Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 4, 2010

A Kosmik Kick in the Keister

Kopyrite 2-2-2010 by Donna Kunningham (AKA Our Lady of Pluto)

 Pluto is done Playing Nice. This week, as it forms the second of four exact aspects to Saturn, it heads into a more intense phase of what evolutionary astrologers would call transforming your life.

A more precise formulation of what’s going on would be that it’s delivering a Kosmik Kick in the Keister to people who need to change their lives in certain areas butt are resisting it with every fiber of their being.  Are you one of the people who are getting these transits to one or more of your natal planets or angles? And are you stalled on doing anything about it? If so, my mission today is to get you moving again.

I got the title Our Lady of Pluto from Bil Tierney when he did a roast at a conference years back. (If you’re out there, Bil, it’s been too long!) I don’t know if that title is a badge of honor or a censure, butt I’ve surely been living up to it lately, as post after post delves into some manifestation of Pluto.

Skywriter Uranus transit Donna CunninghamAn ongoing series of articles on how to manage the Pluto-Saturn square—A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit –has been my main focus for months. What leads me to believe some of you need that Kosmik Kick in the Keister is an enduring phenomenon on my blog stats. I check them out often as a sort of weathervane to see which way the winds are blowing with my readers.

 As mentioned in the previous post, the #1 post of all time on this blog is the introduction to this series, Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit #1—Houses & Areas of Life Affected, and Pluto-Saturn Preparedness 2: Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios is close behind. This suggests that many of you are concerned about this transit and want to understand it better. All to the good.

What wasn’t mentioned is that almost all the rest of the posts in the series don’t even make the top 20. Each one is designed to give you tools or information to make it easier to take another needed step in working with this aspect. Butt the stats prove that not many of you are reading them.

There are two ways of interpreting this phenomenon. First, and I am entirely open to considering it, is that maybe the rest of those posts suck. Maybe I just hit it lucky with posts #1 and #2—some sort of fluke.

 I would almost prefer that to be the case rather than the other possibility: that many of you want to know a little bit about what that transit might mean, butt you aren’t ready or possibly even willing to do anything to change the outcome to a better one. How’s that working for you?

 The Skyrocketing Cost of Doing Absolutely Nothing

 Folks, if you’re getting simultaneous transits from both Pluto and Saturn to some major area of your life, you can’t afford to lay back and hope for the best. These are two planets that want—no, demand—sweat equity in changing your life for the better in areas they affect. With both of them in play, inertia can have serious consequences.

The reason I’m amping up my language a notch is that the cast of this planetary soap opera is about to get bigger. A new guy is coming on the series in a couple of months, and he’s a butt kickin’, rough talkin’, greasy haired son of a gun of a biker who goes by the rather crude name of Uranus.

The thing you may not GET about that outlaw Uranus is that he’s a kind of enforcer for the Outer Planet Gang. If you sit on your Keister, thumb your nose at destiny, and flat out refuse to make a change when all common sense and prudence tells you that you have to, he comes along and makes it for you.

You know those parts of your life that you’ve been trying to patch together these past six months, even though doing so drains every bit of your energy and resources? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. So when I say Uranus is making the scene soon, it’s meant as a wakeup call.  When Uranus transits the very same areas of your chart that Saturn and Pluto have been working over, BIG things are  going to happen in that part of your life, with your cooperation or without it.   

Now, while you have a few months’  head start, take matters into your own hands so you can have more control over the outcome.  Instead of taking a kick in the keister from Pluto or Saturn, why not start training in kickboxing or karate or kung fu or the metaphysical equivalent thereof, so that you’re in shape to kick some butt yourself where it is needed.

Though I’m not doing charts any more, I offer the series A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit as my way of contributing something to your process.  Are you still not convinced? Need more motivation?  Here’s a synchronicity that should give us all pause: Kosmik Kick in the Keister–a Kase in Point!

