Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 23, 2010

Neptune’s in your Career House? It’s not a Transit, It’s an Epoch!

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If Neptune is transiting a vocational sector of your chart—the 2nd, 6th, 10th, houses, forming an aspect to a planet in one of those houses, or aspecting your Midheaven—you’re probably hazy about your work life. You may be burned out and know you need a new direction. 

Donna Cunningham Skywriter You’re sure there’s got to be more than this, but you’re stuck and have no idea what, where, when, or how to make the switch.

You’ve undoubtedly pestered your astrologer or that buddy who’s taken a class or two with weighty but imponderable questions about where you’re headed. Every now and then, when the fog is densest, you moan: 

 “How many more eons will this go on?”  

“When will Neptune leave my career house?” 

“Will it go quietly, or do I have to have it evicted?” 

Wake me when it’s over:  This is not a transit to hibernate through, it’s an epoch. Slow-moving Neptune stays in a sign for about 14 years, crossing retrograde and direct over the same degree of the zodiac due to motion for at least two years. To know the length of its impact, first calculate how wide that house is in a particular chart.  Depending on the season and latitude of birth, it might be anywhere from 25-45° wide. Since it moves a little more than 2° a year, ball park figures would be 11 years for a 25° wide house and 21 years for a 45° wide house.

The effects aren’t continual—the transit sets up a general mood or trend but is only fully active when forming actual aspects to a natal position. You’d also feel it if Neptune isn’t transiting a career house but aspecting the Midheaven or a natal planet in those sectors. Sensitive people can feel some of this hazy planet’s effects on a natal position for at least 3° before and after the exact aspect. 

Basic patterns of Neptune Transits:  Neptune transits to any of the vocational houses typically entail a Divine Itch.  Work that once was rewarding is no longer satisfying on a soul level. Maybe we’ve even been quite successful at our work, but suddenly everything we’ve always wanted isn’t enough. Typically, this is a period of yearning for a more fulfilling career, and yet of feeling powerless to make a change or unsure of what direction would be satisfying.

The difficulty with Neptune-propelled career change is that we generally are moving AWAY from something that no longer suits us but we aren’t moving TOWARD anything in particular.  We just feel that there has GOT to be more than this, that the working day ought somehow to be more creative or spiritual or make more of a contribution by serving humanity in some way. 

Those with a long history in service fields—the career Neptunians—aren’t immune to burnout, however. They often experience a feeling of being spent and unable to go on that develops as a consequence of long-term overwork, masochistic confusion about what service really means, or being in a codependent pattern of relatedness to the boss, coworkers, or the clients they serve.

 Anyone with a long Neptune transit to one of the vocational houses might over time develop less desirable patterns seen in those who have natal Neptune there, so it’s wise to be on the watch. These qualities include playing the rescuer or enabler on the job, codependent relationships with bosses or coworkers, workaholism or other addictive patterns, escaping into fantasy, feeling powerless, playing the victim by allowing themselves to be taken advantage of, living in denial about what is going on, and blaming others for their difficulties rather than taking responsibility for their own actions and choices.Skywriter Donna Cunningham astrology 

People who are under Neptune transits to career placements often feel paralyzed by insecurities, lack of direction or lack of confidence in their ability to make a change, so they might stay in a unrewarding position for years as this transit unfolds. Timing is perfection is one of my mottoes, so this seeming stagnation is really a window for deep-level processing and gathering clarity for a major shift in the life path.  As time goes on, the old job may become less and less tolerable, and the wise person begins to take the actions needed to make a change. 

You’re fortunate if this transit comes when you’ve already paid your dues in terms of raising a family or other responsibilities and thus have some freedom to explore alternatives. If you can’t change fields just now, it’s soul-satisfying to find creative, spiritual, or humanitarian outlets outside the job.

Take courses in things you love, perhaps inexpensive ones in adult education or online programs. If you want to write or paint, for instance, get up an hour early a couple times a week or make time on your schedule and let nothing interfere. Even within the corporate sector, there’s a new social consciousness, so if you yearn to contribute something meaningful to the world, you might organize an annual food or toy drive, work project for local schools, emergency blood donations, or other employee contributions to those in need. 

Soul-Based Career Change:  What I like to call Soul-Based Career Change often defies conventional wisdom about material success but speaks to the deepest needs of our being, a part of us that yearns to continue growing and contributing. It’s common with those who have the outer planets strong in their charts, especially at Midlife or other times when those planets are transiting the Midheaven. 

It happened to me—during a transiting Yod of Neptune and Uranus to my Midheaven, I woke up one morning knowing I had to be a full time astrologer and quit the highest-paid job I’d ever had in my life, Director of Social Service in a hospital. 

Career decisions of this magnitude come from a very deep level of the Soul, so if it happens to you, trust yourself. You may wonder about those promptings—“is my bright idea a half-baked scheme, a silent scream, or a reawakened dream?”  Donna Cunningham Skywriter Neptune career

If you’ve dreamt about taking a particular step for many years, if it’s on the list of things you wanted to do when you grew up, and if it feels like a homecoming, take it seriously. 

People who ignore that kind of urgent inner prompting run the very serious risk of stagnating—not just on the job but in their body, mind, and soul—for many years in order to remain safe and may even come to the end of their lives deeply regretting the path not taken. 

Finding Right Vocation is no simple matter, but the quest is well worth it. I’m of the opinion that in our lifetime vocational path, we make no mistakes, though we often think we’ve lost our way. The bypaths that seem so inexplicable and misguided to others—and to ourselves in our darkest hours—are part of the Grand Design for our lives. 

Our life path is more than our resume; it consists of all the experiences we’ve had—seemingly positive and seemingly negative—that forge our character and our soul. They create who we become by the end of this life and the mark we live on others. Many born with Neptune or Pisces in these sectors seem lost and meandering until their forties, when they’re seasoned enough to handle Neptune’s energies well. The midlife series of squares from transiting Neptune to its natal position is especially likely to be accompanied by a period of disillusionment with the career path, even if it suited them perfectly up to that point. 

Skywriter, Donna CunninghamOne caution, however:  It’s in the nature of dreams that they demand sacrifices.  The True Calling that emerges from this life passage is likely to require major commitment, like living on a shoestring for several years while getting training or establishing writing credits, a portfolio, or whatever represents credibility in that arena. 

Many people turn their backs on their dream, saying, “I’m 44 years old, and by the time I finish school, I’ll be almost 50.” So six years go by, and amazingly enough, they are 50 anyway AND haven’t been to school and are still stuck in the job they burned out on years ago. Pursuing a dream takes courage and demands heroic efforts, but by and large, people who do so are happier than those who don’t. 

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  1. This awes me, “I woke up one morning knowing I had to be a full time astrologer…” People with a sense of vocation, that always awes me. There is something holy about it.

