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Shoot, this is my third time writing you a nice long response to your question, and for whatever reason, they just didn’t go through. I meant to say that we’re all a mess of contradictions due to conflicting placements in our charts, and it’s a lifelong process of learning to honor and use each of those pieces well. squares, houses with conflicting agendas, planets that aren’t in aspect but are in signs that don’t go well together.

      You are already well on your way to learning how do deal with both Jupiter and Pluto well, so just keep learning those planets and their positive and undesirable expressions. For Pluto placements, I’d suggest that you read my book, Healing Pluto, Problems, and books on that planet by Jeffry Wolf Green and Liz Greene. Donna

      • Thank you, Donna, it’s still a reply, so I am grateful 🙂 I will check out your book.

  313. Hello thank you for all your work i appreciate them so much. I swept all strong planets writings literally. If im not wrong my pluto number 74. My pluto a part of my fixed grand cross and a part of mystic rectangle, so i counted them 10? P conjunct moon in scorpio, p trine sun, p square mercury, p square saturn, p trine venus, p opposite mars, neptune and uranus sextile pluto. Am i counting right? Also except jupiter all planets is a off chart. Is it the reason i feel pull and push inside and outside all the time. How can i cope with it. Id love too much living by myself alone and im sure i never want to be married till ive found a weirdo like me. Because with my hurting people hurt me conflict with people dominate me ive always be in the middle. Unfortunately now being in a large and disastrous family i cant help but fix shooting job. And i read healing pluto problems little in google and so shocked so true . my mom gave birth to me 14years after and wanted me abortion. Like before i was born a year before she made abortion. But her friend convinced her. Pregnancy was hard too she was almost miscarrige me. Also i suspect there is much she didnt tell me. Thank you so much it touched me Donna.

  314. Interesting website, thank you for providing. Upon first calculation, I’m at 45 points.

  315. Pluto in Scorpio (12th) Ascendant in Scorpio, Sun in 8th, chrion in 8th, mercury in 8th.

    Pluto Trine Sun, Pluto Square Part of Fortune, Pluto sextile MC, Pluto opposing North Node, Pluto Square Moon, Pluto Sextile Neptune are my main aspects.

    I cannot wait to learn more about all of this stuff.

  316. I scored 77!!!!!! That’s too much Pluto, even for me!

  317. Using the orbs you’ve displayed, I took all the planetary tests and got these scores…

    Sun: 94
    Moon: 65
    Mercury: 68
    Venus: 30
    Mars: 63
    Jupiter: 21
    Saturn: 45
    Uranus: 66
    Neptune: 62
    Pluto: 49

    I think they’re pretty high. Then again, I’ve got an Aquarius Stellium with a Scorpio Mars and a Aries Saturn in opposition to Mars (dissociate). Crazy chart of mine lol

  318. My score was quite high:
    Sun trine pluto
    Mercury inconjunct pluto
    Venus inconjunct pluto
    Ascendant in scorpio
    Moon square pluto
    Mars inconjunct pluto(only counting the inconjuncts because they form a yod with pluto in my 1st.. Mercury Venus in Aries, Mars in Gemini). Asked other people and they said it will be important because of the yod
    Jupiter square pluto
    Saturn square pluto
    Neptune sextile pluto
    Uranus sextile pluto
    Pluto is in scorpio
    Mars is in 8th
    Midheaven is in Leo, square my pluto
    Don’t remember my north node..
    My final score is coming to around 112 +/- 2.
    For the detectives – my birth time is 21:45 Indian Standard Time, at Allahabad, India. Born March 12, 1991.