And here are some articles in the Pluto-Saturn series to give you more to think about and work with:  

free astrology booklet by Donna CunninghamTALK TO ME:  Let’s use the comment section to talk through some of your blockages. What areas are you stuck on? What are you afraid will happen if you let go of something that’s not working for you anymore?  What pressing needs are you ignoring? Own up to it—what excuses are you using that you know doggone well are just excuses?

 If this post was helpful, DON’T MISS THE NEXT INSTALLMENT IN THIS SERIES.  Sign up for a subscription, and get a FREE EBOOKLET for Skywriter Subscribers Only: Mothers, Daughters, and the Moon, a 50-page excerpt from The Moon in your Life. Read more about it here: New: Free Booklet For Skywriter Subscribers! 

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  1. Areas of my life that I am stuck on: Job, family, love relationships.

    Job: I am stuck on making a career move. I’m going to apply for master’s program just because I don’t know what else to do. I’m passionate only about teaching yoga, but I’m afraid to actually start teaching b/c I fear I won’t be good enough. Also, my current job, although it does not pay much is steady income, so I hesitate to leave because of that.

    Family: My father is ill and I feel obligated to continue living at home with my parents to help out. But I also am not financially stable AKA I can’t afford to rent an apartment on my own and I don’t know anybody I could live with. I’m also afraid of my mother’s reaction to wanting to leave.

    Relationships: Keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. Looking for commitment in the wrong places, amongst the wrong people. Very frustrated in this arena because even when I have done what I feel like is everything in my power to avoid making the same mistakes, they’re still happening.

    • Hi, Caroline–and probably any number of my readers–you’re up against a wall in so many different areas of life that it must be quite discouraging. So many areas of stuckness. If I may suggest a few things?

      Flower essences by Bach, whichever apply to you and maybe to other readers as well: Gentian for people who are discouraged after a setback. Larch for people who are afraid of failure so they don’t even try. Oak for people who’ve had a long hard struggle and are worn by it. Sweet Chestnut for the dark night of the soul. Look under healing tools on this blog and also go to Vibration Magazine and use our search engine to find articles in our achives.

      Work with goal-setting techniques to sort out which bricks in the wall you’re up against can be moved. Then decide on some of the easiest steps toward those goals and get moving on them. There have to be goal-setting groups somewhere on line where people support one another in reaching their goals. Also, there are a series of articles on goals on this blog–use the search engine here. One of them with lots of links is in the Pluto-Saturn Kit, maybe #3 or #4.

      Work the Serenity Prayer daily…or as many times a day as you need to. By work it, I don’t just mean go through it by rote. Do one part of it at a time and think about how that step relates to the particular wall you are looking at. Like this:

      GOD GRANT ME THE SERENITY TO ACCEPT THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE. (Ask yourself, is this particular burden one I cannot change–or IS there something I can do.)

      THE COURAGE TO CHANGE THE THINGS I CAN. (Ask yourself, what things about this situation CAN I change?)

      AND THE WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. (You’re asking for clarity to see the situation with new eyes.)

      Finally, I’d ask you to look up an article on this blog that’s titled: Stuck for What Seems Like Forever? Maybe Areas of Unforgiveness are the Reason. I hope this gives you some ideas to chew over and some tools to work with. Donna

  2. I love the nickname! I don’t know of too many other astrologers who dare to commune with Pluto on a regular basis and share what was exchanged. Bless you, Our Lady!

  3. I made changes recently. Had to, to survive. Took courage. Did it rationally. Went well.

    • Ah, well, Neeti, you work hard to understand the planetary energies and how to use them. It does take courage to face Pluto and Saturn, but there’s a kind of toughness they give you too to get through hard things and cry later. Donna

  4. Donna, thanks so much for your response. I have been reading many articles on your blog as of recent, including information you have provided about flower essences and they should be on their way to me in the mail as we speak 🙂

    Luckily, I have not lost inspiration to keep trying in order to help myself heal and grow!