  2. ThankYou Donna Cunningham I am Starting studying Astrology and I relly like Your Blog Beacuse it is Deep but easy to understand !!!
    It is Full of Really Important Info !!!
    It Makes Us Understand What is Going On in Our Lives !!!
    It is Great That People with Your Wisdom show Us all of this Things !!!

    ThankYou Very Much !!!!

    Best Wishes !!!!!!!!!

  3. I have SU conj. NE in Libra the 2nd natally, with sextiles to SA conj. PL in Leo in the 12th. Never had a clear path, but always gravitated to the arts. Worked most of my life as a technical illustrator. (10/04/46, 2:16 a.m., Phila., PA).

    Now, I have SA coming to conjunct the SU/NE, while PL (transiting the 5th) will be squaring it. Then, UR will oppose from the 8th.

    Right now, I feel trapped (SA conj. SU/NE) in my job. I will be eligible to retire in May, but am afraid I might not make it financially.

    I suppose that PL square from the 5th will transform my life somehow (either by something happening from a creative or recreational journey; or something that comes from my child.

    Then UR will bring a sudden, unexpected event involving other people’s money, or death.

    My father is 92. I fear losing him, but have to be realistic. He is my hero, my mentor, my confidant.

    True to Neptune’s nature, I feel lost and floating in rough seas.

    • And like the woman whose story follows, you’re giving us a textbook Neptune in a career house tale. Yes, a Neptune transit fairly often involves a downsizing because the old types of work just don’t suit you any more. But in the long run, though you’re out of the mainstream and not so affluent, you get to open up a more creative or spiritual lifepath that fulfills you more.

      What is particularly significant is when a transit in some way echoes a natal aspect. In your case, the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in the 12th house is in some regards a career indicator, because Saturn usually carries a career connotation and the 12th is a house of service…just as much or more so than its opposite house—the 6th. (The 12th is also related by nature to Neptune.)

      The current transits by Pluto and Saturn will therefore evoke the natal 12th house conjunction and give you the opportunity to work it through on a new level. Retirement will bring you the opportunity to live out the quieter, more contemplative side of your nature that the 12th house represents.

      There are quite a few articles about the 12th house on this blog under the category Houses of the Horoscope:
      7 Secrets You May not Know about the 12th House
      12 Famous People with 12th House Suns
      Jupiter in the 12th—When Does Good Luck Turn Bad?
      Transits from the 12th House to the 1st–Like Night and Day


  4. This is why I love you Donna. I’m always learning something insightful with your posts and writings.

    Today’s post had me pulling up my chart since I’m one of those with Nep currently midway through my 10th house. In 2006 it was crossed my midheaven while squaring my Sun & Nep (Scorpio) conjunction in the 6th. Your description of career uncertainties fit for this period. My work life took a dramatic, sudden change due to dissatisfaction with my job (Uranus was also active my Moon & Asc then) and I found myself a stay at home mom, living back in my rural hometown to be near family and not having to work for first time since I was 12.

    It was a sea change for me but I actually loved it more than expected. For first time in my life I wasn’t pushing myself at a job to excel and strive to “do” or “be” something in the outside world. I gave myself the freedom to just slow down, be a Mom and do things because I wanted to do them “just because.”

    In the summer of 2009 (after my period “semi-retirement”) my old ambitious, career-oriented self emerged again as Nep continues to move through my 10th house. Faced with an opportunity to lease an adorable retail space, I suddenly found myself thrust back into retail life. My sister and I opened up my dream shop where all my past career skills now come into play in a creative and enjoyable way. But this time I’m the boss, not just an employee. For the first time in my life I feel like “yep, this is finally the right ‘career’ path for me.” And the shop is so far exceeding our goals and building a terrific nurturing community among our customers.

    So for me Neptune in the 10th has brought clarity and direction after years of moving through misty avenues searching for the right direction. Ironically, what I’m doing now is exactly what I wrote 25+ years ago as a freshmen in high school as my dream: to someday own my own retail book/gifts in an charming space in my historic downtown.

    Maybe the fact that my Sun and Nep are so tightly conjunct has something to do with it. I’m probably more attuned to Neptune and actually benefit from the square energies than someone not as comfortable with the murky, undefined but creative nebulousness that is Neptune’s realm.

    Thanks again Donna for yet another great, informative post that proved really illuminating for me!

    • What a great story, Kimberli. It’s a great illustration of how Neptune in the career houses can work out over time, so I thank you for sharing it. Donna

      • Glad my overly chatty-self could help. As you can tell…brevity is not my forte! I was shocked to see just how long my reply was once posted. Ack….will my Gemini Moon/Asc ever learn? LOL

        Keep up your wonderful work. It’s greatly appreciated.

    • Wow. Kimberli’s chart is similar to mine! Neptune is transiting my 10th house too. I have the moon (13 degrees) and saturn (17 degrees) in the 10th. my sun and neptune are in scorpio in my 6th house, and I have gemini rising. but my sun is 29’55”, on the cusp — two hours later and i would have been a sagittarius! my neptune is 10 degrees. so not really conjunct my sun, right?

      I’ve been working on a film project for the past 8 years, since 2002. there has been a lot of ‘foggy-ness’ surrounding it. it has been very difficult. almost getting the money, then not getting the money. in 2005, I made a big move to Los Angeles — the fulfillment of a dream that got deferred in 1994 when I had my son. My career in LA started off well (I got a good reputable agent and started auditioning right away), but then things took a dark turn. Everything just stopped. Financially, it has been a disaster. However, recently, a few good unexpected things happened and I was hoping that I was finally ‘lifting’ out of the confusion – and in some ways I am — but it is still really challenging. I haven’t at all found where I ‘belong’ career-wise, although I’ve known EXACTLY what i wanted to do since I was a child. The murky-ness of my career path is driving me crazy! my kiron is also transiting the 10th house, which i hoped would bring much needed healing to this important area of my life.

      I want and need to work at what i love. i feel like i am wasting my life now, working for others doing mindless administrative work. i have been more willing to look into somehow creating an online business or something similar to give me more independence financially. i feel really stuck with no way out of the situation. neptune will be in aquarius until 2012! hopefully, (please Goddess), something will shift for the better way before then!

      but i just had a thought: would prayer be considered a neptunian activity?

      Thanks for a wonderful post, Donna.


      • Yes, prayer is sometimes the only effective Neptunian thing to do when you’re surrounded by the Neptunian haze you describe. It DOES pass, though! Donna

  5. Thanks Donna, not only for sharing your accumulated knowledge but also for creating a safe space for readers like me to share their experiences and hopefully learn from one another. As I read this blog (and others like it) and the readers’ comments that follow, I’m comforted by the fact that I’m not alone in the challenges I face. In the past few months, I’ve had so many “Aha” moments, not to mention the fact that it’s been very therapeutic for me to tell my stories.