  319. Hi Everyone! 🙂 one more Plutonian is late for the party ;p
    I scored 49 points 🙂 But would like to add few more for having Ascendant ruler in 8th AND conjunct to Pluto in 1 degree 🙂 (maybe 5 more points?)
    The other thing that scarys me a little is Moon- Pluto conjunction with orb -0°11′ . Still try to release, work with that power, but don’t know much about it ^^
    Cheers 🙂

  320. I scored a whopping 66 (71 if Pluto is the alpha dog of my stellium – I think it is). I have a pluto-ascendant trine (8 degrees); a Pluto-sun conjunction (2 degrees) and Mars-Mercury conjunction in the 8th house; Venus-Jupiter conjunction and Neptune-Midheaven conjunction in Scorpio; the ruling planets of my descendant (sun) and Midheaven (Pluto) are in the 8th house; the ruler of my IC (Venus) is in Scorpio; I have a a 4-planet Virgo stellium in the 8th house and a 3-planet-plus-Midheaven stellium in Scorpio.

    That explains a few things…

    I checked out my progressed chart just for fun and scored 76. I’m practically a Plutonian paragon.

    • Seldom have I heard from a Pluto paragon, but you might be one, Rose. Especially with the progressions echoing its strength. This is the first comment from someone who’s working with her progressions. Donna Cunningham

      • Donna, im just recreading HEALING PLUTO PROBLEMS ( those of you who have not read this book need to download this right away) . What a genius book. Always an excellent revisit when in a plutonian rut. It is a bible for me. ( pluto opposed the sun 1 degree in 8th house). Im wondering if you think plutonians should paetner up with other plutonians in relationships for parenthood or if a more lighthearted partner is better? I would think in order to work out plutonian issues you need to be on ” the field”? What do you think? To feed the plutonian hungers or not? To work on site with a partner who triggers the pluto stuff and move through it or someone pick someone who does not? Its almost like a vaccine: a vacine has a dose of the illness and creates anti bodies to fight off the illness. Thank you again for this book. Deeply.

      • Glad the book is helpful, Kay. It has been in print since about 1985.

        Rather than two scorpions mating, it might be better to balance that emotional intensity with a complementary earth sign. Opposite signs are sometimes a good match and balance for each other, and your opposite sign, Taurus, can be a steadying influence, and every bit as sensuous as Scorpio. Donna

        PS. Folks, if you want to look at Healing Pluto Problems, it’s in print and on Kindle at RedWheell/Weiser.

      • Wow. To top it all of Under my healing pluto problems book is another book called astrology for the soul. About north nodes ( off topic but not totally) the front quote is by Donna. CLEARLY well respected and at the top of her game. I find Donnnas books to be the perfect side dishes for the blog. Between the blog and books Donna has given us EVERYTHING we need to find our way in astrology. Its no wonder she does not read anymore. Bummed I miss that era though. Would have been first in line. ☺️ Only a plutonian could go this deep and transmute this much energy in one life. High vibratory plutonians make the world a better place by offering tools of deep healing.

  321. Pluto strength 21 points.

  322. my total score more than 29:
    Pluto semi-square ascendant = 2
    Pluto trine Venus = 5
    Pluto sextile midheaven = 2
    mid heaven scorpio = 5
    Pluto trine saturn = 2
    Pluto sextile uranus = 2
    Pluto semi-square NN = 2
    grand trine venus-saturn-pluto = 5
    pluto sextile neptune = 2
    sun quintile pluto = 2
    = 29

    additional are:
    ceres + hera tight conjunct pluto (and other asteroids aspecting pluto)
    asteroids steillium:
    cupido +medusa + sappho +prose +spirit + amor + vesta + pallas are in Scorpio
    pluto house 11
    house 11 Scorpio
    i don’t know if i could add these but if i could the score is more than 30
    and i stare like a scorpio lmao…
    btw i’m an aquarius female

  323. I had a score of 92….seriously,and no I did not add extra placements like nodes and asteroids;not sure what to think right now.