  5. My angles are all at 1 degree of the cardinal signs…so I have Saturn just past my Asc., Pluto just past my IC and Uranus about to cross my DC. Interestingly, my husbands chart is a flipped mirror of mine, so he has Saturn just past dc, Pluto just past his MC and Uranus about to cross his Asc.
    We are probably going to move (the apt. we rent is on the market), and trying to expand our home-based business so that I can quit my out-of-the-house job and stay home with our kids, which he does currently. I am also dealing w/childhood issues and started therapy last fall to try to deal with them…however had to stop around the new year due to lack of funds. I am trying my best to continue the digging around through journaling, meditation, astrological study, etc.
    The stumbling block in all of this seems to be money. Lack thereof. I feel like I WANT to get in gear and deal with all of these issues (find a new place to live, continue therapy, stay home with my kids), but I am confused as to how to do this w/o money. Having children to provide for prevents me from just striking out and DOING IT, like I would have as a younger, more carefree person.
    As a side note Donna, I can’t thank you enough for this series of articles, and your entire site. You’ve been an invaluable guide.

  6. Oh! My gosh! Your “given” gifts as an astrologer and writer come together in such as way as to make me pull out the deep study tools i may have and try to be more alert, awake, receptive and responsive to the energies i too see so very active. Gratitude always and all ways. I most especially responded to your suggesting the Serenity Prayer. At my age, it has always served me well. At one point in my life, my focus was entirely on the one word: “Accept” The energies of our NOW moments urge our attention to its’entirety……..especially “serenity”

    • Yes, Wanda, it’s been a long time since I “worked” the Serenity Prayer, but I think it’s one of those utterly simple tools that contain all the wisdom a person would ever need. It’s also true of the formula I do “work” whenever I’m turbulent inside. It comes from A Course in Miracles and is another 3-step truth:

      Nothing real can be threatened.
      Nothing unreal exists.
      Therein lies the peace of God.

  7. Hey Donna! I love your articles and this Pluto-Saturn series. I don’t have any natal points being aspected by the pluto-saturn mess (just houses they are moving through), however- perhaps that’s also a factor in other readers as well in further investigating the subject. I’ve been focusing on other transits mostly (TRYing to get the most out of some TRInes- boom-crash!) I agree that laziness/fear is more likely however for most! Luckily I will deal with transiting pluto and saturn individually (I have them natally conjunct in the 2nd half of libra- don’t worry, they’ll get their say!).

    • HI, Dizzy, though Pluto and Saturn aren’t aspecting natal points, the fact that you have the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Libra natally means that you’re feeling it stirring within you. (You and a great many people born the same year as you, 1982ish, all have that aspect, though it’s most major when inner planets join the picture.) It’s like a tuning fork effect, the current aspect setting up a sort of vibration that you hear, however distantly, and respond to. (Read an article in the Pluto-Saturn series called something like “How the Pluto-Saturn Square will Affect People Born with the Aspect.” Donna

  8. What a great article once again! I am one of those who may get the “kick in the keister”. Saturn and Pluto are within orb of my Mars (5 degree Aries 9th house) and Uranus (5 degrees Cancer 12th house). Then along will come Uranus to conj my Moon (28 Pisces 9th house) and oppose my Saturn (3rd house).

    I have just gone through Pluto square my moon-saturn opposition and first round of my saturn return too. However, I did move 100 miles away from my home of 25 years for a new job 6 months ago but do not feel like “this is it”… (with Pluto in the 6th it probably isn’t!) I am open to change but am not initiating it as I should be….fear of the unknown, perhaps. Your blog is helping to put it all into a better perspective though. Thanks Donna.