    Neptune’s entrance into my 6th represented a time period when the lines began to blur between my job and my life. Daily, I encountered the challenges of working in an increasingly stressful non-profit work environment, while at the same time trying to deal with the pressing responsibilities of caring for an aging parent. I should probably mention that my natal Chiron (in Aquarius) is placed in the 6th and trines my North Node/Venus/Sun conjunction in Libra in my 2nd, sextiles my Saturn in the 4th, and opposes my Uranus in the 12th, with Uranus coincidentally ruling as lord of my 6th and also my natal Moon in Aquarius (in the 5th).

    I also have my natal Neptune in the 2nd, so when transiting Neptune conjoined my Chiron in the 6th, the business that had employed me for twenty years suddenly closed (dissolved), leaving me to wonder how I would live up to my financial obligations, which included the support of my mother. This all took place just as Uranus prepared to leave my 6th, forming a square to my Midhaven, and transiting Pluto joined my natal Saturn and sextiled my Sun. So in spite of my concerns, I was able to look at the big picture and to view this ending as an opportunity to begin a new, more enlightened period of my life, a fresh start.

    But God wasn’t done with me yet. With Neptune still transiting my 6th, Saturn entered my 12th and formed a conjunction with my natal Pluto (in Virgo), which also formed a square to my natal Mars in the 9th. I developed a painful physical condition (albeit a temporary one) that made it impossible for me to dress myself, let alone look for work. As I look back on it now, it was really a blessing in disguise since it allowed me the freedom to manage my mother’s care full-time during the last years of her life without the added stress of trying to hold down a full-time job at the same time. I learned a lot about suffering and compassion and about letting go and trusting God. I let go of resentments that had once come between my mother and me and without hesitation made the necessary material sacrifices in order to care for her. Sources of income were dissolved, but just as mysteriously, other sources miraculously appeared (I also have Jupiter conjunct Neptune). My husband (represented my Neptune, ruler of my 7th) stuck by me through all of this, giving unconditional love and support when many men would have been overwhelmed and wanted out. Ultimately, I learned to let go of what didn’t really matter anyway and to truly value what does.

    Thankfully, when transiting Neptune joined forces with both transiting Jupiter and Chiron, and formed a trine to my natal Sun, my mother’s suffering ended and she passed on. I’ve witnessed a lot during the past few years and am sadder but wiser, having been disillusioned by much of what I saw and experienced in the real world. And I’m ready and willing to work again, if only I could figure out where I belong. Neptune is still transiting my 6th, and will continue to trine my Sun off and on during much of 2010, so hopefully I’ll figure it out. It’s ironic that as I write this, Lilith has just finished forming a conjunction with my Moon and is now nearing a conjunction with my Chiron. Any insights on how that may play out?

    I realize I’ve written a lot. Hopefully, it will help someone, maybe even some fledgling Astrologer trying to learn how transits work in individual charts. I hope so.

    • A huge amount to contend with at once, LB. What I sometimes refer to as a karmic bill-payer loan, taking on and working through a huge amount of old karma in one lifetime or one era of one lifetime. Donna

    • Your post has definitely helped me understand a bit better the transit of Neptune through the 6th house as it’s been going through my 6th since the last part of December 2003. So I thank you for posting.

  6. I have Neptune in the 10th house conjunct MC in Sagittarius, and conjunct Venus on the other side at the end of my 9th house. Always felt a gravitation towards being a musician, but there was some uncertainty for sure- spent time as an environmental scientist specializing in water resource management and wetlands delineation. Finally decided to go to grad school for music, still some uncertainty, it wasn’t until I started playing ethnic music (9th house venus in sag anyone?) in a Balkan brass band and some other groups that I started feeling better about being a pro musician and started getting my mojo for promoting myself and working hard back. My Neptune makes lots of happy aspects (conj MC and Venus, sextile Sun, Merc, Jupiter, Pluto and loosely Saturn, trine mars), so hopefully my career will work out. This really seems to express my natal position well although ideally I’d prefer to be a renaissance woman (still sort of am, playing several instruments and styles of music) doing various jobs for a living.

    What I’m really freaked out/excited about is when Neptune will spend a goodly amount of time in my 1st house which is 46 degrees long- luckily I won’t have to worry about that until May 2015!!!

    • Yeah, well an awful lot of water resources will go under the bridge between now and 2015, and with the state of the earth’s water being challenged on all sides, you may feel a pull to return your commitment to resources like these. Just let yourself thoroughly enjoy the rare blessing of doing what you love. Donna

  7. Neptune, when it goes into Pisces is going to be transiting my 6th House during what is typically the years most people consider retirement. Like many people, financially, retirement is just not in the cards for me.
    It will conjunct my Natal Jupiter in Pisces.
    Due to many reasons, the biggest being fear, I have wasted my natal creative ability. I was what Julia Cameron of “The Artist’s Way” calls a ‘shadow artist.’ That is someone who is an artist by nature but because of fears just ends up marrying an artist, working for artists, doing art related work but not art itself, etc. instead of perusing their own art. It is darn hard to admit this, but hey, I just did here and now!
    (I have a watery Grand Trine in my money/career houses -Moon/Uranus on MC to Mars in 1 (on cusp of ) to Jupiter in 5 (on cusp of 6). I also have Neptune in 1, Sun Conjunct Pluto in Leo Trine Chiron in Sag. My Saturn conjunct Mercury in Virgo in 12 sq. Chiron seems to be the fear aspect.)
    I have just had my Second Saturn Return (in the 12th House) and I have figure, either I get on the road to my art starting now, or its never. In the least year, I have joined at least three photography related clubs, groups, etc. (I have Sun in 11. When I have an enthusiasm, I seem to gravitate to group participation. )
    It is worth noting that for years, not one astrologer I consulted picked up on my creativity in my chart. Go figure…I would not consider myself anywhere near a pro level astrologer (Uranus sitting directly on the MC, notwithstanding) but even I can see the creativity in my chart!
    All of my education has sort of danced around creative work.
    I intend to transition to creative work in Photography and Digital Design and Image Enhancement and also wish to do some sort of work, whether paid or volunteer in charity of some sort.

  8. Hi Donna.. I’m definitely in this “foggy” mix swimming with Neptune…!

    I have natal Neptune at 21 Libra, in my 2nd using Koch houses, in my 3rd using Placidus..

    Neptune trines my natal Aquarian Sun ( 22 degrees) and natal Mercury(14) in my 6th house..

    My Midheaven is 23 Taurus..

    Transiting Neptune at 25 Aquarius is in the last 2 degrees of my 6th ( my Descendant is 27 Aquarius) it’s still conjunct my natal Sun….is approaching square to my Midheaven and will meet my natal North Node at 0 Pisces in about 2 years?