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  325. Hello,
    I have a 74. Pluto in scorpio is part of a kite with the nodes, squaring my personal planets in aquarius (stellium) and I have also mars, south node and IC in scorpio. He is connected with saturn, chiron and neptune too. One big Pluto party 🙂 Plutonic and Uranian themes are a constant. Going through a radical change the last decade, from the depths of hell to heights of heaven. Probably going to school to become a karmic healer. It’s been intense, extreme and very emotional to say at least. I’m 30 now, stronger, so I can deal with this energy better.
    Bye 🙂

  326. I just scored 52. I guess that makes me rather Plutonian 😉

  327. I scored a 58.

    I have Pluto (18°) in Libra in the 8th as part of a Stellium that includes my sun (13°), Venus (24°), & Merc (29°) which are all Opposed to My Aries moon.

    I have Uranus in Scorpio in the MC and Uranus conjuncts the MC.

    In my chart, Pluto contacts (either major/minor) Every Planet, with an exact (0°) Quindicile to Mars in Leo (7°) in the 7th (which is conjunct the DC by 1°)

  328. I have 5 major Pluto aspects and a few minor aspects. Which I didn’t add in to my score. Scoring 42 for the five major aspects. I’ve always attracted and dated Scorpios. And attract people with strong Scorpio aspects in their natal and have dated plutonian people as well. I’ve had problems with them being obsessive possessive and controlling with me and they’ve usually ended badly. But I myself need deep transformational relationships. Being young neither of us knew how to control our Pluto Scorpio connections but now that I’m older I’m learning a lot about healing others which I’ve always naturally done. (A natural born counselor here) I draw people to me out of nowhere. But now I’m working on healing myself. I’m a twelfth house moon conjunct asc, and Pluto rising in the first house with Uranus and bml conjunct. My dad is a Scorpio and everyone would say we are just alike. Lol. And so when I got into astrology I immediately looked up any Scorpio I may have had and I have None! (Except a lot of midpoints in scorpio) a new astrologists did my chart for practice, and told me about my Pluto rising because I was curious to know why I always attract Capricorn and Scorpio being a Sagittarius and having no Scorpio in my natal. So I dug further and found that I’m very plutonian despite my sag stellium. Which is sun Jupiter mercury and Neptune in the third. And am air/fire dominant with little water. And I also did charts of ex boyfriends and found that we had Venus/Pluto connections. And they have Scorpio Mars in sextile to my Virgo moon and semi square to my Capricorn Venus. Astrology is so interesting. Thank you for this page. It has helped me learn more about myself. Oh, and my Scorpio dad also had Virgo moon and Capricorn Venus as well as my first born son who’s named after my pops. My son also has the same Libra ascendant and same nodes as me. He’s always been mamas boy. (: I also have moon heavy in my chart but I haven’t looked that far into my moon yet. Other than 12th house moon and the Pluto conjunct to ascendant aspects. Thanks again. Sorry for the over share hehehe

  329. Also have two t-squares in cardinal and mutable. Which are my Pluto in Libra Chiron in Aries and Venus in Capricorn. Sun mercury Jupiter in sag, to Virgo moon to Mars in Pisces. The Gemini Saturn tails off the mutable t-square from my Virgo moon but doesn’t make a connection to the Mars in Pisces. I still don’t know how that works though. Thanks again.

  330. Hey there,

    I’m a cancer sun, moon and mercury (all conjunct) with my ascendant in sag (conjunct Neptune). I’ve always felt very cancerian and I guess this has led me into reading astrology in more detail. I’m deeply emotional and loving but I can also be a little possessive and extremely clingy (if I care about you that is). I also have a hot temper but cool down quickly. I’m not able to do that cancerian silent treatment thing for long before I just need to get it all off my chest (get outta the way quick people). I figured that this might be my sag rising. God I wish I could zip it sometimes!

    So…. I’m still learning about astrology and today I discovered that I have a very strong Pluto influence. I’m surrounded by scorpios; my mother, sister (moon) and 3 of my best friends.

    I’m very impatient and have great difficulty biting my tongue, especially with authority figures that I don’t respect. I’ve actually had a few full blown office arguments with my boss but he is a real scum bag. He lies, bullies and manipulates. When he’s acting in this manor I can, annoyingly, see straight through him. It makes my skin crawl.