    • Well, Terry, your intuition that the move under Uranus is not IT, is probably right on target. Even without Saturn in the picture, a Moon-Uranus or a Uranus to the IC/4th house planet very often manifests as a series of moves before the person is finally settled. Uranus is just like that in many of it’s transits–a series of experiments before the person finally reaches the point they’re meant to be. Donna

  9. Hi Donna,

    I love all your articles and have reread some several times. I do not have enough astrology knowledge to be able to understand some of the articles, like where transits fall in the houses.
    I go with as much as I understand and your examples.
    I love your explanation of working the serenity prayer. very helpful now.

  10. Donna, thank you so much for your articles; they are truly a help! I have a 0 degree Cancer sun – Pluto’s been whomping with me already – and I have finally begun to move. I have been in work I don’t belong in for years and I am finding that the sqare energies are really motivating me to make a change. That or die – it’s a Pluto thing, you understand LOL!!! (8th house sun, Scorpio rising, Pluto conjunct Mars and Uranus in the 10th…!) I will plug for the flower remedies here too – I have a mix I call my life purpose mix that I have started numerous times but was not ready for the healing crisis that began until now. Let’s see what happens…:)

    • Yes, it’s like that, Jill, but you ARE finally moving toward a needed change. I’m curious–what remedies are in your Life Purpose Mix? Donna

  11. DAMMIT. I should have known that the exact square was responsible for the relationship funk of the worst kind I’m in right now. (5th-7th Houses) I really, really do not have the time or the energy to put all my relationship behaviors under the microscope again.

    And on top of that, everyone I know right now is in a relationship and will not shut the F up about it, even though they know I’m not with anyone and not happy about it. I’ve already had to decline two party invitations because I knew I would be the only single person there and I am just not prepared to be the third and the fifth and the seventh and the ninth wheel AGAIN. My friend even had the nerve to ask me to babysit her kids on Valentine’s Day. Dude. Seriously?

    • Your rants are funny, Lucy, even when you’re in pain. It does hurt to be in that place of no relationship when everyone else is…hopefully that will change. Donna

  12. Hi Donna, I was wondering if progressed planets were also influenced or if it was just natal planets ?

    Anyway, even though I have nothing in the early degrees of Cardinal signs, I have had Uranus in my first house since 2004, Pluto has just stopped crossing my Virgo planets and I’m currently experiencing my first Saturn return after it transited my DC, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.

    I wish good luck to those who are about to meet those three together, they are just exhausting to handle !

    • Hi, Karen. although I don’t work with progressions to keep it simple, I do find that transits to progressed positions work. I don’t understand how or why, but they do work. Donna

  13. Aloha Donna…Thanks so much for your insights on transits to one’s relocated chart. I did some quick research with my Ephemeris on my moves and charts at new locations, and you are so right about the feeling that a new place was “calling me” when I decided to leave a place that was no longer good for me. That was my big move from the East Coast to Hawai’i in 1990. My other moves of short distances didn’t seem to have such a large impact on my life.

    I found it interesting that The Hawai’i State chart August 21, 1959, has natal Saturn at 0 degrees Capricorn, and the overthrow of Hawai’i monarchy, January 17, 1893, Territory July 7, 1898, and new governent April 30, 1900 charts all have planets within the 0 to 5 degree range of cardinal signs.

    It seems like there may be some big changes brewing for my home state with the transits of Saturn Libra, Pluto Capricorn, and Uranus Aries hitting these charts. I do know there is a bill in Congress awaiting passage that will grant indigenous Native Hawiians their own form of government much like the American Indian tribes have on the mainland. Perhaps other states are also feeling the impact of these heavy transits. Meleanna

    • That is very interesting about the Hawaii State chart, Meleanna. You’ve got me curious now. There are books that have the charts of all the states and even of major cities within the stats. One I have on my shelves is by Mark Penfield, Horoscopes of the USA and Canada. The only thing is, I have a list of 8 writing projects I’ve committed to…adding that to the list would be too much! Sigh, so many intriguing byways in the field of astrology, aren’t there? Donna

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