    During this season of 6th house Neptune transit, he has also opposed my natal Leo Pluto ( 20 degrees), 12th house..And yes, from another of your articles( THANK YOU!) I am a Plutonian..!
    Neptune Opposition to my natal Moon at 2 Virgo, 1st, is approaching..

    Career wise….
    I have taught piano much of my working life until the last 18 months.. And yes, just as you write, I have been foggy, struggling to find focus and know there is something “a changing”..I just don’t know where exactly I’m heading or how I[‘m going to get there…

    Although I’ve always been able to focus and stay on task, sometimes too intent on being sure i finish, I’ve done a 180 and have far too many unfinished piles or projects.. I seem to get lost just as you describe.. I’ve felt at times like I must surely have adult attention deficit disorder! And along will come a day of great accomplishment and I shake my head no, it must not be that!

    I found astrology about 3 1/2 years ago after reading an article about global warming in relationship to Al Gore’s astrological chart by astrologer Victoria Bazeley on Third Age.. It was one of those Uranian lightening bolt moments that led to an “I have to know”.. I’ve studied daily since and spent a year of weekly mentoring with a local teacher in my home town. We have become close friends.

    You mention taking a class as well during this time of confusion.. That has been a bright spot for me.. Along with the astrology mentoring, I’ve been in weekly classes for a year studying mediation, healing and the last ( a 6 month course about to end) has been called “psychic kindergarten”…

    From this point, just as you write, I still do not know where I’m headed.. I just know my passion to teach music in the way I was doing has passed, though I have to add that music will forever be a pathway to my soul.

    Creatively during this time I’ve also dabbled in creative writing..poetry and essays, a bit of prose about life moments that touch.. After reading one of your articles, I now realize it may have begun about the time Neptune was getting into my 6th..It was as distinct a change as discovering the passion to study astrology… Creative writing was something I’d never done before other than the have to’s many years ago in schoo.. I never knew I had any ability, nor did I have any desire..

    Uranus is in my 11th at 10 degrees Cancer.. My 6th begins at 28’ 56” Cap..

    I’d sure welcome any insight you can provide!
    Your articles have been such an ahhhhhhhh.. More than thank you for sharing such a wealth of information and perspective..



  9. Great article, as always. Thanks Donna!

    Neptune has been in my 6th for a bit and with my sun at 27 Aqu I have been feeling work dissatisfaction for quite some time. I have bemoaned the idea that I don’t even know what I want to do when I grow up for so many years even I am tired of listening to it! (chart ruler Merc in Pisces in the 6th) But now that Jupiter has moved on into Pisces I am beginning to get an idea of my new career path, of what I want to study.

    I am planning to move to the west coast this spring and use that move as a transition point for my career. Things are not yet crystal clear but they are beginning to come more into focus. Since Neptune will be transiting my 6th house sun for several years to come I know this will be a long process. Thanks to astrology I feel empowered to make this change now and slowly merge into my a new career. I plan to focus on energy healing and of course use astrology and tarot and other tools, too.

    I am so tired of the old job and will be very glad when I can finally say goodbye!

    • Nikki, You might want to look at your relocated chart for the coast and see if the move shifts anything onto the MC/IC axis or the ASC/DSC axis because that would intensify the Neptunian fog tremendously. Donna

      • I have Saturn on the MC here in Detroit and moving to San Francisco puts Venus on the Dsc, much more pleasant, I think! Using Placidus/Koch/Prophyry does put Neptune in my 4th but in Whole Signs it goes into the 5th. Currently it is in my 3rd except for Whole Signs where it’s in my 4th.

        I do have a tight moon-Neptune trine which creates a lovely Grand Fire Trine with Chiron. And Neptune in a t-square opposing Saturn both squaring Mercury (chart ruler). That t-square will move from cadent to angular houses so is something to consider, though all of those planets are at the end of the houses leaning into the next ones.

        I like my relocated chart a lot. Venus on the Dsc. Sun moved from 6th to 7th. Leo rising instead of Virgo. And Jupiter into the 6th which means hopefully I’ll enjoy my work much more out there! And my relocated POF is exactly conjunct Jupiter which I think is rather auspicious!

        I am moving with my boyfriend (a younger man) who puts his natal Neptune directly on my natal IC. A rather worrisome interaspect but I think with us it is showing up so far in healthy ways. He is helping to dissolve the foundations I’ve built but I do feel like they no longer serve me anymore. He has natal Neptune on his Dsc so is quite interesting to study in that respect.

      • Astro*Carto*Graphy maps can’t use the whole sign system or equal houses, as the “lines” where planets are on the angles have to be the real Asc/DSC/MH/IC for that location for a planet moving onto them to have any meaning. I’ve been to a lot of the lines when I was traveling the world to give weeikend seminars, and they surely work amazingly well. Donna

      • Thanks Donna, good point!

  10. Donna, thank you so much for this.

    Neptune crossed into my 2nd house in 1998 so I’ve been living with this transit for 12 years and it won’t be over until 2018! That’s 20 loooooong years!

    I spent my 20s in a classic Neptune career fog working in a trade that came naturally to me (graphic design) yet I could never really get enthusiastic about for some reason. Well that some reason reveled itself to me around the time of my Saturn Return when I also sort of woke up one day and realized that it too was my life path to become a healer and an astrologer.

    While I’m really plugged into Neptune’s energies natally — 12th house planets/South Node in Pisces/Neptune conj. my ascendent — it was this combo of my Saturn Return and Neptune squaring my natal Sun and Uranus trining my natal Sun that really got it all going. Now it’s like I’m on auto pilot towards spirit and I thank the fact that I’m young enough to make this transition smoothly.

    You wrote, “If you’ve dreamt about taking a particular step for many years, if it’s on the list of things you wanted to do when you grew up, and if it feels like a homecoming, take it seriously.”

    Truer words haven’t been written and I thank you for your encouragement.

    • Katie, M’dear, I’m so glad you’re following your heart in terms of this work.
      HOWEVER. One pitfall of Neptune in the second natally for service-oriented professions is that of chronically living on a pittance because they feel compassion for their clients and also do not feel that it is spiritual to charge much. There are also self-esteem/entitlement issues that get played out in their fee schedule–not being good enough.

      While that’s a natal pattern, it can also be one that develops when someone switches over to a Neptunian career path of service during those endless 20-year transits of the career houses. Be advised that this may be something to work on. Even nuns get paid these days, y’know. Blessings, Donna

  11. Absolutely! I’m working deeply on my self esteem, self worth issues lately, knowing that through this work I can be of the best service to others. Knowing my boundaries has been an important life lesson — exact natal Mercury/Neputne conjunction in the 12th house just north of my ASC. Incidentally these are my nodal rulers too.