    I’m not manipulative (although I have the skill set- just don’t want to be that guy) or vengeful (I haven’t got the patience or inclination to hold on to bitter feelings). Having said that I can hold onto hurt for a long time. I think I do this in a more cancerian way that in a scoprio way (sad not angry).

    Along with Pluto I’m also off the charts with my mercury and moon.

    Pluto 50
    Moon 72
    Mercury 56

    Can anyone tell me what all of this means? Is it unusual to have so many dominant planets in one chart? Does the Pluto opposition to my cancer sun, moon and mercury make me come across more like a scorpio?

    I also have a T-square involving Saturn, Venus and my Sag ascendant/Neptune. So many aspects it’s hard to know trumps what!

  331. Thank you for these tests Donna, as they are most insightful! I got 74 for Pluto, yet I am the phoenix! I am one of the Uranus/Pluto opposite Saturn sub generation, with my Pluto scoring highest, followed by Saturn 50, then Uranus 35. I don’t care for power struggles, worldly status, nor ‘big bucks’! Most of my work is my own transformation and helping others be true to themselves and to be the best that they can be, and in serving humanity through my creative projects. People reveal their secrets to me and I have helped many many people transition from life to the other side. I am a natural healer, researcher, artist, writer, musician, composer, counsellor, empath and sensitive, easily in tune to astral, 4th and 5th dimensional awareness… People also project their shadow onto me, thus it is in my best interests to live as a hermit! I have had a massive life task in elucidating ancestral secrets and bringing the past and future into the present to help current and future generations; and as life has no certainties and change is inevitable I choose not to hold onto anything! 🙂 I also scored high with my Mercury, with a score of 64, and my Chiron was 52! Other planets scored low! Now, that I’ve had my fun, I had get back to my book! cheers and have a great day! 🙂

    • That’s a very high score, but you seem to be doing a great job of working to express the qualities of that Pluto-Uranus combination for the greater good of yourself and others. Regards, Donna Cunningham

  332. *wry*
    I scored 27 for Uranus and 52 for Pluto. What’s hysterical (because you said in the other post that Uranus and Pluto are the squarest of squares…) is that I have Pluto in Scorpio and my Sun in Aquarius in the 8th house. The only thing that could make that funnier would be Uranus in Scorpio…

  333. Alright, here’s what I got for my Pluto test (redone).

    Opposite Moon, Trine MC: 20 points
    Conjunct Chiron & Parallel Mars: 10 points
    Sextile Sun and Uranus, Sequisquare Saturn: 6 points
    Part of Mystic Rectangles Invoving MC, Sun, and Uranus: 10 points
    Scorpio Ascendant Conjunct Mars: 13 points
    Moon in 8th: 5 points

    That should account for a total of 64 points! I’m very Plutonian and have always felt like a Scorpio. Strange enough, my Aquarius energy is very strong, but I feel more like a Scorpio. Most likely that’s because of my Hades Moon.

    I think it’s hilarious when people brag about how much they can see through people’s BS and related stuff (plutonian abilities). They have no idea…
    I think having a Scorpio Ascendant allows for me to hide all this so well; nobody even realizes this about me 😀

  334. Hello
    I found the post super helpful on the confusing question of being plutonian or not. I scored a 34! Less then what I thought I would have. For a low number I fall into the category very well. I believe its for my less evolved personality is why I can identify myself with the well known negative traits of Pluto. Natal Venus opposition of my natal Pluto, Scorpio moon, and other aspects as well( could be why lol).thank you i very much appreciate the insight

  335. 90s kids are way more Plutonian – I’ve got between 91 and 100, depending on the bonus points. 🙂

    • I do believe that’s a record! You’re right about the 90s kids, especially those with Pluto in its own sign, Scorpio. Considering that the orbit of Pluto takes 248 years, it’s a rare position, and they oughta get triple bonus points for that! Donna Cunningham

      PS. You might want to get my book, Healing Pluto Problems from the publisher, RedWheel/Weiser.

