Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 2, 2010

Surviving the Pluto-Saturn Square—5 Helpful Articles

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 Pluto and Saturn are exactly square each other this week. Again.  An exact aspect often brings major issues into sharp focus for people whose charts are affected. Below are links and descriptions for 5 articles that will help you meet the challenges of this transit. Many new readers have signed up for subscriptions in the past month, so you missed them when they were first published.

 First, does this transit affect you? If you have planets in the first 5 degrees of the cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you’ll be strongly affected by this square over the course of the next year or two.  If you have planets in early degrees of Taurus or Virgo, you‘ll be challenged too, but can capitalize on some of the strengths Pluto represents. Similarly, people with planets in early Gemini or Aquarius will have to step up their game, but Saturn represents opportunities to make solid gains on some long-term goals.

5 Articles to Help You Use this Aspect Better

The Pluto-Saturn Square—Two Examples of How It Works: Even advanced astrology students find it hard to sort this transit out, for it affects one or more natal planets, two or more signs, and two or more houses of the chart. This piece takes two chart examples and shows how the transit works, step by step.

Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit #5: Key Players in your Drama: Transiting planets usually don’t act on you directly—they generally present themselves in the form of other people whose actions push us to grow and to change our approach in key areas of life.  Here you learn who those players are likely to be  so that you can anticipate what’s likely to change in your relationships to them.

 Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit #3: How to Use these Energies Well: Every planet has gifts to offer if we use them right, and Pluto and Saturn are no exception. Consider this an instruction manual on how to shift from unproductive to helpful ways to use this duo—it includes LISTS of things to do!

 Using the Pluto-Saturn Square–from Clutter to Closure: Tackling closets and other clutter magnets has surprising benefits. Not only does it make life easier, it serves as a potent life review, where you ponder the phases of your life that are finished and activities that no longer serve you. Getting rid of clutter simplifies your life and also energizes you to pursue new projects and interests.

 How the Pluto-Saturn Square may Affect People born with that Aspect: Were you born with an aspect between Pluto and Saturn in your astrology chart?  Or do you know someone who was? The times when planets that connected with each other in your birth chart form a new connection in the sky are times when the issues they represent show up for you in sharp relief. However, you also find opportunities to work with their energies in a new way and to change patterns that may have held you back.  For Pluto-Saturn people, this exact square is just such an interval.

There’s More Where These Came From!Skywriter Pluto-Saturnh square

The Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit is an ongoing project for Skywriter during 2009-2010, because that’s how long this aspect lasts.  I’m committed to helping my readers find ways to use this aspect to overcome the challenges we face, collectively and individually during this tough, turbulent time. I’ve already written a couple dozen pieces and regularly will create more in this ongoing series, so if these post were helpful, sign up for a subscription. 

And Skywriter’s readers are responding—the #1 post of all times on this blog is the introduction to this series, Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit #1—Houses & Areas of Life Affected and Pluto-Saturn Preparedness 2: Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios is close behind. Over half of the top 15 articles on the list of favorites are about Pluto or Saturn or both. For links to all the articles in this series, see the category A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit.

 Here are some recent additions:

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  1. Hi Donna and all the people, I want to ask about this issue, something important to me, have we turn down people who activate our planet Pluto or affected by transiting Pluto?. I´ve Saturn squaring pluto to my Moon-Pluto opposition, 4 degrees Aries, with a person who has a Mars opposition Pluto at 4 degrees Aries-Libra? is due to prejudice and reject a relationship for composite and hard aspects in Synastry between pluto and luminars?
    Under this configuration only apeear this kind of people or dinamics of relationships?
    Uff, trere are many questions ….thank you
    this site is MAGIC

    • Sorry, Eduardo, I’m having some difficulty understanding what you are asking. If you’re asking if rejection can come about because of oppositions in the chart comparison, I’d say that is one possible outcome, yes. I don’t say that the cause would be prejudice, but rather because the personalities and characteristics are too different, opposite in temperament.

      Since you are discovering many facets of astrology and have so many questions, it might be good for you to find a teacher or a class so that you can get detailed answers and information. Donna

      • Hi Donna I do not want to confuse you,but i had responded, I have problems of language, the question is because I find pluto at every corner and if it is correct that I reject people because only of their natal charts ,is this healthy?, I need to study the kit and more english…….. I study astrology for 16 years….but not everyone can have access to the best….

      • I see what you’re asking, Eduardo. It depends. If, let’s say, you decided you would never get involved with anyone who had, for example, Venus in Virgo and so you rejected a person strictly because they had Venus in Virgo, that would be prejudice and would be unhealthy.

        However, if a person had Venus in Virgo and it made all sorts of difficult aspects to your chart, as well as other difficult chart connections, then to hesitate to get involved with them would not be prejudice, it would be self-preservation.

        I find, however, that the mind does not make the final decision when it comes to love, the heart does it, and when that happens, giving astrological advice is futile. Donna

      • Just that was the question!!! …..with pluto is even harder to control I think ….. thank you very much….

  2. Aloha Donna These transits of Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn seem so potent and hard to handle, I am wondering if a relocated chart would be affected just as much as a natal chart. For instance, if one has early degrees of Libra, Capricorn, Cancer or Aries on a chart at a new location they have moved to, would they have to deal with outer circumstances or inner issues that may develop at that location? I don’t know very much about relocated charts except for how our natal planets may land in different houses or affect relocated angles. Thank you so much for your insights. Meleanna

    • Hi, Meleanna, Yes the transits to the four angles of a relocated chart–the relocated Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendent, and IC–have an impact. I’m certified as an Astro*Carto*Graphy practitioner, and this is one of the things we check out when someone asks us about a move. In fact, the move to a place is often at a time when those relocated angles are activated by a transit–it’s apparently why a particular place “calls” to us at a given time of our lives.

      Even in terms of travel or doing business, transits to the four angles can have an impact on the outcome. So yes, I’d say that if transiting Saturn, Pluto, or Uranus were forming aspects to the relocated angles, there would be both an inner and an outer process going on. It might not be as life-changing as if the transits were to the natal angles, but it would still affect you. Donna

  3. Hi Donna, i´m not a native english so i do my best, i was thinking that to survive Pluto- Saturn transits we can work with the 5 stages of grief model from Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance).

    Those stages are transferable to personal change and emotional upset resulting from factors other than death and dying. The ‘grief cycle’ is actually a ‘change model’ for helping to understand and deal with personal reaction to trauma that sometimes changes meant. Thanks!!

    • An excellent point, Rosario. You’re right–grief is grief regardless of what the loss is, and so all of Dr. Ross’s observations are good guides to understanding the stages of recovery from any loss.

      She’s been one of my personal heroes, as it took such a lot of bravery to push for the rights of the dying. She had a Sun-Moon–Pluto conjunction in the sign Cancer. Donna

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