    While I’ve made great strides, I’ve also fallen into the trap in the past of giving away my services for free. But that is changing the more and more I recognize the true value of myself and what I have to offer. Pluto is conjunct my MC and I have been moving consciously towards reclaiming my own authority and power.

    Thank you for your response. Blessings to you too.

  12. Hey Donna!! I shared with ya’ll that Neptune is hovering over my Midheaven. Earlier, I thought maybe I wanted to do some more teaching (which was my initial career goal), but on the side. The career plot gets more interesting…

    …I got really fed up with one of my responsibilities in my current job. I built the nerve to tell my supervisor I wanted to be relieved working with the allied health sector of my institution. They treat us badly, and I’ve also been supervised and doing work on an as-needed to know basis (gggrrrrrrr). It’s quite demoralizing, though the rest of my job is ok. I asked to be reassigned when possible.

    …the megalomaniac head of the aforementioned allied health sector almost single-handedly (and with clandestine arrangements… how Neptunian) made some huge changes that will impact my job.

    …my immediate supervisor for the allied health is getting married and it’s unknown if she’s going to bail after getting married to be with her husband or not. If she leaves, I was told I would have to take her place temporarily despite my wishes to be reassigned, and it would be until they decide to hire someone to take her place (which could easily take 7 months and more than one candidate search).

    …unfortunately, I found absolutely no reason to believe my supervisors will act on my behalf through these changes. I’ve found that the 2 years I’ve been here, they largely react to changes and make bad decisions.

    And then it gets more interesting:

    …I have a preliminary interview tomorrow for a job within the allied health sector within my field! I would be doing teaching as well if they hire me.

    …why on earth am I applying for another job in the same type of position? Dreams. It’s located in a lush, green place surrounded by natural springs (weeeee!!! I love forests and lakes!). I’ve always dreamed of having my own place near a spring lake or river. The position and management is rebounding after being in flux 3 years ago and hopefully it’s calmed down since then. And, I was hoping to work a few fewer hours a week so I’d have the balance needed to start a family and maybe adopt a child (hahaha, you mentioned Neptune and the 10th house).

    I consulted the Sabian symbols, and its images were of a girls’ basketball game and then a flattering portrait. I guess it means to basically look sharp, play my best, but don’t go by how something looks; be probing!


  13. Yowweeh, what deep and powerful juju has come to this post and commentary.

    Neptune moved into my 2nd House (Aquarius) in 2006. Pallas is natally in my 2nd House. My career began changing before Neptune entered my 2nd House when I left the corporate ‘teaching’ life of 15 yrs. Since then, Neptune has been creating a wash of emotions and conflict that really began when my marriage of 23 years ended because I was striking out on my own, listening to the call to teach through storytelling and writing. “You can’t make money at that!” my former husband said … and at some level I have believed that to be so.

    The on-set of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities was diagnosed in 2007 after years of moving to ‘find the perfect place’ this epoch of Neptune in the 2nd House also squared my Saturn Report around that time. Saturn sits in the 8th conj Mars-Opposing my Scorpio Sun in the 10th; so how I see myself and am seen in the world have been in a foggy, foggy mush.

    Blogging has directed much of this illusiveness, and healing has been more internal than external. I chronicle the journey to document the process because quite honestly, I can’t keep track of what happens/where I’ve been/why I’ve chosen. Astrology has been a real tether, a tool and an ally for me as I find my way. The ride is tough and by god my husband is on a karmic caterpillar ride.

    This post and the comments are real food for the journey; trail-mix of an astro-kind. The work is intense and Neptune is slowly moving through my 2nd House until 2024. I’ll need more than trail mix to survive and flourish and it’s wonderful to find this kind of commentary and sharing to sustain the long road home.

    Thanks so much Donna and all for the insight and the experiences.

    • What a long, long journey you’re on with this transit of Neptune through the second, Mokihana. It’s so very hard to fathom what it’s all about in the midst of it, isn’t it? I call Neptune transits the “God works in mysterious ways” effect. MY most memorable passage was when Neptune was opposite my Ascendant and quincunx my 12th house Jupiter. After a mysterious 6-week flu, my hips rapidly deteriorated and needed replacement–it was several years of pain and gruelling survival in which I learned all manner of lessons about letting people help me. I also became a Buddhist for that time period only and experienced a beautiful state of grace. Very hard to know what it’s all about, but sometimes I think we learn things through the bodily suffering that we could not learn any other way. Donna

  14. Humble pies seem to be served up until we really know them intimately. Gods willing I’ll flourish through it and be iwell and nto the 7th decade with teachings worth sharing. That or something else…
    Neptune’s long stay must have those ‘clues’ for side-jobs(to flesh out social security) in these Golden Years…I’ll be tuning in (thanks to you for that other Neptune insight).

  15. I’m halfway through an epoch Neptune transit in my 6th, which has Aquarius on the cusp. The epoch began in 2004 and concludes at the end of 2016, when it then spends almost two years crossing back and forth over my Descendant.

    After working happily and successfully in the technology field for almost 20 years, I resigned my corporate director position to start my own independent technology business in 1997 right as Uranus exactly conjuncted my Aquarius Sun-Venus in the 5th house, simultaneously exactly trining my Midheaven.

    I was 37 when I had set a goal for myself to do that about 5 years into the future (when I would be 42). There was nothing special about the age 42, I’ve just always tended to set a lot of 5- and 10-year goals for myself, even as a very young child beginning around 7-8 years old. I’ve just looked and at the time that I set that goal on my birthday in late January 1995, Saturn was tightly conjunct my Descendant and Jupiter was exactly opposite my MC.

    But then Uranus came along in 1997 and I just couldn’t resist the internal call to do it much earlier, shortly after I turned 39. All this happened without my having a clue as to what my astrological transits were at the time. In retrospect, and now paying a whole lot of attention to transits(!), I think that was quite meant to happen then.

    In 1999, I started a second business (nothing at all to do with technology) with a business partner. But in 2000 when Pluto exactly squared my ASC and opposed my MC, and Neptune was a degree from conjuncting my Sun-Venus for the first time, the business partner got personally wiped out in that stock market crash and he embezzled all of the funds from the joint business (more than half of which were my funds at that time).

    Okay, so I survived that even though none of my money was recovered, and I definitely got the message that I should never have any partners in business either. I had known the person for over 4 years prior to going into business with him and he was well-respected in the community, he came highly recommended, and I had “vetted” him properly and carefully, but it wasn’t enough and it all meant diddly-squat. Just appearances and Neptunian lies/deception and, in cahoots with Pluto, felony fraud and theft.

    My solo technology business was also directly affected by the crash in early 2000 with business being a slower for a while, but that resumed full momentum again by mid-2001.

    But I should have been paying attention to transits!! Transiting Pluto and Neptune weren’t done with that deception/fraud and crime “theme” and this time, knowing that I was now highly suspicious of others already, they used the only other way they could possibly still get to me: my own family members! And not the ones of choice either, like spouse/children which I, by conscious choice and preference, don’t have anyway — but the ones we have no choice about, like parents, siblings, step-parents and half-siblings.