  336. I’m a 70! Always knew something was up.

  337. Hi Donna! How about having Pluto/Scorpio in angular houses? Should we include it in the scores?

    • Hi, Leo. Not if it’s deep into the house. But if it’s 10 degrees or less from the angle, that’s covered by the scores for aspects to the Midheaven or Ascendant. (a conjunction to the IC, for example would automatically be an opposition to the Midheaven, as the degrees numbers on the MidHeaven and the IC are always the same.) Donna

      • Oh thank you Donna. I have another question, should we include the aspects of Scorpio planets to other planets or should it only be Pluto aspecting the planets? Thanks!

      • No, the Scorpio planets already get their points, so just the Pluto aspects. Donna

  338. Wow- I got a score of 85! Unfortunately none of the career choices sound pleasing to me. I wonder why that is

  339. What’s funny is my family nickname was “Pluto”, because I was an oddball and didn’t interact much with anyone and kept to myself. It makes sense, I got a score of 85. Lol. I have a Scorpio square my Leo sun, moon, and midheaven.

  340. Hi Donna. Can we include minor aspects like novile and decile (semiquintile) in the calculation? Just wondering.

    • Absolutely, Sean, in fact if you look at the test, there’s a place for minor aspects (so many I couldn’t list them all) where you award them 2 points. If you’re intrigued by the lesser known aspects like the novile, use the search engine at the top of the column on the right hand side of the blog. One summer the readers and I conducted some research on those aspects (separate posts for each) in which readers described in the comment sections how their own minors affected their lives. It was good fun. Donna

      • Thanks Donna for your response. I just checked your articles regarding the minor aspects. I understand the lesser known aspects better. It’s really fun learning and exploring these aspects.

        I scored 73 in the test. But do you think I should include asteroids like Juno, Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, etc. (lesser known asteroids are excluded) in calculating the scores? I’m hesitating to include it, so I want to know your insight about this. Thanks!

      • Hi, Sean, there’s a blank at the bottom of the test where you can add points for other chart features you think are important–between 2 and 5 points.

        The tests needed to be kept as simple as possible so the newer students could do them, so that’s why the bonus points are available.

        Regards, Donna

        On 6/25/2016 5:43 PM, Sky Writer wrote >

  341. Donna, how many points would you give mercury parallel pluto? Thanks.

    • At the bottom of the test, there’s a category for awarding bonus points for features not listed on the test. For a parallel, I’d say two points. Donna

  342. my score is 42 without 2-5 I have north node scorpio conjunct pluto in scorpio opposite mars which it is conjunct part of fortune in 8th house

  343. I’m really happy to find out I am a Plutonian and am moving in the right direction regarding soul choices. Thank you. I scored 56

  344. well just over 100 lol sry for the typo

  345. Hi Donna!
    Would you consider the 8th house ruler being the Moon(Cap. not conj. Asc.) in the 1st house to be one more association with Pluto energies? This aspect of my chart has always been a mistery for me.

  346. I got 61 or 63 points depending on if you wanna count the south node. But I’m very Plutonian when I look back at my life I’ve been very obsessive, secretive, and a huge loner with not that many friends or associates, but I do have a really a small circle of friends who I talk to all the time. I’ve also scared the crap out of people based on my mysterious vibe, some people have assumed that I could be a serial killer, rapist, pedophile etc which just shows how terrified some people are of me. But also to be fair I have had moments when I can just a mean person with no ounce of kindness depending who I’m dealing with because I’ve had my share of conflicts with people and I’ve had a lot haters which is really interesting because it’s seems as if many people who have a strong pluto in their chart always seem to get a polarizing reaction from others whether it’s intentional or non-intentional on their part. But Plutonian people will leave an impression on you and that’s for damn sure. P.S. I’ve always seemed to have a magnetic affect on a lot of women and a strong Pluto will definitely give you huge sex appeal LOL. Great Post.