    So, in 2004, just as Neptune entered my 6th House and Pluto simultaneously conjuncted my Saturn-Mars conjunction in the 4th house, it was family that secretly plotted and then over the ensuing two years committed more than half a dozen felony crimes against me, intentionally and knowingly committing felony fraud and theft, and contacting people that I was doing business with. The intent that was disclosed was to completely wipe me out financially (they didn’t need the money/assets) and to also completely destroy my business so that I would have no means of supporting myself.

    This was all carefully engineered by an intelligent sociopath finally unmasked in his jealous and insidious attempt to try to force me into a position where he could gain full and absolute control over me and to force me to be his concubine (yuck!!!). When he failed to achieve his desired result, despite his success at wiping me out financially and also ruining my business, he tried to kill me. Failed again.

    Then I was required to waste a lot of time from mid-2005 through mid-2008 with related court and legal proceedings in a highly corrupt county that has a long reputation for repressing women – and still does. But during that same time I also managed to enter and graduate on the Dean’s List from a full two-year program in internet technology and graphic design, and also with great effort I found brand new clients and new work for my solo business. I was lucky if I got 4 hours of sleep at night during that entire 3-year period.

    Then in September-October 2008, when the crap from family was finally put to a stop once and for all (though I did not get financially reimbursed due to the corruption there and to outright perjury, despite all the proof!), the bottom fell out of the economy. Business mostly dried up immediately and for the rest of it, most of the client’s defaulted on their contracts and I didn’t get paid for most of the work that I did. That is still happening as of today.

    In the meantime, I’ve been busy building up a portfolio (mostly for free), wasting a lot of time searching for work, even applying for employee positions when positions are posted, and doing a lot of volunteer work. Volunteering is something I’ve done my entire life, so that’s really nothing new, but it seems that’s the only productive and useful thing available to do at present. I’m also enjoying fostering some rescue dogs while I still have my home, but realistically, that won’t last much longer, even though I have not given up.

    Next up? Pluto is still transiting my 4th and Neptune my 6th, Uranus my 7th. Saturn will be entering my 2nd house very soon. The big Cardinal T-Square transit on deck has Jupiter-Uranus (at the end of this month!) conjunct my progressed newly-Aries Sun, all three making a very very tight Yod to my natal 12th House Pluto and natal 2nd House Jupiter-Neptune. Pluto in the 4th will be trine my natal 9th House Taurus.

    I can feel the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction coming, as I have all of the previous ones. My etheric nerve endings are all crackling with excitement and anticipation. Each prior time, they’ve marked very pivotal and important years for me that have had long-lasting impacts. Each time, they’ve highly impacted my chart, as now. The other players though … boy, I just don’t know.

    With that natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (with the North Node thrown in as well), and my natal Sun-Venus conjunction, I’ve been an optimistic person my entire life despite severe obstacles and trials to overcome, but with the earth that I have as well (Taurus Moon trine Virgo ASC, Capricorn Mercury trine Virgo ASC) I don’t tend to get carried away with fantasy or to confuse it with reality. My 2nd house Jupiter has never been “lucky” … I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve achieved and paid for everything directly myself (self-reliant). I’ve also been very generous with both my time and money, so it does sting when the universe “appears” to repay me with theft on top of that.

    So, I’m here, learning and processing. Reading a lot of the wisdom and other personal stories here. Trying to keep a balanced position on the spectrum between panic/despair/losing-all-hope and blind faith (of the unhealthy kind). Hoping to see another opportunity-of-a-lifetime moment with that Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that I can work with so I can keep a roof over my head and the many animals that have sanctuary here, unsure of and certainly justifiably skeptical of the other big players in the “game” this time around. This is all certainly coming down to the very last wire. Again.

    Thank you to everyone here who has shared and so very much to you, Donna, for sharing your wisdom and knowledge so very generously and for having the courage to take risks in sharing, too. Thank you for being so gracious about my long posts (that won’t go on indefinitely) and for helping me to help myself cope through these times. For everyone else that has shared, I’ve learned much from your comments … I empathize with and have tremendous compassion for those of you who have had tough times and I wish you the very best of times going forward … and I cheer for those of you who are having wonderful experiences and wish you the very best in life as well.

    See you all on the other side of these transits … whatever they bring!

    • Thank you for sharing that story–more like a detailed case history of Neptune in the 6th. More than that, it’s a case history of Pluto transits. It shows up starkly how a transit–like this one by Pluto–to the Ascendent is simultaneously a transit to the Descendant….it’s actually the Ascendant/Descendant AXIS, and in fact that’s how I refer to it. And likewise, a transit to the Midheaven is simultaneously a transit to the IC (4th cusp, family)–again, I refer to it as the MC/IC axis. You’ve had a very terrible series of blows, and I admire your spirit. Donna

  16. This was the BEST article I have read on this subject. I don’t feel entirely crazy, I have a bit more hope. I have Neptune natally in the 6th house, and Pisces at my Mid-heaven, right now Neptune is transiting my 9th house so I am all mixed up. Normally I’m pretty fearless and decisive, but since this Neptune transit, my goals are so fuzzy, like passion has been lost. I’m literally at a stand still. On the surface a great career, financial stability, but no soul in this job, yet I have no clue where to go next…

  17. An abundance of giftedness of understanding and knowledge and personal talents all combign in this nrw erra.
    I would think future generations wonder of us as having some cosmic assistance from whatever residual endures this great agel that wonder not nuch of a mtstery, that is if I am correct to say we just moved into the material hemisphere of Capricorn from Aquarius,
    To this constant, one that may continue with stresses that shift from awe and calm to blizzards of storms and sudden unexplained calms again, it is not just about a great philosophy and experiences of moral and virtueous tests; not of those as much, that it is untill we can mentally adapt to this system of astro changes.
    For myself speccifically,
    I Have to pull together several topicsl aspects, from an old post closed for reply titled “understanding the Sisquiquadrate; Natal Thors Hammers and Stelliums; the eclipse syphonically over the last few years culminating to this last une in May 2013; ; the constant meanings of each the Moon/Month(Ziv now) according to Hebrew/Jewish calendars; and for this post now, the add-on House systems here; and all that to what I really wonder about Cusps(which I believe . thowe on a speculative so level, are an additional 12 in Equal and in Parallel with Signs and Houses) ; and all that again without the mention of the “affect” crossing the Milky Way Ecliptic on December 21st, 2012 as we rise higher above that plain concidering the MC , IC, concider the Natal chart North.
    I think there is some priority to what we have of importance by choice, in so much that I must note a previouse article just to catch up and relate this Sesquiqauhndrate i just found on my own chart.
    Soif there is no order in this list
    •i.e If Neptune(in the sky) is transiting a vocational sector of your chart—the 2nd, 6th, 10th, houses, forming an aspect to a planet(in your natal chart) in one of those houses, or aspecting your Midheaven—you’re probably hazy about your work life. You may be burned out and know you need a new direction.SkyWriter/DonnaCunningham
    For me Neptune just entered my 7th house and Now squres the Sun in the Sky and Mars is coming right behind the Sun next. Neptune just Squared my MC a few months or so ago.
    Thats where the Sesquiqauhndrate starts in my chart. 7th house back to Sun. Then it starts all over from the Natal Neptune from what I remember of it,
    I quite helpful conciferation it has been for me to knowing the Year by Chinese Zodiac as standing for each persons :”generation”, the Month of each year for each Parent/parental animal Sign, the animal sign of the Day for each persons Self’s Sign, and the sign by the hour of birth representing “The children/Child in each of us.
    Likewise , The Native American Zodiac having centered more on The Cusp to each sign and the more simple up/out and down/inward views.
    Where should I start?
    The Asendant should normally be the pragmatic , yet I have Natal Jupiter conjunct Desendant (and Neptune in Sky.
    Reverse engineering molds that are broken on purpose is not as helpfull to me as a constant reinventing of the wheel; rogether with the existant possibility of either is a fresh new frontier, with natural gifts in season, readt to pioneer with the chalenges given in combination of a each days portion and character,
    And when not, it seemed so,

  18. Neptune entered my 10th h. at 0* Pis. as my novel was published by Viking Penguin. It’s been exhiliarating and exhausting to have my dream of a lifetime come true. After 27 yrs teaching, I drew down my pension and am no longer a teacher/writer. I’m a writer. This is thoroughly challenging and thoroughly draining. It’s a rebirth. Nep. opp. n. Ven at 6*Vir is the next Neptunian challenge, yet already in play with romance rearing its duplicitous head. Donna, I met you at NORWAC in Seattle this spring – my pleasure to gift you a Carmelite gem heart. I’ve read and learned from you for decades. JJ

    • Oh, that beautiful heart was from you? I love it, and it sits on an endtable near my armchair. Something about holding it strengthens me. Donna

  19. I really enjoyed your articles on the 2nd house and Neptune. Briefly, I was a controller for 31 years and it never fed my soul. After the business was sold I worked part time struggling to make ends meet. I have now been unemployed for over a year and I took early social security. My natal chart has Neptune conjunct the 10th house…I can not figure out what I can do the rest of my life……..I have a stellium in my 2nd house and 9th house. I am a 25 degree Sadge rising with an interception of Capricorn in my first house. My 2nd house is 2 degrees Aquarius….I have Venus 2, Jupiter 20 and Mercury 21 degrees all in Aquarius. My Pisces Sun is 11 degrees Pisces and it conjuncts my 3rd house at 13 degrees………..The ruler of Jupiter is my rising sign, the ruler of Gemini is my descendant mercury………the ruler of Neptune which is conjunct my mid heaven in Libra, it’s ruler is also in my 2nd, my Pisces Sun and Leo is on the cusp of my 8th house in Leo conjunct Pluto…….why can’t I figure out what I am suppose to be doing. I need to be making money, I have to support myself………HELP! I don’t know what it is I am suppose to be doing……….any input would be a godsend………xo

  20. Neptune spends its last years in my 9th house and in 2-3 years it will conjunct my Midheaven in Pisces.
    Idk what to expect but I think the impact will be positive – maybe I’ll find my true vocation, since Neptune is in home and it’s the ruler of my MC. Idk, I’m little scared but I anticipate it.

    • Yes, it does sound like over a period of time, you’ll learn how to incorporate Neptune’s higher side into your career and even garner some attention for your work. Donna

      • I hope everything will be fine. I’m really ready to learn and grow but I’m so scared of all the negative articles I’ve read about Neptune conj. MC/transiting 10th. Is there any tips/preparations to endure this transit?

      • Focus on expressing the positive traits of Neptune. Steadfastly avoid expressing the negative ones:

        Constructive traits: creative, compassionate, intuitive, imaginative, empathetic, idealistic, spiritual seeker, willing to serve, forgiving, accepting, devoted, meditative, non-materialistic. Difficult Traits: hazy, daydreamer, lives in fantasy or denial, easily fooled, codependent, unstable, chaotic, unrealistic, impractical, addiction-prone, deceitful, escapist, doormat.


  21. What an excellent article. I was born with Neptune conjunct the midheaven. Everything you have said about this placement rings true for me. I was in a job that I knew I had to leave but never did until the business was sold forcing me out of a career where I made good money. That was June of 2009. Neptune by transit is still in my 2nd house. I am still lost, turning 65 in another week and I still can not figure it out. I have to work and I have not gotten work since then!

    Pluto is conjunct the IC this year in my solar return… more change will be going on with me……

    I ask myself everyday, what do you want to do Claudia………I have no idea what I would love to do the rest of my life. I do know I love design and I have thought of consulting, but, you really need contacts.

    Anyway, Donna, great artlicle………….if only I could find what it is I want to do with the rest of my life….the career did not feed me emotionally for years and as a single parent I stayed with the job. I knew it wasn’t feeding me. I am still single and I wish something would come to me…….

    Thanks for the article………at least I know why!

    • Thanks, Claudia. Sorry it’s hard…..but it IS an epoch! Donna

  22. You described this perfectly, I’m now sitting at the job I feel so stagnant at while searching for more soul fufilling outlets and each time being discouraged. Its very frustrating, I have a natal pisces Mc with a transiting Neptune conjunct it as well. Hopefully the fog clears soon! Although it looks like I have another 6 years. Thank you so much for writing this!

    • Sorry, Katie, I’ve been through that transit myself, and it really did drag on. It DOES end, though, and isn’t as strong if it’s not really transiting a planet. Dona

    • I have Neptune conjunct my midheaven in Libra nataly and at the age of 65 I still have no idea what I should be doing……….stellium in my 2nd house and stellium in my 9th and the Moon and Pluto conjunct in Leo in my 8th house……..corporate world, same job for 31 years………until the business is sold and I just don’t fit into the corporate world any longer………..I wish I could find out what I should be doing the rest of my life……….Pisces sun with 3 planets in Aquarius….I know it should be anything to do with women, but what??????? lol! Sag rising 25 degrees with an interception in my first house………HELP!