  347. how funny I was going to write the same as the last commenter – 61 for me but a bit higher if you count the south node which forms a stellium in scorpio in my 7th.
    I resonate strongly with pluto themes but I think anyone who is strongly plutonian in some ways is drawn to transformation and isn’t satisfied just living at a surface level. I know I never have, although venus in Gemini mitigates that a bit along with some other chart influences.
    I don’t know how I affect others but I feel sometimes they project onto me or my openness or uncanny ability to say just the thing that penetrates their bubble (mostly unintentionally, I just get a vibe and can be very honest – I hate bullshitting and fakery) disturbs them and then they don’t like me or feel uncomfortable but over time you ‘find your people’.
    I used to try to be a chameleon and blend in but then I got a chronic illness (Pluto in the 6th in Scorpio but conjunct my Descendant) and it’s cleared a lot of crap from my life and forced me to dig deep and find my true values and work to be authentic. Healing on every level is a big part of how I choose to approach this energy now. Thanks for the post, it’s a refreshingly different approach and I enjoyed doing the quiz and reading others’ comments 🙂

  348. Hi, does having a singleton work?? I have pluto as my co-ruler of my chart and it happens to be my singleton. It is Pluto in scorpio in the 8th house. Plus all my pluto contacts — I have a whooping 78!!! The only thing that keeps me stable is my stellium in capricorn in the 10th house 😁 which happens to have saturn among them and is sextile my pluto. The only bridge to control all my craziness.

    • Hi, Erik. You can add points for the singleton, using the “bonus points” option.

      There’s quite a lot of information on stelliums and on the Capricorn stellium in particular on this blog. Use the onsite search engine at the top of the right hand column on the front page. Donna Cunningham

  349. I was shocked to find out that I’m only a 27 in score (if I don’t include the minor asteroids). So becuase of that I have a question… Does my Plutonian factor increase if it aspects my 1st house Venus by Square. My Venus is part of a stellium that includes my ASC. SO Pluto does not aspect my ASC directly(which would have been a higer point addition) but I am wondering if having it aspect my first house Venus and having Pluto not only be part of a stellium that includes my north node which happenes to be Libra(ruled by Venus) makes it more significant. I think it MUST be because 1. People always think I have a scorpio ASC or Pluto in the first house and 2. I attract big time Plutonian types. All of my serious partners have had Scorpio in their charts, and or Pluto in the first house and in major aspect to their Sun, or have been 8th house personalities or all of the above. My mom and dad are both Scorp rising. My daughter is Scorp rising. My neice is scorp rising. My hubby was a Scorp Sun with MArs and Mercury in Scorp and a 1st house pluto conjunct the ASC. Our composite chart has Sun, Moon Venus and Pluto in conjunction. So I draw major high score plutonians to me and I am thinking this HAS to be because of the Pluto/Venus Aspect and Pluto/North Node Aspect in my Chart. Maybe also my quintile to MC?? Anyone care to respond. Donna Cunningham??? LOL! Seriously though…

    • Okay, Bonita. I will officially certify you as a Plutonian. Those aspects to first house planets and Midheaven, as well as probably being the Alpha Dog planet in your stellium (you can read an article about that on this blog) make it a strong feature. Under the bonus points, you could add some for the aspect to your north/south nodes. (The nodal aspect most often shows up in your karmic relationships with others.) IF your Pluto is in Scorpio, its own sign, you’d have to add about 25 more bonus points. If you want to understand more about Pluto and about stelliums, you would do well to read my books, Healing Pluto Problems, and The Stellium Handbook.

      At this point, I am a tired and completely retired old lady and so I am not available any more. The Former THE Donna Cunningham

  350. Thanks for the cool post! Is it possible that I’m an 85?

    • Yup! It’s more common than you’d think. We Plutonians go all out. Donna

  351. thank you for sharing. i have a score of something between 100 and 116 depending on how to count the bonus aspects. pluto is on my ascendant conj the south node and part of a t-square with aquarius sun and leo moon (conj mc).
    other to having a lot of squares (a grand cross between a sun-moon opposition and the nodes- another grand cross between mars/jupiter/lilith/nessus), i do have stabilising trine/sextile aspects from my sun/moon-opposition to saturn and a helpful neptune trine to the north node (NN being conjunct pholus/ DC/ the part of fortune as well). so although i’m having a really high pluto score and a lot of difficult aspects, i never actually needed therapy (most people i know closely did, so i consider i quite normal), and my life (personal and career) is turning out pretty well (especially since my first saturn return 3 or so years ago). (of course it felt a little “heavy” because of that south node when i was younger, and i do have extreme mood swings occassionally with leo moon square pluto.) but i guess my whole chart is all about self-therapy and healing of old inter-generational wounds, so maybe thats really why. astrology has been of course so helpful and therapeutical for me.

    now it took me an hour minimum (two?) to write and rewrite this text and i’m feeling super weird sharing all this since i never usually comment (i’m even wondering why a really strong plutonian would do that at all- especially with a public profile. i guess the more extreme cases are all in hiding- but maybe thats just my south-node pluto in scorpio speaking)
    eager to take the other tests as well (so far: my chiron is “only” 37).

    square sun 10
    square moon 10
    square midheaven 10
    conjunct asc 10
    square venus 5
    square mercury 5
    minor aspects to saturn, neptun, uranus 6 (not sure the outer ones count)
    part of a t-square 5
    in scorpio 10
    asc in scorpio 10
    mars in scorpio 3

    conj south node 5
    chiron in 8th house 2-5
    vertex in 8th house 2-5
    bQ chiron 2-5
    bQ vertex 2-5
    opposing part of fortune 2
    square ic 5

  352. Hi dear Donna
    I’ve got a 40, or something about it.
    I’m myself a sun in Pisces, but I always believed that there is something wrong with it, so I hated astrology for years!
    Now, knowing about my birth chart, can I call myself a Scorpio? Should I for example buy a bloodstone ring?

  353. Hi Donna,….I bought your book, Solving Pluto Problems, and it was a real eye opener….I loved it. It has been a process of integrating my emotions into the acceptance of what has been, which my mind has readily accepted and agreed about your concepts. I have a score in excess of 40 in the Pluto test and one of about 50 in the Uranus test…the double banger!

    I have a midheaven/Pluto conjunction (in Virgo) and Mars/ascendant conjunction in Scorpio/12th house as well as Neptune and NN in there too. I’ve had attempted murder using treachery on my career as an alternative medicine practitioner as well as an attempt on my life….pretty Plutonian AND 12th house things I’ve learned. I also have a Saturn/Sun conjunction, so as you might guess I had borderline abuse as a child by both my mother (Virgo sun) and father (Capricorn sun). I’ve had to separate from my family which has been relatively easy for me being a Sagittarius sun….we don’t seem to have much problems at being the black sheep or the scapegoat!…….wink.

    I have a Uranus/moon conjunction (in Leo/9th), as well as a Black Lilith in the 4th in Pisces, which made me contemplate that my father might not be my biological father, which has seemed to be borne out by some regression therapy.

    I’ve recently given up an addiction that has been around for over 30 years, which has lead to having raw pain being exposed, which I had not dealt with, probably ever….I’ve been pretty depressed, and will be seeing an MD that uses natural therapies (not medication) to treat depression after doing blood and urine testing. It is based on the work of William J Walsh PhD who has treated over 30,000 patients with brain issues in his career. I expect this experience to be very, very good.

    All of this “stuff” seemed to correlate with what you have written about with Plutonians, which was of great relief to me, as I had been beating myself up over these occurrences in my life.

    Thanks for all you’ve done for me!



    • I’m very glad the book was helpful. It was published long ago, but people still find it relevant. Donna

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