      • Hi, Claudia, you really need a consultation with a professional astrologer who knows something solid about today’s career picture. I’m retired, but can send you a list of astrologers whose work I know and respect if you write to me at Donna

  23. Hi Donna. I am new in astrology, I started to be interested in it during this transit, Neptune opposite mc. My natal neptune is in the12th house and it squares my mc. I am very lost, I am hanging upon nothing, I spend most of time at home reading spiritual books and watching spiritual masters like Eckhart Tolle and Mooji, sometimes I drink. I have failed out of spite, I have learn it from you, i bought your book “How to heal Pluto problems”.
    I really need to get out of this situation, but I feel that i have to chose between ego and the Self. What really worries me is the fact that I am deluding myself with all these spiritual stuff instead of living a real life in the real world, that I am not worthy of the spiritual way.
    The only thing that I recorded that i really wanted to do when i was i child was to do miracles like Jesus. But I am very gifted for the real world, I guess, I am more intelligent than almost everyone that I know, I guess, but i have very low self esteem. I have Venus, Mars and Pluto on the 10th house, and Uranus, Mercury and Sun on the 11th house. I am so lost. How do I fix it?

    • Ah, Lilian, I am sorry for the rough time you are going through–like the title says, Neptune’s not a transit, it’s an epoch. You are going through a long transition into a different sort of career path and life path, something like a seemingly endless pilgrimage through a very foggy valley. (I remember it very well, the long Neptune square to my Midheaven.) You are not to know where you are headed, but someday the fog will lift, and you’ll see the path clearly. All the meandering, all the false starts, all the blundering ahead will be contributing parts of what you’ve become. It’s just best not to go too deeply into the substances that ease the pain temporarily, but ultimately become traps themselves. Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you very much, coming from you, it means a lot to me.

  24. Thank you for writing about this, Donna. This transit is driving me nuts. I can’t seem to get a grasp on my career (which now seems to be over–my former career, anyway) or my daily routines anymore. I’m OK financially, thanks to my hubby… but in career, work, daily routines, I feel like I’m wandering in the fog. Neptune is currently transiting my midheaven, and the sign on my natal midheaven is Pisces (6th house by sun sign). I entertained/ am still sort of entertaining the idea of becoming an astrologer… I’ve been interested and casually studying for years now… but it’s so hard to find the motivation. [sigh] It, too, seems to be lost in the fog.

  25. I also have Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, and both are conjunct the MC. My Chiron and Jupiter are also opposition Pluto conjunct IC/4th. [more sighing]

  26. Im going through this now. Many years after a wrongful conviction at 18, I’ve learned for the next 20 of my afult life employers would use and abuse me like trash compared to other staff, but I always had to take it because I was at a disadvantage. No matter how well qualified, even over qualified I was.

    I have this transit now, natal Pisces in 10th, quit the best paying job I had though it worked me 20 hours a day, got at even better position yet I still feel gross. Still over looked, still made to be singled out. It’s then that I realized, I am made for something more, and that’s why I’m being treated this way. It has to change, and it won’t change while I’m comfortable. So I’m working on a non profit to help people like me. I really hope it pans out.

    • How true! My natal Neptune16 Libra is conjunct my 17 degree mid heaven. Uranus is currently in opposition to it. Pluto is or will be square to it and square my IC along with Uranus conjunct my 4th house Aries cusp.
      I,m a 25 degree Sadge rising so Saturn is in my 12th house………..

      It’s all a mess………..I can’t figure out what I am suppose to do and the house is being foreclosed on as well……….and no job…….

      Yikes! A major lifestyle change for sure……..

      • I’m glad you mentioned that, I have transiting chiron square neptune. Don’t miss this growth opportunity for sure.

      • I disagree……….you are not looking at all the transits……..Neptune by transit is opposing my natal Saturn as well as conjunct my natal sun…..
        This is a heavy duty transit with all the others I mentioned. Saturn by transit is also square…………Pluto is square my Libra planets……….
        Nope, this is very, very heavy!!!!

      • To clarify, i’m not making a comparison between our charts the thought hadnt crossed my mind. I’m simply pointing out how the blog and comments make good points in looking at various areas of our charts to gain optimal understanding personally. Which is what it did for me, especially in this fog. I don’t envy Saturn and pluto transits, just got my ass kicked recently from those, best wishes.

  27. This message is in response to the article about Neptune transiting Saturn. I have neptune passing over my natal Saturn in my house of careers. I woke up on Thursday with this strong message to STOP pursuing my online business. Get out of the online business world altogether. I am looking at what I like about it and what no longer works for me and stopping the things that no longer work for me but adding in the things that I have put aside too long. I will continue doing my radio show but instead of giving information, I will be telling my daughters stories of my life. And I will finish writing a fictional story I started a long time ago but put aside “to earn a living”, which never happened.From what I’ve read in your article, it sounds like a day to day thing to get through this. I’d love some help and more insights.

    • I have natal Neptune in Libra conjunct my 10th house, IC trine my Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius in my 2nd house and the ruler of Neptune, Pisces is also in my 2nd house. Venus is also in my 2nd house and the ruler is my 5th house cusp, Taurus. I did make money, low 6 figure income, but the recession hit me hard and the man I worked for 31 years sold both his businesses. I just started a job today and it is nothing like the money I made before and I am now 66. I don’t know if I will ever make that income or more at this stage in my life………I have never really known what I would love to do…..and with my Sag rising I like something for awhile and then I am bored with it…….however, my first house has Capricorn intercepted so that has made me stable in my career…….I would love to make money again and to regain my independence I once had………….

  28. Greetings all! How wonderful to read other people’s Neptunian experiences and influences! I have a Libra Neptune in 5th with multiple, close aspects to my Chart Ruler (Aries Moon 11th), (Gemini Venus 12th), and (Leo Pluto 3rd). The close trine between Venus and Neptune is one indicator of my professional drivers: Nursing and Addiction Psychotherapy.

    At this time, Neptune forms an exact conjunction to my Natal Midheaven (Pisces!). Neptune here feels quite “at home” and I don’t have the sense of disillusionment and uncertainty that Neptune can bring to one’s vocation. Promotion looks likely in the next few months, but not sure that I want to take it on? I’m thinking of “throwing my hat into the ring” and developing my ideas around an Astrology Consulting business for my LGBT communities. I qualified as an Astrologer in the early 80’s but chose not to pursue it as a first-line career. In those years, I was more committed to my studies in Jungian psychology (Natal Pisces Mars 10th trine Scorpio Saturn 5th)

    I have a “feeling” that professional changes are imminent, or at least not very far away. My Natal Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto in 3rd has generally influenced my tendency to take on a lot of mental and/or academic issues (exhausting!) and now that Pluto has just risen above the 7th Cusp I sense that more intimate and challenging business (and personal) relationships are about to make themselves known.

    Thank you all, for your shared wisdom. Peace for all, from New Zealand. Arohanui. Ben

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Ben. I’d say that with natal Neptune so favorably aspected in the fifth, and now on the Midheaven, it’s time to take something that has been an avocation (5th house) and make it a vocation (Midheaven). It sounds like you have a lot to offer your community. Donna

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